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Nostalgia Trip

So I recently decided to go back and find the shows of my childhood and rewatch them. Here’s the list:
Kim Possible, Between the Lions, Cyberchase, W.I.T.C.H., Liberty’s Kids, Sagwa: The Chinese Siamese Cat, The Proud Family, Code Lyoko, Totally Spies, Winx Club, American Dragon Jake Long, Jackie Chan Adventures, Hamtaro, Sailor Moon, Samurai Jack.
I’ve finished Kim Possible already, and it was pretty great. Starting Liberty’s Kids next.

character aesthetic ➔ UMEHITO NEKOZAWA for anonymous

Okay, so I just realized, I didn’t ask if anon wanted a romantic one or not. If you want, you can resend another request! I hope this is alright, though! -Ellis

On this day in 1873, a group of Bostonians petitioned Boston’s Board of Aldermen to ban the game of baseball from the Boston Common. The petition was in response to the Beacon Hill Baseball’s Club proposal that a portion of the Common’s parade ground be made available for baseball games.

The petitioners believed that baseball was a dangerous game, not only to those who played it, but also to passersby. They argued that if the city gave the baseball club the liberty to use the Common“the comfort and safety of many citizens will be endangered.” Furthermore, they argued, “the Boston Common was laid out for the recreation and enjoyment of all the inhabitants and that no portion of it should be appropriated for any use that would defeat that purpose.” 

The Beacon Hill Baseball Club responded in the above letter. They stated that baseball was not a dangerous game and that “the only opposition…comes from a small number of the wealthy residents of this locality who are able to afford expensive recreation on land and water and who, for the sake of making the Common a little more beautiful to the eye, would deprive hundreds of young men of the exercise necessary for their bodily health, which exercise they are able to obtain in no other place.”

As well, the Club argued that most of the opposition to baseball on the Common came from individuals who spent the summer months away from the City.  They reminded the Board of Aldermen that the young men who wanted to play baseball on the Common did not have the resources to “afford expensive recreation nor have the time to go to the outskirts of the City to obtain exercise.”

Despite the club’s arguments, in a vote on May 12, 1873, the Board of Aldermen denied the Beacon Hill Baseball Club’s request to play baseball on the Common.

Petitions for and against baseball on the Common, 1873 May 5, Dockets 1873-0104-B,  Proceedings of the City Council, Collection 0100.001, Boston City Archives


So I got an email from Rockstar asking if I’d used my account in another country recently. I said no and they had me change my password. I log into my GTA Online as usual and came to the realisation that someone hacked my account and signed me up to the “I Love Mel Gibson” crew.

I ain’t even mad.


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