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With the party season upon us, I thought it was time to create something super smokey but with a splash of vibrancy! And as I have Brown eyes, an ideal colour to emphasis them is Blue.

Here I used a mix of creams and powders in a Matte and Metallic finish. This creates texture and adds depth to the look.

The tutorial for this makeup will be up on my YouTube on the 27th November!

It’s in association with Simple, so I will be showing you how to remove this heavy makeup so that you are not left with the dreaded ‘Panda Eye’ effect.

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  • me: I just want to be friends. If we got together it would be a boon for me and a bummer for him. I don't want to be that for someone. I want to enrich someone's life if I'm gonna be in it. I don't want to be a leech.
  • him: hey
  • me: We Are Literally Engaged 😻😜💍💖🏹

Favorite White Dresses 

skin : softness @s4models

Face/make up:

1. Eyeshadow // s-club on tsr 

Eyeliner @ephiny-asunder

lips @aveirasims

blush @pralinesims

2. eyeshadow @pralinesims

eyeliner @ephiny-asunder

highlight/blush @s4models

lips @simpliciaty

3&4 lips @simpliciaty

eyeshadow  @pralinesims

contour @jomsimscreations


1. Tom Ford gown @simpliciaty

2. Carolina Herrera @viirinsims

3&4 (I absolutely LOVE theses two dresses, I’m in love with them)  Alainavesna Bridal Collection by @alainavesna



Lips: Screaming Mustard
Eyes: Not sure
Eyeliner: Screaming Mustard[ Malibu ] - Winged Liner
Eyeshadow: S-Club - LL eyeshadow 01
Brows: S-Club - Eyebrows18
Eyelashes: Hair and Eyelash Conversions by MaySims
Blush: Screaming_Mustard[ Lorri ] - Ruddy Cheeks and Shine
Skin: S4Models - Brilliant skin
Hair: Stealthic - Runaway
Bracelet: NatalIS - Hand leafs bracelet
Shoes: Madlen Julia Shoes

If you like you can download her by searching [babychanxo] in the gallery! Hope you like!!