club eclipse

What if trends started trending? There’s a thought that’ll keep you up at night.

  • In druidic omens: Parts of Europe and Africa were plunged into darkness by a solar eclipse, portending the vernal equinox and beginning of spring
  • In music: One Direction’s “the British one,” Zayn Malik, quit the band, leaving a scruffy, angular-jawed hole in our heart. Plus, the twirling, leaping, blistering elegance of ballet
  • In things too terrifying to believe: Reports that the co-pilot of the Germanwings flight crashed the plane intentionally. 
  • In movies: A resurgent Divergent, Divergent: Insurgent is emergent in theatres. Plus, Paper Towns: After it was a book but before it becomes a movie, it’s a trailer. And after 30 years, The Breakfast Club enjoyed a boozy brunch.
  • In fashion: The endless eddy that carries the world’s beautiful people between municipal fashion weeks deposited them in Korea for Seoul Fashion Week.

Now, some of the genuinely great blogs of the week:

What: Eclipse Night Club in a new city based location! 

Where: Trin Novem- Entity Server - Dominion

WHEN: Sept. 2nd 9 Est (6 Pst)

IT IS DONE.  The entire city plot hosting Eclipse is finished.  It features a FULL 24/7 immersive RP city environment with not only the underground club, but also- a market, bug burrito and taco stand, Ice Cream Stand, BBQ hut, Noodle shop, Cafe, Park, Arcade, Clinic, Bot shop, Casino, back alley slums, an Arena, and a private penthouse.

Dont ask me how the HELL I fit all that on there but I did.  SO feel free to stop by and check it out before the opening and RP your heart out. Or hold out to dance all night in Eclipse!


I have been tweaking my housing plot.  So now not only is it the Moonlight retreat but also the Eclipse night club.   I’ve also added more tea things to the tea room, a natural hot spring, and a guest house.  To go with all the other goodies my plot has to offer for RP-   Tea room, reading lounges, hot springs, sauna, tubs, shrine, acid baths, roof top bar.  I worked extra hard to create a sense of atmosphere here.  Moody lighting and all.  ICly this place is in the hills of Ellivar close to Illium.  The tea room has over 100 flavors of tea, specializes in vegetarian fare, the bars have a full range of options, and the eclipse club offers a full spectrum of mechari specialty drinks along side the typical bar drink selection.  

If you want to give a visit any time (yes you can use my plot 24/7 for RP just stay out of the top floor penthouse thank you)  Just check out Desai Septaphex, Domnion Entity server.  Thanks!


“Good evening, ladies.”
“It was good, before you interrupted us. Care to explain why?”
“You see… gambling business is still business, if you know what I mean. As much as I respect my guests, I can’t let people walk away with all my money, for this is not a charity. That’s why there’s a system… a simple combination of tricks meant to control the amount of wins, the system that’s designed so a person with an average and even above average IQ won’t able to figure it out… and yet here you are, robbing me blind.”
“Well, it’s not my fault my IQ doesn’t fit your system.”
“Oh and I think it is your fault. You’re famous, lady. During last three month you were thrown out of Eclipse, Club Fortune, Spirit and The Garage, you are on the blacklist of The Manor, Whisper and Den… That’s a pretty long list, don’t you think?”
“I guess people don’t like my attitude…”
“And I think, you’re a cheater, lady, and I want my money back.”
“What we want is not always what we get…”
[Takes out a gun]
“Whoah, easy there…”
“Give me my money back!”
“I told you, I got it, trust me.” [Turns back to the guy] “You want your money back? Fine. But what about that lady over there? The cute blonde one, what’s her name? Cynthia, right? August seventeen, you announced your engagement, it was 11:46, no excuse me, 11:47 pm. She looked really gorgeous that night, that Prada dress probably cost you a fortune, but hey, can’t blame you, she’s a big win for a fella your age. How old is she? Eighteen? You know, girls tend to be really emotional at that age, trust me, I’ve been there myself once. Do you think she’s gonna be happy to find out about Gemma, Ashlie, Lily and Amber. Of course, I don’t have any physical evidence, but I can recall every single detail about most of the guests that were there on those nights… I don’t think Cynthia is going to do much of a background check though, as I said eighteen is a very emotional age…”
“I have a better idea. I put a bullet in that big brain of yours right now, take my money and make sure you keep your pretty mouth shut.”
“You can’t do that, because if you kill me, you will also have to kill her.” [Points at Colette] “And you know that her dad will toss this entire city upside down to find the guy who killed his daughter and make sure he rots in jail for the rest of his miserable life…”
[breaths heavily]
“So… we have a deal?”
[grunts] “Joe, show ladies the way out!”
“It’s a pleasure making business with you.”
“Get the hell out before I changed my mind!”