club of the laid off

Crush//Chibs Telford

Info: Opie’s younger sister comes into Charming to reconnect with roots and get away from city life but a son catches her eye.

Warnings: swearing, smut

Originally posted by samcro-redwoodoriginals

y/n was Opie’s younger sister by a year, making her thirty years old. After she turned eighteen, she hit the road, seeking city life. Charming was a small town, everybody knows everybody, same stores everyday, nothing changed. Big city, the big city has thousands of people, ever changing stores and landscapes, that’s what eighteen year old y/n craved and got. But after a while, it was tiring and maybe sleepy ol’ Charming was what she needed. Reconnect with Opie, her nieces and nephews, even the sons. Opie had kept her up to date, joining the club, its members and everything else, they were close. Sure the members may have changed, but Jax had to still be there, at least she’d know him alongside her brother.

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