My old Club Gymnastics team had their first away meet this weekend so naturally I decided to swing by practice last night to hear the stories. HOMGTHOZEBITCHEZ.. Apparently competition was a joke and everyone was only there to drink. Somebody got lost in the woods? There was a threesome? The next morning the team even drove to some of the other teams’ hotel to pick up some freshmen… HOT mess express. 

There was a lot more that went down but the whole time I was getting filled in there was THIS BOY practicing with his shirt off and my focus was g-g-gone. I swear he had no less than 16 lumps that flexed every time he breathed. I literally watched the sweat roll from his neck to his waistline- shamelessly. THEN when he was done practicing he just pulled his pants down- stripped into his boxers- and put his street clothes on in the middle of the gym. I DIED. 

Also if you hadn’t guessed by now, yes- I am thinking about re-joining the team. Priorities.