Romance Anime <3

We all deserve it! Feel free to add. I really would love some recs!

Ouran High School Host Club 

Maid Sama!

 No. 6

Spice and Wolf 

Say “I Love You”

Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi


Love Stage!!

Eden of the East 

Kamisama Hajimemashita 

The Future Diary 

Mawaru Pengindrum 


Junjo Romantica 

PLEASE!!! Add on to this and tell me some other great romances! I haven’t seen a Yuri yet so that would be a great thing to recommend, but any love is fine with me! 


Anime Guy: Shirtless Edition

“With a good captain, a rough ocean turns into a calm lake.”

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Have God recreate the Earth and retcon the entire world of Saints Row.

Their lives ended up very differently without The Saints. Eden finished his original goals of becoming a pilot, but eventually grew to become unsatisfied with his life and the direction it was taking. He left his old life behind him in pursuit of becoming a dancer, drawn to the things he had never enjoyed before openly, which were namely heels and makeup. This was after the mid-life crisis that ended up with a lot of drinking, smoking, and burnt clothes.

Marcos, on the other hand, started off like any kid his age would as a college student with a part-time job at Freckle Bitch’s. This didn’t last long, as eventually he started getting mixed into selling drugs, largely at a nearby strip club where he met Eden. “Met” meaning Eden kicked him out for selling to the performers before their shows. Regardless, Marcos fell head over six-inch heels.

Eden, on the other hand, would rather him put his money where his mouth is.

A quick little aesthetic for @kxng-prxnce-knxght of our Bosses Eden and Marcos. We were discussing earlier about the GooH endings and Agents of Mayhem and what would have happened to them if The Saints had never existed.