Recipe Number 24 - Renate’s Black Forest Cake

Renate’s Black Forest Cake is a recipe based on Renate’s favorite food in The Captive Curse. In the game, if Nancy gives her the cake she falls asleep, allowing Nancy to snoop. Black Forest cake can be bought in Anja’s gift shop.

Out of the four possible recipes I could have made for this game I chose this one because I thought it would be the most fun! Also, it’s been awhile since I’ve challenged myself with a fancy cake recipe and I felt it was time. 

The recipe took me around 3 hours total to make. It’s a recipe that demands patience but it isn’t exactly complicated. The most time-consuming part of it was, of course, the decorations. 

I actually have yet to taste this recipe so the review post won’t be coming until later. This is yet another food I have never tried before so I look forward to telling you all how it tastes :)

Recipe Number 27 - <3 Gummies

<3 Gummies (“Less-than-three Gummies”) is a recipe based on Ryan Kilpatrick’s gummy bear obsession in The Deadly Device. For this recipe I didn’t have gummy bear molds so I improvised and made hearts and one gummy bear head. I know it’s actually a Mickey head but shush The gummy bears in the photo are store-bought and just there for decoration.

This may be one of the easiest recipes I’ve made yet! It only had 4 ingredients and probably took me around 20 minutes. I was very satisfied with the results too, the gummies came out nice and firm and tasted just like the cherry-flavored ones you can buy at the store. The only difference here is the texture, because my homemade gummies were bigger they were much chewier. 

This recipe is fun because you can use any mold you want and get any shape you want. I happened to have a heart-shaped ice cube tray laying around so I used that. I might have to make these again with Valentine’s day coming up! :D

Top 10 Most Popular Recipes

I’m sorry if this post is self-indulgent but I was really curious to see what you guys like the most. These are 10 of my recipes that got the most attention on tumblr. They are in chronological order with the top one having the most notes. Unsurprisingly, they are almost all desserts. I can relate. I love sweets and, although this is a baking and cooking blog, I’ve always been more of a baker at heart. 

I was happy, as someone who loves Japan to see that the number 1 recipe was my bento! Some of my favorites are in here as well: the oaxaca cookies, the apple pie moonshine and the cherry pie were all amazingly tasty and I seriously need to make them again. I can’t wait to see what recipes are in store for me next :)

Recipe Number 55 - Chocolate Covered Cherry (Milkshake) 

“Chocolate Covered Cherry” is a recipe based on a chocolate/cherry milkshake from Alibi in Ashes. Like the other 26 flavors, Nancy can order this treat in-game as many times as she’d like. (And rack up a huge tab for the credits!) 

This was simply delicious. I purchased a new blender recently and this marks the first recipe I’ve made with it. It’s a shake I would recommend to anyone. It takes about 10 minutes (tops) to make and only requires about 4-5 ingredients. If you’re a fan of chocolate ice cream, give it a try :)


Recipe #14 - Mint Chocolate Chip Drop Cookies

Review: Mmmm cookies~ This recipe was nice and easy. I already had the majority of the ingredients (including fresh mint from my garden) so it was cheap too!

I always look forward to doing recipes that are actually from the games. They’re always suspenseful, you never know how they will turn out or how usable the recipe even is. This one turned out, as I said, pretty standard. And I think I know where I went wrong.

On the recipe card in the game it says to put in “3 cubes” of butter. I had no idea what this meant so I googled it and half the internet says a cube is an entire stick and the other half says it’s 2 tablespoons. I ultimately decided to go with the 2 tablespoons assessment because in the game, the butter looks pretty small. However, after the cookies were done I looked it up and it turns out it’s huge portions of butter that flattens and curls cookies. (Not mint as Nancy says in the game). So next time I make this recipe I plan to try 3 sticks as opposed to ¾ of a stick (lol quite the difference!) For now though, I’m glad I didn’t use 3 sticks because the cookies came out just as I like them. Fluffy.

My only complaint is that you really can’t taste the mint too much. The game is misleading there too, you need a lot more than what Nancy gets at Cafe Kiki’s.  (About 10 leaves+)


The recipe is in the game itself! Thanks JJ ;D

If anyone wants to try making JJ’s cookies I recommend following the recipe but using more butter than I did. Enjoy! 


Recipe Number 48 - Open-Faced Creamed Chicken Sandwich

Open-Faced Creamed Chicken Sandwich, my longest-titled recipe yet, is based on a meal eaten at the Lilac Inn. As they are served the sandwiches, Nancy and friends discuss her latest mystery. 

This is going right up there with the Croque Monsieur as one of my new, favorite sandwiches. It’s perfect for lunch and fills you right up. The toast is mostly there for texture, I imagine you could eat this recipe as a chicken salad as well as a sandwich. 

The interesting thing about this recipe is the sheer amount of herbs in it! I’ve never seen so many herbs! I finally got some use out of the thyme, parsley and rosemary from my garden as well as some dry herbs & spices. In the end, nutmeg was the MVP and stood out the most flavor-wise. 

I’m loving these 1930s recipes and I can’t wait for more :D

Recipe Number 8 - Fundae

Fundae is a recipe inspired by an item on the Captain’s Quarters’ menu in The Haunted Carousel. It’s arguably the most delicious looking item in the game and its souvenir spoon is crucial to the plot.

This is one hefty, hefty sundae. The operator wasn’t kidding when she said it’s probably 2,480 calories. But you know what? Totally worth it.

I just had to know what a fundae would taste like and the menu’s description gave me enough info to concoct this tasty recipe.