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This is not a prompt, but i thought about soulmate AU where songs that stuck in your head can be heard by your soulmate. yuuri is Suffering because Victor keeps getting bad ad jingles and bizarre euro synth at super inconvenient times (thanks timezone) and everytime Yuuri got something stuck inside his head Victor will enthusiastically replies with even more enthusiastic and godawful songs in either russian, french, or something he picked up somewhere, like nokia ringtones or what.

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I like it, I like it. Especially Viktor’s enthusiastic replies!

I know you said it wasn’t a prompt, but… there’s a drabble under the cut. You put a soulmate AU in my askbox, friend, what did you expect?

Oh, if you’re a new follower and had no idea I was a soulmate-obsessed kiddo, this is all related to Drunk on You.

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11 & 27-Team Free Will

11. “You’re all children, I swear.”
27. “You’re less intimidating than an alpaca.”

You smiled at the nurse before making your way back to the brothers and Cas. Your smile morphed into a deadpanned expression. The three looked exasperated, Cas especially. The first thing you heard within earshot gave you a vital clue.

You’re less intimidating than an alpaca, Cas,” Dean stated.
“Alpaca’s can be quite intimidating,” Cas countered.

You quirked a brow. Sam, noticing you, let out a sigh of relief.

“Y/N, thank Chuck you’re back.”
You smirked with a teasing glint. “Are you sure? It sounded like a stimulating conversation you three had going.”
Dean perked up, hearing you. “Y/N! Please tell me you’re with me on this one.”
“I mean, have you been near an alpaca?” you teased, “Besides, if anyone isn’t intimidating, it’d be Sammy. What with his puppy dog eyes and pouty face? He’s practically a teddy bear.”

Dean laughed as he noticed Sam making the exact expression behind you. It melted into one of his more stern looks. Cas just looked between the three with confusion.

“I don’t understand. He’s not a puppy.”
“You’re right, he’s a moose!” you interjected.
Sam groaned. “You’re all children, I swear.

You turned and hopped into his arms. He stumbled at the unexpected weight. Dean and Cas smirked as they watched you crawl on Sam so that he was giving you a piggyback ride.

“Look at me,” you directed toward the other two, “If we were in Canada, I’d be arrested for riding a moose!”
“I believe that law is you can’t slap a moose,” Dean corrected.

You grinned mischievously. Sam’s eyes widened. He raised a hand of exasperation.

“Dean! Why would you-”

He stopped as you had gently slapped his cheek.

“Giddy-up, moose!” you teased, “We’ve got a case to finish!”
“Y/N is right,” Cas affirmed.

Dean let out another chuckle. His hand reached into his pocket as Sam started heading toward the elevator, not caring to pry you off.

“Oh I have to get a picture of this.”

Just a little side note: I realized I have very little Sammy x reader imagines.

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MARCH 23: Joan Crawford (1904?-1977)

Joan Crawford was an American actress - an old school ‘movie star’ from Classic Hollywood Cinema. While some of you may have seen her movies, her character is also currently on our screens every Sunday night played by Jessica Lange in FX anthology TV series Feud.

Joan Crawford between takes on Torch Song (1953)

Joan Crawford was born Lucille Fay LeSueur on March 23, 1904 (although her birth year is disputed) in San Antonio, Texas. Rather than Lucille, she much preferred being called ‘Billie,’ and dreamt of becoming a dancer. She lived with her mother and stepfather, who was a minor impresario and ran the Ramsey Opera House; but at 12, she went to St. Agnes Academy as a working student, where she spent more time actually working (cooking and cleaning) than studying, and briefly attended college afterwards.

 Her career started as a stage dancer and singer in the choruses of travelling revues, and she was soon discovered and offered a contract by the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer in 1925. She was credited as Lucille LeSueur in her early movies, but her name sounded too much like ‘sewer’ according to the MGM publicist. She was first supposed to change her name to ‘Joan Arden,’ (and we’ll pass on the connotations of gender crossing that come with that Shakespearian name ‘Arden’, and the reference to ‘Joan’ of Arc) but as it was already taken, she became Joan Crawford.

Joan Crawford, still from Today We Live (1933)

Her success at the MGM rivalled that of MGM actresses Norma Shearer and Greta Garbo, and she made a smooth transition from silent movies to talkies – which was not always the case for other actors. She often played the young, hard-working woman who found love and success at the end of the movie, which was quite popular with Depression-era audiences and especially women.

But then, having a contract with studios also meant having an obligation to be in movies, the quality of their script notwithstanding. Furthermore, her popularity declined in the late 1930s. So, like many other actors of her time, she was dubbed ‘Box Office Poison’ in 1938, a label designating actresses whose talent was indisputable, but whose high salaries didn’t reflect their ticket sales.

Trailer of Mildred Pierce (1945)

After the ending of her contract with the MGM, she signed with the Warner Brothers in 1943, and managed an Oscar-winning comeback with Mildred Pierce in 1945, which revived her career for several years, and gave her a second Academy Award nomination in 1952 for Sudden Fear. But then again, passed 40, she had to struggle with ageism in Hollywood, as roles became scarce for women her age. Garbo had left the industry, Shearer as well… She starred alongside Bette Davis in horror movie What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? which garnered publicity mostly for the rivalry between the two actresses, though their performances were outstanding and earned Davis her tenth (and final) Oscar nomination. She retired from the screen in 1970, and from the public scene in 1974.

Joan Crawford and Bette Davis discussing their script on the set of What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? (1962) From Bettmann/Getty Images.

Joan Crawford’s private life is often depicted as chaotic. She was married four times, first with actor and screenwriter Douglas Fairbanks Jr. (1929-1933), then with actor and director Franchot Tone (1935-1939), with actor Philipp Terry (1942-1946), and finally with Pepsi-Cola CEO Alfred Steele (1955-1959). She adopted her daughter Christina as a single mother in 1940, then her son Christopher while married to Philip Terry. After the death of her last husband, she adopted identical twins Cathy and Cynthia in 1947.

She disowned her two eldest child, and Christina wrote an infamous book entitled Mommy Dearest one year after Crawford’s death, in which she depicted a mother more worried about her career than her children, obsessed with her look, who was often drunk, and physically and psychologically abusive. It was denounced by many of some of Crawford’s friends, co-workers, as well as her two youngest daughters and ex-husband, but confirmed by others. The book became a bestseller, and made into a movie with Faye Dunaway in the leading role.

Joan Crawford with her four adopted children, Christina, Christopher, and the twins, Cathy and Cynthia, in the early 50s. From Underwood & Underwood/Corbis.

Although she was famous for her numerous husbands and love affairs with men, she was allegedly also attracted to women. But it was kept secret – as always, what was publicised was what the public was willing to hear, and what would profit their contractors: love affairs with men, and feuds with fellow actresses. For example MGM paid $100000 in 1935 to prevent the release of a pornographic lesbian movie Crawford had appeared in at the age of 19 – but on the contrary, they fuelled the rumours of a feud with fellow actress Bette Davis on the filming of What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? (see the documentary or the FX series’ first season to know more about it!)

As for women having affairs with other women? Mum’s the word of course where the studios are concerned. This is why there are far less clues about Crawford’s romances with women – but still, here is what we know:

When Greta Garbo and Crawford met as co-stars for the filming of Grand Hotel (in which they didn’t have scenes together), Garbo famously took Crawford’s face in her hands and said, “What a pity; our first picture together and we don’t work with each other. I’m sorry. You have a marvellous face.” Crawford later commented that, “if there was ever a time in my life when I might have been a lesbian, that was it.”

Director Dorothy Arzner and Joan Crawford during the filming of The Bride Wore Red (1937). The filming drawing to an end, there were tensions between the two women who apparently only communicated through messages. There are only rumours about their romance, but Crawford said, reflecting on her film directors, that she liked to think that they had all fallen in love with her - and that she knew it had been the case with Arzner.

But then she also got on well with one of the first women directors in Hollywood, Dorothy Arzner, and according to the latter’s biographer, their relation went beyond mere friendship. She was also rumoured to have had liaisons with actresses Martha Raye, Claudette Colbert, Barbara Stanwyck, and Alice Delamar. But mind you, nothing can be really confirmed.

So, cheers to this great woman and legendary actress who managed to have a long career in movies while surviving Hollywood sexism and ageism - on screen and behind the scenes - and, had a place amid the secretive - though not so secret now - Hollywood Sewing Circle!

- Lise




For the last few seasons I have been trying to figure out exactly who kidnapped Lizzie as a child and took her to the United States. I have always gone back and forth between thinking it was Red who took her from Katerina and the idea that it was her father who took her. But after learning the story of Hans Van Houser in last week’s episode, I have come to believe that they were both somehow part of the abduction.

This theory, like all of my other ones, is based on information from Red himself, stories from side characters connected to Red, as well as from various Blacklister plots that parallel the overall myth arc of the series.

If you’re interested in my ramblings, please continue reading and like always, if you can dispute it, or have questions, or something to add, please don’t hesitate to join the discussion!

Fair warning again… this may crash your tumblr phone app, so I advice opening it on a tablet or computer…

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Don’t be clue-less

Has Eddie Redmayne reached pop culture icon status? Maybe. He was the subject of the tough Final Jeopardy question last week — stumping the three contestants. And he and his roles have appeared in a number of crossword puzzles in the U.S. and U.K., prompting a listing in an online directory of puzzle prompts.

See how you do with a little quiz of our own:

First and last names of artist on whom uni art history student Redmayne wrote his thesis. 

_ _ E _   _ _ E _ _

Oscar winning actor who gave young Eddie his first big break while at uni (first and last names) 

_ A _ _    _ Y _ _ _ _ _

Actor Redmayne’s most frequently mentioned feature. 

_ R _ _ _ _ _ _

Playwright of West End-Broadway production in which Redmayne won his Tony award (first and last names). 

_ _ H _   _ _ G _ _

Redmayne film love interests featured in Harry Potter films (last names) 

_ O _ _ _   _ _ _ _ O _

What Eddie sang during karaoke session with Les Miserable co-stars.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ J _ _

Middle name of Eddie’s daughter _ _ R _

City in which Eddie proposed to his wife 

_ _ O _ _ _ _ _

College at Cambridge University which Eddie attended 

_ _ _ _ _ T _

Initials which Mr. Redmayne is entitled to place after his name 

_ _ E

Musical role Eddie played at university. 

T_ _ _

Actor whose personal style and whose Harry Potter series wand flair  Redmayne admires most (first and last names) 

_ _ L _ _  _ I _ _ _ _ _

Last name of photographer who shot “Temptation Island” Vogue spread with Eddie and Karlie Kloss. 

_ _ _ _ I _ _

Greek tragedy in which Eddie played dead on stage throughout. 

_ _ _ _ B _

London neighborhood where Eddie was raised. 

_ H _ _ _ _ _

Body part Eddie says he “rolls” in his signature dance move when he is drunk. 

_ _ O _ _ _ _ _

Last name of former co-star who presented Redmayne with his Best Actor Oscar. _ _ A _ _ _ _ _ _

Team sport which Eddie played with Prince William at Eton. 

_ _ _ _ Y

Video of his teen-age performance of this song which aired on James Corden’s U.S. talk show called Eddie to go beetroot. 

_ _ M _ _ _

Eddie’s preferred brand of T-shirt, according to eddiefashionmayne (two words)  

_ _ L _ _ _ _   _ _ _ W _

(ANSWERS: Yves Klein, Mark Rylance, freckles, John Logan, “Red”; Poesy and Watson; Hallelujah; Mary, Florence, Trinity, OBE, Tony in “West Side Story,” Ralph Fiennes, Testino, Hecuba, Chelsea, shoulder, Blanchett, rugby, Memory, Orlebar Brown)

Five points credit per question. 

80-100 (certified Redmayniac)

60-80, Fan-in-training

40-60 It’s time to scroll the Tumblr #eddie redmayne tag

Below 40 You need to learn that Eddie existed pre-Fantastic Beasts.

Kaworu’s frame placement

Something that I’ve seen pointed out before in Eva meta but have never seen fully analyzed is the fact that, throughout both episode 24 of the original series and 3.0, Kaworu is consistently on the left side of the frame whenever he and Shinji appear in a shot together. Even in official art, Kaworu is usually placed to the left of Shinji.

So why is this? 

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“I’m sorry [for interrupting you]! It’s just that, whenever I hear a song from a musical, I start acting like I’m in a musical too!”

–Kajol, Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham

Bollywood Nancy Drew: Bhumi Pednekar as Bess Marvin

The Bachelorette Season Sneak Peek: Jumping to Conclusions

What if I told you there are clues found within the “Extended Sneak Peek” trailer that can predict the goings-on for the rest of the season?

No, I’m not talking about this thing called “spoilers” that only cowards follow. I’m talking about making assumptions based on logic. 

If you watch the trailer multiple times and pause every few seconds, you may pick up on some clues not visible to the naked eye.

I will say that this season’s trailer gave way less clues than JoJo’s, but that doesn’t mean still I can’t dug up some potential dirt.

Don’t believe me? A few weeks ago, I screenshotted a snapchat Chad Johnson took looking out a window of his Hollywood apartment and used Google Maps street view to find out which apartment complex he lives in. 

I searched up and down the Hollywood Walk of Fame to find a corner that looked exactly like the corner in Chad’s snapchat. And guess what? I found it.

The proof can be found on my twitter, @thebachdiaries.

You call it creepy. I call it impressive.

I guess you can say I have a particular set of skills…

Originally posted by my-majestic-irishman

Now that you know what I’m capable of, let’s analyze the sh*t out of this season’s preview to see what type of clues we can find and what kind of conclusions we can jump towards:

It looks like Peter got a pretty cool 1-on-1 date in Denmark. You know the Bachelor or Bachelorette really likes someone based on who they give the best dates to. (ie: Nick with Vanessa, Ben with Lauren B.) It looks like the two of them go on at least two 1-on-1s, so Peter gets pretty far. I’d say he makes top three based on his appearances in this trailer. After I wrote this, I saw ABC post that he also gets the first 1-on-1. Damn, first limo entrance, first rose, first 1-on-1. Peter’s an obvious front runner. Almost too obvious…

I see eleven guys standing around the mansion, so this is probably around three when Lee becomes the villain. Lee is on a mission to ruin the other guys’ chances with Rachel, and here he is targeting Alex. Alex is aggressively telling Lee to keep his name out his mouth. I personally don’t think Alex makes it past top 6 or 7 and probably doesn’t get a 1-on-1. I think he gets extra time on a group date in Copenhagen. That’s it. Notice how DeMario, who everyone called a “front runner” isn’t there. More on that here…

This girl shows up in the second episode to announce that her boyfriend, who “just f***ed” her, is on the show as a contestant. I know it’s next episode because Rachel is wearing the headband she wore on the basketball group date. Also, the bleachers make it pretty obvious. Now, the girl was quite vulgar and obviously didn’t care how trashy she seemed. (Also she has a scrunchy on her arm. What the hell.) I would like to speculate that this is DeMario’s girlfriend. This logical choice is based on that DeMario got a lot of screen time on this date, according to previews. Plus, I can’t spot him in any scenes in the season trailer. My guess is DeMario goes home after this. Edit: Well, fuck. I just watched a new preview that just came out that shows it is in fact DeMario. I’m still leaving this here because my sleuthing is still correct, whatever.

Look what we have here. Somebody is injured and bleeding in the previews. Will we actually even see this while watching the show? There’s about a 50-50 chance. There is also a 100 percent chance to injury is not from a fight and might even be fake. Why does Kenny bleed pink blood? Hm…. The most interesting part of this picture, however, is the people in the background. They look like they’re wearing mustard yellow wetsuits that give them cone heads. I can’t figure out any reason for wearing that type of outfit. If you can, please inform me. I am stumped.

I saw a lot of Will in the previews. Enough for me to think he makes it pretty far. At least top 5. I liked this shot because they look super playful and like a real couple. Plus, I think her type is “quiet confidence” and Will doesn’t seem like the “out there” type like Alex, DeMario or the snitch Bryan. I’d say based on these previews, Will is getting to the top 5 or further. I can see Bryan the snitch getting that far too.

To my surprise, Dean got a lot of face time in the trailer. ABC likes to put us on false trails every season, but I don’t believe Dean is one. (Alex is this season’s false trail, IMO) I think Dean gets two 1-on-1s with Rachel, both in foreign cities, and they are seen kissing and laughing a lot. In one sneak-peak, Rachel is talking to Dean and he’s just giggling the entire time. Maybe Rachel is into that, maybe Dean eventually shows off another side of himself to her. I don’t know. Alexis said in an AOL interview that she visited the house and found Dean very attractive in person, more so than on television.

This image is here for the sole reason that Kenny called Lee a snake. Kenny is hilarious and will probably make it to the top 6 on his personality alone.

When you’re a boss ass woman and don’t take shit from nobody but you’re still likable as hell. 

So…I tried to make diamonds out of coal, but you can only do so much when producers probably didn’t finish editing the entire season yet, which is why most of the final episodes weren’t in this season’s trailer.

Yeah, ABC, I noticed.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Its purpose was to jump to as many conclusions as possible using minuscule amounts of evidence. No Bachelor preview is safe.

So from the evidence given by the show, we are to assume that YD had something to do with PD’s death at the hands of Rose, due to doubt cast on the diamonds by Blue Zircon (who may have gotten carried away).

If YD did do it, her actions to want to get rid of any reminder of PD would make  sense, as the less clues that exist, the less likely BD would find out it was her. So destroy the earth (the cluster), silence anyone who thought that was even a possibility (poofing yellow and blue Zircon) and shatter Rose before she can give her account (rushing for a verdict). 

I think we are still missing too much information though, mostly because we don’t know enough about Rose because: 

The only sword we see Rose use is the one that Bismuth made for her. She had other Swords, as we see in her armory, but they haven’t been used yet.

My only other doubt is that the show never makes something like a character acting suspiciously, end up with that character being guilty. YD seems to obvious. 

Also we don’t know about White Diamond, other than there seems to be a profile in her image looming over Homeworld.

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I think Chris handled that question really well 🙌🏾. I don't think he's a womanizer. He seems loving and affectionate. I love that he posts the most on Instagram stories even thou I'm clue less to what he's saying lol

tbh i dont think he’s a womanizer either he’s just an extremely affection person i mean he gives so many of his fans kisses and hugs lol and aww ;_; yeah im trying my best to gif often so i can translate the stories for you guys but man work is killing me 😣

Anonymous said: Chris’s reply is amazing ❤❤ I think he’s confident enough to say that’s he is going on dates. He comes across so sincere and affectionate. I can see him being a great boyfriend 😍😍

chris is going to be a boyfriend that everyone wants bc he’s just ready to give all of his love lol

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Do you any tips for writing half siblings??

Immediately after sending that, I realized you are primarily an action focused writing blog. You don’t have to answer it!! 

The answer to your question is simple in concept but complex in execution. It may not really feel like an answer at all.

Writing a relationship between half-siblings is like writing any other kind of family dynamic. In this sense, it’s freeing because any answer you come up with is going to be right. However, the success of the relationship is dependent on establishing the dynamic, family history, the relationships between their parents, and how that fallout affected their children.

Like full blooded siblings, half-siblings can run the gamut between best friends, my brother, space takers, “eh”, just there, virtual strangers, friendly rivals, bitter rivals who still love each other, and mortal enemies. It’s entirely dependent on their relationship dynamic, their personalities, their relationships with their parents, and their parents relationships with each other.

So, don’t get caught up in trying to build their relationship based on what “should be” in accordance with society. As you establish these characters, let your own imagination lead you to what their relationship is.

When you set out to create siblings, you can start from two directions.

1) The Outside Looking In.

On an Outside Looking In approach, you begin at the beginning and start by establishing these characters’ parents, their history with each other, and lay out the groundwork for their background before they ever entered the picture.

“Rob married Sally and begat John. When John was five, his father divorced his mother and married his secretary Margaret who was pregnant with his sister Jane. Sally received full custody of John, he sees his father and his father’s new family only on weekends.”

From this bare bones outline, we don’t get much of a sense for how John or Jane feel about the situation. We do get a good sense for the interrelations between their parents, the underlying betrayal and sense of loss that might influence any relationship between the siblings.

Once you have a set up, it’s easier to start adding in characters because events are often easier to contextualize than feelings. When you’re on the outside looking in, the whole story seems simple, and the more you dig in then the more complex it gets.

2) The Inside Looking Out.

The Inside Looking Out approach begins with the siblings themselves, or even just a single sibling. Their character, their likes, their dislikes, how they feel about their sibling (if they feel anything at all), using the emotional clues we can begin to work our way outward to establishing what caused the character to feel this way.

“John is sixteen, nearly six feet. He likes trains, aquariums, mathematics, hates reading, and is very fond of his mother. He styles himself as the man of the family and keeps up a part-time job on top of his schoolwork to help his mother with expenses. He doesn’t look forward to the weekends because his dad has been pushing for him to look after his half-sister Jane, who will be joining his school as a freshman this year.”

Looking at this scenario, we get less clues about what happened in the past but we know more about John. We also know that John has a bone of contention with Jane over the amount of time their father spends with each of them. John’s mother never remarried and he’s been busy trying to be the “man of the house” but is always constantly reminded that his sister is getting the father that he never got to have.

On the Inside Looking Out approach, we start to see how the father is the central issue in the lives of these half-siblings, the only connection the two share, and a source of resentment. We may not have all the contextual clues of the greater scenario, but we know how John feels. When asking why, those feelings can be the sources which lead us backward to the whole of his background leading up to the story’s beginning.

All relationships are relationships and all relationships are contextual. There is no real “right” way to write human dynamics.

Learn to listen to your characters and what they’re telling you about their relationships with each other.

Don’t ignore the bad.

Human relationships can be fraught with drama.

Even the best of them can be be petty.

No one is perfect all the time.

Try not to take sides, even if you have a favorite.

Try to figure out how these characters got here and why they are feeling what they’re feeling.

Examine your relationships in your own life and those of your surrounding friends and family.

Practice asking, “why do I feel this way? What caused me to feel this way?”

Creative Fiction is an expression of humanity.

Humanity is a complex beast.

Find the points of tension in their relationship dynamic. The tension with each other, the tension with their parents, their sources of happiness, their insecurities, and everything in between.

Basically, don’t stress. Just start writing it and see what happens.


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9, 21, 69

9 21 69
Thank you for the query. I hope things are well for you.

9 My first date: not a clue. I was less of a “date” girl and more of a “hook up” girl in high school. The first date I actually remember was with Chris. This beautiful blonde boy, who was my friend’s roommate, asked me very shyly to go play pool.

21 shoe size: 8- 8 ½ wide. Fun fact- I have almost no arch, so most shoes are really painful after a very brief time.

69 nicknames: Nikki, mom, baby, sweetie, wubba, Ms C.

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How many calories did you eat during recovery? Would you mind sharing a meal plan? Thank you!

Hi! Well, my meal plan had been progressively adjusted to my needs and increased to 2300 kcal, which is about what I used to eat before leaving as well for maintenance (not counting calories anymore but eating the same things, while now my eating habits have radically changed cause I am eating local food here in China and I literally have no clue of my current caloric intake).
So please remember that my intake is just MY intake, and it should not influence yours. Your age/weight/ height/ habits/ metabolism etc are not mine, therefore you should not compare your needs to mine.
Internet people are just internet people. Professionals exist to help you, so if you need a meal plan you should see a doctor or a dietician.
Anyway, this is more or less a clue of what I used to eat in my country.

●6 toasted slices of bread+ jam + coffee with milk
● oatmeal (about 60g oats + a glass of dairy milk or soy milk and some fruit)
● a croissant and cappuccino
● toast with banana and peanut butter

Morning snack
● fruit + peanut butter or yoghurt or nuts

Pasta or rice (about 80g, raw weight) with parmesan cheese and some vegetables or tomato sauce + a slice of bread+ salad or side vegetables+ something protein (egg or tofu or legumes)
One piece of fruit
I also usually have one or two squares of dark chocolate with my espresso

Afternoon snack
● hot chocolate
● fruit with nuts
● a slice of cake or pastries or something similar
●ice cream

● about 100g bread + protein ( usually legumes or cheese) and a huge serving of vegetables
● two slices of bread + a small serving of pasta or rice + protein and veggies
●pasta with cheese and veggies
●pizza (about once a week)
One piece of fruit
I often have a beer or a glass of wine after dinner, I can’t help it

This is basically what I eat every day when I’m home. A few more notes:
●I add a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil to the veggies (it is very good for your health)
● dinner in my country is very late, usually at 8.30 p.m , so I don’t usually have a night snack but if you eat earlier maybe you should
● sometimes I eat meat or fish but I prefer not to. Anyway I used to eat it about three times a week when I was on a meal plan because in recovery it would be better to eat every kind of food
●it is normal to eat more some days , you should not stick to a definite scheme everyday. Some days we eat more, some days we eat less, it’s ok.

Omg thinking about Western food is making me sooooooo homesick, I really miss eating pasta and cheese!!! Everybody please eat lots of pasta for me LOL