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A Stash of Tiny Study Tips


  • Create realistic goals: get ___ grade on next ____
  • Manageable let down; get back on track
  • Keep track of grades: focused, know where stand, no surprises
  • Start small
    • Low risk confidence builders
  • Take time to relax/give self rewards
    • Days off, breaks, rewards
    • All work & no play =/= living
  • Little organization goes a long way
  • Reward achievements!
  • Keep balance with exercise, clubs, friends
    • 2h/d: friends and exercise
  • Remember that hard work pays off
    • Isn’t a breeze to try to get a 4.0 GPA; but it’s possible
    • You’re smart enough and can achieve it
    • 90% there with these tips, 10% is just pure hard work
  • Only chill on weekends
    • Monday-Friday: school mode
    • Have time for some fun
    • If work as hard as should during week, will need weekends to blow off steam
  • Be self-motivated
    • Grades can matter, not everything, but follow through on what needs to be done
    • Not most important part of college but underperform? You will regret it
    • GPA cutoffs exist and matter to employers
    • College is full of distractions and opportunities
    • Nobody will hold hand and the work will suck but all the prouder of yourself to be
      • Suck it up, buckle down, get it done
        • If think need break, probably don’t
  • Turn off the little voice
    • Realize not alone in questioning ability
    • Avoid people who tend to burst bubbles no matter what 
  • Physical triggers to stop
    • Incentive to get something done when know have something else during the day
    • Don’t have a gaping abyss of study time
  • Work has to get done, in the end
    • Books, examiners, and especially your future self isn’t going to care about your excuses for not doing the work
    • Take the first step
      • It will almost be fictional how hard you thought the task was going to be
      • Just keep going because you simply can’t afford NOT to do anything today, nonzero days
      • Leeway, don’t give your perfectionism control over your life


  • Sleep! Think and function, mind & body
    • CAN sleep if keep up with coursework instead of procrastinating
    • Will miss out on some fun stuff
    • Need to stay awake in class
    • Figure out what need for full speed
    • Stay relaxed
  • Stay physically healthy
    • Diet and exercise
    • 1 hour exercise during week
    • Weekends off
  • Traditional breakfast not necessary if value extra sleep
  • Systematic habits: neat, prepared
  • Master material
    • Look for real world applications
    • Learning is a process: be patient, don’t expect to master off the bat
  • Designate study area and study times
  • Do trial runs
    • Practice tests
    • Ask a TA to listen to your oral performance
    • Study groups
  • Don’t copy other people’s psets and solutions


  • Spiral bound notebook, can color code with folders/etc if need be
    • Lecture notes: front to back
    • Reading notes: back to front (if fall behind on)
    • Seminar notes: mixed in with lecture notes, different pen color/labeled
    • Outline format
      • Bullet points for everything
    • Same NB for one set of class notes, separate notebooks for all classes
  • 5-subject notebook
    • Midterm and exam material in it
    • Mesh sources, study guide
    • All study material from week/month in one place
  • Pick the right major
    • Indulge in favorite hobby feeling
  • Pick professors & classes wisely
    • Take a small class
    • Pick classes that interest you so studying doesn’t feel torturous
      • Want to learn


  • Prioritize class by how can affect GPA
    • More credits: more weight
  • Work enough to get an A in your easy classes: take something good at
    • Don’t settle, don’t slack off, don’t put in minimal effort to get that B/C. Just put in a tiny bit more effort to ensure A
    • Will have harder classes and need to counteract
  • Take electives can ace
    • Anything but an A in an elective is kinda mean and an unnecessary hit for your GPA


  • Get to know teaching style: focus most on, lecture/notes
  • Pick and follow a specific note taking format
    • Outline
    • Date each entry
    • Capture everything on board
  • Decide productivity system
    • Google Cal
    • Todoist
    • Agenda: remind meetings, class schedule, important dates/midterms/quizzes/tests, no homework 
      • Always wanted to be prepared
      • Rarely last minute
      • Have plan, stay focused
    • Homework notebook
      • Good redundancy
  • Study syllabus
    • Know it thoroughly
    • Plot all due dates after class
    • Penalize if fail to abide by
  • Study the hardest for the first exam
    • Seems counterintuitive
    • Hardest/most important test
    • Pay attention to content and formatLess pressure: just need ___ on final to keep my A 
    • Easy to start high and keep high
  • Go into crunch mode at the beginning
    • End softly
    • Get plenty of sleep, exercise, and good food in the finals days before the exam


  • Get to know professors: go to office hours, care about grades/course/them
    • Easier ask for help, rec letter
    • Get to know interests and what they think is important
    • Figure out their research interests, 60% of their job is research
    • Learning is dynamic
    • Discussion helps
  • Get feedback early when not sure what doing
    • Take comments constructively
  • Consistent class participation: ask questions, give answers, comment when appropriate
    • Understand material
  • Find a study buddy in each class: don’t have to study with
    • Somebody can compare notes with, safety net
    • Pick somebody who attends, participates, and take notes regularly
    • Make some friends
  • Participate as fully as can in group activities
    • Be involved
    • Learn – not be taught
  • Be punctual
    • Good impression, on human professors
  • Skipping class =/= option: It’s “cool” to get attendance award
    • Make all the classes: it’s hard to feel confident when missing key pieces
    • Get full scope of class, everything will make a lot more sense and save a lot of time in long run
    • Mandatory class: higher graduating cumulative GPA
    • Go to class when no one else does/want to show up, reward
    • Get to know professor, what’s on test, notice, r/s build, material not in reading
    • Unless optional and super confusing professor
  • Sit in one of the first rows
    • Don’t fall asleep
    • Fake interest if you have to
  • Tutors


  • Take notes! Provided is bare minimum, accessed by students who aren’t attending lecture
    • Based on lecture and what read –> test; it’ll be worth it
    • Write it down
    • By hand
    • Bored? Doodle instead of going online
  • Read all assigned–even if need to skim
    • Seems cumbersome and maybe impossible
    • Figure out what’s important
    • Look at the logical progression of the argument/what’s important/what trying to prove
    • Understand everything that you do read–even if don’t read everything
    • PIck 2 examples from text per topic
  • Complete course material on time
    • Begin as soon as possible
      • Sometimes it’s just straight up impossible
    • Have it look attractive
  • Library doesn’t just mean = study
    • Social media in the library is still social media
  • Confusion is terrible
    • Read other textbooks, review course material @ another uni/by another professor, google the shit out of it
  • Review
    • Do not wait, do throughout semester
  • Exam prep
    • Ask for model papers, look at style & structure, thesis, how cite
    • Get old tests
      • Look at type of questions (detail level and structure)
      • Can solve old exams cold
      • If give out paper exams in class: probs won’t repeat questions, focus more on concepts but still learn the questions
    • Have class notes and psets down cold
      • Do all the practice problems
      • Read through notes a few times; rewrite into a revision notebook
        • Highlight major topics and subtopics
        • Different highlighter for vocab terms
        • Overall picture, go from concept to detail
          • Look at overall context and how specific idea fit into whole course
          • Ideas, don’t memorize all your notes
    • Better understand = more able to use and manipulate info and remember it. Understand = manipulation.
      • Charts, diagrams, graphs
      • Lists
      • Practice drawing labeled structures
      • Flash cards for memorization
        • Every school requires some degree of grunt memorization
        • Say it aloud, write it down
        • Get friends to quiz you
      • Self-test: severely challenge self, have a running collection of exam questions
      • Explain difficult concepts to your friends; force yourself to articulate the concept
    • Never pull an all-nighter
      • Do not spend every hour studying up to the exam
      • Eat, shower, sleep
    • Don’t wait until night before exam to study
      • Prep takes time even if reviewed throughout semester
    • Ask about format–don’t ask the professor to change it for you
    • Law of College: it will be on the exam if you don’t understand it
      • Ask professor, internet, textbooks
  • Night before exam
    • Jot what want to remember/have fresh
    • Read through in morning/before exam
    • Physical prep
      • Sleep, have test materials
  • Day of exam
    • Don’t cram every single spare minute
    • Go to bathroom before exam
    • Never miss an exam/lie to get more time
      • You won’t be any more ready 2-3 days after when supposed to have taken it
  • Slay exam. Get A. 


  • Friday morning: go through each syllabus, write down in HW notebook
  • All hw during weekend; study/reading assignments during week
  • Save everything
  • Divide big tasks into small pieces to help propel self
  • Standard study schedule: block off lectures, labs, regular commitments
    • Note the weeks that have assignments and tests that will require extra studying
    • Don’t oscillate too heavily every day with study times (i.e. don’t study 2-3 hours for weeks and then 10-12 hour days right before an exam)
    • Eat and sleep to make more extended work periods liveable and enjoyable


  • Set an amount of time would like to study every day
    • Try to study most days
    • Avoid vague/zoned out studying –> waste of time
    • Do a little bit daily but don’t let studying be your whole day
  • Review notes: 30mins/day, each class from that day
    • Look at important ideas/vocab
      • Prioritize new vocab because language is most fundamental and important tool in any subject
      • Circle abbreviations and make yourself a key somewhere so you don’t forget what the hell that abbreviations meant
      • Check spelling
    • Rewrite/reorganize notes if necessary
      • Format of ideas is just as important as the concepts themselves, esp. when it comes time for exam review
    • This helps you retain the material so you’ll be ahead next time you walk into class
    • Chance to ID any knowledge gaps that you can ask about for next class
  • Keep up with reading
    • Skim text before lecture or at least main topic sentences
    • Jot down anything don’t understand; if lecture doesn’t clarify, ask the professor
    • After lecture: skim again, outline chapter, make vocab flashcards
    • Highlight similar class and lecture notes
      • will definitely be tested on
    • Review and make study questions
  • Study
    • Disconnect from anything irrelevant to study material: help focus and your GPA
    • Don’t limit studying to the night
      • Study whenever, wherever between classes
        • Variety helps focus and motivation
      • Especially if tired at night and can’t transition between subjects
    • Try to study for a specific subject right before/after the class

@artblart here you go!

Sorry this has taken a while by my tumblr is playing up grrrrrrrrrr!

So I saw that you’ve already reblogged the fic post by @ashtosilver (read that stuff it’s sooo gooood) but here are a few others:

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This series by orphan_account is also very good! I have many of these in my AO3 bookmarks list!

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And on the Wall, Tekel is a small story that, heh, feeds a particular favourite trope of mine: Batjokes, in the RAIN!

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Ok, that’s just a few to start with, and that’s just on AO3! There are so many under the Joker(DCU/Bruce Wayne tag on that site. Browse, read enjoy and, once again, welcome to the club friend! :D

At the fireworks show today there was a dude selling light up flower crowns so ofc me and my pal got some and on the way home this little old lady stopped to tell us we looked very pretty and I felt like a shiny flower prince it was sweet


Happy Birthday for my amazing king Minji-chan! 26.2

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

“Does thislook okay?” Jude asked, pursing his lips as he turned his head from side to side, examining his face in the mirror.

Callie glanced over at him and frowned. She’d been looking through the bottles on the windowsill for moisturiser (she’d forgotten hers when she came back home from college on Spring Break), but apparently judging her brother was more important than that.

“Don’t people normally only wear face-paint to Football games?”

Jude shrugged. He didn’t care what people usually did. If he wanted to wear facepaint to a baseball game, then he’d lather his skin with whatever colours he wanted. And today, he wanted to wear green, navy and white – the school colours. “I dunno. That’s not important. But does it look okay? Are the colours even? Does this navy look like navy, or does it seem more black to you?” he wondered, beginning to ramble a bit as he narrowed his eyes at his reflection.

“Yeah, it’s fine, I guess. I mean, I don’t see anything wrong with it,” she replied, returning to her search.

With that ringing endorsement, Jude sighed and thought to himself that it would have to do. Not like any of the players would be able to see him properly all the way up in the stands, anyway.

“So, big game today,” Callie mused, obviously waiting for him to expand on the topic.

He hummed absentmindedly, clearly not picking up on her hint.

“Is Connor nervous?” she asked pointedly, realising that Jude wasn’t going to tell her anything without being specifically prompted.

He considered the question for a moment, before answering.

“A bit, I think. He gets pretty worked up about this kind of stuff, sometimes, and it’s the first game of the season, but he’ll be fine. He’s been practicing like crazy. The whole team has.”

Jude began collecting the plastic face-paint containers and sponges, to put them away. Mariana had lent them to him, so he didn’t want to just leave them lying around.

“Hey, I’ll drive you, if you want. I haven’t been to one of Connor’s games in forever, if you’d like me to sit with you?” she said, ending her suggestion in a tone of voice that made it seem like a question. She’d finally found the moisturiser.

“That’d be cool,” Jude agreed, smiling happily at her. “Taylor’s coming too, but we’d love the extra company.”

Callie appeared to be pretty surprised by the fact that he’d made a sign, as well. “Wow, you really went all out.” But she just shrugged and lead him to her royal blue, beat-up truck, which was parked in the driveway.

It was a sunny day, which was fairly typical of Anchor Beach. Jude loved the fact that his boyfriend’s sport was played in such sunny weather. Since it was the end of spring, and the baseball season was just beginning, most of the lawns on their street had just been freshly mowed, and Jude breathed in the smell of summer. It was a little humid out. To keep the air in the truck from getting stifling, they rolled the windows down, letting the breeze rush through their hair. It was enough to cool them down.

By the time they got to the stadium, Callie was dreading having to sit through over two hours of that heat. She had no idea how Jude did it. Or how the players did it, for that matter.

But her brother seemed pretty excited, so at least he was happy. Must be used to it, she supposed. Plus, he got the benefit of seeing the object of his affections in uniform. That was probably a big motivator.

Jude had been eager to get there early and see Connor before the game. He and Callie parted ways as she went to buy some snacks for the game – if she was going to melt under the glare of the sun, she was at least going to have an ice-cream to keep her company. She gave him her keys so that he could go back to the truck and get his sign after seeing Connor.

“Do you want me to get you anything?” she called after his retreating back as he jogged off towards the dugouts. He simply waved his hand at her in a vague meaningless gesture, too busy rushing off to see his personal eye-candy to worry about getting actual candy.

“Hey, babe,” Connor said when Jude came to a halt in front of him. He’d been leaning against the wall near the locker room, but when he saw Jude heading towards him, he’d wandered over to lean against the paint-cracked bars of the dugout instead. His lips turned up at the corners, the way they did every time he saw Jude, his smile growing wider the closer his boyfriend came.

“Hi,” Jude said, returning the greeting, and leaning on the opposite side of the bars with his forearms.

“Nice…” Connor trailed off at the end of the compliment, waving at Jude’s decorated face.

“War paint?” Jude suggested, grinning.

Connor snorted at the running joke and adjusted his baseball cap, brushing at his fringe. It was a little difficult to keep it spiked up when he kept getting hat hair.

“Will it smudge if I kiss you? Don’t wanna ruin all of your hard work,” Connor inquired mock-seriously.

Jude rolled his eyes playfully, before ducking down to press his lips against Connor’s in a well-practised gesture. The only reason he had to duck down was beacause of the sunken floor of the dugout. Otherwise, they were the same height.

He only closed his eyes at the last second, because he liked to watch the way Connor’s fluttered closed. They only did that when Jude initiated the kiss. Whenever Connor made the first move, he always squeezed his eyes shut, as though the moment was too intense for him to look.

“You wearing sunscreen?” Connor inquired as he pulled away slowly, eyeing his boyfriend’s t-shirt suspiciously.

Jude rolled his eyes for real this time, exasperated by his boyfriend’s over-protectiveness. Sometimes, it was as though he thought Jude was a small, fragile flower that could be trampled on and broken at any moment.

“Yes, Callie made me put some on, because apparently I’m five years old and can’t take care of myself,” Jude huffed, annoyed. “Can’t you smell the suncreen?”

Connor sniffed curiously.

“Oh, yeah,” he replied sheepishly. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to do the over-bearing thing, I know we talked about that,” he apologised, eyebrows drawing together as he pursed his lips in a guilty frown.

“I know you’re a big worry wart, and I know you’re trying. We’ll keep working on it,” Jude sighed, already forgiving him. He’d forgiven worse.

Connor nodded distractedly, gripping the bar and leaning back. He curved his spine, stretching his arms, muscles tensing and… and Jude decided that this was as good a time to go as any. Shaking his head to wake himself out of the daze that he’d fallen into.

“I’d better go, before all the fangirls come to get a look. I wanna get good seats. Good luck,” Jude murmured as he leaned down once more – this time, to lay a kiss on Connor’s cheek.

“You telling me you don’t come for the view too?” Connor teased, winking at Jude and making him trip over nothing as he walked backwards away from him. He laughed when Jude just made a bitch-face in reply.

Jude made his way back to the stands after retrieving his sign, picking out a few seats about halfway up the stands and settling himself down to wait for his sister and his friend.

He was startled when someone sat down heavily next to him. The stands weren’t empty but they aren’t exactly teeming with the masses, either. There was plenty of space for people to sit… anywhere that wasn’t right next to him.

When he darted a look over to see who was on his left, he was about as surprised as a fisherman who’d just caught a bra.

Connor’s dad nodded at him in solemn acknowledgement, before turning his gaze forward in grim determination, as if he’d made the decision to sit next to his son’s boyfriend and he was going to stick to it damn it, but that didn’t mean he had to enjoy it.

Jude swallowed, rubbing his sweaty palms on his jeans, and hoping that Callie would hurry back from the concession stand, or that Taylor would turn up. Neither of those things seemed to be happening any time soon.

After a few minutes of tense silence, Jude began fiddling with one of the corners of his sign, which he’d propped against the back of the seat in front of him. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see Adam glance down at the sign. The smile that flashed across his face was gone so quickly, it was almost as if it had never happened. Almost.

But it had happened, and when Jude looked out across the playing field towards the dugouts he could see Connor staring at his father in shock, before his expression slowly morphed into a hesitant smile. Connor’s dad pointed at Connor’s team-mates, obviously encouraging him to turn back around and focus, but his son took a second to grin happily at Jude and wave, before turning away.

In that moment, Jude felt more comfortable around Adam Stevens than he had in the two years since he and Connor had started dating. He still didn’t exactly like the man, but… well, he disliked him a little less. Anyone who tried to make Connor happy couldn’t be all that bad.

It wouldn’t even matter if Connor’s team won – it was already the best baseball game he’d ever been to.