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“What sort of relationship do the two of you have?”
“(Man) Oh, we’re just friends.”
“Just friends?”
“(Man) Yeah, just friends.”
“Then how did the two of you meet?”
“(Man) At the, the club.”
“If you two met at the club then you’re not really just friends, right?”
“(Man) We met at the club…but really we’re just friends.”

“두 분 혹시 어떤 사이세요?”
“(남자) 아, 그냥 저희 친구예요.”
“그냥 친구이신거죠?”
“(남자) 네, 그냥 친구에요.”
“그럼 두 분은 어떻게 만나셨나요?”
“(남자) 크..클럽, 클럽에서요.”
“클럽에서 만나셨으면 그냥 친구가 아니잖아요.”
“(남자) 클럽에서 만나긴 했는데.. 진짜예요.”

Have Some Resume Positivity (or: everything looks good so stop worrying)

I hate hate hate the phrase, “Looks good on a resume.”

It is true, some things look absolutely great on a resume. If you are an intel finalist or you made All-American in a sport of course it looks great on a resume. But we know that, those things are impressive on their own outside of the context of admissions.

But saying things like, “Oh student government looks great on a resume” fundamentally misunderstands how admissions officers build a class.

They’re trying to build a diverse, interesting, dynamic little society at their campus. So they don’t want only those so-called “looks good” activities like student newspaper and varsity sports. They want artists, intellectuals, activists, athletes, and everything in between. They won’t take a thousand student government presidents because then there will be no one to play in the marching band.

What is true is that high ranking leadership positions where you have responsibility for a group look good. It shows commitment. It shows leadership. These positions are good in any club or activity.

So join things! Try to get leadership. Show that you’re interested, invested, and exceptional at the things you love. But don’t just stick to a few small narrowly defined categories on the basis that they, “look good for college.”

Do the things that you love, and be great at them. Don’t worry about how it looks for college, because it all looks good.

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