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08/31 Aoi made an appearance at the 「stylish wave ILLUSION'14」event (which there were some clues of)

 • He played to 2 songs, hide’s Rocket Dive and Pink Spider.

 • He said he was a bit tired because of having waited since 12.

 • He also changed his bio thanking everyone.

Other acts included Nocturnal Bloodlust, D=OUT, Kiryu, R-Shitei, Moran and DIAURA.

the GazettE Personal long interview ACT 1: RUKI (part 1)

On August 26 (wednesday) they’re releasing their latest album 『DOGMA』. Starting on September 5 「the GazettE LIVE TOUR 15 DOGMATIC-UN-」and in December 「the GazettE LIVE TOUR 15-16 DOGMATIC-DUE-」the GazettE will be touring nation-wide on a large scale. Starting today,「club Zy.」will be featuring special personal long interviews of Ruki, Aoi, Uruha Reita and Kai in a complete 4 part series (each)!

・Act 1:Ruki <8/13~8/18>
・Act 2:Uruha <8/20~8/25>
・Act 3:Aoi <8/27~9/1>
・Act 4:Reita <9/3~9/8>
・Act 5:Kai <9/10~9/15>

Interview by Tomonori Nagasawa

In order to make an album with a theme like DOGMA we needed a lot of time.

――During the creation of DOGMA you carefully devoted your time to the production without rushing. When was it that you decided to draw and imagine the theme DOGMA??
RUKI It was more than a year before the release day that I first introduced the title DOGMA to the other members. We all started working on songs (songwriting and composing) in order to focus on that theme. 

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