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I’m forever yours, faithfully

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A/N: This was requested by crystalbaby12. I hope you enjoy!

Request: “Can you please do an imagine with Jax based off the song Faithfully by Journey. Love your writing btw!! 😍 Keep it up! ☺”


Highway run, Into the midnight sun, Wheels go round and round, You’re on my mind, Restless hearts, Sleep alone tonight, Sending all my love, Along the wire.


Jax was currently on a run with the club while I was home nine months pregnant. Gemma would come check on me frequently while Jax was gone but it wasn’t the same as when he was here. I was currently getting ready for bed when my phone began to ring.

“Hello?” I questioned into the device.

“Hey, darlin’. How are you?” A smile immediately spread across my face at the sound of Jax’s voice.

“I’m alright besides the baby kicking me every chance he gets, how about you?” Jax chuckled before responding.

“Ehh, I’m not the same without you here. I miss you,” I smiled at his words.

“I miss you more,” I said while sliding into bed. “I hate sleeping when you’re not here,” Jax sighed, I held the phone close while silence filled the line.

“I know baby, just three more days and I’ll be back with my arms wrapped around you,” My heart filled with warmth at the sound of his words.

“I know baby, I should let you go. It’s getting pretty late,” I said before yawning. Jax chuckled as he spoke.

“Alright, baby. I love you forever and always,” I smiled one last time.

“I love you forever and always,” We hung up the phone while I reached over and laid my phone on the bedside table.

I closed my eyes with sweet dreams of Jax filling my head.

They say that the road, Ain’t no place to start a family, Right down the line, It’s been you and me, And lovin’ a music man, Ain’t always what it’s supposed to be, Oh, girl, you stand by me, I’m forever yours, Faithfully.


Two more days. Just two more days.

I hated when Jax had to go on long runs especially while I’m pregnant. I always feared that he would miss the big moments of my pregnancy, especially my doctor’s appointments but he never did. He always made sure he was home.

I’ve had people tell me time and time again that I shouldn’t start a family with a man who is constantly on the road but I never listened. Jax was a faithful man and I knew he would never cheat and he knew I never would cheat. I loved Jax with all my heart and I knew he loved me with all his heart. It has always been me and him and it always is.

I was sitting at the kitchen table sipping on a bottle of water when my phone went off.

It was Jax.

He had been trying to face time me. I accepted the call as his face soon popped up onto my screen.

“Hey, baby!” A big smile came across my face when I saw him.

“Hey, Jax!” I said with the same amount of enthusiasm as him.

“How’s my baby mama feeling?” Jax said as I moved the camera away to reveal my beach ball size of a belly.

“Oh, you know, just sitting here with another human inside of me,” Jax chuckled at me before speaking up.

“God, I think you’ve gotten sexier since I last saw you,” I blushed at him before speaking up.

“Oh God Jax! Shut it!” I said while giggling.

“It’s true baby! I can’t wait to get home and ravish that body,” Jax said with his usual Teller smirk.

“How could you possibly want me when I look like this?” I questioned while Jax had a proud smile come over his face.

“How could I not? I mean look at you! You’re as beautiful as the day I met you and no pregnancy is going to change that,” I blushed again as a big smile spread across my face.

“Jax Teller, you always know how to make me smile,” Jax smiled proudly before I spoke again. “I soon have to go because your mom wants to go shopping for more baby stuff but I wanted to ask you something,” Jax nodded for me to continue. “I know the rule, what happens on a run stays on a run but have you been faithful?” I felt my heart skip a little faster as I awaited his reply.

“Yes, I have. I would never cheat on you. For one, I would lose that sexy body you have, for two, I love you too much to do it and for three, well, my third reason is sitting on your fourth finger,” I smiled at his honesty before glancing down at my engagement ring. A knock came to the door and ripped me away from my thoughts.

“Thank you, baby, I too have been faithful for the same reasons as you and also for the fact that I am nine months pregnant but I do have to run baby, your mom’s here.” Jax nodded before responding.

“Alright, I love you forever and always,” I smiled at him once more.

“I love you forever and always,”

Circus lives, Under the big top world, We all need the clowns, To make us smile, Through space and time, Always another show, Wondering where I am, Lost without you.


The club life is never easy. No matter how good you think you got it something will always arise and it usually happens with a bang. They always happened at the most inconvenient of times.

This bang wasn’t as big the ones we’ve had before. This time was the most inconvenient especially since my due date was a day away and Jax was supposed to be home tomorrow.

My phone rang. ‘UKNOWN CALLER’ appeared on the screen. I furrowed my brows while beginning to reach for my phone to answer the call.

“Hello?” I questioned hastily.

“Baby, it’s me,” I felt my heart leave my throat and my stomach drop at the sound of Jax’s voice.

“Oh, baby it’s just you. What happened to your phone?” I questioned confused.

“I had to get rid of it, our phones were rigged by the Mayans and now we’re having a bit of trouble,”

“Trouble?! What kind of trouble?!” I questioned in a panic.

“Nothing to stress about. Just listen, we’re going to be a day or two late coming home,” I frowned at his words before speaking up.

“But baby, our due date is in a few days, will you be here for the birth of out child?” I questioned as sadness laced my words.

“I will, I promise but right now I got to go, I love you forever and always,”

“I love you forever and always,” I sighed as I hung up the phone.

I know Jax has never broken a promise to me but I think this time might be different.

And being apart, Ain’t easy on this love affair, Two strangers learn to fall in love again
I get the joy of rediscovering you, Oh, girl, you stand by me, I’m forever yours, Faithfully.

A million thoughts ran through my head.

Jax never called me today, he never texted nor did he facetime. My mind was racing at a mile a minute.

‘What if he’s dead?’, ‘What if he’s kidnapped?’, ‘What if he doesn’t want me anymore?’, ‘What if he found someone else?’

I finally gave up arguing with myself as I began dialing Opie’s number.

“Hello?” Opie’s gruff voice picked up on the other end while I took a deep breath.

“Opie! It’s (Y/N)! Have you seen or heard from Jax in a while?” I questioned rather quickly as Opie took a moment before replying.

“Uh, yeah. I think he’s gone to talk to the Mayans. Is anything wrong?” Ope questioned with concern.

“No, nothing’s wrong. I just wanted to talk with him, I haven’t heard from him in awhile and I didn’t know if anything had happened,” I tried to sound positive and happy as I spoke. Opie chuckled before speaking.

“Don’t worry, everything’s fine. When he gets back I’ll make sure he calls you,” I smiled.

“Thanks, Ope,” I went to tell Opie goodbye when he suddenly spoke up.

“Oh and (Y/N)?”

“Yeah?” I questioned with curiosity and concern.

“He’s been faithful,” I smiled into the phone before telling Ope thanking him for telling me and hanging up.

I leaned against the counter with a smile until I felt this sudden cramp came across my abdomen. I started to take deep breaths and soon enough the pain subsided. I began to stand back up as I felt the sensation that I was peeing came on. My eyes widened before I reached for my phone attempting to call Gemma. While I was in the process of dialing Gemma’s number another cramp feeling came across my abdomen again.

“Fuck!” I screamed out in pain as I knelt to the ground. I finished dialing Gemma’s number while I hoped for her to answer.

“Gemma! Come quick! I-I think the baby’s coming!” I screamed into the phone while another contraction came on.

Whoa, oh-oh-ooh, Whoa, oh-oh-ooh, oh, Whoa, oh-oh-oh, oh-woohoo-oh, Faithfully, I’m still yours, I’m forever yours, Ever yours, Faithfully.


I laid back on the bed as another contraction hit me again.

“Ahh! H-how f-far apart are they?” I questioned Gemma as she smiled.

“Five minutes apart, baby. Almost time,” I smiled at here while I began taking deep breaths.

“Ah! Ms. (Y/L) and Mrs. Teller. How far are your contractions?” I was about to answer when another contraction hit me.

“They’re less than five minutes now,” Gemma answered for me. The doctor smiled before handing the nurse my chart.

“Alright, let’s get you ready to give birth,” I shot up on the table.

“I am not giving birth until my fiancé gets here,” I said as the doctor smiled softly.

“I’m sorry, Ms. (Y/N) but the baby is ready to come now and I don’t think he’s going to wait,” I sighed before turning to face Gemma.

“It’s okay, baby. John wasn’t there for Thomas birth and I did just fine. You will too,” I smiled at her before nodding my head. The nurse leads Gemma out of the room while they prepped me for birth. I was getting ready to push when my door busted open.

It was Jax.

“I’m here baby. I’m here,” I smiled at Jax as he rushed to my side and gripped my hand. I couldn’t respond to Jax as another contraction hit.

“Alright, start pushing!”

Time Skip:

The nurse handed me a towel to wipe away some sweat from my face.

“Here you guys go,” The nurse said before handing us our new baby boy.

“Oh my God, Jax he’s perfect,” I said in awe.

“What should we name him?” Jax questioned with a smile.

“I was thinking Thomas,” Jax smiled down at me before nodding his head.

“That’s perfect,” Jax said turning back to the baby. I turned Jax’s head back to me before pulling him into a kiss.

“Thank you for being faithful to me,” I said once we pulled away.

“Thank you for standing by me,” Jax said with a smile.

I just remembered that three months ago I started a two-shot story DenXNyoNorway (I’m slut for this version of ship, okay?). 

They have a one night stand and they have agreed that they’ll never see each other again. No names, no numbers, no nothing. They meet in a club or something.

Six months later, Matthias (well, i used the name Magnus) just randomly encounters Signe (NyoNor) and… Well, she has a big pregnant belly. 

I may finish this during this week. If I remember how I named the file.  it’s not like I have four fics that I have to update and nobody will read this stupid story.

25.05 - 01.06

El club recluta nuevos miembros.


El roleplay cumple un mes activo y las admis lo celebran con un memes, headcanons y edits especiales para los usuarios y personajes. 

01.06 - 04.06

La presentación de los tres nuevos miembros del Seoulite Club se llevará a cabo en el brillante estilo de Las Vegas en una gala con sorpresas especiales para sus invitados. 


pt1 | pt2 | pt3 | pt4 | pt5 | pt6 | (6/?)

pairing: jimin x reader, jungkook x reader

genre: smut, angst / punk!jikook

word count: 17,335

note: inspired by the anime/manga “Nana” / music playlist

description: It was everything, from his tattoos, to his touches, to the way sweat rolled down his neck as he strummed into his guitar on stage; everything about him completely enthralled you. So why are you now, two and a half years later, on a train to Seoul, telling a complete stranger the recollection of how you became fated to forever have scars on all of your future hearts due to the happiness, but most of all the pain, that came along with falling in love with Jeon Jungkook.


The slight tremble in Jimin’s fingertips developed into a full-blown tremor as he closed the door to his studio, effectively leaving you behind — but it wasn’t that simple. It wasn’t that simple because he wasn’t just leaving you behind. He was leaving you behind with a guy that you were completely in love with… Which kind of blowed considering he was starting to fall for you himself.

The music from the party was reverberating inside of his chest and he knew that his ears should be ringing with anger, but instead he just felt numb. It was like he couldn’t hear anything; no music, no crowd, nothing. It was all one giant blur that didn’t seem to make sense to him, and all because his mind was screaming that nothing else mattered right now — nothing except for you.

Jimin knew very well what leaving you in that room with Jungkook meant. It meant every single feeling that the two of you had ever had for each other would inevitably rekindle, and compared to what Jimin had with you, even if he did consider it one of most amazing stints of time of his entire life, it didn’t hold a candle to what you and Jungkook had, and probably always would have.

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Paladin Internet Headcanons


  • Has an aesthetic blog
  • Secretly a memer
  • Youtube recommendations is full of how-tos/ DIYs and cute cat videos
  • Doesn’t comment often but when he does he always writes a detailed essay
  • Plays shitty flash games at 2am 
  • Lowkey a furry, spends all his money commissioning art of his Galra furry OC


  • His memeing is by no means a secret, to anyone
  • Uses outdated memes ironically but slowly starts using them unironcially
  • Comments nice things on every video he watches, usually short though
  • Former vinestar
  • Sulked for two months when vine shut down
  • Sulked for three months when he heard Club Penguin was shutting down
  • Google history is full of either beauty tip searches or random crap like “do elephants have dreams”
  • Lurks on anime forums


  • Facebook dad 
  • Has all social media just so he can like all the other paladins’ posts and write supportive comments 
  • “Keith, how do you take a screenshot?“ 
  • Edits the grammar of Wikipedia articles
  • Once posted a picture of himself and it became a meme
  • The others have hidden this fact from him to this day


  • The hacker known as 4chan 
  • Snapchats quality memes to Lance 
  • “Rosalind Franklin was one of the most underappeciated geniuses of her time, take a fuckin sip babes.”
  • Likes online strip comics
  • Stays up all night reading 200k word sci-fi fanfics 
  • Does PC building tutorials 
  • In love with online RPGs


  • Always has those beautiful food instagram posts 
  • Helps people with homework over the internet like a precious bean
  • Programs software in his spare time
  • Actual pro at
  • Helps Pidge with gathering parts for the PC building tutorials
  • He’s also the cameraman and occasionally gives witty commentary
  • Spotify playlists are always on point
What SVTFOE Season 2 has Done to our Sweet Children
  • Marco: Stepped her toe out the closet; it was a magical experience for everyone involved. Acquired 16 years of badassery training. Lost her best friend/source of summer fun overnight.
  • Ludo: Gained the father figure he always wanted for two entire days, and it only cost him his soul.
  • Star: Was slowly stripped of her capacity to chill and learned to access the Avatar State of Emotional Breakdowns on command in the process.
  • Jackie: Promoted from bland love interest with two lines to lesbian stereotype love interest and walking plot device. Wanted to try a go at the fabled childhood friend romance, but got roped into an angsty love triangle instead. 100% did not ask for her life to turn into a soap opera, what the hell, Cupid?
  • Tom: Got two (2) homoerotic episodes. Left the rest to the fanfiction writers.
  • Kelly: Made her first appearance and broke up with her boyfriend 6,784 times.
  • Janna: Lives and breathes off Marco being upset, but has discovered her one weakness: Star being upset.
  • Heinous: Took her boyfriend to a couple of /clubs/ last month. [90s laugh track]
  • Eclipsa: I was FROZEN today!
  • Moon: All_of_my_Friends_are_Dead.jpg
  • Toffee: ["The Boys Are Back in Town" plays on repeat for 10 hours]

nursey’s favorite pastime is ‘guessing’ dex’s middle name
“william john-jacob-jingleheimer-schmidt poindexter!”
“william justice-league poindexter”
“i like marvel”
“william jelly-of-the-month-club poindexter”
“william jet-fuel-can’t-melt-steel-beams poindexter”
“oh my god”
“william jagger-comma-mick poindexter”
“i played ONE rolling stones song -”
“william just-go-on-a-date-with-me-already poindexter”
“um, william j-”
“nice… william jerry’s-brunch-tomorrow-at-10 poindexter”

“Mad Dog and Puppy” English Translation

Here it is. I apologize for the delay, but various circumstances got in the way. Anyway, I hope you enjoy!

From Haikyuu!! Light Novel 6, Chapter “Mad Dog and Puppy” written by Kiyoko Hoshi with illustrations by Haruichi Furudate.

Introductory page 

Attached illustration on page 129:

Mad Dog and Puppy

One fine holiday in fall, there was a man standing in a convenience store nearby Aoba Jousai High School. The guy, wearing a volleyball jersey, walked out as the opening and closing door made an electronic sound. The man’s name is Kyoutani Kentarou, a second-year member in Aoba Jousai High’s volleyball club.

Kyoutani tore the wrapping of the chicken—chicken is his favorite food—that he took out of the convenience store bag before sinking his teeth into it, making an audible noise; this was how he walked toward school. The volleyball club took Mondays off. Practice starts morning today, which is a Sunday.

Kyoutani had not attended the club for quite a while since the middle of his first year due to various circumstances, though he has been recently thrown into the spotlight for coming back after being recalled by Oikawa, the team captain.

At the preliminary round of the Inter-High Miyagi Finals in June, Aoba Jousai suffered defeat at the hands of Shiratorizawa Academy, the invincible champions. It was necessary to regroup and reorganize the currently completed team in order to clear themselves of the disgrace come the next Spring High School competition, move on from second place and aim for the Nationals. What they wanted to strengthen in particular was their offense. The fighting strength that served to be the trigger of that was Kyoutani, whom Oikawa jokingly called “Mad Dog.”

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