club lido

W.&L.T. spring—summer 1996.

July 1995 at the Lido, Paris, France

The famous Lido Night Club in Paris. Parts of the Lido show were included in the Fashion Show. The show started with 15 minutes of images from the CD-rom, and ended with all 120 models partying on stage. 

THE SEXY WALT KILLER: couriers of the year 2013, gliding through the obsessive race of any multiracial metropolis on their superzappy atomic bikes, at a silent but aggressive pace, their lustrous bodies revealed in all their strength, their gazes hidden behind protective screens, their heads covered in spectacularly sculptured wigs.
Their ‘Dress to kill-look’ has one universal icon: the omnipresent shark rising from the abyss with the impact of many lethally dangerous designs.
THE ASTRAL TRAVELLER: The white ethereal bodies of a bunch of transgalactic tourists from Outer Space, their shiny eyes staring in wonder, their shaved heads covered in light.
Using their Astral Travel Card, they can see this Blue Planet with a new poetic wonder full a-vision. They marvel at the love-making of ladybirds or the vital cuteness of flesh-eating different ethnic cultures, adding them up on their Souvenir T-shirts.
Phonetic writings bridge communication with the locals…
ENTER: 4D-Hi-D (read Heidi): Pretty faces behind a mask. They all send a message, but oh dear, it’s so impolite! Our lovable girl and her friends decided to show their True Nature. Even cute little Bambi and Holy Cow, she’s gone purple! This is a Bavarian Kick gone wild: a Digital Orgasm!
And what’s that spaceship, lurking from behind pure snow-capped mountain peaks? Is Heidi being followed by Aliens? Indeed! The true story can be found in every print…

Small transparent plastic bag with a voice module saying: ‘Wild and Lethal Trash’ and 'Kiss the Future!’.

“Secret schizoids: people who present themselves as socially available, interested, engaged and involved in interacting yet remain emotionally withdrawn and sequestered within the safety of the internal world.”

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Semi-Automatic - Twenty One Pilots || The Love Club - Lorde || Drowning (Lido Remix) - BANKS || Helena Beat - Foster the People || Changing of the Seasons - Two Door Cinema Club || The Bridge - ARORA || Dreaming - Smallpools || Recover - CHVRCHES || Of the Night - BASTILLE || Trippin’ the Light Fantastic - Ball Park Music || Mother and Father - Broods || Fake You Out - Twenty One Pilots