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Junior Group Results

Junior Group

5th: Le Corsaire (Club Dance)

4th: The Singer (Project 21)

3rd: Rhapsody (Project 21)

2nd: Easy Love (Danceology)

1st: Odonata (The Rock Center for Dance)

Junior Line

5th: What They Call Love (Creative Arts Academy), Strings (Club Dance)

4th: So Blunt (Bobbie’s School of Performing Arts)

3rd: Birds (Danceology)

2nd: Someone to Stay (CSPAS), Arsonist’s Lullaby (Larkin Dance Studio), Humans (Creative Arts Academy)

1st: Awakening (Club Dance)

Junior Ext. Line

5th: High Stakes (CSPAS)

4th: Danke Schoen (The Rock Center for Dance), Awake O Zion (Danceology)

3rd: SWERVE (Bobbie’s School of Performing Arts), Sit Down You’re Rockin the Boat (Club Dance)

2nd: Fresh Prince (CSPAS)

1st: Vibeology (Club Dance)

Junior Production

4th: Buzzin (Maries Dance Studio)

3rd: Zombies (Maries Dance Studio)

2nd: Cookin (Danceology), House For You (Aspire Dance Academy)

1st: No Mercy (Club Dance)

High Score Ballet

5th: Octect (B-Discovered Dance Company)

4th: Allegra (Creative Arts Academy)

3rd: Chambermaid Swing (CSPAS)

2nd: Sleeping Beauty (Maries Dance Studio)

1st: Le Corsaire (Club Dance)

High Score Contemporary

5th: What They Call Love (Creative Arts Academy), Strings (Club Dance), House For You (Aspire Dance Academy)

4th: Unmasked (YYC Dance Project), Danke Schoen (The Rock Center for Dance)

3rd: Arsonist’s Lullaby (Larkin Dance Studio), Someone to Stay (CSPAS), Humans (Creative Arts Academy), The Singer (Project 21)

2nd: Odonata (The Rock Center for Dance)

1st: Awakening (Club Dance)

High Score Hip-Hop

5th: Party (Larkin Dance Studio)

4th: Cookin (Danceology)

3rd: SWERVE (Bobbie’s School of Performing Arts)

2nd: Fresh Prince (CSPAS)

1st: No Mercy (Club Dance)

High Score Jazz

5th: So Blunt (Bobbie’s School of Performing Arts)

4th: High Stakes (CSPAS)

3rd: Happy Birthday (Larkin Dance Studio), Awake O Zion (Danceology)

2nd: Rhapsody (Project 21)

1st: Vibeology (Club Dance)

High Score Lyrical

5th: Sky Full of Stars (Club Dance)

4th: I Remember Her (Bobbie’s School of Performing Arts)

3rd: Moana (Pas de Deux Hawaii)

2nd: Viva La Vida (B-Discovered Dance Company), Cathedrals (Aspire Dance Academy)

1st: Afterglow (Club Dance)

High Score Musical Theatre

5th: Raunchy (B-Discovered Dance Company)

4th: Willy Wonka (Maries Dance Studio)

3rd: Devil in Disguise (Danceology)

2nd: Diamonds (CSPAS)

1st: Sit Down You’re Rockin the Boat (Club Dance)

High Score Specialty

5th: Caught (Dye’n 2 Dance)

4th: You Are A Memory (Larkin Dance Studio)

3rd: My Angel That Rocks Me (Danceology)

2nd: Did I Mention (Club Dance)

1st: Superego (Club Dance), Enclosed Spaces (Bobbie’s School of Performing Arts)

High Score Tap

5th: Pokemon (Larkin Dance Studio)

4th: Smooth Criminal (Maries Dance Studio)

3rd: Crabbuckit (The Rock Center for Dance)

2nd: Birds (Danceology)

1st: Easy Love (Danceology)


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Quand j’ai 6 cartes postales à écrire.

Je suis entièrement opposée à l'expression “c'était mieux avant” mais quand même je regrette un peu l'époque où on allait tous en famille au vidéo-club pour louer des cassettes et où j'avais les larmes aux yeux au rayon dessins animés en voyant tous ces Disney inconnus qui n'attendaient que moi.
Zone téléchargement manque un peu de magie franchement.

Je me livrerai ce soir devant vous à une performance artistique interactive et en direct. Afin de livrer une allégorie du second tour de la présidentielle, je vais soutenir un club que je n’aime pas (Atletico Madrid) afin qu’il défonce la gueule d’un club que j’aime encore moins (Real Satan). J’aurais adoré soutenir un charmant club de qualité (FC Barcelona) mais je ne peux pas vu qu’il a été éliminé au tour d’avant car la vie est injuste et les dieux sont cruels. Je recommencerai dès le lendemain de cet affrontement à critiquer le club que je n’aime pas et à conspuer le club que j’aime encore moins.


Feels good to be back out on the road. Here’s a video of your boys hanging. |

5/2 St. Louis, MO Delmar Hall
5/3 Kansas City, MO Aftershock Live
5/4 Denver, CO Summit Music Hall
5/5 Salt Lake City, UT The Complex
5/7 Seattle, WA El Corazon
5/9 Portland, OR Wonder Ballroom
5/11 Sacramento, CA Ace of Spades
5/12 Los Angeles, CA The Regent
5/13 San Diego, CA SOMA
5/14 Anaheim, CA House of Blues
5/15 Mesa, AZ Nile Theater
5/17 Dallas, TX The Door
5/18 Austin, TX The Mohawk
5/19 Houston, TX White Oak Music Hall
5/21 Birmingham, AL Zydeco
5/22 Nashville, TN Rocketown
5/23 Atlanta, GA The Masquerade
5/24 Orlando, FL Beacham Theater
5/25 Tampa, FL The Orpheum
5/26 Lake Park, FL Kelsey Theater
5/27 Charlotte, NC The Undergrown
5/28 Richmond, VA The Broadberry
5/30 Baltimore, MD Baltimore Soundstage
5/31 Asbury Park, NJ Stone Pony
6/1 Philadelphia, PA The TLA
6/2 New York, NY Irving Plaza
6/3 Boston, MA Paradise Rock Club
6/4 Buffalo, NY Waiting Room
6/6 Toronto, ON Phoenix Concert Club
6/7 Pittsburgh, PA Rex Theater
6/8 Indianapolis, IN Deluxe
6/9 Chicago, IL Concord Music Hall

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Shinhwa Company’s Updates: About the concert in Japan
  • Please take note that I’m not the best translator, but I hope this will help you all to understand the situation.

[NOTICE] Apology for stopping 2017 Shinhwa Concert in Japan:

Good morning. It’s Shinhwa Company.

On the May 30 (Tue.) - 31 (Wed.), 2017 to come, was scheduled
The 2017 Shinhwa Japan Concert.

We have the sad news to said that the performance was canceled due to the circumstances of the organizer company.

Shinhwa Company,
Japanese fans who are waiting for a concert in Japan for 4 years, and fans all over the world

Although we did our best for the preparations, we were finally notified of the decision to stop the performance.
About this point, we at Shinhwa Company are deeply saddened.

We apologize to all the fans who were looking forward to the show with all their heart and sincerity.

Shinhwa Company will make every effort to ensure that the refund process for all those who book the show is smoothly proceeded through the concert ticket reservation service.

If there are any parts where the refund does not work smoothly, we will do our best to call for compensation and solve the problem.

For more information on refunds, we will notify you immediately as soon as the performance agency(organizer) reports the exact details.

We sincerely apologize again for the sad news that the show is cancelled.
[I’m not sure about my translation below]
Shinhwa Company will not be affected by this performance. So that fans will not have to worry about further damage.
We will do our best.

[NOTICE] 2017 Shinhwa Japan Concert canceled, about Shinhwa Company’s position:

Good morning. It’s Shinhwa Company.
On the May 30 (Tue.) - 31 (Wed.), 2017 to come, was scheduled
For canceling the performance of Shinhwa Company, we will inform you of our position.

During that time, Shinhwa Company even though the preparations for the performance vere very poor from the organizer company.
Despite this, we continued to make constant efforts to make the concert possible.

However, the Japanese organizer company was consistently unfaithful to respond to the major contract for the concert preparations,
At the end of April, at the end of the sale of the Japanese fan club tickets,  we have not shown willingness to perform because of problems with delivery of tickets with the Japanese fan club operating company, which has nothing to do with the performance contract with the organizer.
So, even though there are various contract violations of the organizer company, the Shinhwa Company was willing to continue the performance until it compromises various rights such as reduction of the contract fees with the determination that the performance should be performed unconditionally for the fans who reserved the performance we tried our best, but we did not prevent the unfortunate result.

( 1 ) Violation of contract from organizer company

  • - Minor progress such as flight, accommodation, performance stage system configuration
  • - As specified in the contract they should abide the performance stage device for the three days
    from 20:00 on the day before performance.
  • - The matters conveyed about the stage without any consultation and with greatly reduced drawings (drawings is contract fees)
  • - The amount of the second batch of contract fees was to be paid until the end of April is still unpaid

( 2 ) Japan fan club official operating company related

  • - I truly quite understand this part, but I can’t find the english words for explain it, so I resume, there was also problems with the company that manage the offical japan fanclub, with tickets etc
    Shinhwa Company is saying that it’s true, there was problem, but

    «That information is not correlated with the performance agreement contract and is not a condition for the contract with the organizer company».
    For this part, Shinhwa Company also asked the Japanese fan club management company for clarification.

( 3 ) Consultation for performance

  • - Despite the fact that the preparation of the performances from the Japanese organizer company was very poor, the Shinhwa Company continued to make efforts so the concert could be.

In the end, in order to help the organizer company, we tried to make concessions about the contract, as reduced the fees for the 2nd batch that till unpaid, as long the organizer company provide a stage to perform.
However, the day after the agreement was concluded, the Japanese organizer company reversed the contents of the agreement and requested to postpone the performance by referring to the issue ( 2 ) which had nothing to do with the contents of the contract with them.

So, Shinhwa Company visited Japan for the final negotiation with the company
For fans who pre-ordered performances, we repeatedly stated that the performance should be proceed normally.
The contract amount has been further reduced, and the performance stage device and various operational contents have been shown to give utmost consideration to the situation of the organizer company. Therefore, the Japanese organizer company again promised to do the best for still preparing the concert for Shinhwa Company.
Despite the violations of various contracts by the Japanese organizer companie and the poor preparations for the concert.
Shinhwa Company, for fans who pre-ordered and waited for the show
We gave up our contractual rights, and  have expressed our willingness to continue the show once the minimal set of stage devices for Shinhwa’s members have been made available.

But despite our efforts and commitment
Today on May 24th, we were informed of the suspension of the Japanese performance..

At this point, less than a week before the performance
As well as a lot of Japanese fans who came with their hopes and encouragement,
For fans in Korea and abroad, we were informed of the news
We sincerely apologize once again.

Shinhwa Company will enter into a strong legal process for the violation of the above contract
Also, do not let the fans who are damaged by this canceled performance
We will do our best.

If the Japanese organizer company is passive in refunding to the fans who purchased tickets
such as appointing a lawyer in Japan we will do our best to make a normal refund to you.
We will be able to provide more detailed guidance on this part in the future.

We apologize for the sincerity and patience of the fans who waited for the performance once again.

Traduction Française ↓↓

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