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Requested by an Anon:Reader is Ope’s O'Lady who gets backs from serving over seas for 3 yrs. All the guys look to see who the Marine is as she looks around taking in the scene in front of her. Seeing no familiar faces reader grabs her bag leave heading towards town when Ope and Jax sees her.

I sat in the back of the cab, my excitement and anticipation building. I watched as familiar buildings passed by.  I was home after a three year deployment, I closed my eyes trying to calm myself down.

It had been eighteen months since I’d seen my old man and my family. That was the last time I was home on leave. I opened my eyes when I felt the cab slow down and turn in to the TM parking lot. 

There were just a few bikes parked in a line, I smiled at the sight. Feeling at home, I saw my old man’s and Jax’s bike parked with the others. I quickly paid the cab driver, getting out. I place my cover on my head, grabbing my duffel I head for the clubhouse.

The thought of Opie’s arms around me, and getting to kiss him, had me moving fast.  Pulling the door open, I swipe my cover off, I drop my duffel on the floor and scan the room. The faces staring at me, were strangers, I felt my heart plummet.

Most of the men in the clubhouse were prospects or members I didn’t know. A young prospect approached me. “Can I help you?”

“I’m looking fro Opie..”

“He’s at the  porn studio. with Lyla.”

I picked up my duffel, put my cover back on and walked out the door. It was only five miles home, I’d walk it, so I could get my emotions in cheek. Then I’d call him and tell him I was home.

There had to be a reason he was at the porn studio with his ex.

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*hugs marion* how the hell do u crawl on the walls without spider legs? Plz help me out j wanna join ur fantastic club :00

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Melbourne guy here and checking into my first hostel tomorrow in Barcelona (Generator Hostel) and I'm quite shy, any recommendations for me?

I’ve stayed at that hostel before. Just get involved with the social events that they organise and you’ll be set. I’ve stayed in over 50 hostels throughout Europe and I easily made friends in every single one. There are so many solo travelers looking to meet people as well.

If you want to go to a gay bar/club on your own, the Arena club-crawl style venues are really fun. The locals and the the tourists there I found are all there for a fun time and generally social so it won’t be hard to meet people if you go alone :)

Friends with Benefits (ft. Bobby)

Part 2 of 3 [one] [two] [three]

Genre; Drama (???) 15+

Summary; Continuation to this

After complicating with yourself for hours, you finally decided to go with your heart. You had to talk to Bobby- privately. After what you saw last night, you needed to know where your relationship stood. But before you called him- he called you.
“Hello?” You answered, not moving from the couch.
“Hey, um, this is Bobby.”
“Yeah, I know.” Your voice came out quietly, you didn’t know what to say.
“I’m sorry about last night. I was a total jerk, let me make it up to you. Can we meet up somewhere?”
“Yeah- you have a lot of making up to do.”
“I do, so come over. I’ll have my surprise ready by the times you get here.”
“Okay, I’ll be ready in twenty.”

    It was awfully hard to be mad at Bobby, he could sweet talk like no one else and his words always sounded so sincere. You didn’t have much of a reason to be mad at him in the first place anyways. It’s not like you dating or anything. He could fuck whoever he wanted. You didn’t like that thought though- he could fuck whoever he wanted. You wanted him to be yours- then no others could touch him in sexual ways. But telling him that would be risky, you could lose him as a friend and it wasn’t worth it to tell him. If he had any feelings for you at all he’d have to confess first.

The moment you entered his apartment you realized how much it had changed. The clothes that once were in the closet were now on the floor. The table that was once clear had papers spread out over it covering every inch. Bobby must really have been having a hard time.
“You look great. I’m glad you came.”
“Honestly, at first, I wasn’t sure I wanted to.”
“Well, I’m happy you decided to.” He stood above you nervously, not knowing what to say. “Um, would you like water or tea?”
“I’m okay right now.”
Bobby sat down beside you and cleared his throat.
“Look, Bobby, I’d like it if we just skip the introductions and talk about us. We were friends with benefits, yeah? We used to spend almost every day together. What happened to our agreements? We haven’t talked in like a month, then I go to a club and see girls crawling all over you.”
“I”m really sorry. I needed a way to release stress, and you were busy with school- I figured it’d be best not to bother you.” He spoke softly, “I didn’t know you’d be there.”
“Actually,” you paused deciding whether to tell him or not, “I was looking for you. I texted Jinhwan to see where you were.”
“Really? I should have just gone to you.” It was you I wanted anyway.

A/N; I lost inspiration towards the end so I decided to end it here- I wanted to get this posted since people have been asking. If I gain inspiration for it I’ll create another chapter but right now I’m just going to let it have an open ending. 

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How often do you think they masturbate? What do they use as motivation?

Honestly there are only two guys I can think of that masturbate. You gotta remember the club is crawling with girls that will help the guys out with all of their….needs.

So if any of the guys are masturbating it’s just because they want to and not out of necessity.

I can see Tig because he’s just a weirdo and likes to masturbate.
I can also see Juice because he probably stole the girl he hooked up with last night’s panties and is reliving their time together.

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i really love your jikook analysis'! All of them are so interesting to read. I'm wondering do you know of any other people doing similarly with other otps in the fandom? or just analysis on each member? I'm kinda new to bts and I've become obsessed really quickly lol. Jimin is my bias and I noticed right off bat alot of things about regarding him asserting his dominance. I couldn't put into words correctly, but you have. He's so interesting to me lol. (1/3)

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Did you know many of the words in the English language come from The Old Norse language?

Did you know that “cake”, “egg”, “fellow”, “gun”, “happy”, “husband” and many other words used in the English vocabulary is of Old Norse origin? The reason is the Viking colonization of eastern and northern England between 850 and 1100 AD. The Vikings quickly assimilated and brought with them an important gift: The rich and powerful Old Norse language.

Old Norse diverged into West Norse (Norway, Faroe Islands, Iceland, and Greenland) and East Norse (Denmark and Sweden). With some minor regional variations in loan words, both West Norse and East Norse are essentially the same. The Vikings who raided and later settled in Great Britain came mainly from Norway and Denmark.

Below you will find an alphabetical list of many common English words of Old Norse origin.


aloft – á (“=in, on, to”) + lopt (“=air, atmosphere, sky, heaven, upper floor, loft”)

anger – angr (“=trouble, affliction”); root ang (=”strait, straitened, troubled”); related to anga, plural öngur (=”straits, anguish”)

awe – agi (“=terror”)

are – merger of Old English (earun, earon) and Old Norse (er) cognates

awkward – the first element is from Old Norse öfugr (“=turned-backward”), the ‘-ward’ part is from Old English weard

axle – öxl (“=ox tree”)





ball – bǫllr” (=”round object”)

band – band (=”rope”)

bark – bǫrkr

berserk – berserkr, lit. ‘bear-shirt’, (alt. berr-serkr, ‘bare-shirt’) frenzied warriors

birth – byrðr

bleak – bleikr (=”pale”)

blunder – blundra (=”shut one’s eye”)

both – baðir

bug – búkr (=”insect within tree trunks”)

bulk – bulki

bull – boli

bylaw – bylög (‘by’=village; ‘lög’=law; ‘village-law’)


cake – kaka (=”cake”)

call – kalla (=”cry loudly”)

cast – kasta (=”to throw”)

choose – kjósa (=”to choose”)

clip – klippa (=”to cut”)

club – klubba (=”cudgel”)

crawl – krafla (=”to claw”)

crook – krokr (=”hook-shaped instrument or weapon”)

cur – kurra (=”to growl”)


die – deyja (=”pass away”)

dirt – drit (=”feces”)

dregs – dregg (=”sediment”)


egg – egg (=”egg”)


fellow – felagi

fjord – fjǫrðr (= ”walk”, ”pass”, ”bring over to the other side”)

flat – flatr

flit – flytja (=”cause to fit”)

fog – from Old Norse fok through Danish fog, meaning “spray”, “shower”, “snowdrift”

freckle – freknur (=”freckles”)


gad – gaddr (=”rod, long stick”)

gap – gap (=”chasm”)

get – geta, gat (> got), gittan (> gotten)

geyser – from Icelandic geysir, from Old Norse geysa (=”to gush”)

gift – gift (=”dowry”)

girth – gjörð (=”circumference, cinch”)

give – gefa (=”to give”)

glitter – glitra (=”to glitter”)

gosling – gæslingr” (=”goose”)

guest – gestr (=”guest”)

gun – from Old Norse Gunnhildr (female name, both elements of the name, gunn and hildr, have the meaning “war, battle”)

gust – gustr


hail – heill (=”health, prosperity, good luck”)

happy – happ (=”chance, good luck, fate”)

heathen – heiðinn (=”not Christian or Jewish/ the word for an exclusively Christian idea, a person or society prior to Christianity.”)

Hell – may be in part from Old Norse Hel, the daughter of Loki and ruler of the underworld in Norse mythology.

hit – hitta (=”to find”)

how – haugr (=”barrow, small hill”) Usage preserved mainly in place names

husband – husbondi (=”master of the house”)


ill – illr (=”bad”)


keel – kjölr

kid – kið (=”young goat”)

kindle – kynda

knife – knifr

knot – knutr


lad – ladd (=”young man”)

law – lagu

leather – leðr

leg – leggr

likely – líkligr

link – hlenkr

litmus – litmose (=”lichen for dying”, lita =”to stain”)

loan – lán (=”to lend”)

loft – lopt (=”an upper room or floor : attic, air, sky”)

loose – lauss (=”loose/free”)

low – lagr


mire – myrr (=’bog’)

mistake – mistaka (=”miscarry”)

muck – myki (=”cow dung”)

mug – mugge

muggy – mugga (=”drizzle, mist”)


Norman, Normandy – from Old Norse through Old French, meaning “northman”, due to Viking settlement in Normandy region.


oaf – alfr (=”elf”)

odd – oddi (=”third number”, “the casting vote”)

Odin – Óðinn

Ombudsman – from Old Norse umboðsmaðr through Swedish ombudsman, meaning “commissary”, “representative”, “steward”

outlaw – utlagi

plough, plow – plogr


Ragnarok – “Doom of the gods” or “Destiny of the gods”, from Norse mythology. Composed of words ragna, genitive of “the great powers”(regin), and rǫk (later rök) “destiny, doom, fate, end”.

race – rás (=”to race”, “to run”, “to rush”, “to move swift”)

raft – raptr (=”log”)

raise – reisa

ransack – rannsaka (=”to search the house”)

reindeer – hreindyri

rid – rythja (=”to clear land”)

rive – rífa (=”to scratch, plow, tear”)

root – rót

rotten – rotinn (=”decayed”)

rugged – rogg (=”shaggy tuft”)

run – renna (=”to run”)


Saga – saga (=”story, tale”)

sale – sala

same – same, samr (=”same”)

scale – (for weighing) from skal (=”bowl, drinking cup”, or in plural “weighing scale” referring to the cup or pan part of a balance) in early English used to mean “cup”

scant – skamt & skammr (=”short, lacking”)

scare – skirra (=”to frighten)

scarf – skarfr (=”fastening joint”)

scathe – skaða (=”to hurt, injure”)

score – skor (=”notch”; “twenty”)

scrape – skrapa (=”to scrape, erase”)

scrap – skrap (=”scraps, trifles”) from skrapa

seat – sæti (=”seat, position”)

seem – sœma (=”to conform”)

shake – skaka (=”to shake”)

skate – skata (=”fish”)

skid – probably from or related to Old Norse skið (=”stick of wood”) and related to “ski” (=”stick of wood”, or in this sense “snowshoe”)

skill – skil (=”distinction”)

skin – skinn (=”animal hide”)

skip – skopa (=”to skip, run)

skirt – skyrta (=”shirt”)

skull – skulle (=”head”)

sky – ský (=”cloud”)

slant – sletta, slenta (=”to throw carelessly”)

slaughter – slahtr (=”butchering”)

slaver – slafra (=”slaver”)

sledge – sleggja (=”sledgehammer”)

sleight – slœgð

sleuth – sloð (=”trail”)

sly – sloegr (=”cunning, crafty, sly”)

snare – snara (=”noose, snare”)

snub – snubba (=”to curse”)

sprint – spretta (=”to jump up”)

stagger – stakra (=”to push”)

stain – steina (=”to paint”)

stammer – stemma (=”to hinder, damn up”)

steak – steik, steikja (=”to fry”)

sway – sveigja (=”to bend, swing, give way”)


take – taka

tarn – tjörn, tjarn

their – þierra

they – þeir

thorp – þorp

though – from Old English þēah, and in part from Old Norse þó (=”though”)

thrall – þræll

Thursday – Þorsdagr (=”Thor’s day”)

thrift – þrift (=”prosperity”)

thrust – þrysta (=”to thrust, force”)

thwart – þvert (=”across”)

tidings – tíðindi (=”news of events”)

tight – þéttr (=”watertight, close in texture, solid”)

till -til (=”to, until”)

troll – troll (=”giant, fiend, demon”; further etymology is disputed)

trust – traust (=”help, confidence”)


ugly – uggligr (=”dreadful”)

until – from Old Norse und (=”as far as, up to”) and til (=”until, up to”).


Vanadium – from Old Norse Vanadis, another name for Freja

Viking – viking, “one who came from the fjords


wand – vondr (=”rod”)

want – vanta (=”to lack”)

weak – veikr (=”weak, pliant”)

whirl – hvirfla (=”to go around”)

whisk – viska (=”to plait”)

wight – vigr (=”able in battle”) – the other wight meaning “man” is from Old English

wile – vél (=”trick, craft, fraud”)

window – vindauga (=”wind-eye”) – although gluggi was more commonly used in Old Norse

wing – vængr (=”a wing”)

wrong – rangr (=”crooked, wry, wrong”)

By Chance (Calum Hood Imagine) *REQUESTED*


Imagine Masterlist

“Congratulations! You’ve won meet and great passes to 5 Seconds of Summer!” The voice on the radio boomed and a girl’s screams could be heard in the background. I sighed and turned down the radio after trying for the billionth time to get the tickets. There was only one day left in the contest and only one set of passes left…and I was going to get them.

I pulled into my driveway and walked into an empty house. I threw my bag on the ground and jumped onto my bed with my face in the pillows. I moaned in frustration when I heard the front door slam shut. My parents weren’t going to be home for hours so I stood up and grabbed the bat my dad keeps by his door fearing someone was trying to break in. I creped down the stairs and held the bat to my shoulder, ready to swing. I turned the corner into the kitchen and saw my best friend, Jamie’s, butt sticking out of the fridge. I chuckled to myself and lowered the bat.

“What the hell Jamie? I thought you were a fucking burglar.” I laughed and she looked at me with half a piece of pizza in her mouth. She mumbled something I couldn’t understand and I looked at her in confusion. “Huh?” I laughed.

“I said are you coming to Tric tonight?” she mumbled still chewing food. I looked at her like she was insane. Tric was this cool club downtown and it definitely wasn’t my scene.

“Um, no?” I shook my head and sat down at the table.

“You can’t mope about those damn tickets forever.” She sighed and I sat down at the table and threw a pretend tantrum.

“I don’t do clubs. You know that.” I moaned into my hands. She moved over to the table, still shoving pizza in her mouth, and sat down across from me.

“You are coming out tonight, and I am going to make sure you have fun so come on, we have to get ready!” she grabbed my hand and ran up to my room. I groaned as she started going through my wardrobe and throwing dress after dress at me until she came across one that I wasn’t entirely opposed to. “Perfect!” she yelled and threw a pair of matching heels at me before tearing through the clothes again to find something for herself.

*Later that night*

We walked into the club and it was crawling with people. It was dark and the strobe lights were going crazy to the beat of the music. I went over to the bar and showed the bartender my fake ID. He didn’t object to my drinking, but I think it was because he liked my attire, not because he believed the ID. I was wearing a short black dress that hugged my hips and ended at my mid-thigh along with a pair of silver platform heels that made my legs look incredible. He tried hitting on me, but I was not in the mood. I went back to the dance floor to find Jamie, but I saw her talking to some guy with bright red hair. Weird, that’s the same color that Michael just dyed his hair. No, stop thinking about the tickets. I shook my head turning around and I immediately bumped into a tall figure with black vans on.

“Woah babe.” A thick Australian accent filled my ears and I froze. There is no fucking way. I looked up slowly to find myself face to face with Calum Hood. The fucking bassist for 5 Seconds of Summer. I opened my mouth to apologize, but no words came out. “You alright?” he asked looking at me worried.

“Y-Yes.” I finally got out and he smiled his perfect smile.

“What’s your name gorgeous?” He said over the music.

“Y/n.” I managed a small grin and he held out his hand for me to shake.

“Well it’s nice to meet you, Y/n. I’m Calum.” He was looking in my eyes now and I thought I was going to die.

“I know. I mean I know who you are. No, that sounds creepy…” I mumbled and he chuckled at my nervousness.

“So I take it you’re a fan?” he laughed and I nodded embarrassingly. “That’s great. I love meeting fans, especially fans as pretty as you.” He looked down at me and, if I didn’t know any better, I’d say he was blushing.

“Thanks.” I mouthed and he reached out his hand for me.

“Dance?” I grabbed his hand slowly and we walked out onto the dance floor. There were so many sweaty bodies and I was a little intimidated since I suck at dancing. Just as we reached the middle of the floor, the DJ put on Ride by SoMo…perfect. Even if I didn’t know how to dance, I knew how to make myself look sexy to this song. Calum spun me around so that my back side was to his front and I began to grind on him. I wasn’t rhythmic or anything, but he seemed to like what I was doing. One of his hands sneaked to my front and held my waist while our bodies started to become more in sync with each other. Every time the chorus would come on, I would grind into his crotch a little harder causing his grip on my waist to tighten. Surprisingly, Calum turned me around so he could see my face and pulled me close to him. He leant down so that he was eye level with me.

“Do you want to get out of here?” He said lowly and I just nodded not believing how my night was going. He grabbed my hand again and led me out the door of the club and we just started walking down the street. “I can actually hear you now.” He laughed and I blushed because his hand was still holding onto mine. “So, what brings you out on this fine night?” he asked wiggling his eyebrows earning a giggle from me.

“My best friend, Jamie, dragged me out because I was upset about something.” I laughed remembering that I left Jamie in the club.

“Upset about?” he looked at me intrigued.

“Don’t laugh. I was trying to win meet and greet passes for your concert, but I lost.” I mentally face palmed. Why did I tell him? He probably thinks I am a freak. I sighed and he looked at me in shock.

“Why would I laugh? I’m sorry you didn’t win, but it worked out for you anyways.” He smiled gesturing to himself.

“Yeah, it did.” I smirked and stopped in front of this old ice cream shop. Cal bought us two cones and we sat on the bench outside and talked for an hour. We talked about how his tour was going and about my college and our life goals. When we were finished, he stood up and offered me his hand again, this time intertwining our fingers. My face grew warm and I looked at the ground, avoiding eye contact.

“So, Y/n, what do you say I take you out on a real date? It’d be a lot better than meet and greet passes.” I playfully hit his arm and laughed. “Ow! I’ll take that as a yes?”  

“I’d love to.” I smiled leaning into him.

*A Few Days Later*

I woke up in my bed and still didn’t know if what happened Saturday was real or just a dream. I quickly grabbed my phone, and sure enough, there were 4 texts from Calum. Holy shit, it did happen.

Good morning beautiful xx

I hope you’re ready for our date today!

I can’t wait to see you!

Y/n, wake up sleeping beauty! I miss you!

I laughed at the last one. God, he was adorable. I sent him a quick text and hopped in the shower to begin getting ready. I pulled on an old band shirt and some light skinny jeans before blow drying my hair and then straightening it. Just as I finished with my makeup, I heard a knock at my door. I nervously ran down the steps and opened the door to find Calum leaning on the frame.

“Damn, you look hot.” He wiggled his eyebrows again and walked in.

“Bull!” I laughed. “I’m wearing a t shirt and jeans!” He came closer to me and put his arms around my waist.

“And you have never looked sexier.” He was completely serious this time and I didn’t know what to do. I just blushed mad hard and led him up to my room.

“So where are we going?” I asked while pulling on my converse.

“Well I was thinking a picnic in the park and then my concert.” He held up two VIP tickets, one for me and one for Jamie. I squealed and ran over to him and gave him a hug.

“Cal, you didn’t have to-” I started, but he cut me off.

“I wanted to, besides, it’s my band’s concert. Not like I had to pay for them.” He chuckled.

“Good point.” I joked and texted Jamie the news and told her to be ready by 5.

We had a lovely picnic in the park and talked even more than we did in the last week. I was beginning to really like him. He wasn’t just the star you see on stage. He was goofy and sweet and considerate…He can’t be real, he is way too perfect. After eating, we sat and looked up at the clouds. I snuggled into his side and we talked about everything that was on our minds. Before I knew it, it was 4:30 and Cal had to be at sound check by 5. He quickly dropped me off and headed to the venue. Jamie and I drove to the arena and went in a special gate in the back. I was back stage in the boy’s dressing room when the door opened and in they walked. First, Luke and his perfectly quaffed blond hair, then Ashton who was twirling his drumsticks in his hands, then Michael who ran up to Jamie and engulfed her in a huge hug, and then Cal walked in. His face lit up the second he saw me. I stood up and gave him a hug and placed a soft kiss on his cheek for good luck. After hearing the crowd chant “5SOS” for 20 minutes, the boys finally went out on stage. Jamie and I took our seats on the side of the stage and the intro the “Mrs. All American” started. After that song, Calum started to speak into his microphone.

“How is everybody tonight?” he yelled and screams could be heard all the way in Mexico. “Great! Actually I have someone here in the audience that I would like to address right now.” My face flushed and my eyes grew wide. “Y/n? I know we haven’t spent that much time together, but I couldn’t wait. Y/n, do you want to be my girlfriend?” The whole crowd Awed and I gave Cal a thumbs up. One of the security guards lifted me onto the stage and I ran into his arms. I totally forgot that I was in front of 10,000 people so I placed my lips on his signaling that of course I wanted to be his girlfriend. The crowd cheered as I pulled away from him and returned to my seat. Cal was on fire after that. He was jumping around the stage and the smile never left his face. He would steal glances at me every so often and I couldn’t believe this was happening. What are the chances?


It’s the high flying duo: Neville and Sethie! (In kitty form)

This is for @vee-vee-mon who drew me this super cute picture of these two as well! Her art style is super adorable and you should go praise the ground she walks on. I hope you like it sweetie! :)

Nevada Local Cultus
  • Poseidon of the Plains-wild horses run through the plains in northern and central Nevada
  • Amphitrite of the Wasted Sea- there was an inland ocean here a LONG time ago, and school in Vegas will take field trips into the mountains to look for shell fossils
  • Artemis Charleston- Mt. Charleston is a forest covered mountain outside Las Vegas
  • Dionysus Freemont- Freemont street in Las Vegas, bar crawls, club hopping, neon, music, and the art festival on the first friday of each month
  • Ares Nellis- Nellis airforce base
  • Hermes at the Dam- I will fight anyone who tells me that Hermes doesn’t hang out at Hoover damn in his khthonic aspect to guide lost souls
  • Hekate of the Desert- just try to tell me that the desert isn’t a place for wandering, for making decisions, for finding yourself when you’re lost. They may not be crossroads, but those sands have just as much meaning for me with Hekate as any intersection does
He makes you self conscious

Requested: yes!

Description: He unknowingly makes you feel self conscious about something and he doesn’t realize.

These are gonna be short little things. Sorry they aren’t long

Ash: You and Ashton had been best friends since before you could even remember. According to everyone, you two had been inseparable since Ashton moved in next door. It didn’t take long for you literally trust him with your life and all of your secrets. You knew he’d never tell a soul. So, Ashton was who you went to for advice and help with all of your problems. And today you really needed some help.
“I just can’t believe she said that to me,” you sadly sighed into your best friend’s chest on his couch. He was taken by surprise to find you waiting for him on his couch when he came home from work with tears gleaming in your eyes. Ashton, of course, comforted you immediately. “(y/n), what’s happened to you?” He asked in a very comforting tone as he rubbed the back of your head. You pulled away from his embrace to tell him all that went wrong today. “I was at cheer try-outs, a-and Melissa came over to me and told me not to even bother trying out because I was a fat cow and I’d weigh the pyramid down. Then her and all her little followers started laughing. It was right in front of Calum’s team, too. You know how much I like him and want to impress him!” you sniffled, wiping away your tears. Ashton looked your body up and down, but he stayed silent. “What is it? D-do you think I’m fat too?” you questioned him. He nervously bit his lip. “Look, Melissa is skinnier than you, she’s right-,” he said, but you didn’t give him the time to finish. “But I’m not a fat cow! So what I don’t starve myself to perfection?” you shouted, getting angrier with Ashton. “I’m not saying your a cow, but you could lose a few pounds, so you’ll look good in uniform!” he defended his statement. “Really?” you shouted at him, all of your anger washing over you. “I’m your best friend, (y/n), I’m not gonna sit here and lie to you. I can’t tell you that your prettier or skinnier than her because it’s just not true,” he raised his voice back at you. You’d never seen him get like this. No matter how bitchy and annoying you were, he would never say anything remotely close to what he just said. Tears started forming in your eyes once again, and Ash took notice. “(y/n), I’m sorry-“ he started.You didn’t care enough to listen. You headed straight for the door, not allowing him to see you break down at his harsh words. “Fuck you,” you spat, as his red front door was slammed.

Cal: Calum had been your new hook-up every once in a while. Neither of you considered it dating or ever put a title on it. It was simply hook ups and casual dinners when you felt like it. Of course, you wanted it to be something more, but Calum claimed he’d just fuck it up, he was never good at being loyal.
As every Friday night after he returned from the studio went, you two were making out on his leather couch. Your legs were on each side of his waist, slightly grinding your crotch down onto his. Each of you let out quiet moans every once in a while, as your tongues danced in sync. “Mmm, (y/n),” he mumbled into the kiss. You, wanting to be the dominant one and to change things up, decided to be a little more adventurous and in depth with the kiss. “Oi, fuck (y/n),” he said pulling away from the kiss. “What?” you asked confusingly and innocently, your hands still draped around his neck. “You bit my damn lip,” he replied, his facial expression changing from lust. “Oops, sorry,” you smirked, trying to be flirtatious. Calum brought his index finger up to his bottom lip, and touched it to the sore spot. “You made it bleed,” he raised his voice slightly, showing you his finger that was coated in red liquid. “My bad,” you laughed, batting your eyelashes, trying to get things going again. “Yeah, Your bad,” he mocked, tossing you gently off his lap and going into the small bathroom. You sat on the couch, slightly embarrassed, but decided to go check on him. You watched from the side of the door frame, as he rubbed a damp tissue over his plump bottom lip. He’d hold the tissue over the spot for a few seconds, each time the cloth becoming more stained. “Guess, you’ll just have to punish me,” you suggested in your best sexy voice, as you came up behind him and wrapped your arms around his torso. “I guess so. But absolutely no making out involved in your punishment. Your awful at it! I’ve never had a girl make me bleed after she bit my lip. You’re possibly the worst make out I’ve had,” he laughed, like it was no big deal. Actually, it made you feel quite embarrassed and stupid for attempting to be dominant.”Now, where were we, kitten?” he smirked, throwing away the stained tissue. “Uhh, I was actually just going home,” you dismissed him. You didn’t want him to see your mortified blushing or hear your voice crack from utter embarrassment. So, you left him standing in his powder room with a confused expression on his face, wondering what could’ve gone wrong.

Luke: Boy friend Luke, his 3 best mates, and you had just returned home from a long night of bar crawling and clubbing. It was a new year’s eve tradition ever since you and Luke had met at Midnight of January 1.
You all stumbled over each other and into the house, laughing your asses off at nothing, and kicking your shoes off. Calum, Luke, and Michael were wasted off their asses, whereas the designated driver, Ashton, and you were a little more sober. “Truth or dare time!” Calum incoherently screamed to all of you, running into the living room and removing his shirt for some unknown reason. Calum was a slutty drunk. “Time to get (y/n) naked,” Luke slurred as he giggled. “Ha ha, very funny, and also never gonna happen,” you sassily joked, taking a seat in the circle the boys had formed. “I go first,” Michael yelled. “Michael you are yelling! Keep your tone down,” fatherly Ashton scolded, as Michael completely neglected his comment.
As the half hour went by, Luke was balancing a shoe on his head and taking vodka shots, Calum was completely naked and he wasn’t even dared to be nude, Michael stole a bikini top off of a girl at a pool party next door, and you and Ashton had not done anything crazy. “Okay, Okay, Luke truth or dare?” Calum asked, taking another shot and removing his socks. “Truth,” Luke confidently answered. “Fuck, marry, kill… (y/n), Kendall Jenner, and Selena Gomez.” Calum challenged. “Well, Kendall is fit,” Luke started putting the emphasis on the word “fit. “But I’d rather bang Selena. Have you seen her ass, holy shit, mate,” Luke raved on and on, a pang of jealousy washing over you. But it was okay, because he’d chose to marry you, right? “Kendall is more wife material, so I’d marry her,” Luke reasoned, completely disregarding your feelings. “So I guess, I’m killing (y/n),” he said, not even phased. “Why would you kill (y/n), mate?” Ashton asked, defending you. Luke, Calum, and Michael snickered as you played with the strap on your high heel, avoiding eye contact with everyone. “I don’t know. I’m bored of her,” Luke laughed. “And have you seen the other girls’ bodies? (y/n) does not look like that,” Luke “joked”, with a laugh and disgusted face. “I don’t agree with that,” Ash mumbled, taking your hand in his for comfort. He was like a brother to you, so he could probably see the tears in your eyes you were trying to hold back. “Okay, (y/n)’s turn,” Michael shouted. He was a loud drunk. “Actually I don’t feel like playing. I’m going home,” you fake smiled, as you abruptly got up and walked to the door holding back a sob. And just to make things worse, Luke kept commenting on your body. “See, look, I told you, she does have a flat ass!” and the room erupted with laughter.

Mikey: The first Tuesday of every month, date night, for you and your boyfriend Michael. It had always been scheduled like this, since he was always recording and you were always taking care of baby Clifford. There wasn’t much time to be together, except for date night. Michael had told you to go casual and meet him at the restaurant, and he’d be waiting there for you. So you decided on black skinny jeans, gold sandals, and a white flowy top. You’d spontaneously just gone with throwing your hair in a top knot and no make up at all. No make up was rare for you, since you weren’t confident at all and always thought your acne was bad. However, today you were feeling good, so you went for it.
“Hey, Mikey,” you greeted him, before taking a seat in the chair across from him. He stared down your outfit and then his eyes landed on your face. It was evident he was focused on the volcanic sized pimple on your chin. “Hey, doll,” he smiled. But, his eyes were still focused on the pimple. “(y/n), you’ve got something on you face,” he told you, just trying to be nice. “Really? Where? I thought I checked before I left the house,” you asked. “Chin,” he answered smiling, pointing to the spot on his face. But what he was referring to as “something on your face”, was actually just the pimple. “Oh, thats nothing…” you voice trailed off. You hated when people pointed out your flaws. He gave a confused facial expression, still not understanding what you meant. “It’s a pimple, Mikey,” you sighed. He nodded and continued scanning down the menu.
Through out the night, Michael had given you weird stare downs. Mostly, him concentrating on your face. Could the pimple really be that bad? You finished up eating, and pulled away from your plate, only to see his eyes on your fore head, where another blemish was. “Seriously, Mikey what is it? You’ve been staring all night,” you asked, raising your tone. “N-nothing,” his cheeks flushed at his obvious lie. “Yeah, sure,” you dismissed it. After a moment he finally spoke up again. “Do you have make up on?” he asked you. So, thats what was bothering him. ‘No, why?” you answered as you looked back down at your plate suddenly feeling self conscious. “You just look different,” he shrugged. “Like, bad?” you asked sounding hurt. “If I’m being honest a little bit, yeah. You don’t exactly have long eyelashes, or plump lips, or clear skin. This is a date (y/n), you should try and look nice,” he lectured you. You gave him a weak smile. “Sorry for feeling confident enough to go out of the house without a shield of make up. Sorry I’m not good enough for this date,” you yelled, pushing your chair in and getting up. “Where are you going?” he asked, sounding concerned, as if he had done no wrong. “Bathroom,” you whispered, shielding your face from him with your hand, so he didn’t see the tears running down your pimple filled face.

part 2

anonymous asked:

Do you think there's some bad Liam news on the way? I can't take much more of this. I mean it. If they hit us with one more crazy 1d story I'm taking a break. *insert pitch perfect enough gif*

Anonymous said:

So Liam just rt a tweet that said “Liam is engaged” in it. He didn’t even deny it.. somethings definitely gonna happen unless he denies it later on today.


Anonymous said:

what do you mean sasha? a baby for sophiam? or a zerrie wedding? i can’t think of which one i want the least. ughhh :////


Here you go nonnie #1.

I feel you.

I think Liam’s retweet was shade. As always, Liam’s shade goes right over most of the fandom’s head.

He’s laughing AT fans who think this, not WITH them. Because everything listed here is an untruth. And it’s possible he’s helping set y’all up big time. Because no, I don’t think a Sophiam baby is coming, Louis has got that angle covered. And no, I don’t think a Zerrie wedding is ever happening. And nope, I don’t think there will be an engagement either.

I’ve been pondering this with the benefit of hindsight lately. And when I logged onto tumblr today and saw that tptb were making it very clear that Sophia hasn’t been with Liam lately, my spidey senses really started tingling.

She’s out in Marbella (a recent stuntin’ location for half of Little Mix + Danielle Peazer) doing her usual promo of the usual suspect brands.

Still doing promo at the bacherlorette party of her friend, too. Notice the metallic stick on tattoos are always facing the camera. Doniya Malik and Perrie Edwards have also promo’d these stick on tatts. So what I’m getting at is that none of this is random. It seems to be a working vacay. I wouldn’t be surprised if Modest helped foot the bill for this “hen party” in exchange for making sure the pix ended up on social media. This is exactly what 1DHQ wants us to see: public separation.

Now back to what I’ve been contemplating for a while. These things have been resting in the back of my mind for months. It’s possible all of it is starting to come together now.

First thing that stuck in my brain: Liam randomly showing up on Louis’ worldwide club crawl of terror which thus far has resulted in Zayn leaving 1D and a supposed Louis love child.

O rly? You’re working an interesting angle there, Daily Mail.

The beautiful woman in this pic was identified only as “a female friend”. She sure looks like she might be Liam’s “type”. Stay with me, I’m going somewhere with this. The next thing that made me go hmmm was Liam turning up with Louis again at Snoop Dogg’s album release party in mid May.

Briana was also there, so clearly this was a sanctioned stunt event. Let’s pause and look at how one gossip blog covered this.

I am intrigued, please continue.

Boom. This gossip column basically called this out as a rebranding stunt. This dude doesn’t know just how right he was. Or does he? He probably knows more than us, tbh…

Alrighty, that said, the third thing I side-eyed was this blind item by Crazy Days and Nights from late May:

And there you have it. I think 1DHQ could potentially have laid the groundwork for a Liam cheating scandal. Lemme also note in relation to this blind item, obviously lots of tv shows and films are shot in L.A. And lots of tv shows and films are shot in Vancouver too. 1DHQ has made it very clear Sophia wasn’t in Vancouver. So that detail may come into play later.

Because these scandals are about being as anti-boyband as possible, I doubt any cutsie baby or engagement or wedding stories are coming. This is all about dirtying up the guy’s images so that they are associated with (very hetero) adult issues as opposed to cute kid friendly stuff.

As I pointed out in an earlier ask, Harry already has a high profile and an image as a womanizer to those outside the fandom. Zayn has aged up his image and has been consistently been portrayed as an “it boy” since he left 1D. Niall had his awesome wtf moment when he “broke up” with Melissa and was publicly linked to 5 women in one day’s worth of press. Of course, Louis has got babygate. So that leaves our precious Liam as the next to be scandalized. Will it happen? I definitely don’t know. Has 1DHQ put everything in place to make it happen? Yep.