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DIY Freeze-Proof Chicken Waterer!!

Alright, poultry keepers of the internet. It’s taken me five years, but I finally think I have a solution to those irritating frozen waterers when the world turns into a frigid hellscape. This whole rig costs around $56 USD if you have to buy all the materials (less, if you can get a deicer for cheaper than the $30 listed below, I bought mine for around $20), so it isn’t super cheap (it costs around the same as a premade one). The pros are that it is sturdy, easy to maintain, will stay clean inside, has a greater water capacity than most pre-made ones, and you can modify it to suit your needs. I’ve had problems with the fount style waterers being difficult to fill, and getting brittle and busting apart in the winter (I broke my third one this year before I made my buckets). I imagine the heated ones will have similar problems. Keep reading for the instructions!

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Enjoy this random photo of the bantam half of my flock enjoying their newly expanded digs (and their new and improved homemade heated waterer)! From the bottom right upward we have Corporal the OEG, Cashmere the white Silkie bantam, Amber the OEG/silkie, Nugget the buff Silkie, Satin who is as entirely black as an ayam cemani and happens to be a white Silkie/black Spanish bantam mix, Slate the gray Silkie mix, Pigeon the white d'uccle, and lastly, Honey the OEG/Silkie mix. They are all the best.


Corporal is just too damn adorable. There is nothing special about this water other than the fact that I was holding it up for him. He just couldn’t contain his sheer and utter excitement.