Clubs / Wands: The spirit. Personality, identity, individuality, originality, essence. Force, initiation, strength, creativity, gain through effort. The soul’s vitality and uniqueness. Free will. Drive, determination. Inspiration, ambition.

Diamonds / Pentacles: Material realm, wealth & possessions, the physical body. Status. Security & stability of all types. Prosperity. Manifestation, effort, processes, rhythm, continuation. Creation & maintenance of a personal world.

Spades / Swords: The mind, intellect, cerebral realm. Thoughts, beliefs, logic, morality, justice, judgment, opinion. Power. Reality. Strife & suffering or influence & strength and the fragile balance between those two extremes.

Hearts / Cups: The heart. Emotions, interpersonal receptivity, love, relationships, intimacy, commitment, connection, shared resources, compassion, empathy, sensitivity, memory, feeling-based experiences.

The Zodiac Signs as High School Clubs

Aries: Basketball Club

Taurus: Gardening Club

Gemini: Bloggers’ Club

Cancer: Music Club

Leo: Drama Club

Virgo: Mathletes

Libra: Sewing Club

Scorpio: Poetry Club

Sagittarius: Science Club

Capricorn: Debate Club

Aquarius: Anime Club

Pisces: Fandom Club

Developing believable groups within a society

There have been many famous, infamous, and secretive groups within fiction. If you’re trying to create clubs, factions, gangs, sects, guilds, brotherhoods, or any sort of organized group within your story but need a little boost getting the depth and nuances fleshed out, then I’m here to help. 

Where did they begin?

  • Start with an idea. A person or a group of people came up with an idea, a philosophy, a passion. Who were they?
  • They began recruiting, rallying others (a few other people, or large groups) around their idea. How difficult was this? How receptive were those who heard? How open about their new idea were they?
  • They formed an official organization. What mission statement did they write? How was a leader or group of leaders selected? How much disagreement was there in the earlier states? How did they find and/or claim a headquarters? What rules did they start out with, if any?
  • How did they adapt to growth over time? Was the growth fast or slow, if it happened at all? How did rules or structure need to be adjusted as the numbers grew?
  • If the primary goal or mission was met, how did they adjust and redefine their purpose?

How do they function, once established?

  • How has their origin shaped who they are as an organization today?
  • How do they interact with the world at large?
    • Are they a secret society? 
    • Are they at odds with the law?
    • Do they run their town/village/country, whether directly or indirectly?
  • Who can join? What does joining require? Is there a “probationary” period? How are new recruits treated?
  • Is there any training or education that proceeds (or precedes) initiation?
  • How are they funded? 
    • Through illegal means
    • Through the government
    • Through private donations
    • Through the church
    • Through the (legal) work of their members
  • Do they have an official or unofficial religious affiliation?
  • Do they have an emblem or a sigil, some symbol of their loyalty. How is that mark treated? How commonly recognized is that symbol?
  • How free to live one’s own life is a member once they’ve joined? How much of a day-to-day impact does the membership have?
    • Can they still work their old job?
    • Have their old friends?
    • Stay with their families? Or perhaps the families join as a unit?
    • Keep their home? Perhaps they still live in it, but it becomes property of the guild? 
  • How ubiquitous is the mission statement? Is it quoted frequently?
  • What is the consequence for leaving the group? Or for disloyalty?

Happy writing, kiddos!

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INCOMING FRESHMAN (to high school)

a friendly senior here for some advice because it can be scary and everyone’s large and i could have used some serious help as a freshy.

Freshman year will academically be the easiest year use that to your advantage. In the end my really good grades freshman year have kept my GPA at a 90 even though I got a 68 in physics this year, SO PAD YOU GPA EARLY.

Next piece of advice build a support system I have three really close close friends and the a wider circle of friends just as important I also made very good friends with some teachers which is NOT weird, and they can be a very good resource especially when you are overworked and need some more level headed advice (My favorite teacher lets me sit in his classroom when I’m overwhelmed and sit in a dark cold spot under his desk even if he’s teaching). Yeah find your friends find some teachers keep yourself supported.

BE NICE. high school is hard on everyone so at least to peoples faces be kind its not fake if you don’t like them its human decency ( If you really cannot stand someone just avoid them).

You are the most important aspect of all of this if you don’t make it out of high school on the other side none of this would matter. take care of yourself body soul and mind. Do what you love, bad grades can be fixed, deep breaths, take naps, eat lunch, hug people.

Last thing have fun try out every club you want even if its just for one meeting you don’t have to be a fully mature adult yet your a kid still but that’s changing quick go for drives and walks, tell your friends you love them, take pictures, cry, see late movies, lie every once in awhile, stay safe and don’t drink or smoke (i know I’m a buzzkill) but find such beautiful places you never want to leave, be spontaneous, and BE A KID.

Hello my beautiful followers! I will be traveling to Denver CO at the end of this year, then going to New York, NY at the beginning of next year. If you’re from there message me and send me asks! Tell me the best places to go, sexiest clubs, and places to go where I have an excuse to put my sexy little black dress on 😏💄