club rad

the signs as indie bands
  • aries: Florence and the Machine
  • taurus: The Kooks
  • gemini: Two Door Cinema Club
  • cancer: The Neighbourhood
  • leo: Imagine Dragons
  • virgo: Of Monsters and Men
  • libra: Walk the Moon
  • scorpio: Arctic Monkeys
  • sagittarius: Foster the People
  • capricorn: Bon Iver
  • aquarius: The Killers
  • pisces: The 1975
My dash is dry affff....


feminism/equal rights






music(Nirvana, Twenty one Pilots, Arctic Monkeys, my chemical romance, dave grohl, led zeppelin, Lana Del Ray, etc)

rad quotes

movies/shows(oitnb, weeds, ahs, the breakfast club, friends, etc.)

trippy shiiittt


lots of pink


hippy stuff

youtubers (Channon Rose, Tana Mongeau, simplynessa15, etc)

Like if your blog is based on any of these and I’ll follow(: I just want unique, chill, vibing, rad blogs to followwww. Active users pleaseeeee

Within You Without You

“Try to realize it’s all within yourself, no one else can make you change and he who hides himself never glimpse truth, We are talking about the love that’s gone cold and them who lost their soul.“

- The Beatles join the club of awareness @ Instagram #theteaclubofawareness