me and my sister are trying to do a song bird (bioshock infinite) cosplay for ax this year and its coming along nicely if I do say so. we still have to do the inside of the wings, the claws on the knuckles, and the full body black suit that will look like leather. (don’t worry she wont be wearing white socks when she goes, lol) im going as liz and my boyfriend is going as booker which I will post pictures of when they are near completion. please comment and tell me if u like it or if there is something I could add. hope you guys like it

- liz (marie)


SCREAMS I LOVE THIS COSPLAY GROUP, LIKE THEY’RE UP ON MY TOP THREE along with vandetta & crimsonhour reasons being obvious oh my gosh


PSA about our channel

Hello all,

Some of you noticed that our youtube channel is now empty. We would like to clear up a few things on this issue as soon as we can, but also keep in mind that the possibility of someone deleting this message too is high. So to those of you lucky enough to see this message we would be very grateful if you could spread the word. The confusion all of you must have because of this is very saddening and we want to help as much as we can.

First off, to address the immediate issue, all of our videos have been deleted due to an in-group issue. Most of our members were unaware that the videos were deleted until we received an ask about it. Again, we feel awful about this and even worse that our followers and supporters must [in any way] suffer due to our own problems. All of you have done nothing but support us and we feel sorry that we have failed you this way.

The next issue is the CMV drought for the last 6 months, or longer. We regret to inform you of some news we had hoped to tell you via a nice video, but due to this same series of events, most of the members no longer have access to our youtube channel. Even if we wanted to upload our CMVs again, we have no way of logging on. The news is this:

Most of our members are going to college very soon. We no longer have time to make CMV’s due to real life obligations. We feel bad because we had hoped to get in at least one last CMV but obviously this won’t happen- at least, in the same way.

So here is our solution: We are working to set up a new youtube channel in order to re-upload our CMV’s so that they may be viewed by all of you still. Kaz still has all of the videos on hand, which is fortunate. We will inform you all once the new channel is set up as best we can. And since we will actually have access to this new channel, the possibility of a final video [in some form] is higher. And we would REALLY appreciate it if you all can help spread word.

Again, this message might be deleted as well soon. Most of us have no control over this and we are deeply sorry that we cannot provide further information. We love you all very much and we want to thank you all for your continuous support through all of this. We hope you all can understand.

- Clubhouse Cosplay

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The Not Over You Bloopers are up! Check out how lame we actually are (again)~

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Here it is!! Our CMV for Goodwill Hunting By Myself by Ludo. Enjoy, and please stay tuned for our next video, it’ll be great, we promise~