Also, like, why do straight women and clueless whites always do that shit where they act like they ~discovered~ a hot, trendy saying that has literally been used by black gays and trans women for years?


So remember how I was doing that one accent a while back (4+ months or so) for starfall this year?
I kinda started to revisit it - theming it after /more/. Adding to it.

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Continuing on the Diamonds, how do you feel about white diamond. We haven't really heard much about her, nor have we seen a gem that was under her control, not that I could think of.

time and time again i’ve seen speculation that pearl might be white diamond’s pearl, and as there’s no evidence to contradict it, it’s still floating around…

… but aside from that, we don’t really know anything! there was one thing i once saw people speculate about, and the extent of that speculation was that this sphere might’ve been white diamond’s, and the moon base must’ve been under her control.

there was also talk of white diamond being the gem in the ship the cgs had to navigate in serious steven. it was speculated that white diamond kept herself within the ship protected until she could get help from other homeworld gems, but that’s kind of died down after mid 2015. 

following that mini theory, either homeworld got a replacement, or we just really don’t know anything about white diamond so far. i’m kinda clueless on her, but she’s still my favorite! 

How Do I Breathe Without You?

Main Characters: Yoongi x Namjoon (others are mentioned as well)

Genre: Angst

a/n: I’ve been having this scenario locked away for a very long time, finally decided that it was at least worthy to post haha. Hope it was alright.

Originally posted by sweetyoongi

Despite my flaws. My mistakes. Will you still be by my side? Or will you be ashamed of me and walk away?

“Oh please, spare the bullshit,” Yoongi fired as he roughly brushed his shoulders against Namjoon, heading towards his room.

“What bullshit!?” Namjoon trailed right behind him.

Yoongi scoffed as he tried to kick the door closed, but Namjoon held it just in time.

“Answer me! What did I do!?” Namjoon was clueless. He entered the dorms finding no one but Yoongi lounging on the couch. He thought it was nothing and the members were probably out at karaoke again and Yoongi, being himself, decided to laze around the dorms.

“Why won’t you use that big brain of yours for once and think,” Yoongi wasn’t giving anything helpful. Everyone knows how dense Namjoon can be at times, so why is he suddenly making it hard on him.

Namjoon sighed as he pondered his thoughts. Okay, I stayed up late in the studio again today. I ate Jimin’s last cookie this morning. I accidently dropped toothpaste on the floor. I didn’t do my part of the laundry. I-

“Oh for god sake! Are you really that stupid!?” Namjoon stood back, slowly nodding his head.

Yoongi had a restless look on his face, he seemed helpless, like he hasn’t slept in years. He let out a long sigh as his back faced the younger one.

“Namjoon.. when was the last time you hanged out with us,” Namjoon stayed still, he felt utterly clueless right now. Why was Yoongi asking these questions all of sudden? Wasn’t he with them everyday?

Yoongi shook his head as if he read Namjoon’s mind.

“You haven’t stepped foot in this dorm for 3 weeks Namjoon. 3 weeks,” Yoongi’s words had a hard time registering in Namjoon’s brain.

3 weeks? Namjoon thought back to this morning. He was here. Everyday for those past 3 weeks. He was with them, practicing, recording, eating, and laughing.  He was here! How could Yoongi say he’s been gone for 3 weeks!? He would’ve known if he was.

“W-What?” Namjoon chuckled, “This is ridiculous. And you say I’m spitting out bullshit,” he shook his head, but the Yoongi’s serious face made the smile on his falter.

“You left us Namjoon. You left us hanging,” Yoongi’s voice softened. He slowly sat on the edge of the bed as his elbows rested on his knees, eyes focused on the floor as he began recollecting his thoughts.

“Hyung, I really, really don’t know what you’re talking about. I could’ve sworn I was h-”

“You stayed up late that night in the studio. Saying you were going to work on some music in preparation for our next album. It was 3 am, but you were excited. Motivation was seeping through your eyes, so how could I refuse,” Yoongi ruffled his hair, expressing his regret, “if I would’ve known you weren’t going to come back. I wouldn’t have let you go.”

Namjoon stood still by the doorway, he couldn’t collect anything. It’s as if he was listening to a bedtime story for the first time.

“I..” Yoongi let out a deep sigh, biting his lip as he tried to compose himself, “It was already 9 am and you didn’t return. Being the eldests, me and Jin hyung grew worried while the others were sound asleep. We tried calling you, but you left your phone in my room. So we decided to take the initiative and come see what was up,” he took a pause.

The moment of silence was deafening Namjoon’s ears, he’s never heard anything so loud in his life, so loud that it terrifies him.

“There was an explosion at the gas station. It was a few blocks from our dorm. We suspected you were still in the studio that was 15 minutes away from the chaos, so we didn’t think much of it and focused on trying to get to you,” Yoongi coughed since his voice started to get shaky, “Jin hyung tried to find another route since the road was blocked by ambulances, but something caught my eye,” Yoongi looked up and finally made eye contact with Namjoon again.

“Can you guess what it was?” Namjoon remained silent for a bit, he hesitantly raised his index and pointed at himself with a question on his face.

Yoongi let out a sorrow laugh, nodding his head.

“Yeah. It was you that caught me eye. It was your body getting placed in a black zippered bag. It was you who has taken the bus because you realized you forgot your phone in the dorms. It was you along with a handful of others being the unlucky ones being right in front of the explosion. It was you,” Yoongi’s voice died down as he eyes looked at the younger with his heart piercing.

“But it was me who let you go.. so who’s really the murderer here?”

Namjoon couldn’t process. His mind was running on haywire. He was dead? All this time he was dead and he didn’t know about it? He comes to the dorms thinking he stayed up late when really he never made it back? He.. died?

“I.. Hyung.. what… t-the others!?” Namjoon tried to spit out something.

Yoongi looks like he lost every part of his soul.

“How do you think the members reacted when they were all sound asleep, not realizing they lost a brother in the midst of their dreams?” Yoongi stood up, reaching for something in his drawer. Namjoon watched him pull out several different newspapers. Yoongi placed them on his bed in a specific order, clear enough for Namjoon to read.

The elder stepped aside and motioned Namjoon to step closer to take a better look. Namjoon took hesitant steps towards the bed, leaning over, realizing that these headlines were all about BTS.

[BREAKING] BTS Rapmon Caught in a Terrible Gas Explosion

Namjoon examined the pictured, it was him. It was really him, being placed in a black bag.

[BREAKING] Drunk Driver Collides With BTS Maknae Jeon Jungkook

Namjoon couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

[BREAKING] Bighit Staff Finds BTS Park Jimin’s Lifeless Body In Company’s Bathroom

No. No. This can’t be true.

“It is..” He glanced back at Yoongi who did nothing but stare at the images with him. As if he’s been viewing these a thousand times for the past 3 weeks, which was probably what he did.

[BREAKING] BTS Jhope Collapses From Medication Overdose

[BREAKING] Local Passerbyer Found BTS Member V’s Dead Body By A River

Namjoon felt his eyes stinging as he continued to look.

“Even him hyung..” Yoongi remained silent as Namjoon continued to whimper, covering his mouth with his right hand.

[BREAKING] Witnesses Spotted An Unknown Vehicle Flipped Over in The Middle Of The Road, Dead Body Found To Be A BTS Member, Jin

“Hyung..” Namjoon cried.

“Bullshit..” Yoongi hissed under his breath.

Namjoon looked back at him. Yoongi remained still as he continued to stare at the newspapers.


“I’m the one that killed you, yet everyone else is dying,” Yoongi walked around Namjoon, heading towards his closet.

“It’s not your fault. Please hyung!” Namjoon felt helpless, not being able to do anything besides watch his hyung, “You can’t do this!”

Yoongi angrily threw a gallon of oil on his bed.

“How do you expect me to live through this!? Tell me Namjoon!!” Yoongi cried, his chest heaving.

Namjoon remained motionless.

“You all were like brothers to me..” tears fell from Yoongi’s eyes, he held them these past 3 weeks, “How do you expect me to live without you guys by my side?”

Namjoon hesitated for a simple reason, he didn’t know what to say, what to do, how to react because what Yoongi said is true, how could any of them continue to live without the other. Namjoon could only imagine the pain Yoongi must have dealt with these past 3 weeks, constantly blaming himself for causing this. Blaming himself for a younger brother dying, blaming himself as he watched them slowly leave one bye one. Believing that he was the murderer and the cause of their deaths.

Yoongi was panting as he tried wipe away his tears with his arm. His heart was accelerating.

“How Namjoon… tell me how..” Yoongi pleaded.

Namjoon didn’t know what to say. What could he do? How could he tell Yoongi to continue living, when all of them turned out to be .. dead? How could he be selfish and make Yoongi stay when no one else was around to comfort him?

“It’s been lonely here for the 3 past weeks, ever since you left, everyone seemed to be going down the drain as well. Every. Single. One,” Yoongi flopped on the bed, “And I did nothing but watch them leave.”

Yoongi pulled his hair out of frustration.

“I want to be with you guys,” Yoongi whimpered.

“I don’t want to continue another day knowing that I can’t smell Jin Hyung’s cooking. Not another day of silence that used to be filled by the eruption of Jimin’s and Taehyung’s ridiculous laughter. I don’t want to live another day knowing that Jungkook isn’t in the living room playing video games, and Hoseok isn’t randomly dancing in the kitchen to annoy Jin Hyung,” Yoongi ruffled his hair, burying his face in his palms, “I don’t want to continue knowing the fact that you’re not in the studio at 3 am in the morning anymore. I don’t want it Namjoon. I don’t.”

Yoongi released a sigh before standing up, grabbed the gallon of oil and rummaged something in his jean pockets.

“If I did something that I know you wouldn’t want me to do, will you be alright with that?” Yoongi had his back facing the younger one.

Namjoon eyed what Yoongi’s hand was fiddling with, having a sense of what it could be, the realization of what he was about to witness hit him.


“Will you stay by my side Namjoon? Bring me to the others when this is all over?” Namjoon paused. His eyes lingering on the back of his hyung’s. Watching Yoongi’s shoulders shrug, his petite body slightly shaking, Namjoon knew that he was crying. But …was he really going to witness his brother commit suicide?

“I…I will Hyung. I promise,” Namjoon promised. Those simple words seem to have lightened Yoongi’s heart as he began to spill the oil everywhere in the room without a second thought. Namjoon did nothing was watch him, intensely waiting for what is soon to happen.

“See you soon,” Yoongi flashed him a smile over his shoulder before throwing the lighter in the air.

[BREAKING] Massive Fire Breaks Out in BTS Dorms, Ambulance Found BTS Member Suga Trapped Inside Lying Unconscious On His Bed

We’ll be together forever. I promise.

The struggles of Namjin parents 2
  • Seokjin:*sees blood in the bathroom* *in panicked voice* Namjoon, did you cut yourself?
  • Namjoon:*from the other room* No, why?
  • Seokjin:*runs to check on the others* Kids, did any of you hurt yourself?
  • Jungkook, Jimin, Hoseok:No.
  • Namjoon:*worried* Hyung, what happened?
  • Seokjin:*panicks* There's blood in the bathroom! Where is Taehyung?
  • Jungkook:In his room.
  • Soekjin:*runs to Tae's room and sees red dripping from under the towel on his head* OMG Taehyungie, you're bleeding!
  • Taehyung:*surprised* Bleeding? *takes off the towel, showing red hair* But I'm fine.
  • Seokjin:*almost had a heart attack* It was. just. a hair. dye.
  • Namjoon:*hits Tae* Yaah, do you want him to have a heart attack?
  • Taehyung:*clueless* But I didn't do anything.

oc time! this is nara

she’s a harpy and she’s clueless sometimes but she has a big heart and loves to explore

uh i think she’s 15? i’m still deciding also idk an outfit so go with that for now

Three times Garak was hurt to further the plot

by Polina_K_Viardo

Three times Garak gets (lightly) harmed in the name of the plot.

Words: 7053, Chapters: 3/3, Language: English

from AO3 works tagged ‘Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’
Hot Soup

Based on prompt by @hiddenwithinlies “wahhhh… i wanna love Thoth when he is sick >///< (i bet he’s so clueless as to wat is happening to his body <— so cute <3)”

I hope this is close to what you were looking for?? IDK I haven’t actually sat down and written in a while but I loved the prompt. Also I have a splitting headache so Its shorter than I wanted it to be.

Cute. Intimidating. Thoughtful. Brash. Cocky. Sexy.

On any given day, you could use any of these words to describe Thoth. He is always very assertive in a way that leaves you wanting more, but when you’re alone, he never fails to make you feel special. Most importantly, he always takes care of you. With that in mind, you know you must take care of him now…even if he is extremely cranky and unwilling to comply to your instructions.

“I don’t understand what’s-” Achoo! “- wrong with me. My body has never reacted like this before.”

“You’re sick. Eat the soup.” You say but he quickly retorts.

“I don’t-” Achoo! “-need soup. I’m fine. I just need to-” Achoo! “Damn it!”

You stand by, watching with a slightly amused smile, but you honestly feel bad for him. He’s come down with quite a violent cold that has his nose stuffed, his eyes puffy, a headache that you know he’s lying about how bad it is, and he’s refusing to take anything for it.

“Thoth, Please just take some of this,” you hold out the tray in your hands to him, with a bowl of soup, a glass of water, and a whole bottle of cough syrup. “You’re not going to get better if you don’t.” You say it unconvincingly, as you’ve already been fighting this battle for days now only to watch him get worse as he ignores you. You let out a heavy sigh when he opens his mouth to undoubtedly refuse and you drop the tray down on the table by his bed with a clatter and abruptly sit on his bed by his side, surprising him. You grab his shirt in your fists and press your forehead to his chest dejectedly.

“Please.” You whine out softly, “I hate seeing you like this. Please just take some medicine.” You know it’s low, to use that pleading voice that basically always gets you what you want, but he needs to stop being so childish.

He wraps an arm around your waist and leans his chin on top of your head, but doesn’t sound relenting. “I’m not sick.” He says simply and you huff out a breath in defeat. “My body is just reacting to the-”

“No.” You say, sitting back looking him in the eye. If pleading doesn’t work, you’ve just gotta try something else. “Don’t feed me that shit. You’re sick. You’ve been sick for days and you’re going to continue being sick unless you take some medicine.” He looks surprised at your outburst and makes to speak but you quickly put a finger to his lips and continue. “You’ve been doing it your way for days by ignoring it, but I’m done sitting around and watching you be like this.” You can feel tears stinging your eyes as you get emotional because you just want him to get better and to stop fighting you on something so stupid. “Take the medicine or don’t, but I’m not going to sit around and listen to you be sick if you’re not going to do anything about it.” He’s looking at you with a calculating expression and frankly you just can’t take that look anymore so you stand up, fully intending to storm out of the room. If this is what it takes to make him take the medicine, so be it.

However, he surprises you by grabbing hold of your wrist before you can get away and he tugs you back to the bed. He lets go of you when you set back on the bed with a thump and reaches for the tray beside him, hand wrapping around the bottle of cough syrup.

He doesn’t make eye contact with you until he chugs directly from the bottle and sets it down, finally looking at you sideways and raising an eyebrow. “Happy?” He asks, but you can tell he’s not really annoyed. He saw that what he was doing truly upset you and in his normal fashion, he didn’t want to see you upset so he complied.

Instead of giving him a full smile though, you feign a serious expression and nodded to the tray. “And the soup.” You say sternly, getting a small smile from him as he reaches for the bowl.

“Yes Ma’am.” He says with a smirk and you finally let a smile slip. You’re so glad he’s finally conceding to at least try to get better. You decide to cut him some slack and you press up onto your knees to lean in and give him a peck on the cheek, but just before you do, he lets out a huge sneeze, his whole body shuddering, and throws his soup all over himself.

You should be worried that he’s burnt himself. You should be immediately jumping up to help him clean it off or picking up the bowl off the floor, but you can’t help but writhe on the bed, holding your stomach as you laugh uncontrollably.

He glares down at the spilled soup and mumble under his breath, “I told you I didn’t need soup.”

Many Muslims often respond to atrocities committed in the name of Islam not by accepting the source of the problem, but by bringing up the World Wars, the colonial history of Australia and the Americas, Hitler, Mao, Stalin Mussolini, or others. Not only do they show a tremendous amount of disrespect for those who are murdered in the name of Islam, but they deliberately ignore the problem. They assume that criticism of Islam insinuates that only Muslims have committed crimes, so in a pathetic attempt of trying to change the subject they ignore the fact that Islamic scripture is directly used in order to justify many crimes in the name of Islam, while in most of the examples they brought up there was no scriptural justification that was considered to be a perfect guide. The only thing they achieve by using this cliched embarrassment of an “argument”  is create more hatred for Muslims who as a result are seen as heartless, careless, clueless, deceitful and incredibly ignorant