cluckingham palace


*GASP* Not chickens!? CHECK OUT MY DUCKS!

The drake is Muninn, the main hen pictured is Jig (because she always quacks furiously and bobs her head at me when I’m around). The other two don’t really have names yet because 1, I can’t tell them apart, and 2, they haven’t done much to earn a name yet.

They are Cayugas and I love them. These pictures really don’t do their beetle-sheen justice. I’ll try to get more.

The only selfies i will probably ever take will most likely involve chickens. Here is Hob, the little chick that needed hand feeding for the first two weeks of her life and then managed to get a severely abscessed hock joint which required her to be kept seperate from the other chicks so she could be given antibiotics. Even though she was in a fish tank and could see and hear the other babies she is still scared to interact with them.

I love chickens! I love hatching chickens, too! But what I love most is the weird, random stuff that shows up when you let the birds do their own thing. This chicken came from one of the eggs I gathered from my own birds. NONE of my ladies or gents have barred feathers, at all. Not even a HINT of barring. They’re all easter egger muts, leghorns, orpingtons, and marans. Yay for recessive genes! This lady is absolutely gorgeous regardless, it’s just too bad she’s super jumpy.