Cluckna and why I love it

I really like Cluckna, I think it’s adorable.

I like to picture Lalna as just this super awkward nerd who is completely fascinated with Science and his experiments and tends to just live in his own little world while doing what he loves. Yes he lives alone (sort of) but he’s never lonely. He’s able to leave his castle when he wants and visit his friends if he ever needs them, but while at home he just loves wrapping himself up in his world and figuring out new things and once he’s done and discovered something new he can sit with Clucky and ramble on and on to her all of his excitement and know that she doesn’t care that he’s a super nerd, or that only he understands 90% of what he’s talking about, she just loves his company and he loves that unconditional love of an animal friend.

And I think that’s adorable.