cluckingham palace

The only selfies i will probably ever take will most likely involve chickens. Here is Hob, the little chick that needed hand feeding for the first two weeks of her life and then managed to get a severely abscessed hock joint which required her to be kept seperate from the other chicks so she could be given antibiotics. Even though she was in a fish tank and could see and hear the other babies she is still scared to interact with them.


MORE CHICKEN PHOTOS!!!!!! I dearly wish roosters would get along with each other more, because they are just the most fabulous, sassiest cluckers in existence and I want dozens of them.


Ember, featured in the top two photos, has FINALLY started getting his handsome new fall feathers in! At the beginning of the year, he got all hen-pecked and looked like he’d been punted into a pond full of piranha, but now he’s all shiny again!

Not only is he a beauteous bastard, but his offspring is even MORE dashing, absolutely enormous (and quite a bit sassier)! Sudoku is supremely photogenic, and looks like a smoldering, majestic little shit in almost every shot he’s in. And because he’s such a good subject, I can’t help but take a bajillion pictures of him, so now about half of my chicken photos are of HIM. DARN YOU, SHINY CHICKEN, DARN YOU.

Maybe someday I’ll get around to posting some of the hens…. o3o



Here’s some pictures of the newest member of the Cluckingham Palace royal family, and our very first TURKEY! He’s a blue slate tom and is just a little bit over four months old! A wee baby who’s already bulkier than all of my full-grown roos! He’s still got some baby fluff on his head! D'aw!

I managed to get him to come near me today, but he’ll be in solitary confinement until he grows more accustomed to me, my husband, and the other birds. Plus, I dont want him running away at the first chance he gets, so a few nights penned up will help him get his bearings of where his new home is. The cat (Pinky) disapproves.


About three days worth of eggs! I’m so happy my easter egger babies that hatched in March have started laying. Their mama is much older than I thought and has stopped laying, so we’ve been missing the lovely green eggs. I’m glad we hatched some of her eggs when we did, though! She’s such a good chicken and made gorgeous little ones.

I really like the super tiny bluey eggs, too. I’m pretty sure my girl Sunshine is laying them.

Our current laying hens include easter eggers, brown leghorns, and buff orpingtons, plus two leghorn EE crosses.

Much tiny. Very feathers. So bantam. Wow.

Meet Corporal! He’s (I believe) an Old English Game bantam rooster and he is just the best little guy ever. He is tiny in every way, even for a bantie! His crows are quiet, high pitched, and perfectly enunciated. No gurgly screeching for this guy. Falling asleep on hands, shoulders, laps, arms, etc. Seems to be one of his favorite past times.


Trying so hard to get better at this whole photography thing.

I was walking back from tending to the chickens this morning before work and the sun was hitting the prints in the snow so perfectly.I just had to try and snap a few pictures.

We had a bit of snow a few days ago that glazed over with ice. A faint dusting of snow a few days later left the perfect foundation to capture these beautiful prints. You can see squirrel, cat, and (of course) chicken prints here. There were adorable songbird tracks near the coop, but I couldn’t get the right angles for those.