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Careful Angel, You Might Fall

Demon!Thomas x Angel!Reader
Note: Okay so here’s part two, there isn’t going to be another part because I’m happy with this ending. I hope you guys enjoy this one, 
Warnings: violence, blood, allusions to sex, pretty graphic scene at the end 
Word Count: 3,347
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Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Epilogue

Over the following two a half weeks Thomas steps up his plan of attack, moving on from killing demons to killing humans and leaving the horns he’d cut off the demons beside the bodies.

As the human bodies pile up, Jonathan becomes more insistent that you and Zeke find the killer before someone else is sent in to take over.

At the scene of each body, you notice little details that Thomas has left for you to see. You notice the graffiti you’re sure he added in every dirty graffiti covered alleyway. The little words here and there that you know are left for you. And the scent of his cologne every time, something that Zeke soon picks up on.

After finding each body, you send Zeke off on pointless errands. To bars and other establishments nearby that the demon may have frequented to find other demons that may have any idea about what happened.

You feel bad for Zeke, chasing up leads you know will lead to nothing because you know Thomas would be picking these demons at random with no connection between them and even if someone saw him, they wouldn’t rat him out.

So as Zeke follows up dead leads that you send him on, you’ve been trying desperately to figure out what Thomas’s plan is.

If you can figure out who Thomas plans to push the blame on for the deaths, who he is going to set up so he can get away clean, then you can work out a way to blame it on them without having to give in to Thomas’s demands.

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The Kindness of a Stranger

Based on this prompt from @timepetalsprompts, submitted by @badwolfxoncomingstorm:
Headcanon: All future Doctors crop up in Rose’s life at some point. Some bow tied bloke helps her with groceries after work. A gruff silver haired gentleman pays for her chips when she forgets her wallet. A pretty blonde woman walks her home after some creepy bloke makes unwanted advances towards her in the street.


The first time Rose Tyler had an encounter with a helpful stranger, it was the summer of 2004, and she was six months out of a toxic relationship with Jimmy Stone.  She was back in her Mum’s flat, which was really many steps up from the squalor in which she and Jimmy had resided.  She had a job at Henrik’s to pay off the debt incurred by her ex, and she was mired in day to day living. Get up, go to work, beans on toast, Eastenders with Mum and Mo.  Perhaps she’d go out with Keisha and Shireen but she really had no taste for clubbing and pub crawls any more.  That was how she had met Jimmy.

She was dating Mickey now, a safe choice, she supposed.  There was a nagging feeling that she was settling but after the hell that had been been Jimmy, maybe settling wasn’t a bad thing.  Mickey was sweet, after all.  She’d known him forever.  The sex situation had been a bit awkward at first, and not all that great.  However,  he was safe.  He’d never hurt her, not like Jimmy.

There was another nagging feeling, one that was becoming harder to ignore.  She knew that she wanted more than the life that she was living, but she was unable to figure a way out.  She hadn’t even gotten her A levels.  Whenever she mentioned she’d like to try for them Mickey shut it down.  “Why the ‘ell would ya go back to school?  You got a job, ain’t ya?  You’re better off than some.”

Rose might have been better off, but as for happy, well, that was debatable.

On this particular July evening she was hauling a bag of groceries and a gallon of milk from the shop down the street from the Estates, after ten hours on her feet at Henrik’s.  Five of those hours had been spent in customer service processing returns.  She’d been the target of disgruntled, entitled customers, and that had worn her down.  She was exhausted, and as she stepped out, distracted, she didn’t see the kid on the bike coming.  

“Watch it, slag!” the teenager snarled, dodging out of the way enough to miss Rose’s body but he clipped the groceries and they spilled onto the ground.  

The sight of the eggs smashed and the strawberries burst out of the plastic container, coupled with the teenager’s nastiness, was enough to break Rose.  The tears that had been threatening since mid-afternoon fell, and she dropped to her knees to pick up the strawberries.  A passerby managed to step on five of them before she could, and the person shot a dark look at Rose.

“Oi there!” a male voice called out from behind her.  She glanced back to see a man hurrying over to her.  She wasn’t sure he was speaking to her until he stopped by her side.  He crouched down, and she found herself looking into a pair of very kind green eyes.  

He was young, maybe just a few years older than Rose, with fringe that flopped down into his eyes and a large chin.  He stared at her as if he couldn’t quite believe he was looking at her.  She rocked back on her heels a bit to put a little distance between them, but the day had one more indignity left for her.  She began to lose her balance and he immediately reached out to grab her hand.  She didn’t fall.

And he didn’t let go right away once she was safe.

“Are you all right?” he asked.  He looked like he might be some sort of professor or something, with his tweed jacket and bow tie.

Rose finally found her voice and said, “Yeah.  M’fine.”  She let go of his hand then and she caught of flash of something (disappointment, maybe) as he pushed his fringe back from his forehead.  

“Can’t believe the nerve of some humans,” the man scoffed.  “They never fail to live up to my expectations.”

She smirked.  “You say that like you’re not one of the humans.”

He gave her a small smile, eyebrow quilted.  His eyes were full of mischief.  “Looks like you lost about half your strawberries.”

“Oh, bollocks.  And like I’ve got the cash to spare to buy more,” Rose groaned.

“Be right back.  Stay there, and don’t you wander off!”  He dashed into the shop before she could protest.  Surely he wasn’t going to….

But there he was not a couple minutes later, with a bag of groceries.  He tucked the small bag in her larger one and handed her a bunch of bananas.

“Can’t have strawberries without bananas.  Hope the rest of your day is better.  It’s time Rose Tyler was treated like the brilliant human she is.”  He said this as he back away.

Rose had two thoughts, nearly simultaneously.  She hadn’t thanked him yet, or offered what little money she had to repay him.

And when did she tell him her name?

Rose looked back behind her.

The man was gone.  It was as if he’d never been there.  She whirled around, bewildered.  

She was distracted by her mobile buzzing.  It was her mother, worried about why Rose was so late.  

A half hour later, a relieved Jackie was helping unpack the groceries and listening to the tale of Rose’s horrible day.  Suddenly, Jackie interrupted, “Why the bleedin’ hell did you buy fish fingers and custard?”


It was autumn and a chill was in the air the second time Rose had a strange encounter.  She was out with Shireen for the first time in ages.  She really had no business doing it, after having made a large payment on her credit card.  But days upon days of overtime coupled with the boredom of watching football on the telly with Mickey had Rose wanting a night out with her friend.

They spent a lot of time window shopping because neither one could really afford more.  “Blimey, m’starvin,” Shireen groused.  “C’mon, let’s get some chips.”

That sounded so wonderful.  Chips would have really hit the spot.  However, mindful of her situation, Rose sighed and suggested,  “Let’s go back to the flat.  We might have some pizza rolls or somethin’.  And it’s free.”

Shireen put her hand on Rose’s forehead.  “Sure you’re not feelin’ poorly? Never thought Rose Tyler would turn down chips!”

Rose batted her hand away, laughing.  “No, I want the chips.  My wallet says no, though.”

“Well, mine says yes.  Mighta got a few extra tips yesterday….the cleavage helped,” Shireen confided, adjusting first her bra strap, then her breasts.  Rose burst out laughing.  “M’serious!  Look, if ya don’t want the chips….”

Rose considered for a few seconds. “All right, but I’m payin’ you back Friday.”

Shireen nodded in agreement and they crossed the street to the sidewalk in front of Rose’s favorite chippie.  It looked like a hole in the wall but it served the best chips in the neighborhood.  

They were the second in line.  A crowd came in after them, but Rose paid them no attention.

She glanced at the menu, knowing exactly what she was going to order.  Shireen stepped up to the counter and placed her order, then Rose placed hers.  The girl behind counter rang them up, and Shireen pulled out her change purse.  She rifled through the small purse, her eyes widening in panic.

“Wha’?” Rose asked.

Shireen swore under her breath. “That wanker.  Jason.  He got in my purse and stole the twenty quid I had in there!  I know he did it!  Dammit!”

“I thought you knew to keep on eye on your wallet aroun’ him!” Rose burst out.

“It ain’t my fault! Besides, you’re a fine one to talk.”

Rose raised her eyebrow and immediately Shireen went on the defensive.  “Ain’t like it’s Jimmy Stone, right?  Weren’t exactly keepin’ an eye on your purse, were ya?”

“What the bloody hell would you bring him up for?” Rose snapped.

The cashier cleared her throat for attention.

“I don’t have enough,” Rose told Shireen.  “Not even enough for me to buy one basket to share.”

Rose caught some movement out of the corner of her eye, and a tall, lanky man stepped up.  He had curly gray hair and hawkish eyebrows.  He was dressed in a hoodie and plaid trousers.  He glared at Shireen and for a second Rose thought the man would berate both of them for holding up the line.  Instead, he handed the cashier a few quid and looked down at Rose briefly.  His eyes softened and the corner of his mouth quirked up in a smile.

“Look, you don’t have to….”  Rose began.

“I’ll never get my chips if I don’t, you lot are holding us up.”  He said it kindly, but still shot Shireen a dark look, as if he was firmly on Rose’s side for this one.

“Are you takin’ the chips or not?” The cashier, who’d had enough, interjected.

“No!” Rose blurted.

“Yes,” the man said, taking her protest in stride.  He handed her the chip baskets.  “You shouldn’t be kept from your chips, even if you have a pickpocket for a boyfriend.”  The man directed that comment toward Shireen, who looked furious.  

“He’s me brother!” Shireen gasped, shocked at his audacity.

“Then choose better relatives,” he said mildly.  The young woman accompanying him smacked his arm.  Rose thought she heard her mutter, “Doctor” but then he motioned for them to move on. Unsure of what had just transpired, Rose accepted the chips and moved out of the line.  

Rose couldn’t help but laugh.  “Cheers.  I appreciate it,” Rose told the man.  “Maybe I’ll see you around and buy you some chips someday.”

His blue eyes were twinkling mischievously and she found that she instinctively trusted him.  She’d likely never see him again, and that was a shame.  

He smirked and answered, “Could happen!”

“C’mon, Rose!”  Shireen demanded, pulling Rose toward the door.  Rose looked back over her shoulder, hoping to catch the man’s eye again, but he’d turned back toward the counter.  He and the woman were joined by a bald man wearing an odd pea coat.

“Lucked out on that one.  Lookit you flirtin’ with Grandad back there,”Shireen muttered.  Rose smacked Shireen’s arm, hard enough to make her hand smart. “What the bloody ‘ell!”

“I wasn’t flirtin’, he was bein’ nice! And the smack’s for bringin’ up Jimmy!”  They bickered all the way up the street to Bucknall House, and the chips were eaten by the time they reached the door.


It was close to Christmas when Rose had her third odd encounter.  It had been unusually snowy, and Rose found that she enjoyed the way all the decorations seemed even more festive.  She was working ungodly hours at Henrik’s, but she’d managed to pay off part of her debt and set aside a little money to buy gifts for her mum and Mickey.   

She’d managed to bribe Mickey to shop with her in exchange for watching football with him at the pub.  It didn’t take long to bore Mickey but he stuck it out in hopes, no doubt, that he’d be rewarded back at his flat after the game.

That wasn’t meant to be.  An hour into the game, Rose felt a miserable headache coming on, and the loud cheering from the rival team’s supporters was getting on her nerves.  

“Mickey.  Mickey, listen…” Apparently something good happened on the screen because Mickey hopped out of his seat,  punching the air.  

When he finally sat down again, he turned to Rose, “Yeah, babe, what?”

“I’m not feelin’ well.  Think I need to go home.”

Mickey’s fellow fans cheered again.  He was obviously torn.  “Can ya wait one more period?”

The pub got loud again and she winced.  “Look, I’ll just walk home, okay?”  She stood up, and Mickey reached out for her arm.  

“Just…hang on a second and…”

The crowd roared.  One of Mickey’s buddies staggered over.  “Where ya goin’, Mick?  It’s gettin’ good!”

“S’okay, Mickey, you stay,” Rose sighed.

Mickey’s friend eyed Rose suspiciously, as if he expected Rose to spirit his friend away just as the football game became exciting.  “No, Rose, you’d be walkin’ alone,” Mickey protested.  He glanced up at the television again.

“I’ll be fine.  It’s just  a couple blocks away.”  She kissed him and began to leave.  Mickey glanced back at the television, then at Rose.  Rose waved goodbye and walked toward the door.  She wasn’t shocked that Mickey didn’t follow.  On her way out she bumped into Tricia Delaney and another girl. Tricia gave her a little smirk and Rose rolled her eyes.  Her phone buzzed in her pocket.  There was a text from Mickey, “Text me when you get home.”

She stepped out into the frigid night air, pulling her knitted cap down over her ears.  She stuffed her hands in her pockets and began to walk towards Bucknall House.  She’d been out later than this alone, so she wasn’t worried.  Perhaps she should have been, but she was more focused on the ache behind her eyes and her disappointment in Mickey.  He would have come with her if she’d insisted, but he’d have groused about missing the game the whole way.  Or complained that Jackie’s telly didn’t get that station.

Keeping her head down, she walked.  The cold air had cleared her head and she was feeling better.  She debated going back, but she really didn’t want any more football.  And she didn’t particularly feel like having Mickey’s company.  She was musing on the reasons why he was grating on her nerves so much when she sensed someone coming right up behind her.  She steeled herself and whirled around to face whoever was there.

To her surprise, it was a blonde woman in an oversized gray pea coat.  The woman stopped short, but then muttered urgently to Rose, “Turn around and keep goin’ the way you were.”  She had a pleasant Yorkshire accent.  “I noticed the bloke back there followin’ you.”  Rose chanced a quick glance behind her and she saw the one person she did not want to encounter.

Jimmy Stone was across the street, about to cross at a stoplight.  If he crossed he’d be right behind her.  He made eye contact with her, and he smirked.

“Shit,” Rose hissed.

“Let’s walk.  Quick, now.  Goin’ home?”

“Yeah, but who are…”

“I’ll walk you.  Safety in numbers, yeah?”

“I suppose so,” Rose said as the woman walked briskly beside her.  

“Don’t look at ‘im, I’m watchin’.”  They walked on for another half block in silence.

“Thanks,” Rose finally said.  “M’glad you noticed.”

“Why’d you come out this late by yourself?” the woman asked.  

“Wasn’t feelin’ well.  so I told my boyfriend I was comin’ home,” Rose explained.

Rose thought she caught the woman muttering something like, “Quite right. The idiot.”

“Excuse me?” Rose asked.

Before they could discuss it any further, the woman grabbed her arm and pulled her into a dark alley.  “He crossed and he’s right behind us.  Shh, now!”

“He’s gonna come right in here!  Kind of an obvious hidin’ place!” Rose protested.

“Wait,” the stranger ordered.  Rose noticed the woman stick her hand into the pocket of her coat and  had to fight the urge to bolt.  The woman obviously had a knife or something hidden…..

There was a tiny buzzing noise and a loud commotion on the street.  

The woman burst out laughing, her brown eyes crinkling at the corners.  She was quite delighted with herself.  “Run!” she commanded, and both of them burst out of their hiding place, running up the street.  Rose glanced back to see that the fabric awning of the business next to the pub had collapsed with the weight of the snow.  Jimmy was fighting his way out from under it, covered in snow and burgundy fabric.

The women didn’t stop running until they reached Bucknall House, both breathless from running and laughter.  The stranger recovered more quickly than Rose.  They were silent for moment as Rose’s breathing evened out.  Catching each other’s eye, both of the women burst out laughing again.  “How did that awning come down on him?  Did you know that was gonna happen?”

The woman’s hand went into her pocket, the same pocket in which she’d been rummaging when they awning collapsed.  Rose glanced at it, taking a small step backwards. She was sure the stranger noticed, since she pulled her hand out of the pocket, empty.    “It was inevitable,” the woman assured her.  I could see it pullin’ away from the wall.  The weight of the snow, coupled with poor maintenance made a perfect trap!”  She smirked.  “Now, you,” she cut herself off abruptly, as if she was about to say something she shouldn’t.  “Shouldn’t you get upstairs?  The bloke might not have the brains to get out right away but he will eventually.  Unfortunately.”

Rose’s mobile buzzed in her pocket.  She pulled it out, and glanced at it. “My boyfriend….thanks for helpin’ me back there.  Will you be okay gettin’ home?”

“My pleasure, and yes, my home is very close by.  I’ll be fine.”

“So, do ya just go around helpin’ people in trouble?  Who are you?”

“Yes,” was the woman’s answer.  Before Rose could question her any further, she nodded toward the phone.  “You’d best answer that.”  The stranger slipped her hands into her pockets and began to walk away.  

“Thanks again, really!” Rose called out as she opened the door.  Rose waved and then began to to type out a text.  The stranger watched as Rose hurried up the four flights of stairs to her floor.   When Rose got to her door she looked over the railing.  The woman was gone.

Rose texted her safe arrival to Mickey, who was going on about some commotion on the sidewalk.  At least he was concerned, she thought.


The next stranger Rose met was on New Year’s Eve.  He appeared drunk, and he’d told she’d have a really great year.  He tried to smile but it didn’t touch his eyes.  She’d looked back at him, smiling, but kept on hurrying up the stairs.

Once she’d entered the flat she immediately felt guilty for having left him down there.  After all, she’d benefited from the help of strangers.  The man who’d helped her when she’d dropped the groceries…the other who’d paid for her chips.  The woman who’d walked her home.  She’d always been lucky enough to encounter just the person she needed, and here she’d missed out the chance to be the person someone else needed.  

She grabbed up her hat and scarf from where she’d thrown them on the sofa and ran out onto the balcony.  Looking down, she could see footprints but the man was gone.  “Hope you made it somewhere safe,” Rose murmured.  “I wish I’d helped you.”  She scanned the area again, hoping she could catch him walking away.  

He was nowhere to be seen. She went inside as the wind kicked up.  She thought she’d heard a metallic screeching sound drifting on the wind, causing her to look around again.  Finally she went inside, closing the door behind her.

The next time Rose Tyler encountered a stranger, she was in the basement of Henrik’s.  She had no idea her life was about to change forever.  But, of course, that’s a story for another day.


Requested by an Anon:Reader is Ope’s O'Lady who gets backs from serving over seas for 3 yrs. All the guys look to see who the Marine is as she looks around taking in the scene in front of her. Seeing no familiar faces reader grabs her bag leave heading towards town when Ope and Jax sees her.

I sat in the back of the cab, my excitement and anticipation building. I watched as familiar buildings passed by.  I was home after a three year deployment, I closed my eyes trying to calm myself down.

It had been eighteen months since I’d seen my old man and my family. That was the last time I was home on leave. I opened my eyes when I felt the cab slow down and turn in to the TM parking lot. 

There were just a few bikes parked in a line, I smiled at the sight. Feeling at home, I saw my old man’s and Jax’s bike parked with the others. I quickly paid the cab driver, getting out. I place my cover on my head, grabbing my duffel I head for the clubhouse.

The thought of Opie’s arms around me, and getting to kiss him, had me moving fast.  Pulling the door open, I swipe my cover off, I drop my duffel on the floor and scan the room. The faces staring at me, were strangers, I felt my heart plummet.

Most of the men in the clubhouse were prospects or members I didn’t know. A young prospect approached me. “Can I help you?”

“I’m looking fro Opie..”

“He’s at the  porn studio. with Lyla.”

I picked up my duffel, put my cover back on and walked out the door. It was only five miles home, I’d walk it, so I could get my emotions in cheek. Then I’d call him and tell him I was home.

There had to be a reason he was at the porn studio with his ex.

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eyeskun-deactivated20170603  asked:

*hugs marion* how the hell do u crawl on the walls without spider legs? Plz help me out j wanna join ur fantastic club :00

Bachelor Party

Author(s): justrae2010
Rating: Mature
Summary:  It’s not every bachelor party that you’re treated to a strip tease from your fiancee.

“Phichit,” he said, drawing Phichit’s reluctant pout to him. “Where’s Yuuri?”

He could be lying in a ditch somewhere, drunk off his face, or in the arms of some other man - obviously not Yuuri’s choice, but if Phichit was like this then Yuuri must be so drunk, and-

Phichit batted Victor’s hands away from his face, shoving on his shoulder. Victor tilted his body, but didn’t take his eyes off Yuuri’s best man for a second. He didn’t have to though, barely remembering how to do anything more than blink as tanned fingers reached for him, chin pinched between Phichit’s thumb and forefinger with surprising accuracy for the haze dancing in those grey eyes.

They angled his face to the stage, Phichit’s warm breath sighing over his ear in a way that sent shivers down Victor’s spine. “You’re looking at him.”

Victor’s eyes widened.

Suddenly, he knew exactly why the moves on stage looked familiar…

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Rules Are Meant To Be Broke: Chapter 2 (Dean Ambrose)

Chapter 1 

“Yas Guuurl!” Paige yelled at you over the music as you walked up to her. The club was crawling with superstars celebrating wins or drowning themselves in alcohol after a loss. She handed Sasha and you a beer each “Drink” she demanded

“How many have you hand already?” Sasha laughed

“Who cares” Paige shrugged before heading back to the bar. You and Sasha looked at each other before shrugging and downing the beers. You found a booth to sit at. Paige came and joined you along with Becky, Natalya and Carmella who was in town from NXT to watch the pay-per-view. Paige sat down with a tray of shots and handed them to everyone.

“You really want us drunk don’t you” you smirked taking a shot

“I am not drinking that” Sasha said “I’m not getting drunk if you two are, we don’t need all 3 of us hung over tomorrow” you smirked, grabbed her shot and took it.

“Right, so are we going home with tonight” Carmella scanned the room “So many wrestlers to choose room”

“She can’t go home with a wrestler” Natayla said pointing at you

“How come?” Becky asked

“The number one rule she has from the parentals ‘no dating wrestlers’” Natalya said

“That’s a bit hypocritical of them isn’t it? I mean hello Hunter was a wrestler” Carmella said

“Look I’m not saying you date someone, just a one-night stand” Paige shrugged, you rolled your eyes “What?”

“A true one-night stand is not knowing the person before you do it and then you leave and never see them again if I have a 'one-night stand’ I’ll see that person every day so let’s just forget about going home with someone”

“Well, then why did you wear a very short and very booby tight dress!” Paige exclaimed

“Get over it” you said grabbing Sasha’s hand and pulling her out onto the dance floor, Becky, Paige, Natalya and Carmella followed. You were beginning to feel tipsier as the night went on. You went to the bar to get another drink with Carmella.

“So, Dean Ambrose hasn’t stopped looking at you since we’ve been here” she smirked looking into the far corner of the club where Dean sat with Roman Reigns. He was talking to Roman but his eyes were defiantly on me and Carmella.

“You’re drunk you don’t know what your talking about” you rolled my eyes

“You’ve had more then me, trust me you’re all he’s looking at”

“Come on let’s go dance” you said changing the subject

The Next Day

“She is alive!” Sasha said as you walked into the diva’s locker room “How are you feeling this fine day?”

“I’m fine” you lied. Your head was killing me

“I’m glad you do” Paige groaned lying on the couch

“How did you get home this morning?” Sasha asked fixing her ring attire

“What?” you turned around to face her

“You left about an hour before us, how did you get home?” Sasha asked

“I…. I don’t know” you picked up a water bottle and you headed out of the locker room. You tried to think back to this early this morning. The last thing you remember is Carmella telling you that Dean had been watching you all night.

“Ariana” a crew member called to you “Your parents want you” you rolled your eyes and headed down to their office. It’s not often that they want you since Seth injured his knee you haven’t had much to do with the authority. Your parents were really trying to push you and Seth as an on-screen couple – although they were quick to remind Seth that that’s all it would be, on screen. You think Seth would be the only wrestler you could convince your parents to let you date just because of the tight grip they have on his balls. But that would never happen, Seth had rubbed you the wrong way when he joined your parents but since he has become one of your best friends, like a brother.

“Yes?” you asked walking in. Your dad was sitting on the couch sporting the injuries from last night “How you feel dad?” you smirked at him, they knew you didn’t agree with the way they were running the show. 

“You don’t have to look so pleased y/n” He growled

“You deserved it and you know it” you pointed out

“We didn’t bring you here to talk about that” Mum said “I need you to come down to the ring with me”

“Whhhhhyyyyyyy” you whined

“Because I said so. Because your father was attacked last night and I need you there to make a point” Mum said “Let’s go” you groaned “Would you stop? Your 23-year-olds stop acting like a child”

You followed her out of the office to the gorilla position, then once her music hit, out to the ring. The crowd was as confused as why you were out there. You are usually only used when your mum and dad want sympathy. As your mum raised the microphone to her lips the crowd’s boos became louder. You stood in the turnbuckle so you had something to lean on.

“I stand before you as one of the principal owners of the WWE and as far as our society has come it is obvious the woman is business, woman in power are seen as cold-hearted, vindictive and ruthless” well those are a few words you would use to describe her when it comes to the WWE. “But that’s not who I am. Take away the money and the education and I am just like you, I am a human being. I am a wife and I am a mother.” There it is. She looked back at you. “Consider what it was like last night when I had to watch my defenceless husband and the father of my children be brutally attacked by Roman Reigns” you rolled your eyes as she pointed back to you. You hated this. You hated when they did this to you because it just reminds everyone that you are their daughter.

“Imagine what it feels like as a parent to look into your daughter’s eyes and explain why Roman Reigns beat up Daddy, why he’s spitting up blood all night in the hospital” you grabbed a mic off a ring hand

“I’d just like to point out that she is talking about the 10-year-old, the 8-year-old and the 5-year-old” you said. She glared back at you before continuing.

“It’s obvious to me that you want me to be cold-hearted, vindictive and ruthless so if that’s what you want that’s what your gonna get. Roman Reigns you not only attacked my husband, the father of my 4 daughters you attacked the COO of this company you attacked your boss, therefore, you leave me no other choose-” she was cut off by Roman coming out. You smiled as Roman came out, you gave him a little wave. Your mum grabbed your arm and pulled you behind her.

“Really” you rolled my eyes. They had a stare down. “Guys can we get this over with I’d like to go grab some food” you whispered

“You see I’m a father too and today’s actually my daughter birthday” you let a little aw out which got you a glare from your mum. “With that being said I don’t feel bad at all for whipping your husband’s ass”

“You have a lot of nerve coming out here, how would it feel for your wife to look into your baby girl’s eyes and tell her about the beating you took, how would that feel. You better have something sharp to say cause I’m ready bring it”

“I’m a little tight on time so if your going to fire me, fire me please” Roman smirked

“Roman you are nothing more then a coward they cheer for you but you lost the WWE world heavyweight championship again and making excuses for it, blaming everyone else but yourself taking it out on my poor defenceless husband who had nothing to do with your loss, you are a failure and you’re a disgrace”

"Okay calm down” you scrunched up your face

“I’m the disgrace, nah nah you are the disgrace, and your husband is a disgrace, your whole family is a disgrace” Roman said. you stood up straighter

“Dude” you exclaimed

“Except you y/n your good, you see what your family is doing and you try to keep away from it as much as possible only to be dragged back in when they need a boost” Roman smirked

“Thank you”

The crowd got louder, cheering for Roman. Your mum brought the mic to her mouth but instead of talking she brought her other hand up and slapped him. She slapped him again and again.

“I’m not going to fire you because my husband told me not to but there is somebody who just might and that’s the chairman of the board VINCENT KENNEDY MCMAHON!”

Yay, your grandpa is coming.

Roman looked down. Your mum went to slap Roman again but you grabbed her hand to stop her. You stood in the middle of your mum and Roman to make sure nothing else happened. Your mum dropped the mic and headed out. You and Roman followed a little bit after her.

“Are you okay?” you asked Roman once backstage “She’s known for her slaps”

“I’m fine. Are you? I know you’ve never like being used by your parents, even in NXT” Roman said. Roman had been your friend back then for a little bit before he, along with Dean and Seth were brought up to the main roster.

“Yeah it’s fine” I looked over his shoulder and saw Dean staring at me “I’ll see you later, I’m not gonna let them fire you don’t worry” you said.

You walked past Dean who just continued to stare.

cerseilanniser  asked:

Hi, I'm loving these ficlets! Could I ask for Jon x Satin or Theonsa if you prefer please? 👌

under the cut for nsfw c:

The first time Sansa heard about sex, she was eight years old and Robb’s best friend Theon Greyjoy had been over at the cabin for the weekend.

“Do you know how babies are made, Sansa?” he’d asked her cockily, sitting down next to her where she was braiding her favourite doll’s hair.

Sansa had looked at him like he was stupid. “Of course I know. Mum and dad give each other a special kiss.”

Theon’s eyes had glinted, and he’d shaken his head. Robb had looked sheepish next to him, but had stayed there with them anyway. So Theon had lowered his voice and beckoned Sansa closer like he was going to share a secret.

Excited that she was being let in on the big boys’ club, Sansa had crawled closer to the twelve year olds, eyes bright with curiosity. The three heads were close together near the fireplace, creating a little cave of enlightenment between them.

“The man takes his penis,” he whispered excitedly to her, holding up his forefinger in between them. “And puts it in the woman’s vagina.” He made a circle with the fingers on his other hand and moved his forefinger through it.

Sansa had been shocked into silence while Theon and Robb laughed amongst themselves at her face, and she’d angrily stomped off after declaring that they both sucked and that they were wrong.

Of course, when she’d approached her mother about it a few days later, the rumours turned out to be true, and she was mortified by the whole thing.

Every time that Theon came over to the Stark household from that day on, he’d hold up his forefinger to her and wiggle it a little, and Sansa would run screaming from the room.

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The Party- Anatole Kuragin x Reader x Fedya Dolokhov

A/N: Hope you enjoyed great comet day, see you tomorrow for Hamilton/ Dear Evan Hansen day!

Warnings: Swears, being rude, shaming for being in a poly relationship, cute guys being gay for each other,

The relationship was unconventional at best. Most women would kill for a chance with either Anatole or Dolokhov, but here was Y/N in a steady relationship with both. They both liked to flirt with other women and men and liked to have many side relationships, but they were so in love with their girlfriend that they only focused on her. All of their struggles were worth it- in the end, falling asleep between her two boyfriends, both of them protectively holding her and keeping her safe, sitting between them in the carriage and laughing as they drank, the snow falling around them, and watching as they danced together at the club, occasionally sharing a passionate kiss before inviting Y/N to join them.

It was fun and exciting and so filled with affection that she never wondered whether she was loved. Her boys would do anything for her, and she would do anything for them.

“Y/N, we’re coming to the club, come with us!” Dolokhov insisted, giving her such a fond smile she couldn’t say no. Y/N smoothed down her dress and followed Fedya out. Anatole quickened his stride so that he fell in step with his girlfriend, taking her hand and leading her to the sleigh.

“If we get married, you better stop drinking!”

Dolokhov and Anatole looked at each other. “Stop drinking?” Dolokhov asked in confusion. “What does that mean?”

Anatole frowned. “Wait, which one of us get to marry you?”

Y/N paused before smiling. “You’re gonna have to fight to the death.”

“Not again,” Fedya groaned. As they settled in the carriage, Y/N between the two men, Dolokhov took her hand and Anatole put his arm around her shoulders, both of them making sure she was safe as they drove to the club. Kuragin pressed a kiss on her cheek, leaving a trail of sweet kisses down to her jaw. She giggled and lightly pushed him off.

“At least wait until we’re home!”

Dolokhov smirked. “If he can’t, then I will!”

Y/N had to fend off her two boys until they got to the club. She crawled over Anatole and out the door, smoothing her gown and smiling playfully before running into the building. Kuragin quickly got out and ran after her, Dolokhov close behind. When they entered, however, all eyes turned to her. Her face flushed with embarrassment, playing with her dress. Anatole came up behind her, wrapping an arm protectively around her waist and glaring at anyone who bothered to give them odd looks. Fedya showed up, putting his arm around Anatole’s shoulders and kissing his cheek.

“Come on, don’t let them get to you, let’s get drunk!”

Anatole and Dolokhov went off to get a few drinks and she was left alone. Y/N walked over to Helene, a friend she trusted to never judge their odd relationship.

“Enjoying the party?” Helene asked, handing her friend a drink.

Y/N shrugged. “Better when those two idiots don’t leave me alone.”

Helene smiled. “I’ll go get them, hold tight.”

Y/N sipped her drink as she waited. She tensed as a shadow approached, some man she didn’t know.

“You’re dating two men?” he spat at her. “Greedy bitch.”

Y/N looked up. “What?”

“You heard me.” he was inches from her, each world causing his spit to land on her. She could only watch in fear. “You’re a greedy little slut. Not beautiful, either, I don’t know why two men would be interested in you, let alone one.”

She felt tears run down her cheeks as she backed up against a wall. He continued to corner her, arms on either side of her head. “Please- please leave me alone.”

“Stop being a dirty little-”


Anatole came running in, shoving the man away from her. Dolokhov grabbed the man by the collar and brought him inches from Fedya’s face while Anatole rushed to Y/N and brought her into his arms.

“It’s okay now, love.” she let out a sob. “No, don’t cry, everything is fine.” When Y/N looked up again the man was gone and Dolokhov was approaching. Fedya quickly kissed the top of her head and lifted her in his arms. She clung to his chest, still crying, her face red with shame. Bridal-style he carried her back to the sleigh, Anatole leading the way. In the back of the carriage he set her down on Anatole’s lap, the two men comforting her with anger in their eyes.

Nobody made her cry and got away with it.

perfectlydecadenthurricane  asked:

In one of your last posts about CC you said: "D met B in 2012 in London, showcased by an infamous series of tweets tracking an all night club crawl, lost weekend thing and literal actual orgy these two had with three women" This really happened or it's just a rumor?

The tweets from one of the women were out there at the time, and the intent was to present that first meeting as wild and epic, I think.  As we know, tweets and even photos can be staged. 

 One of the women was supposedly a London DJ, while two of the women were self-described as models and actress wanna be and artist types and close pals who were hanging out in a bar when they were picked up for a wild weekend of debauchery by the other three.  One, a slinky redhead, posted a series of tweets, with everyone’s twitters attached, including some hashtags that were pretty descriptive, including, IF I remember correctly, and I am old, honey, the actual word “orgy” and compared them to playboy mansion nights, saying ‘Lets do it again soon,” or something similar.

 Seems like there was some notion within fandom that the redhead was relentless, talkative, stalkery, and would be trouble.  Sounds a lot like someone he later got saddled with, but best I recall she was well-known to others in London as a local regular on the party scenes who wanted to make it big in show business, and would do whatever it took to make it happen, including trying to make her way to America.  I honestly can’t recall if we got photos or not, but this girl never seemed like a welcomed or sanctioned presence, only a dangerous and uncontrolled one.  It seemed like there was some talk for awhile that D had a dangerous obsession with her for a hot minute, and intervention was required.  It did set him up as a wild and reckless bad boy at the time they were tearing down gay rumors.  So there’s that. 

 D does, and has, made some strange trips (a Saudi Prince’s birthday with Whitney, Usher, and Mariah?) to old London town.  And Washington, D.C.  Japan.  Germany.  Exotic isles with wealthy publishers (Daman) and a soccer team, supposedly for a photo shoot and anniversary celebration.  Wonder what happed to those photos?  D on a beach with other gorgeous men in swimsuits?  Who wouldn’t publish that?  Somebody didn’t, after spending all that money.

 Sorry, I am rambling, which is what pretty pony D causes us all to do.  And he knows it.  But we did get Ben, for those who paid attention and remembered, and pretty much he kept popping up here and there very randomly after that.  D started mentioning him here and there as someone whose music and work he followed, making him more known to us, although he seemed to be well-known in Europe and in the industry.  

Funny, but there was a brunette, too, as the best friend of the redhead.  Maybe this group at iHeart, minus M at the moment, and minus the DJ, is the actual group we had then, shaded to look like something else. Maybe not.

 And since I wasn’t there myself, in the room with the sweaty bodies, I can’t swear that it happened, only that all the tempest in a British teapot happened at least online, and fandom was “aware and alert.” So, REAL real or PR real, it was one of the first with D and his new image, Ben and swinging London added in, we (fandom at the time) were all just learning about PR and the new team, and our focus was D himself. 

 Fandom at that time stretched to folks that were in Great Britain and Europe, too, Paris and nearly anywhere he could go, so it was peak time for D in several global hot spots, and there were eyes everywhere, real and, as we were to learn, paid for, as we witnessed and were part of the actual evolution of social media public relations teams take off,  with interest in Glee actors and their fans around the world.  We just didn’t always know what we were seeing, or who, at first, to trust.  

But we all shared, and learned pretty fast.  Some we thought were friends were PR, some became PR as they were “bought” into a new line of work.  Which usually lasted only as long as they were eventually exposed, then they were dumped.  

They won’t talk, and I don’t blame them, they don’t need to, but the only ones I trust totally are the members of the C and D online site, all good people, as far as I can see.  They were there before me, so I am sure they saw this, have better records, recall more details.  Not saying others aren’t, they are out there, just saying we have all learned better.  And I prefer being the outside agitator.

 I have always kept my distance a little, and am older than the universe (no, I am not M and D’s ‘relationship’), and just say what I need to say, for my own reasons. I sometimes feel the need to “change the story” that we are being fed, since I see what they are trying to do and herd us in a particular direction that normally feels unhealthy. 

 I like chaos theory much better, the truth shakes out usually at random, and out of desperation or necessity. I usually have an agenda, and don’t normally answer asks, so this is rare for me.  I hate bearding as a “profession,” lying as public relations, celebrity news as destroying the respectable institution of journalism (my field, and the decline is tragic and dangerous, imo), celebs leading fake lives to sell themselves to the sheep, as we have been trained to blindly attach ourselves to the stories that we are fed from celebrities in lieu of the truth we should be demanding from our leaders, and the venomous culture of Hollyweird that uses and abuses young artists to create and sell us an image of what the world is, when it clearly is not. 

 And I despise the predators, especially those that eat their own young, like Ryan, Brad, and the Fox crew, then try to whitewash themselves as good guys trying to save those poor young souls they preyed upon, lied to, used, manipulated, and abused, in order to protect the money and investments at all costs, not the actors. I don’t care if D is gay, or bi, or poly, or sleeps around, or sexes to advance his career, or never comes out. He won’t be any different, sadly, than hundreds of others, or perhaps thousands, in that respect.  The whole industry is a nightmare, and they should begin policing themselves and clean up their shit, before the public sees past the curtain of Oz and abandons them for something real.  Or the next sheep movement.  It could happen, don’t think it couldn’t.  I DO want him to find some healthier way of being in this toxic universe, and that includes his team.

 Back to Ben and the wild weekend.  D visited London pretty often after that.  Until he “bought a house!”. And then we got a few random photos of B and D hanging out in NYC while being filmed singing little songs together on the street, and Ben began popping up more in LA.  I suspect that after this album launch, and all the joint exposure they would receive, D will move on to another mentor, and another producer or director or showrunner for that next big artistic venture.  The house made it more convenient for Ben to work with D, and artists often form close relationships, even intimate ones,  with those they work closely with on personal projects or other artistic ventures.  Creatives (although they are certainly not all the same) famously break down walls that the average person would not, in the name of their art.  Or just for money.  Or they just like sex with pretty people.

I don’t like Ben. Many do.  I don’t mind if people don’t agree, this is a discussion, not walking in lock-step. He does have talent.   I call him used car Ben in my head.  He sells luxury, but he is a hitchhiker looking for that long-term limo.  And if he hangs with M, then that blows his whole classy persona, so there’s that.  And it does sort of indicate that D is running with a fast crowd, music wise.  For reference, go back to Rihanna and Kanye and who Ben has worked with, who would set him up with D as a live in producer, and there’s your answer.  Granted, D may not be there much, or very little.  But there is more to it than just M’s sweetie.

But if we get a great album from D, with real critiques and positive public reception thanks to Ben’s work, and it sets D on a new course, upward and onward to A list work, having paid his dues to rise up,  then he would have been at least more useful than the rest of that lot.  Just recall what happened to Kanye after that album, so be careful what you wish for.  We just have to hope that D is WAY more grounded in real life than his fake life seems to be.  But, fake or not, you have to play that shit out.  That means more front page tabloid fodder like all the rest of the crazies, unless you get established for talent, class, and smarts instead of just looks, sex appeal, and charisma.

micaela-turtle-02  asked:

Can you do a headcanon about MC leaving the brothers and breaks up with them runs away to love someone else Turns out that someone else is a new uprising legendary rockstar Don't know why this was descriptive but you get the point lmao Love your blog 💖 like it's everything and it's funny to 😆



  • very confused at first, bc how did he let someone like you get away
  • but then it’s been a few months and he just sees you on the headlines of the paper with some popstar dude that he’s very vaguely heard of
  • and that his father has maybe once or twice tried to do some business with
  • and he’s just livid
  • he’s already comparing all the things about your guys’ relationship to what yours and your new boyfriend’s relationship might be like
  • constantly reminds himself that he’s better than whatever that man could do for you
  • would go out of his way to come see you, and maybe in the process
  • the scandal would be something that would stop him from being the heir to the Kira name lol


  • he wanted to keep you for himself but if you weren’t content with him, he’d want you to be with someone that would’ve made you happy
  • every time your new rockstar boyfriend comes on the news or when he’s decided to stay at the hotel even when he’s touring, he just looks the other way and right through everything
  • and when he inevitably runs into you, he just stares straight through you and it’s just business once again
  • besides you’re just confirming that everything he thought about before about how you didn’t need to love him was coming through and then his emotions would begin to eat him from the inside out


  • this boy is so broken
  • he’s so lonely and just nowhere to be found, so he’s traveling too and taking jobs everywhere else that don’t remind him of you
  • plot twist: everything reminds him of you
  • another one: the rockstar you’re dating you met through shizuka and one of the parties his coworker’s might’ve thrown
  • he just feels very betrayed and just…
  • how could my friend do this? and how could she do this to me?
  • just receeds back into the lifestyle of secrecy like he was, vowing to never open up to anyone again


  • this fucking boy just runs away.
  • nope, nothing would be the same.
  • no more sleep, parties every night, working every day, running on two hours of sleep
  • back to that same unhealthy lifestyle of jumping from toy to toy and club crawling and hopping because everything is better than feeling that pain of not having you
  • angry as fuck, but not at you, at himself
  • he does a lot of self analysation,
  • Did she leave because of me? Was it too much? Was I too much for her? Did I not love her enough?
  • He changes a lot because he just feels like everything is his fault
  • and probably at a party with a lot of famous names, you to manage to run into each other again
  • and he’s trying to win you back all over again.


  • angry piano playing
  • you know how the maestro told him that he needed to play with more emotion? here’s all the emotion
  • coming out in waves of anger and pain and hurt and betrayal because you’re the first woman that he’s ever loved, and you left him for that trashy rockstar?
  • maybe tries to indulge on the different sorts of musics, because he thinks that’s what attracted you to this new man and caused you to leave
  • Rachmaninoff, poor girl she’s just so worried about her master and constantly whimpering, and although she’s being woken up by music, it’s not particularly plesant on the ears
  • more stoic faced walking around, pours everything back into his piano playing again and uses the emotions that you fueled to back his performances now


  • while he’s stoic and straightfaced and seemingly unfazed, he’s just livid
  • absolutely fucking livid
  • this man had taken his precious girlfriend from him
  • Was I not enough? Should I have kept her locked up more? But if I let her out, then she would’ve been taken from me anyway.
  • Internal struggle to find out whether it was his fault, your fault, or this new man’s fault
  • but he’s going to this star’s next damn performance because he knew you would be there to support him, he knew you so fucking well
  • and after the performance when you go to see your new man backstage, you just see rei holding him up by his collar (or tanktop or w/e this boy is wearing lol)
  • and there’s that scary serene smile that you knew was holding so many secrets behind it
  • “How dare you touch what belongs to me? And you,”
  • and he doesn’t turn to you or make any motions towards you or anything,
  • “How dare you forget who you belong to? Say it. Tell me who you belong to.”
Friends with Benefits (ft. Bobby)

Part 2 of 3 [one] [two] [three]

Genre; Drama (???) 15+

Summary; Continuation to this

After complicating with yourself for hours, you finally decided to go with your heart. You had to talk to Bobby- privately. After what you saw last night, you needed to know where your relationship stood. But before you called him- he called you.
“Hello?” You answered, not moving from the couch.
“Hey, um, this is Bobby.”
“Yeah, I know.” Your voice came out quietly, you didn’t know what to say.
“I’m sorry about last night. I was a total jerk, let me make it up to you. Can we meet up somewhere?”
“Yeah- you have a lot of making up to do.”
“I do, so come over. I’ll have my surprise ready by the times you get here.”
“Okay, I’ll be ready in twenty.”

    It was awfully hard to be mad at Bobby, he could sweet talk like no one else and his words always sounded so sincere. You didn’t have much of a reason to be mad at him in the first place anyways. It’s not like you dating or anything. He could fuck whoever he wanted. You didn’t like that thought though- he could fuck whoever he wanted. You wanted him to be yours- then no others could touch him in sexual ways. But telling him that would be risky, you could lose him as a friend and it wasn’t worth it to tell him. If he had any feelings for you at all he’d have to confess first.

The moment you entered his apartment you realized how much it had changed. The clothes that once were in the closet were now on the floor. The table that was once clear had papers spread out over it covering every inch. Bobby must really have been having a hard time.
“You look great. I’m glad you came.”
“Honestly, at first, I wasn’t sure I wanted to.”
“Well, I’m happy you decided to.” He stood above you nervously, not knowing what to say. “Um, would you like water or tea?”
“I’m okay right now.”
Bobby sat down beside you and cleared his throat.
“Look, Bobby, I’d like it if we just skip the introductions and talk about us. We were friends with benefits, yeah? We used to spend almost every day together. What happened to our agreements? We haven’t talked in like a month, then I go to a club and see girls crawling all over you.”
“I”m really sorry. I needed a way to release stress, and you were busy with school- I figured it’d be best not to bother you.” He spoke softly, “I didn’t know you’d be there.”
“Actually,” you paused deciding whether to tell him or not, “I was looking for you. I texted Jinhwan to see where you were.”
“Really? I should have just gone to you.” It was you I wanted anyway.

A/N; I lost inspiration towards the end so I decided to end it here- I wanted to get this posted since people have been asking. If I gain inspiration for it I’ll create another chapter but right now I’m just going to let it have an open ending.