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Who would be orchadorks, who would be band geeks, and who would be la la losers?

What are La la losers? I assume something like glee clubers?

Orchadorks: Bertholdt, Annie, Marco, Armin, Levi, Erwin, Moblit

Band Geeks: Reiner, Annie, Eren, Sasha, Historia, Ymir, Hanji

Lala Losers: Mikasa, Jean, Connie, Nanaba, Mike

Famous Last Words

Summary: In a world where the last words your soulmate will say to you are written on your wrist, fearful and introverted Phil works in a bookstore. His greatest fear? The words counting down the seconds until he meet his soulmate, someone called ‘Dan.’ But it isn’t until he befriends a university student that he nicknames ‘Bear’ that Phil realizes that surviving through fear isn’t the same as living.

A/N: I was going to wait and post this more around the weekend but I don’t think I’m going to get a chance, hence the early update. Fair warning, for the next little week or two updates might be a little sporadic. Also, sorry for the length. I got a (little) carried away…

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Chapter Two

    Ink and Quill was one of the rapidly diminishing bookstores in London that was independently owned. It didn’t have the couches and cafes found in corporate bookstores, and there was just enough space for two floors, both crammed with bookshelves overflowing with books. The extent of its food stretched to the lone pot sitting by the counter that occasionally had coffee in it and the basket next to it filled with scones that no one seemed to know how old they were.

    Like most things in Phil’s life, it was hardly first class. He had been working at Ink and Quill since university, and while it might not pay as much as he’d like there was a sense of comfort and safety that he associated with Ink and Quill that was uniquely its own.

    It was also just around the corner from Starbucks, something else that he appreciated as the coffee at Ink and Quill was crap. Due to this, Starbucks had become his retreat for when he needed a shot of caffeine.

     Caffeine withdrawal found Phil sitting at Starbucks as far from the door as was biologically possible. His cup was sitting on the table, lid firmly fastened. His phone was held in his right hand, a game of Crossy Road loaded and underway.

    If Ink and Quill was his second home, Starbucks was like his home-away-from-second-home. A regular for over five years, he was on a first name basis with most of the baristas and most of the time they could anticipate his order before he had even made up his mind. The tables were artfully arranged in a manner so that he could sit at the back surrounded by people but somehow maintain his isolation at the same time.

     It was a good place to be alone with his thoughts, but today he was meeting someone.

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Magcon Preference #13: Good Personality's For Each Boy

*I’m not saying these are the kind of people they would go for, I’m just saying what might be good*

Sammy: I feel like Sammy would go for someone that loved there music. Like she would always have earbuds/headphones on. They’d have those cute moment where they we’re sitting down sharing earbuds jamming out to music. She’d be really sexy, and loved to dance. She would be like a girl Sammy, but like… completely different. But if that’s not you, your sexy too 🎧🎧🎧🎧

Aaron: Would date someone super quirky and sweet. She’d be really brave though, if someone hurt her or her friends. But it would take a lot to make her mad. I have this vision of Aaron dancing around the kitchen with her. She’d be super silly, and not afraid who knew. She’d be like the queen of selfie’s though, and always tweet weird things. If you don’t act like that, don’t worry 🎈🎈🎈🎈

Shawn: Someone super musical, and super adorable. She’d be a white girl, drink starbucks, and always be on Tumblr. But she’d also be super original and not be afraid to be different and do weird things. She’d be kinda like a white girl mixed with like a tumblr/skater girl, and he’d love that about her, just so different. But he’d like you too if you were different 👾👾👾

Matt: I feel like Matt would go for one of us. A complete fan-girl. No more than a fan when then they first met. She’d have to be super sweet, and cheerful she’d always looks on the bright side of things. The fans would love her because like, she would fan-girl with them over the stuff they did. She wouldn’t change even if her boyfriend was the person she fangirled over, she would still fan girl. If that’s not you… and you’re reading this… who are you kidding 🍆🍆🍆

Jack J: Someone who was super-innocent, or at least acted like it. He’d always call her like princess, and make her feel special. Or at least try. Because then she’d kind of become more like him, and not be so innocent. But she’d be super kind, and generous, but also like really cheeky and a tease. But if that’s not you, I promise it’s okay 🌺🌺🌺

Jacob: I feel like Jacob would go for someone that was really smart. She’d be super cute, and act like a know-it-all just to annoy people. She wouldn’t be afraid for people to know she was smart. And Jacob would love that. Even though she’d get a A+ In partying too. Like secret-side to the innocent know-it-all would be a mega cluber. Even if you don’t do that, you have a great shot with him 🍀🍀🍀

Hayes: I think Hayes would go for someone who is really sporty. Like she doesn’t mind getting a bit dirty, but still acts like a girl. She has a bunch of friends, and is really out-going and not afraid to get friends. Other guys would be really jelly of Hayes because she was such a catch. Or you, you is wonderful too🌹🌹🌹

Carter: I just feel like Carter would go for a really shy sweet girl. She’d be so cute, and blush at everything, and have that cute thing she does where she hides behind her hoodie sleeves in pictures. And he’d love that because he could bring her out of her shell, and help her just be more confident. But if your different don’t worry, that’s beautiful too 🌼🌼🌼🌼

Cameron: I have a feeling he would go for a really out-going girl. Not afraid to go after what she wanted. She would be a bit of a clean-freak, and often go on cleaning-spree’s. She would also own tons of clothing, and half of it she would never wear. She would be smiling, and talking. If you don’t sound like that, don’t change 👑👑👑👑

Jack G: Genuinely I feel like Jack would go for someone a lot like him. Not really afraid to do stupid things. She isn’t at all insecure, she’s just out there. She’s just doesn’t care if people like her. The one thing is I feel like Jack J & Sammy and everyone would become great friends with her. She’d act really tough and be sarcastic, but she’s also just a big nerd. But if you act differently, he would go for that 🎉🎉🎉

Taylor: Would go for someone who was kind of like, one of the guys. Not THAT bad, just not really afraid to get dirty, but she would still act and talk like a girl. She’d always be making people laugh, not on purpose, but she’d just say something really sarcastic and funny. She’d be really hot, just kinda cocky. You might not be like that, but you’re hot 🌞🌞🌞

Nash: Nash would go from someone really up-beat and happy. She’d always be there for him. She wouldn’t care much what other people thought of her, and it would only get to her if it was someone close to her. She’d be really girly, and love texting. Her and Nash would always make cute video’s together. And if that’s not you, you’re just as amazing 💐💐💐💐


Graduation || Schueberry

After Will’s opening night Rachel also came back to work. Their friends had offered to help take care of Danny while they interviews for the nanny they felt better with. Rachel felt amazing to be back in Funny Girl and on stage, she had only a few more credits to finish in NYADA so she could graduated, but had cut back her presence classes to be more with Danny and was currently taking mostly theoretical classes that she could do mostly online. But as much as she loved being back on stage every night, it was extremely hard to leave Danny. At least Tuesday to Thrusday she was more at ease because Will stayed with the baby since he didn’t have a show, but the weekends when they both had to woek she was constantly thinking and checking in with her baby boy. 

The weeks that followed were hectic, with Will taking over the principal job and having to get accostume to all the new work and responsibilities. She also knew ow much he wanted to be present for the latest generation of glee clubers graduation and she knew he had been working towards settling things in a way that allowed him to go. They had talked about it and decided they couldn’t both go, so they agreed Will should be there and Rachel would stay in NY with Danny.