club sword


Clubs / Wands: The spirit. Personality, identity, individuality, originality, essence. Force, initiation, strength, creativity, gain through effort. The soul’s vitality and uniqueness. Free will. Drive, determination. Inspiration, ambition.

Diamonds / Pentacles: Material realm, wealth & possessions, the physical body. Status. Security & stability of all types. Prosperity. Manifestation, effort, processes, rhythm, continuation. Creation & maintenance of a personal world.

Spades / Swords: The mind, intellect, cerebral realm. Thoughts, beliefs, logic, morality, justice, judgment, opinion. Power. Reality. Strife & suffering or influence & strength and the fragile balance between those two extremes.

Hearts / Cups: The heart. Emotions, interpersonal receptivity, love, relationships, intimacy, commitment, connection, shared resources, compassion, empathy, sensitivity, memory, feeling-based experiences.

10 Things An Otaku will have done at some point in their life (but probably won’t admit)

1) You searched for a very specific type of fanfiction, read all of them and once you ran out decided “Hey let’s make my own!” Either it flopped, you got bored and gave up or you never did

2) You originally set up a tumblr account with the sole purpose of browsing through the anime tags to find fanart of your favourite ships. Don’t even try and deny it

3) You’ve wanted to go to an anime convention but you live in a really rural area where there never is any/you broke af. So instead, you watch live videos and imagine yourself being there *cries*

4) Becoming so engrossed in a manga or anime that you debate skipping sleep because you ‘just need to finish one more chapter/episode’

5) Hearing someone in public mentioning an anime you like but feeling too awkward to walk over and ask. Perhaps you’ll never know if that one dude in Starbucks liked Tokyo Ghoul

6) At some point you drew your own fanart, but were too afraid to put it up online because let’s be honest here- the Internet can be a bit of an intimidating place sometimes

7) You’ve tried to encourage your friends to watch anime in the wackiest of ways. Some methods include the sending of memes, quotes from an anime of your choice, blasting a soundtrack or opening in their home *cough cough BNHA opening 1* and last but not least- BUZZFEED QUIZZES

8) You are waiting in anticipation for a new season of an anime to come out that hasn’t been updated in years (looking at you Noragami) Clinging onto hope, you pray that one day soon it will come true and in the meantime rewatch the heck out of the episodes you do have [At least 2018 looks like a pretty good year for releases]

9) You’ve turned down going out with a friend/family member or just socialising in general so that you can have an anime marathon day in your bedroom-with snacks of course

10) Anime has become such a major part of your life that you literally can’t imagine what it was like before you started watching it. ‘My favourite hobby used to be cycling? Are you sure?’

The history of the destruction of Steven’s TV and the difference between the designs of each new TV. The designs are beginning to look the same in later episodes. Perhaps the Crystal Gems found their favourite analog TV dealer.

This infographic is a part of the ongoing series of showing the continuity of the lasting damages that have occurred in the show.

Made by request for the Steven Universe subreddit.