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The Signs as Manic Pixie Dream Girls

*check your rising and Venus signs, as well as your sun

Aries: Margo Roth Spiegelman (Paper Towns)

Taurus: Marla Singer (Fight Club)

Gemini: Penny Lane (Almost Famous)

Cancer: Claire Colburn (Elizabethtown)

Leo: Sheeni Saunders (Youth in Revolt)

Virgo: Clementine Kruczynski (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind)

Libra: Summer (500 Days of Summer)

Scorpio: Alaska Young (Looking for Alaska)

Sagittarius: Lux Lisbon (The Virgin Suicides)

Capricorn: Holly Golightly (Breakfast at Tiffany’s)

Aquarius: Ramona Flowers (Scott Pilgrim v.s. the World)

Pisces: Sam (Garden State)

the signs as indie bands
  • aries: Florence and the Machine
  • taurus: The Kooks
  • gemini: Two Door Cinema Club
  • cancer: The Neighbourhood
  • leo: Imagine Dragons
  • virgo: Of Monsters and Men
  • libra: Walk the Moon
  • scorpio: Arctic Monkeys
  • sagittarius: Foster the People
  • capricorn: Bon Iver
  • aquarius: The Killers
  • pisces: The 1975
Shounen/Shoujo Anime

Aries : Gintama / Kamisama Hajimemashita

Taurus : Soul Eater / Ao Haru Ride

Gemini : Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood / Special A

Cancer : Dragon Ball Z / Toradora

Leo : Bleach / Kaichou wa Maid-sama

Virgo: Hunter x Hunter/ Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun

Libra: One Piece / Skip Beat

Scorpio : Slam Dunk / Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun

Sagittarius : Pokemon / Akatsuki No Yona

Capricorn : Inuyasha / Ouran High School Host Club

Aquarius : Naruto / Watashi Ga Motete Dousunda

Pisces : Fairy Tail / Kimi Ni Todoke

The Zodiac Signs as High School Clubs

Aries: Basketball Club

Taurus: Gardening Club

Gemini: Bloggers’ Club

Cancer: Music Club

Leo: Drama Club

Virgo: Mathletes

Libra: Sewing Club

Scorpio: Poetry Club

Sagittarius: Science Club

Capricorn: Debate Club

Aquarius: Anime Club

Pisces: Fandom Club

Orange-Haired Anime Characters

Aries : İtori

Taurus : Chiyo Sakura

Gemini : Kyoko Mogami

Cancer : Nami

Leo : Asuka Langley Soryu

Virgo : Shouyou Hinata 

Libra : Yuzuru Otanashi

Scorpio : Kagura Yato

Sagittarius : Kurosaki İchigo

Capricorn : Kyo Sohma

Aquarius : Hikaru & Kaoru Hitachiin

Pisces : Ichiya

The signs as Slice of life anime

Aries:  K-ON!

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Taurus: Tamako Market

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Gemini: Yuru Yuri

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Cancer: Danna ga Nani wo Itteiru ka Wakaranai Ken

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Leo: Hyouka

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Virgo: Lucky Star

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Libra: GJ-bu

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Scorpio: Nichijou

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Sagittarius: Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge

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Capricorn: Acchi Kocchi

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Aquarius: Fruits Basket

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Pisces: Free!

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ARIES,  you don’t have to believe in love to believe in yourself. love died for me in the chlorinated conscious of a swimming pool, but i’m still here. you can be too.

TAURUS, tell me how the sun tastes like because you look at me the same way. you don’t even know it, but you’re my warm memory this winter. 

GEMINI, go on picnics and laugh in the bathroom stalls because this will never happen again. you are my every other sentence.

CANCER, you are so unbelievably incredible. it’s been years, but there are some things not even heaven or hell could wash away when they came and brought the apocalypse to our front door step. i am so happy to have survived with you.

LEO, you are the hardest thing to live without, and how glad i am to have what i do. i hope the trees are as beautiful as you wanted them to be, and that fall holds your hand when i can’t.

VIRGO, missing you is second nature, first being loving you senseless. you work hard, but please don’t forget to take care of yourself. and i’m here. i’m here, i’m here, i’m here. for you, always.

LIBRA, it’ll be okay if you close your eyes sometimes, the world will still spin when you wake up. rest easy, it’s your month after all.

SCORPIO, you are the strongest vein i’ve ever known. write what you can and feel what you do, create regardless of your temperament. it’ll be good, i promise.

SAGITTARIUS, harvest the ebullience in your fingertips and make the most of what you can. it was never meant to be easy, just enough.

CAPRICORN, find your own constellation and remind yourself of your own brilliance. you still have it, i cross my heart and believe in you.

AQUARIUS, bitterness is purple like the spit in your bathroom sink, so flush it down the drain with your eyes wide open. when your body feels like it’s falling apart, grab the super glue and keep on going. this is not the end, baby, it’s just the very start of something spectacular. see this through, i’m begging you.

PISCES, you are the reason why i can stand on a broken back and smile at the same time. you are moon stars, lipstick on glitter wrists, and my honest comrade. do what you need to do, and most importantly, get it done. i am so proud of us.

the signs as girlfriends
  • Aries: is the girlfriend that acts like one of the guys but has a romantic streak. Aries girls like to buy their lovers gifts and show their love through grand gestures. Aries is the girlfriend that can have a fiery temper and get mad quite easily. Aries girlfriends can be hardheaded and stubborn. Aries is the girlfriend that will be more sensitive and insecure than she acts. The Aries girlfriend will be an independent girl who likes to do things on her own and will not want a smothering or clingy type of lover. Aries is the girlfriend who needs excitement and passion in her love life or she will get bored and move on. She also might like a little drama to keep things spicy in the relationship.
  • Taurus: is the girlfriend that will like to serve her lovers and cook them dinner and clean the house. Taurus is a very stubborn girlfriend that likes to get her way. She has a deep romantic streak and will love to lay around with her lovers on sunny afternoons. Taurus girlfriends will be independent and will want a lover who is the same. She wants a mature lover that can she can trust to build a life with. Taurus girlfriends are very loyal and committed. She likes the idea of marriage and children. She wants that boring yet beautiful life. Taurus is the girlfriend that your mother would approve of because she is a hardworking girl with her own money, her own car, and her own place. Taurus girlfriends can be very possessive and jealous of their lovers, though.
  • Gemini: is the girlfriend that likes to talk a lot. She is very social and loves going out to parties and clubs. She will want a lover that can keep up with her mentally and also keep her entertained. Gemini is the girlfriend that can get bored very easily and move on to the next. Gemini girlfriends need excitement. Gemini is the girlfriend that loves to laugh and watch goofy movies with her lover. She likes to talk about everything under the sun and then go have drinks with friends. Gemini is the girlfriend that your mother might have problem with because she's either covered in tattoos and crazy hair or she speaks her mind easily. Gemini is the girlfriend that is smart and witty and all your friends like her.
  • Cancer: is the girlfriend who will bake you cakes on your birthday and spend forever making the icing and sprinkles look just right. She is the girlfriend that wants to have children and a life with you. She is ready to be a mother and she is ready for marriage. She can fall in love easily. She may have a hard time getting over past relationships. Cancer is the girlfriend that will make you feel at home. She will remember everything about you and will make sure that you are comfortable and happy. Cancer is the sentimental girlfriend that cries during romance movies. Cancer is the girlfriend that can be very moody and gets hurt easily. She will be passive-aggressive. Cancer is the girl who is innocent, almost.
  • Leo: is the girlfriend that always wants to take selfies with her lover. Leo is the girlfriend who likes to show her lover off to the world, especially when they are attractive. Leo is the girlfriend that needs attention and praise to feel happy in her relationship. She wants to be adored and treated as a queen by her lover. Leo is the girlfriend that will laugh a lot and love to have fun. She will always be willing to go on new adventures. Leo is the girlfriend that is warm and generous. She likes to buy her lovers gifts and take them out on dates. Leo wants their lover to feel special but they also want to feel special themselves.
  • Virgo: is the girlfriend that can be very critical and nit-picky, but she is so loyal and faithful. Virgo is the girlfriend that will be by your side through it all. Virgo is the girlfriend that is serving to you. She will cook, clean, or bring you drinks, but it is because she wants to do those things. She is the girlfriend that wants to make you happy. Virgo is the girlfriend that can be a little cool at times and may have a hard time expressing her love through words but she will always express her love through actions and sensuality. Virgo is a sensual girlfriend who likes to lay at home in bed with you as you both read books or talk about something new.
  • Libra: is the girlfriend who is romantic and likes the idea of rose petals. Libra is the girlfriend who is willing to please her partner. She wants to make her lover feel as happy as possible. Libra girlfriends don't like to cause a lot of drama and want a peaceful and harmonious relationship. Libra is the girlfriend that can be controlling, though. Libra girlfriends will enjoy talking and laughing. She will like to go out and be social with you and her friends. Libra girlfriends like to go to parties and clubs with their lovers. Libra is the girlfriend that is a little too flirty but doesn't mean anything by it. Libra is the girlfriend that will show her love through romantic words and actions.
  • Scorpio: is the girlfriend who has deep and intense feelings for her lover. Scorpio girlfriends will love their significant others strongly and feel very passionately towards them. Scorpio girlfriends can be very jealous and possessive of their lovers, though. Scorpio is the girlfriend that is suspicious and wants to look at your phone. Scorpio is also the girlfriend that will just know if you are lying. Scorpio is the girl that will show her love through words and sex. Scorpio is the girlfriend that has a need for sex and isn't happy if there is a lack of it in her relationship. Scorpio is the girlfriend that needs to know that you love her.
  • Sagittarius: is the girlfriend who likes to go on adventures with you and your friends. She likes to go camping and fishing and hiking. Sagittarius is the girlfriend who has a very carefree nature and doesn't care too much about who you hang out with. Sagittarius girlfriend is smart and loves to learn. She also likes to share her knowledge with her lovers. Sagittarius girlfriend will need her space and alone time. Sagittarius is the girlfriend that likes to take her lovers exploring through the woods or perhaps to try out a new restaurant. Sagittarius girls show they love you by sharing experiences with you.
  • Capricorn: is the girlfriend who is hardworking and is independent. She is the loyal and committed girlfriend. Capricorn girlfriends can be a little old-fashioned and want to get married and start a family with their lovers. Capricorn girls will want a lover that is just as independent and capable as her. Capricorn is the girlfriend that can be very serious but has a strange sense of humor. Capricorn is the girlfriend that is quiet and likes to watch movies. Capricorn is the girlfriend that will buy her lover gifts and spend money on them. This is how she shows her love as well as through practical things.
  • Aquarius: is the girlfriend that is the strangest girlfriend you've had. She is funny and goofy. Aquarius is the girlfriend that needs her space and alone time. Aquarius will not want a clingy or possessive lover. Aquarius girlfriends need their freedom and will hate to feel restricted. Aquarius is the girlfriend that tells her friends everything. Aquarius is the girlfriend that likes to talk for hours on the phone about aliens and astrology and crystals. Aquarius is the one that has a humanitarian heart and wants to adopt kids with you and live in India. Aquarius is a loyal girlfriend if you keep her mentally happy.
  • Pisces: is the girlfriend that texts you a lot. Pisces is the girl that is always looking for a lover that can connect with her on a soul level. Pisces is the girlfriend that writes poetry about her lovers and sends them songs to listen to so that they can feel what she is feeling. Pisces is the girlfriend that gets her feelings hurt easily and is defensive. She is clingy and jealous of her lovers. Pisces is the girlfriend that will make you dinner, buy you a gift, and make you a card for you birthday or Valentine's. Pisces has a romantic streak and will show her love through words as well as physically. Pisces is the girlfriend that dreams of having three children with you and living in Paris or near the beach.
  • *can also apply to moon sign
The Signs As Good Movies

Aries: Fight Club
Taurus: Garden State
Gemini: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Cancer: Napoleon Dynamite
Leo: Heathers
Virgo: The Truman Show
Libra: Little Miss Sunshine
Scorpio: Whiplash
Sagittarius: Moonrise Kingdom
Capricorn: Atonement
Aquarius: Donnie Darko
Pisces: Lost in Translation

The Signs As Clubs 🎀


Aries: Marine Biology Club ☼
Taurus: Chess Club ᯽
Gemini: Debate Club ➶
Cancer: Art Club ☾
Leo: Math Club ☼
Virgo: Robotics Club ᯽
Libra: Film Club ➶
Scorpio: Yoga Club ☾
Sagittarius: Fashion Club ☼
Capricorn: Photography Club ᯽
Aquarius: Creative Writing Club ➶
Pisces: Cooking Club ☾


amazing movies for the signs

aries : fight club, les miserable, blue valentine, the goonies, edward scissor hands, ATM, labyrinth, life of pi

taurus : one flew over the cuckoo’s nest, i am sam, the wolf of wall street, the grey, 12 years a slave, batman, princess monoke, the pianist

gemini : the babadook, love actually, silver linings playbook, the boy in the striped pajamas, hobbit, salt, american psycho, super 8

cancer : perks of being a wallflower, 6 years, romeo and juliet, secret world of arietty, eat pray love, avengers, girl with the dragon tattoo, hugo

leo : breakfast at tiffany’s, now is good, stuck in love, gimme shelter, about time, one day, big miracle, blue is the warmest color

virgo : cloud atlas, howl’s moving castle, short term 12, star wars, hitchcock, life of pi, zero dark thirty, castaway

libra : my neighbor totoro, pulp fiction, harry potter series, planet of the apes, pirates of the caribbean, american hustle, ex machina, avatar

scorpio : reservoir dogs, keith, forest gump, the great gatsby, 300, kill bill, this is the end, x-men

sagittarius : if i stay, side effect, virgin suicides, the vow, australia, a christmas carol, black swan, treasure planet

capricorn : the royal tenenbaums, corpse bride, ghost, good will hunting, p.s. i love you, her, the impossible, pans labyrinth

aquarius : project almanac, the theory of everything, indiana jones series, peter pan, taken, breakfast club, the gift, the truman show

pisces : me and earl and the dying girl, lost in translation, spirited away, paper towns, the imaginarium of doctor parnassus, goodnight mommy, thirteen, pursuit of happiness

(randomness from sources of the internet and my friends opinions, love all of these movies, watch em)