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Have I mentioned that my favourite thing is Adam Parrish being bisexual af?

Just casually describing people as heart attacks like you do

Dude this is not subtle
you are a mess



i made another one. this time it looks kind of like a legit trailer and features a song that’s Not Relevant to the series. pro tip wear headphones for the best audio experience

heyheyhey guys, i havent been active recently mostly bc my dash is dead so can you like/reblog this if you post any of the following and i’ll check out your blog: 

-Harry Potter

-Teen Wolf

-The Raven Cycle

-Aesthetic posts??? idk what to call them u know what i mean lmao

-Anime (anime in general tbh but i like attack on titan, noragami, free!, boku no hero academia and haikyuu the most) 

-books?? i rlly like ari & dante and i cant think of anything else atm but books in general will do lol 

-literally anything at this point my dash is s o d e a d


Yuuei cycle club 

I don’t get when people complain about fictional things having happy endings. Like, your favorite characters are alive! Your ships stayed together! The slow burn paid off! No one is in danger anymore! Everyone gets to live the happy life they deserve!

If I wanted something realistic and tragic, I’d read a book about the presidential election. Nope, let me live in a happy fictional world with my canonically alive faves, please and thank you.

took my little sister and her friends to see IT for her birthday and acted as the legal guardian, and on the way home there was a whole lotta discussion…

my sister: yeah! the actor who plays pennywise is literally like 6'5"

her friends: actually???

me, completely obnoxious and involuntarily: MY KINDA MAN

(then they all just laughed at me)


(via Flying Scot View | Tommy Chambers looks through the spokes o… | Flickr)

“Flying Scot View: Tommy Chambers looks through the spokes of his beloved Flying Scot. He had 10 of them, all painted black ‘for easy maintenance.’ He started out in the Kinning Park Clarion before moving on to the Douglas Cycling Club. His diaries state he wore out 354 tyres, 33 pedals, 76 chains, five saddles, 126 fixed cogs, three freewheels and 10 bikes during his 800,000 miles lifetime journey! He calculated every 1000 miles cost him £1. His diaries are in the Mitchell Library, Glasgow, and his gold watch and Albert chain in the People’s Palace, Glasgow Green, to which he left a substantial sum of money in his will.”



She loves to go out for a ride, climb to the top of the mountains, and rest there. She likes to stop and see the landscape around her, without being concerned about her average speed. she loves to go fast on the downhills, feeling every part of the road. Her goal is to enjoy, and delight her senses. Her aim is to put every ride in her memories.