Name: Nana Okima

Height: 5'1

Blood type: AB

Birthday: February 14, 1898

Home Town: Tomika, Japan

Hobbies: Writing, painting, and reading  

Destresser: I swim to relax during any spare time I might have

Favorite type of woman/guy: Kind, considerate, well mannered, respectful

What is is my favorite brand: Evanescence

Who do I respect: Nana Suzuki has transcended many a barrier as she grow up, and as time continued to pass she became a well respected woman with a prowess in her own right. I wish to one day have the same respect she has garnered with her job.


Chelsea vs Barcelona | ICC 2015

Had a lot of fun shooting my favorite team, CHELSEA FOOTBALL CLUB, at FedEx Field.

The most high-profile match I’ve shot so far, although it was just an exhibition match (International Champions Cup).

Ended up being 2-2 at the end of 90 minutes. Chelsea won 4-2 on penalty kicks. Courtois was a beast throughout the game and saved Pique’s pk too.

CFC Eden Hazard 10’
FCB Luis Suárez 52’
FCB Sandro Ramírez 66’
CFC Gary Cahill 85’

Sucks that Messi and Neymar were away on vacation though.

Shot for 8by8 Magazine.

Do you know what I think heaven should look like? It’s a palace. It’s a golden palace in the shape of a city that sits floating on a neverending sea. We die and we wake to find ourselves on the boat that carries us to that shore. A majestic vessel that is helmed by a woman who stands seven feet tall and she shouts commands to the men. Row. Row. Row. When we arrive at the shores, we take off our robes. These filthy robes. And we take our first dip in the waters of heaven.”
Yasmeen grinned, greatly pleased by her own affinity for the English language, pulling the most colourful of phrases and metaphors from learnt poetry and literature. Her eloquence intimidated Soraya. She continued, “We can already hear the music from the city. Giant pinwheels and streamers adorning carriages going there. The cracked sidewalks are lined with faulty flickering streetlamps. The buildings tall and silent and abandoned.”
She stopped swivelling and gazed into Soraya’s eyes. She continued in an excited whisper, “And in the palace? Colossal discotheques. No more hijabs. No more abayas. We wear heels and low-cut dresses now. We show skin now. And everybody’s there. The Hindu girls rub skins with the Muslim boys. Rabbi, imam, archbishop, nun, Indian, African, Caucasian, Chinese, Taino. None of that matters here. We all toast and drink. And we get fucked up.”
“Heaven will never look like that,” Soraya said. “We will never end up in a heaven like that.”
“I end up there,” Yasmeen said. “Every Friday night. Heaven. But in Trinidad, we call it Club Eden.
—  exerpt from Together We Are Spiders by K. Jared Hosein, Trinidadian writer