club mango music

A Long Summer

It’s been a while since I posted some meaningful shit on here so I thought I’d just do that. This summer is all in preparation for a BIG winter so everyone on the team will be working hard on their records trying to push things for Autumn/Winter completion! Things are getting serious down at the Kitchen and this winter expect to see more visuals, more collabs and some new faces (there’s a new CMM artist I can’t wait to introduce)!

  • Sujitha Breed (collab coming soon)
  • Breed Studio Therapy (coming summer 2012)
  • Gilly The Kid Soul Food x Soho (coming autumn 2012)
  • ADXM Fruit Salad EP + 4/20 Video (coming soon)
  • Akil untitled EP (in the works)
  • Club Mango Leaks Vol.2 (coming winter 2012)
Thanks to everyone for the support so far, everything is remembered!  Juice.