With London experiencing little glimpses of summer, down at Club Mango we try and make the most of what are essentially cynical joke forms of good weather allowed, briefly, by Roald Dahl’s Cloud-Men. So in an orderly fashion we proceed to play a slummed-out version of the SuperBowl at the park on opportunity. Stay tuned for photos of the shenanigans and tomfoolery that such acts entail.

Shrove Tuesday’s Thursday’s lads! Pancake ‘em up!

Dont Sleep On Mississippi

With XXL’s Freshman of 2011 list having been drawn up quite some time ago, the hype is on the named artists (including Kendrick Lamar, Yelawolf and CyHi Da Prince). But of all named, expect the biggest things from Big K.R.I.T. His XXL Freestyle is set to drop soon so be sure to check it out. On the topic of freestyles to check out, watch out for Breed’s new Hot Minute, sure to hit the waves soon. 


Trail-blazer. Definitely a word I need to use more often.

With my finances and football team bearing an uncanny resemblance in the speed at which they both plummet into a maelstrom of self-destruction, success at this year’s Battle of The Band for Sujitha and the Band came as a welcoming beacon of hope in a week that has pushed everyone here to their wit’s end. In fact, forget that nonsense about a beacon of hope. It was like finding treasure after an extending period of time aboard a dirty, scurvy infested pirate ship. Hence the picture of 3 notorious scoundrels digging for treasure. So without further ado I give you our 3rd weekly Sunday Dinner. 

There is a time at night down here in the city, when it’s time to hang up the avrex, take off the Adidas Superstar II’s and empty the content of your Louis V duffel bag on to the floor of your room and bask in the vast amounts of currency acquired through straight slangin’ in the trap while wiling out in a frenzied Bacchic worship to Bricky freestyles on Rap City. It is also at this time of the immortal night when we mark the end of our second ever Sunday Dinner session. We hope you enjoyed it and stay tuned for more shenanigans from the team at Club Mango Music.  

“Dying is for fools” - The Eternal Charlie Sheen


Finally a new Kung-fu/Karate film I can not only fully endorse in but also use as the basis of my adult life. Reflecting on this week’s revelations; Kim Jones being appointed as Style Director for Luis Vuitton, Rockwell making my perfect pair of sunglasses I’ll never have and the Gunners showing that we are capable of not embarrassing ourselves at every opportunity, this is one of the highlights. There’s nothing like watching anonymous goons getting laid the smack down of a fucking lifetime in HD.

Will the masked hero interfere with my plot?

He will.