Dialogue: Club Luxury & I
  • purveyor-of-dissent asked: I don't see the reason to ask this anonymously so I won't. I have to say the things you post are truly luxurious and half the time, even beautiful and inspiring. My question is however, do you stand by your every post, as coming off as beautiful or as having style? Or do you only post what you post simply because it carries the name or brand of an affluent or luxurious name? I don't mean any disrespect. Like I said, I truly find many of your posts beautiful and inspiring.
  • clubluxury answered: You didn’t have to ask anonymously because its not insulting, insinuating, or demeaning. Its a fair question, that I am going to thoroughly enjoy answering. Trust me when I say I don’t reblog anything with a recognizable pattern, logo, or design. There are so many popular “fashionable” items (i.e. the YSL arty ring) which I think are the ugliest things. I hate multi-colored LV monograms, and a lot of pieces by Gucci, Fendi, LV, Chanel, etc. Everything I reblog are things I know OF. I’m obsessed with Hermes not because of the (sometimes ugly) coveted Birkin bags; but because I know of every type of leather they use, I know how their products are made, and I know about the tedious process of handmade bags. Trust me, you didn’t disrespect me. :) P.S. I peed laughing at (i.e. little girls who go to the beach and pose during the summer). I wouldn’t stop laughing for a while.