Park Jimin Profile

Park Jimin | 10131995 | Seoul, Korea | Mochi on the front Jibooty on the back

  • Major: Modern Dance
  • Job: Dance Instructor at an art center for low income youth, Freelance model for art classes
  • Extracurricular: Leads weekly zumba classes, Manga club
  • Social Media: IG- jimjiminnie, Snapchat- Mochilato, BTS Chat Handle- mylifesinjambles
  • Relationships: Namjoon and Jin’s recent friend and coworker, Tae’s college best friend, Hoseok, Yoongi and Jungkook’s good friend

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✪ NAME: Ed Francisco

✪ IG NAME: @EyeOnTheBay

✪ 151 Photos | 291 Following | 6.260 Followers

✪ LIVE IN: I live in Fremont California. It’s located in the South Bay about 40 minutes away from San Francisco

✪ DISCOVER THIS PASSION FOR PHOTOGRAPHY? I’ve always loved art and nature. In my early 20’s I worked with a successful Bay Area artist hiking and collecting miniature trees from the Sierra Mountains in California. We would then transform these living trees into art pieces. In the process he would always point out what natural beauty was but I was not into photography then. I found myself photographing plants and nature in my yard, parks, and around my neighboring area about 2 years ago. I immediately found art again in the photographs I took.

✪ BIGGEST INFLUENCES: I’m discovering so many talented photographers but I admire the works of Javier Acosta, Aaron Reed, and Jim Godstein.

✪ WHAT ELSE MOTIVATES YOU TO SHOOT? I’m motivated by the process of taking an image, the drive, the hike, the rush, and being at the right place at the right time. I strive to notice what’s not so obvious. Living in the Bay Area with 8 bridges I’m drawn to those areas for photographing mainly the Bay Bridge and the Golden Gate.

✪ MAGICAL PLACE: I haven’t traveled much since starting photography but California’s coast has so many beautiful spots. I’d say Pigeon Point Lighthouse off Highway 1 is the most magical place I’ve done a shoot so far.

✪ CAMERA: I’m using a Nikon D600

✪ SUGGESTION TO HAVE A PROFILE REPUTABLE: Post your best images. Quality over quantity. Encourage others and appreciate those that support you.

✪ FAVORITE APP: My favorite apps are Snapseed and Lenslight

✪ FAVORITE PROFILE: I like so many profiles on instagram. My favorite national profiles would be @larrymarshallphotography @danfieldsphotos @sfstateofmind24. My favorite international profiles are @peterlundquist @livingearthimpressions @sassychris1 . I also appreciate the artistry of @lovepaperplane

✪ POSITIVE POINTS OF IG: Being able to see the world though others cameras and meeting new people to share the love of photography. It keeps me motivated to keep improving.