club oxygen


This episode was a bit better, well compared to the last three.

I really love Fran’s positivity. It’s so pure and genuine. Also, the girl got hannnnds.

Deshayla is fucking grimy. She literally spit in someone’s face. That is fucking disgusting. I’m glad she got a good ass whoopin though.

Key’s music…no words.

I really wanted to like Seven, she was so chill first episode but why is she on the wrong side?

SO FRICKEN HAPPY SUSAN’S GONE. She’s so extra and a follower.

BGC15 my opinion

Olivia & Diamond: umm it was obvious from jump they weren’t sisters. Diamond could’ve been better. I had high hopes for liv but she’s ok I guess. The cancer thing still throws me the fuck off tho.

Anna & Jessica: they’re cool girls but they’re not TV material in my opinion. I feel like they should’ve fought back but whatever.

Shrek & Donkey I mean Angela & Kristina: i thought I was going to like them but I was so wrong. Angela is just a bitch for no reason especially toward her own sister. And because her sister is such a bitch to her and picks on her all the time Kristina feels the need to pick on other people. Kristina was annoying as fuck and I’m glad Hanan whooped her ass on them stairs.

Asia & Amber: they where cool in the beginning but I slowly began to dislike them. I don’t understand why Amber felt the need to jump into every physical altercation that had nothing to do with her. Like when the ghost twins came in, or when Angela and Kristina tried to fight hanan and Susu , or even the limo fight with Jamie Jaz Angela and Kristina. Although she was defending Kristina in the finale I’m glad Hanan dragged her ass. And I actually thought Asia was about it but she just picks and chooses who she picks on. I believe Asia is shook by Hanan and Susu because when Hanan and Susu ran up on Kristina she didn’t do shit. When Hanan dragged her sister she didn’t do shit. When Susu was throwing them pictures at Amber and Kristina Asia was standing right beside Susu and suha asked her you wanna back her up Asia didn’t do shit. But she gets mad and wants to fight Jaz and Jamie just for twerking ??? Bitch bye. She knows who to fuck with and who not to fuck with.

Ghost twins: 👻

Melissa & Allison: umm allison was cool. Melissa……

jaimee & Jazmyn : I love Jaz and jaimee because at the end of the day regardless of who likes them and who doesn’t like them they are themselves and give no fucks. Yea they got their asses beat but that still didn’t stop them from talking shit and being loud and twerking. I don’t understand why the girls had such a big issue with Jaz and Jamie when majority of the time Jaz and Jamie would go off and do their own thing and distance themselves from them anyway. They got mad and kicked out Jessica and anna because they weren’t fun, they wanted more turnt up roommates. And they got just what they asked for. They were just picking on them cause they viewed them as an easy target. I never understood why Asia claimed they only popped off when they were drunk cause last time I checked they popped off and defended themselves drunk or sober. The Wallace sisters were the funniest sisters this season and I’m going to miss their witty comebacks

Hanan & Susu : my favorites this season they came in as some boss bitches and left as some boss bitches. I don’t condone them jumping, period head because that was wrong but I don’t like her so I really don’t give a fuck. I still wish Hanan would have fucked Angela up tho.

I tried so hard to stay neutral this season but I just couldn’t. I was leaning more toward Jaz jaimee Hanan and Susu before the season Aired and now that the season is over. I can officially say I’m team Hanan Susu Jaz and Jamie. Real recognize real and fake bitches don’t look familiar.

Okay clearly today’s Bad Girls’ Club episode showed how magical works of white privilege occurs, it’s clearly okay to destroy, vandalize hard working black girls’ property of expensive high end clothes and purses (prada, chanel, raf simons x adidas, celine, valentino, and more) by peeing, putting condiments and water in a bathtub to let it soak, throw paint on their clothes. When the black girls go gather their items, it’s okay for the white trash to try to hit them which they barely did and when the black girls get mad, oh my woah they have to protect the white girls who clearly started this mess and send them to a hotel BUT the black girls have to get kicked off, when they absolutely have the right to be pissed and put their hands on them for destroying personal property. The most fucked up part about it is that the Twins and Jela are posting what truly happen to them items on insta/twitter and Oxygen did not apologize or paid them back for what happen.

Let this have been my stuff, I could guarantee you NONE of them weak females would’ve been walking out that house breathing! This really got me hot! Oxygen petty too, all that money they have they could’ve at least cut them a check to replace this! This might be the most messy season yet. No wonder why y'all banned the Twins from the reunion because they was coming back full force! (I might have to stop messing with BGC after this)

I would’ve set this house on fire, no jokes!