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Viktuuri Mafia!AU based on @drawverylittle‘s artwork. <3

Part 1 : It Starts With A Video

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Viktor loses count of how many times he hits rewind on the security tape. He’s numb to the whirring, hissing sound of the rewind. But the image is fuzzy. No matter how many times he goes back, home many times he pauses, he can’t quite see what he’s trying to focus on.

The man in the video is clearly young. At least Viktor assumes he is. The men with him are older, larger. Lackeys, for all intents and purposes. Security detail. The young man in the center is slight, his forearms exposed by the roll of his sleeves are slender, but even in the fuzzy image Viktor can tell a muscle cords beneath the skin. He’s no slouch.

The most Viktor can make out in the black and white video beyond that is black hair and a tattoo that stretches down the back of his forearms. But no amount of pausing, of staring, of getting so close to the screen the brightness is making him dizzy, has made him able to make out what that tattoo may be.

“Viktor!” Christophe whines from the desk beside him. “You’ve watched that tape hundreds of times. What else do you expect to see?”

“I can’t make out what is on his arms,” Viktor replies, pausing the video again. Is it another arm inked on to his own?
“You can barely make out anything,” Christophe points out with a sigh. “That’s the misfortune of having a security tape from these washed up casinos as evidence.”

Viktor leans back and sighs, leaving the video paused on the man reaching out with one of his tattooed arms to take a briefcase from the casino manager.

“I need a better picture.”

“Don’t we all.” Christophe rolls his eyes and pushes himself away from his desk. He’s already changed out of his uniform and into a well fitted, black button down. His sleeves are rolled up in a manner reminiscent of the mafia member Viktor can’t take his eyes off of. “How about you dwell on that another day and come out with me? We could both use a drink.”

Viktor shakes his head and flips open the file on his desk, pressing his fingers to his chin in contemplation. Newspaper clippings, witness testimony, images of property damage left behind are all they have to help them track down the newest member of the Russian mafia.

They say he’s Japanese. That he’s young. That he rose up the ranks in the Yakuza so quickly, so efficiently that no one questioned his reign. That the Russian mafia all but begged him to make his way up here, to resurrect their dying presence. But Viktor can’t quite tell fact from fiction yet.

Is this young man really Japanese or is he just another Russian member that was kept hidden from the press and the policy force? Is he here to stay or does he have a singular purpose? Has he really bitten someone’s ear off? Or torn out their eye? He suspects some of the rumors are just that… rumors. But he’s determined to find out which ones are rooted in truth.

“Go on without me,” Viktor tells Christophe, offering a weak smile. “Tonight I would only cramp your style.”

Christophe snorts and slams the file shut. “Viktor, your style is my style. You could never cramp it.” He pushes the file aside and loosens Viktor’s tie until he pulls it over his head. He flicks open the top few buttons of Viktor’s uniform. “None of this is going anywhere. Besides,” He grabs Viktor’s hand and pulls him out of his seat and Viktor gives up fighting. Christophe is too persistent to struggle against. “Maybe our little mafia man likes the clubs here too.”

Viktor chuckles and resigns himself to a night out. Christophe is right. He could use a drink, something that can distort his mind into forgetting the swipe of dark hair and black tattoos reaching down sure, confident arms.



Song or quote:  Guys My Age by Hey Violet 
Who: Ezra Miller

I haven’t seen my ex since we broke up
Probably ‘cause he didn’t wanna grow up
Now I’m out and wearing something low-cut
'Bout to get attention from a grownup
Guys my age don’t know how to treat me
Don’t know how to please me, don’t know how to read me
Guys my age don’t know how to touch me
Don’t know how to love me good

[Y/N] was usually a good girl. She minded her manners, always smiled, and always appreciated what she had in life. The film industry fell head over heels for her the minute she was cast in her first ever movie. She became Hollywood’s Girl Next Door in a matter of minutes and [Y/N] didn’t mind that title because every girl next door type had a little secret and her secret was that she just wanted to be loved and touched by someone who knew what they were doing. 

Her boyfriend or now ex-boyfriend couldn’t please her in the least. It wasn’t terrible but it wasn’t necessarily satisfactory. She wanted to feel an out of body experience, wanted to feel like those women in the porn videos, wanted to lose her eyes in the back of her head, and above all, have someone just know what she wanted. 

So, here she was. On her eighteenth birthday wearing something low-cut. Staring at herself in the mirror, [Y/N] almost contemplated wearing something a little less revealing. People were sure to comment on her dress in the tabloids the next morning. Did she really want that? Biting on her lip, she pulled the top portion up a little, frowning when it sank back down to reveal the little cleavage she had. 

“Fuck it.” [Y/N] murmured. She looked hot and it was her birthday, she wanted a little bit of attention. Perhaps there would be some worthy partners at the party she had gotten invited to. Grabbing her clutch and her phone, she headed out the door and into the taxi. 

Ezra had humored his friend Logan and ventured out into the night to a party he really had no business attending. He wasn’t even invited but he would assume neither were half the dancing bodies in the club. He chuckled as girls flung themselves in every direction. He wasn’t interested until he saw [Y/N] sitting at the bar with a few girls he recognized from magazines.

She looked stunning, and by that, it was bit of an understatement. He had seen [Y/N] in magazines, in films, and on television shows. This couldn’t be the same girl. America was obsessed with her good nature and innocence. If only they could see her now, he thought. [Y/N] looked like she was about be on a spread of a Maxim magazine. 

[Y/N] laughed, dipping her head forward, causing her loose curls to hide her pretty face. She scanned the crowd before her eyes fell on Logan, [Y/N] squealed. Excusing herself from the girls, she bounded towards Logan and Ezra. 

“Logan!” [Y/N] exclaimed as she wrapped her arms around him. “How have you been?” She slurred.

He steadied her, quirking a brow in her direction. “Are you drunk?” 

“It’s my birthday,” she purred, “I can drink if I want to.” 

Logan narrowed his eyes, “You could if you were twenty one, [Y/N].” Flickering a look towards Ezra, he handed her teetering body towards him. “Will you watch her for a second? I’m going to go get her a glass of water and talk to the fucking bartender.” 

Before Ezra could say anything, Logan was gone. With his arm around her swaying body, he glanced down at her. Fuck, she’s gorgeous. 

“Hey! I know you!” [Y/N] moved her arms around his neck, purring into his ear. “You’re Ezra Miller, you’re Flash or well the better Flash.” Giggling, her teeth tugged on her bottom lip, “You’re a lot hotter in person. That jaw could send a girl on her knees.” 

This made him laugh, “Are you sure you’re Hollywood’s Girl Next Door?”

“Pft,” she snorted, rolling her eyes. Looking out into the dance floor, she squealed. “Come dance with me.” 

Ezra shook his head, laughing at her pout. “No, no. I don’t, I’m not dancing.” 

“Please,” she pleaded, her fingers digging into his shoulder. 

“Ha,” Ezra started, shifting from the physical contact she gave him. “Don’t you have a boyfriend?” 

“Nope.” She said matter-of-factly. Shrugging her shoulder, she leaned in close, her lips almost brushing up against his ear lobe. “He couldn’t fuck me right.” 

Licking his lips, his eyes narrowed into her. “And what would you know about that, America’s sweetheart?” 

[Y/N] mimicked his motion and licked her own lips, “A lot more than you think I do.” Pulling herself from him, she swayed a little. “But, if you’re willing to be a teacher, I’ll be more than happy to be a student.” 

Ezra’s jaw clenched. He looked off towards the bar where Logan was busy laying into it with the bartender. Raking a hand through his hair, he looked dead straight in her eyes, “Lead the way.” 

Drunken Kisses |Joe Sugg|

Summary -  Can you do one where y/n and joe have a really funny and drunk conversation, but like still sharing their love and exchange kisses and stuff?

Word Count - 2,049

Warnings - N/A

“Why can’t I have another shot?” Joe whined, reaching for the tiny glass that was perched on the edge of the table in front of him.

“Joe, you’ve had enough.” Caspar chuckled, standing up from his seat and prising the glass out of Joe’s grip.

“I only want one more.” Joe muttered, leaning against Caspar’s shoulder as Caspar rolled his eyes at his friend.

Joe was completely out of it; you were drunk but no way near as bad as Joe was. But this one of the many reasons you enjoyed visiting London, because it was a chance for you to let your hair down and enjoy yourself. Joe made the visit more enjoyable; you had to admit that to yourself.

“Y/N will give me another shot, won’t you?” Joe slurred, leaning over to you and draping his arm around your shoulder, eyeing up the glass you had in your hand.

Caspar gave you a look, knowing that Joe would be the one to pay for it and Caspar would have to be the one to look after him.

“Sorry, no can do. If looks could kill, Caspar would have put me six feet under.” You chuckled, your head swimming as the effects of the last couple of shots started to take effect.

“Please?” Joe begged as Caspar looked away from you both to talk to Conor.

Giggling to yourself, you handed him another shot before Joe downed it quickly before Caspar had the chance to look back.

Looking at Joe, you smiled to yourself. He was actually very cute when he was drunk. His eyes were brighter, his cheeks were flushed due to the alcohol and he just sat cuddling everyone, and these were just a few of the reasons why you loved him.

“Did you give him another one?” Caspar sighed, trying his hardest to suppress a smile. Caspar obviously wasn’t actually angry at you, though he did find it annoying when he had to baby sit Joe sometimes, but Joe also did it when Caspar was drunk so that makes things even between them.

“No, she didn’t!” Joe shouted in protest, lying down on the sofa and resting his head in your lap. “Don’t shout at Y/N!”

Caspar chuckled to himself and shook his head. “I am not shouting Joe, you are actually.”

You looked down at Joe who was staring back up at you, his eyes sparkling in the dim lights of the club.

“Hey.” He chuckled, his eyes fixed on yours.

“Hey.” You grinned, gently running your fingers through his hair. Sometimes it was hard to believe that you and Joe were just friends, you acted like you were in a relationship, flirting all of the time and laughing together, cuddling and watching movies.

It was amazing having a friend that you could do all of that with and not have anything that was overly complicated.

“You look really pretty.” Joe slurred, letting out a little hiccup.

“How much have you had to drink exactly?” you chuckled, shaking your head as you continued to play with his hair.

Since your eyes were fixed on Joe, and his on you, neither of you noticed Caspar and Conor staring at you, both with smiles on their faces.

“He’s always happy when Y/N is here.” Caspar told Conor, speaking loud enough that Conor could hear him over the music, but not so loud that you or Joe could hear. Not that you would, you were both too involved in your own conversation to notice that Caspar and Conor were talking about you both, and still staring.

“I know, he’s like a little puppy.” Conor chuckled, sipping the drink from his glass.

“Hopefully Y/N can look after him tonight instead of him bugging me. Joe just sits there laughing and cuddling anyone that sits near him. I’m praying it’s Y/N instead of me tonight.” Caspar told Conor, chuckling as he looked over at you and Joe again.

“Can you help me get him home?” You asked, looking as Caspar desperately as Joe was trying his hardest to climb into your lap.

“Carry me home!” Joe begged, giggling to himself.

“Come on mate.” Caspar chuckled, placing his glass on the table and saying goodbye to Conor, strolling over to you and picked Joe up off your lap with minimal effort.

You quickly hugged Conor and followed Caspar outside, who had now placed Joe firmly on the floor but he had pulled Joe’s arm around his neck.

The cold air of the night hit your face instantly and this actually helped the effects of the alcohol. For some strange reason, it made you sober up a little bit.

However, it didn’t have that same effect on Joe.

There were people outside, just as drunk as Joe as they were stumbling around laughing. The girls were struggling to stand upright in their heels and the guys were singing drunkenly to a song that sounded as if it was made up on the spot.

“I’m too short for this, you’re too tall!” Joe whined, trying his hardest to pull away from Caspar. “It’s hurting my arm to reach up this high.”

“Put his arm around me then, but stand on his other side.” You chuckled, trading places with Caspar as Joe wrapped his arm around your neck and Caspar took Joe’s arm in his hand just incase he decided to throw himself on the floor.

“I’m not even drunk, why are you carrying me?” Joe whined, his speech getting even more slurred.

“If you’re not drunk, stand up. On your own, and don’t fall over.” You chuckled, shaking your head at his denial.

“Fine!” Joe shouted, pulling his arm free from your neck and he tried to take a step forward but fell forward. He would have fallen on the floor if Caspar had let go of his arm.

“Come on.” You chuckled to yourself, trying helping Joe into a taxi. With great difficulty, Caspar was the one that actually got Joe into the taxi.

“How you feeling?” you asked Joe, resting your hand on his knee as his head was currently nuzzled into the crook of your neck.

“Fine, I’m not drunk. I promise.” He chuckled, looking up at you.

Even though it was cold outside as it was the middle of November, his face was still red from the alcohol and you felt the warmth of his skin against your neck. The heat of his skin caused goose bumps to travel down your arms and it sent shivers down your spine.

You had been this close to Joe before, obviously. You spent most nights cuddling him on the sofa when you visited London, but this felt different.

“You are drunk, don’t try denying it.” You chuckled, keeping your eyes on him. You didn’t know why your eyes were stuck to him, but you couldn’t tare your eyes away.

Caspar took note of this as well, as he had slid his phone out of his jacket pocket and had taken a snapchat of you both sitting extremely close.

“I’m not drunk!” Joe argued in protest, sitting up right. Joe’s raised voice caused some strange looks from the driver. Joe’s head was now resting on top of yours instead of on your shoulder, so now your face was nuzzled against his neck. Not that you could help it, but you inhaled deeply and the shivers down your spine returned as you smelt Joe’s aftershave.

You hardly noticed that you had actually pulled up outside of the boys flat until Caspar had pointed it out.

You quickly paid the driver before Caspar helped Joe into their flat after you’d opened the door and flicked the light switch on. Caspar sat Joe on the sofa, and handed him a bottle of water.

“Thanks Caspar.” You smiled at him, feeling more sober since you’d left the club.

“I’m gonna head to sleep, give me a shout if you need anything.” Caspar smiled, giving you a quick hug before heading to his room.

You sat next to Joe on the sofa and kicked off your heels as Joe held the bottle of water against his knee.

“Come on, you need to keep drinking.” You told him, moving his hand with the water bottle in back up to his lips.

“I’m not thirsty though.” Joe complained, leaning against your shoulder again.

“Well, drink that anyway and then we can put you in bed can’t we?” you chuckled brushing his hair out of his eyes.

“Fine.” Joe mumbled, drinking the rest of water while spilling some of it down his chin.

“Come here. You’re like a bloody child.” You chuckled, gently wiping his chin.

Joe eyes sparkled in the light as his eyes fixated on you.

“I’m so happy you’re here, Y/N. You honestly have no idea how much I’ve missed you.” Joe let out a deep sigh as he threw the plastic water bottle on the floor.

“I’ve missed you too.” You smiled slightly, lying on his chest as Joe wrapped his arm around your shoulders. Joe started to play with your fingers, humming to himself as he concentrated on your hand as you tangled your fingers with his. Just by touching his hand, it was as if electricity was flowing through you both.

You looked up at Joe, half expecting him to be staring into space, but no, he was staring right at you.

“What?” You asked, letting out a slightly nervous giggle. The way he was looking at you was causing butterflies to flutter around your stomach.

“Nothing.” Joe mumbled, the drunken smile suddenly fading from his face.

“Joe? What’s wrong?” You asked, shifting slightly on the sofa so were sat cross legged on the sofa.

“Just shut up for a second.” Joe muttered, sitting up straight and moving his hand to your waist before leaning in.

Leaning your forehead against his, you copied his actions and leant forward until finally your lips met. You shifted forward slightly until your legs were pressed against Joe’s. This was as close as you could get to him without actually being sat on him.

After a minute or so, you both pulled away and your face flushed as red as Joe’s did earlier, but your blushing was for a different reason other than the fact you had been drinking alcohol.

“Erm, so.” Joe chuckled, rubbing the back of his neck as he looked at you shyly.

“What was that for?” you asked, biting down on your bottom lip.

“I don’t know. I just-” Joe started before you leant forward and crashed your lips against his again.

“Ouch, for fuck sake Y/N.” Joe laughed as he pulled away, his bottom lip now having a small cut on the left side. “You practically head butted me.”

“Shit, sorry.” You chuckled. “I was going for such a romantic moment then.”

You stood up and went over to the sink, grabbing a cloth and holding it under the cold tap for a few seconds before sitting next to Joe again and holding the cloth against his lip.

“I didn’t mean to do that.” You told him, feeling guilty.

“I didn’t think you’d draw blood for our second kiss.” Joe chuckled, wiping the side of his mouth with the back of his hand. “Maybe our third.”

You rolled your eyes and chuckled to yourself.

“Third? There’s going to be another one?” You teased, nudging his arm with your elbow.

Joe chuckled and looked at you, his hand moving to your cheek.

“Definitely.” He mumbled, leaning forward and pressing his lips against yours again as your hands moved to his chest.

“Drunken kisses are my favourite.” Joe giggled as you pulled away from him and rested your head on his shoulder.

“Why’s that?” You asked.

“Because I know I’m still gonna remember this in the morning but I’m still gonna have that little buzz from being drunk. Best feeling.” Joe chuckled, shrugging his shoulders.

You chuckled quietly as you both lead down on the sofa, Joe’s arms still around you.

“I can’t be bothered with moving to bed, stay here and cuddle me.” Joe begged, his voice now sounding more tired than slurred.

Chuckling quietly, you both fell asleep tiredly in each others arms, the thought of those drunken kisses flowing through your mind.


Dress Up (Joker x Reader)

Requested by Anon: “Could you do a joker imagine were the reader wears like all pastel colors and flower crowns and is like super shy and innocent and joker kidnaps her cos like her dads a mob boss. Smut please.”

A/n: Sorry that I didn’t deliver on the smut, I just really couldn’t make it work. ;-;

Warnings: Mature themes.

Music softly carried through the space of your room. You were seated at your vanity, expertly applying a soft toned lipstick to your lips. You leaned forward to inspect your makeup job, your lips parted as you smiled widely at your reflection. Your music picked up as you stood from the vanity. Your eyes scanned the room until you found the item you’d been looking for, the missing accessory to complete your look.

“Perfect…” you sighed happily, placing the colored flower crown on top of your head, adjusting the accessory until you were satisfied.

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Cruisin' For a Bruisin'

A/N: Drabble request for anon. Jax comes home late from a rough ride and the reader patches him up and tells him about a book she read or a movie she wants to see, to keep his mind off the pain. I hope you like it, anony!

You were asleep on the couch when Jax flopped down next to you.
Jolting awake, you sat up, your head whipping around to see the Prince of SAMCRO grinning at you.
“Rise and shine, darlin’.” He said, wincing in pain.
You could see a long gash across his cheek. The blood had started to dry up, but it could use a few stitches. A large bruise had started to form.
“Go sit at the dining table, I’ll patch you up.” You said, hauling yourself off the couch and into the bathroom, grabbing supplies from the medicine cabinet.
Jax did as he was told, taking a large swig from a bottle of Jack that he’d pick up on the way to the kitchen.
“So, what happened?”
“We were coming in from the road, decided to stop in and grab a drink at a bar. Halfsack hit on the wrong woman. The chick’s boyfriend didn’t like it. Sack ended up knocking the guy out but then his friend’s joined in.”
”Oh man, I wish I’d seen Kip knock that guy out.”
”You can, talk to Tig, he filmed it.”
You laughed, running your hand through his hair.
”You look exhausted.” You commented, knowing that a run was always taxing on the club.
“Talk to me about something to take my mind off of it.” He requested as you sterilised the needle and thread. 
“I’ve been thinking,” you said, beginning to stitch the cut. “We should have a movie day. Stay on the couch, all day, watching movies, ordering pizza, eating junk food.”
“Sounds good, babe. What do you wanna watch?”
“What do you think about Fight Club?”
Jax chuckled, taking another swig of Jack.
“Sorry, too soon?” You laughed.
“Would you prefer Rocky?”
Jax turned and smacked you on the ass.
“Hold still, Teller!” You giggled.
You finished up stitching the wound and covered it.
Jax pulled you into his lap, stroking your cheek, thanking you.
“How about we have our movie day tomorrow. You can pick what we watch.”
“Great, chick flicks all day!”
Jax laughed and pulled you close, kissing you.
“You’re cruisin’ for a bruisin’, Miss.”
“You love it.” You replied, kissing Jax. 
“I do.”

Chamber of Secrets - Part 21

Pairing: Bucky x Reader 

Summary: After the Avenger’s falling out, you were put in charge of putting Bucky together. Under King T’Challa’s orders, you were given a month’s time to create a new arm while simultaneously figure out how to get the triggering memories of his past out of his mind. As the time goes by, you found yourself confiding in him, despite his frozen state.

A/N: So I reread this series last night and holy shit this has got to be the slowest slow burns ever. I’m so sorry lmao. Also, I know I haven’t been linking the previous part and next part in each chapter because takes so much time so I’m just going to put the series masterlist on each chapter from now on. 

Series Masterlist

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Essays in Existentialism: Arkers IV

more from the Arker universe please. I love the celebrity au. Maybe Clarke is doing an interview and is being asked about a ring on her wedding finger. her and lexa are engaged. VMAs au? Festival AU.

Previously on Arkers 

“I don’t want sushi,” Clarke complained.

The traffic of the city grumbled along as the couple made their way down the sidewalk in the chill of the fall that approached. The rain was waiting, holding out a little long, while the buildings all braced for the inevitable downpour.

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High Tensions - Twelve

Are you guys all as frustrated as Spencer and Y/N are?

What the hell was that smell?

Wait…what the hell was that beeping noise?


Smoke detector. 

You leapt out of bed and grabbed your dressing gown from the back of the door, running into the kitchen. 

“I’ve got it….. I’VE GOT IT!”

A load sizzling noise came from the kitchen area and you followed the noise and the smell to find Spencer stood over your sink, wafting smoke out of the window.  

The basin was full of water, a frying pan handle sticking out and your counters were covered in an array of jugs, utensils and flour and eggs. 

“What are you doing?” The place was a mess and you were annoyed. No doubt you’d have to clean it up. 

“Erm…. I was trying to make you pancakes.” You could tell he’d caught the annoyance in your voice and you remembered how much of a bitch you could be when you were rudely awoken. 

“Pancakes?” All of the annoyance melted from you and you crossed the room to stand next to him. 

“Well yeah. I thought I could bring you breakfast in bed. But it’s not going too well.”

He looked so adorable stood there, the sleeves of his cardigan rolled up, hair still mussed up from sleeping and a patch of flour on his cheek. 

You leant forward, linking your arms around his neck and tiptoing up, giving him a peck on the cheek. He caught you, circling your waist with his own long arms and pulling you close. 

“You didn’t have to make me breakfast Spencer,” you breathed into his hair, his embrace on you tight. 

“Well it’s kinda a good job you’ve said that, cos I literally have nothing to offer you food wise. I have an IQ of 187, you’d think I’d be able to prepare pancakes.”

“Well it’s a good job you’re better at other things then isn’t it?” You really didn’t want to let go. He was so warm and cuddly. 

“Such as?”

“I think you know what Spencer.” It amazed you how quickly you could both slip from being sweet and innocent with each other to heading quickly to the gutter. You pulled away from his embrace. 

“Technically that wasn’t me.”

“Oh hush. You were the one guiding it and moving it and oh…. I’m gonna stop thinking about it now. Also, what are we doing with that thing anyway. Do I get to keep it?”

“Yep…. I figured that it might get used again once we actually do it.”

“And when will that be Spencer?”

He considering your question for a moment. 

 "Soon. I don’t think I can last much longer.“

“You know what we need to do. We need to find out who has what dates in the little pool Derek is running and then just both admit defeat on the date that no one has.”

“I can definitely work with that Y/N.”

“Awesome. I’ll bribe Penny later with tidbits of last night and get her to show me.”

“Last night?” His eye brows shot up. 

“Okay, maybe not last night. Maybe I’ll just show her the photo I sent you.” Yeah it probably wasn’t a good idea to tell Pen that he’d had you coming so hard you’d been certain you’d need a new mattress. 

“And here I hoped they were my eyes only,” he joked. 

“Haha, I’ll let you take some for your own personal enjoyment one day. Now let’s clean up and we can go out for breakfast.”

You both tidied the mess quickly before you headed off to your bedroom to grab a towel for a shower. You spotted the bullet on the floor where it must have rolled during the night and picked it up, grabbing your wet wipes and giving it a quick clean. 

Spencer tapped on your door. “Can I come in, my bag’s still in here.”


He entered, stopping dead when he saw what you had in your hands. 

Giggling to yourself you mused, “It’s about time Ryan got a friend.”

Everyone on the team knew you’d named your rabbit. It had come out one drunken night and they’d thought it hilarious. 

You moved to your bedside cabinet, placing it inside the drawer. 

“I’m thinking I’ll name this one Pretty Boy.”

You wished you’d taken a photo of the expression on Reid’s face. Pure gold. 

Spencer couldn’t believe how well the night before had gone. He wasn’t sure she’d even agree to it to begin with, but when she’d taken his hand and led him to the bedroom he’d suddenly felt less sure of himself and incredibly nervous. 

He did his best not to show it, although when she’d stripped and allowed him to secure her wrists to her headboard he was sure he was going to lose it. Just the sight of her laid out before him. She was stunning, curves in all the right places and the photo she’d sent him earlier in the day, as hot as she’d looked in that; in reality she looked a hundred times better. 

The way she’d finished him off as well.

Fucking hell. Just…… Ugh. He couldn’t bear thinking about it. Something he’d never even considered before. He knew that sex toys weren’t just for female satisfaction but he’d never in a million years thought he’d have one used on him. But it had worked. And no rules had been broken. Technically they’d not had sex, not touched themselves or touched the other. He congratulated himself on the idea and wondered why he’d not thought of it before. 

Deep-down he knew the answer though. Now he’d seen how majestical she looked when came, he knew he was going to lose. Although what she’d suggested this morning about them both surrendering on the date no one had in the pool would also work. They just needed to get Penelope to tell them. And that could prove a problem. He’d leave that task to Y/N. 

They never made it to breakfast. Y/N’s cell had started ringing the second they’d set foot out of her apartment door; Hotch. They had a case. 

“But it’s a Sunday,” Spencer had whined. 

“I’ll put out a public service announcement shall I, asking unsubs to only act during the week?” Y/N had replied. 

The case took them out of play until late Friday night and as per their agreement, they suspended the game remaining completely professional around each other. 

The team were flying home late, having wanted to get home early rather spend another night in the hotel. Tomorrow night was the annual FBI summer ball, and last year the team had missed it due to being out in the field. In his seven years in the BAU Spencer had only managed to attend once, and this would be Y/N’s first. 

The team had booked rooms at the hotel the event was staged at, the FBI having an agreement with the venue that the rooms could be cancelled at short notice if any member of the Bureau couldn’t attend due to a case. Considering pretty much the whole of hotel was booked out for them, it wasn’t a problem. 

Spencer normally hated huge events like this, but he was actually looking forward to being able to attend this one, looking forward to seeing Y/N dressed up. 

She came and flopped down next to him on the jet. 

“Hey, so I’ve talked to Penny,” she was whispering to avoid the rest of the team hearing. JJ and Emily were both asleep but Hotch,  Derek and Rossi were all engrossed in files. 

“Okay. Did she give you the date?“ 

“Yes but it’s not good. Pretty much the whole of the building knows about this bet thanks to Derek and his mouth. Everyday for the next four months has a name by it. Although you’ll be pleased to know that people seem to be having more confidence in your ability to break me.”

“Four months. Four fucking months. Seriously?” He couldn’t wait that long. He was going to have to surrender. 

“Yup. Well….. One night had been free. Last Saturday." 

He placed his head in his hands in frustration. It would have been wouldn’t it?

"What do you wanna do?” she asked. 

He thought long and hard about his answer, before leaning his head close to her ear. 

“Truthfully? You, like so fucking badly.”

He detected a slight movement in her face as she processed what he’d said. 

Her voice was so quiet when she turned to him. “Are you saying what I think you’re saying? Because I am not opposed to joining the mile high club.”

He chuckled, “Yes and no. Give me this weekend. I still think I can get you to beg for me and to be honest, I really don’t want to lose but I can’t wait much longer Y/N.”

Glancing around quickly to make sure no one was looking he quickly licked a line up her neck, before murmuring into her ear.

“If you’ve not begged for me to fuck you by Sunday night, then you win. I’ll admit defeat and declare you Queen Tease”

She turned to him, staring him in the eyes.

“And then? What happens after I’m declared winner on Sunday night?" 

"Then I’ll take you home and make you come over and over again until you beg for me to stop. I will have you begging me, one way or another. ”

“So it’s a win win for me then? Queen Tease and a night full of coming onto your mouth?” Her forehead was touching his now, her breath warm on his face. 


“Good. Don’t worry Spence. You might be the loser here, but I’ll make sure you get a pretty good consolidation prize." 

"Y/N, finally tasting you will be all the consolidation prize I need.” He honestly couldn’t believe the words that came out of his mouth when he was around her. She bought out the very best and yet the very worst in him.

Her breath hitched and she leaned in closer, their lips almost touching when a shadow fell over them and they heard a loud cough. 

“No kissing on the jet please.”


Spencer pulled away from Y/N quickly seeing the stern look on his bosses face. 

“Oh and Dr Reid, Agent Y/L/N. Before you even think about it, the mile high club is not all its cracked up to be. Trust me on this.”

Spencer turned took at Y/N, both of them understanding what he was implying and bursting into laughter. 

Daily Notes

Summary: The one time Bucky decides to go get coffee, he finds you, a feisty barista, along the way. Strangely enough, you’re the exact reason he continues to keep coming back.

Word Count: 1,324.

A/N: After many visits to my local Starbucks, I’ve gathered up some inspiration for this fic and I really loved how it came out! Big thanks to my friends @heaventide & @galaxayy for helping me come up with these sweet notes included. Hope you guys enjoy, and as always feedback would be greatly appreciated. 

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James March X Reader fanfiction: Never disrespect the King.

Just to let you know, this will make sence on its own but if you want to know more about James March X Reader, I suggest you check out part 1 :)

hope you enjoy, this is quite long but its basically smut and violence and umm i think thats it but Im doing headcannons now so request please!

Request from: @saracons87 : Reader is James March’s wife, and she is at the bar when she hears people talking badly about her husband, I guess she will have to do something about that, and then maybe she might get a little reward for it!;) Stay cheeky everyone !

So there you were again, drinking at the bar, trying desperately to pass the time, which was seeming to move at a snails pace. You were mid conversation with Liz when two frat boys walked in, that were staying in room 63, next to James’ office. James had said they had a bad aura about them and you believed him, in fact, you could tell yourself. The moment they sat down their eyes were fixed on you. Liz rolled her eyes,

“Excuse me, Im not a waitress your going to need to come over here.” 

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Type: fluff

Request// “do you do anything besides smut? if so, can you do a fluff about a girl who’s really depressed because her dad and stepmom are total assholes and brenny walks in on her relapsing and everything is all cute and cuddly bc they cry together and i need to be in a fucking relationship when that happens oml”

(A/N) Ahahahahahah sorry guys for being dead for so long, it has NOT been the best year for me but I’m dedicated to get more stuff done and get my shit together. & omg guys, thank you so much for 400 followers!! I’m sitting here in bed at 3:56 in the morning almost crying because I didn’t think my writing was that likable. Anyways, have a dribble drabble

Warnings: sneaky Bren, crying, the tiniest bit of angst, self-doubt, back talking, slight physical fight as well as verbal, cursing, :) fluffy Bren (: , !!no smut!! 

Pairing: Brendon Urie x Reader

Word Count: 2.2K

Originally posted by aubergine-dreams

 I finally arrive home after a very long day at school. As I walk through my front door I slightly lower my shoulder so my backpack can slide off and heavily meet the wood floor. I throw my hair into a messy ponytail before slugging myself over to the couch. All I wanted at this moment was a nice nap.

I cross into the main hallway and into the living room. Not even bothering to walk around the couch I flip over from the back of it. Landing face down, the fluffy cushions mold to my body as I reach for a throw pillow to place my head on. Right as I close my eyes I feel my phone vibrate in my back pocket. I groan quietly to myself as I dig it out. Keeping my half my face buried into the pillow I bring the screen to my face to read the text message.

Brendon :)

Hey, how did school go?

Too tired to write a real response I type:

Stupid. Gonna sleep, txt u l8r

I then toss my phone onto the coffee table and melt into the warm couch cushions.


“Y/N! Y/N!”

I’m abruptly yanked out of my dream. My vision goes from black to hazy to a blur. And as my eyes adjust to my surroundings I feel a soft object collide with my face.

“Y/N! Wake up right now!” I turn to realize that my bitch of a stepmother, Sara, had thrown a pillow at me. “I specifically told you to clean the bathroom and the kitchen when you got home. And what have you been doing for the past two hours?”

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Worried - Part 3 - Request

Originally requested by anon:  can you do one where Sherlock comes home from a long case which he finally solved but is beaten up and and bruised and he doesn’t understand why is reader is so worried because Sherlock + human emotions = ?
Winner of Sequel Friday #2

Pairing: Sherlock x reader

Word count: 2,690

Warnings: None, I think.

A/N: I know I said I would add a bit of smut, but I couldn’t find a way of doing so because it would be too rushed. Sorry! Maybe, if you want a third part I will focus on that.


To say that her behaviour changed after Sherlock’s strange confession would be a lie. (Y/N) was still the same professional, friendly, caring girl Sherlock had fallen for within an instant.

She had made sure to take good care of him, and so his bruises were healing and his limping was almost gone. Sherlock was afraid that her interest would be soon lost without his wounds and so he would try his best to get rid of the ice and heat packs whenever she wasn’t looking, or faked to drink the medicine just so it would last a bit more.

“I don’t know, John.” (Y/N) sighed to the phone, “He was fine and now he… He sunk.” She stood silent for a while, and Sherlock observed her from a slight creek on the door. “Yes! I’ve done everything; the bruises are still there… I’m getting worried, John, what if it’s something else?” Sherlock rolled his eyes, “Fine… All right, thank you… Bye.” She hung up, and Sherlock rushed back to the bed before she saw him.

“How’s John?” He asked innocently as she entered the room.

“He’s good. Mary and he are taking the baby to the park for a while and then they will come over.” She replied softly.

She looked bad. Her eye-bags were pretty big by then and her hair was messy, her usually pink lips were pale and her whole complexion seemed to have changed. She looked skinny, and sad.

“Why are you still worried?” He inquired tiredly, “I’m good now.”

“You’re not.” She stated, staying at the door. “The bruises are still there without a single change… It’s like you haven’t been on treatment or something.”

Sherlock hesitated to speak. He knew it was his fault, his own envious fault, wanting to stay ill just for the sake of having her focused only on him. Sherlock knew he had to tell her the truth, he felt bad when seeing her like that, but what if she lost interest?

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Broken Promises (Part 2)

Peter tells you who he is, and you two make up.

Part One


Word Count: 1,882

Warnings: None

Note: This part is a little longer than the first one but it’s still pretty short. I proofread it, but I probably still missed some things. Sorry for any mistakes, hope you enjoy! Xx

You and Peter hadn’t spoken to each other once in the 10 days following your breakup on Homecoming night. You had been having a difficult time since then. Peter had been your best friend and your boyfriend, and to lose him as both at the same time was very hard to deal with.

You had started spending more time with your female friends to keep yourself distracted, but you were still struggling. Lunch was the hardest. You found yourself constantly sneaking glances at your old lunch table and wondering how Peter was doing. Did he miss you like you missed him? Did he even miss you at all?

You were attempting to involve yourself in the conversation at your new lunch table when you felt a tap on your shoulder. You turned to see Ned behind you.

“Hey, y/n, can I talk to you for a minute?”

“Um, sure,” you replied skeptically. Your eyes flickered behind him to see that Peter was no longer at their lunch table before the two of you turned and walked toward the cafeteria exit.

“Okay, what’s up?” You asked as soon as you and Ned were outside of the cafeteria.

“I just wanted to check on you, y/n/n. It’s been over a week since you and Peter broke up. I thought you two would have made up by now for sure,” Ned explained.

“Yeah, I don’t see that happening anytime soon,” you scoffed, “Look, Ned, I love Peter. A lot. And I would like to think that he loves me too, but he doesn’t trust me, and that’s what matters. Eight years of friendship and almost a year of dating don’t mean anything if he can’t even tell me the truth.”

That was probably what hurt the most. You could honestly say that you trusted Peter with your life, but when it came down to it, he couldn’t be honest with you even if it meant throwing your entire relationship away.

“Come on, y/n. you can’t possibly believe that,” Ned replied placatingly, “Peter does trust you. You are one of the most important people in his life. He only ever wants the best for you and has a really good reason for not telling you what’s going on with him right now.”

Ned’s wording made you pause and cock your head at him suspiciously.

“Do you…know what Peter is hiding from me?” you asked him. His deer-caught-in-headlights look was enough of a response for you.

“You do, don’t you?” you accused, “You said that Peter had a ‘good reason’ for lying to me which means that you probably know the reason and what he’s hiding!”


“Tell me, Ned, please,” you pleaded, “What’s going on? Is Peter in some kind of trouble?”

“It’s not that simple, y/n/n,” Ned answered apologetically, “I only found out by accident and I am in no position to just spill a secret this big. Especially without Peter’s consent.”

Ned could see on your face that you were extremely hurt and concerned, but he would not change his mind.

“Just give him some time,” he offered, “Peter has a lot on his plate right now, but I think if you let him sort it all out he’ll come clean to you.”

“Yeah, or come up with a really convincing lie,” you said dejectedly, “It’s fine, though. I’ll see you later, Ned.”

“Bye, y/n/n. I’m really sorry,” he replied.

Me too, bud,’ you thought, ‘Me. Too.

Peter’s POV

With about ten minutes left in lunch, Ned left the cafeteria and found Peter sitting at a table in the library.

“Hey, so, you remember how I said I was going to talk to y/n to try and help you guys fix things?” he asked.

“Yes, I also remember telling you that I didn’t want you to do that,” Peter said warningly.

“Okay, well, don’t freak out, but I kind of didn’t listen…” Ned winced.

“Ned!” Peter whisper-yelled, “Why would you do something like that? What did you say?”

“Well, initially I was trying to see how she had been doing lately since I haven’t spoken to her much lately, but then I was trying to help her see your side of things so that she would forgive you and she kind of figured out that I know your secret,” he gushed guiltily.

“Ned! Do you realize how bad this is? Y/N is never going to forgive me if she thinks that I was willing to trust you with my secret but not her,” Peter groaned.

“I don’t think you have to worry about that part because she knows I only found out by accident, but she’s still hurt. Honestly, Peter, I think you should just tell her,” Ned advised.

“Come on, Ned, you know why I can’t do that. That part of my life is much too dangerous for me to ever involve y/n in. The last thing I’d ever want is for her to get hurt because of me,” Peter said softly.

“But that’s the thing, Peter. It seems like all of the stuff with Vulture has died down since that night and you haven’t had any significantly dangerous encounter since then. I don’t think telling y/n would be putting her in any danger,” Ned reasoned.

When the bell signaling the end of lunch rang, Ned stood up and patted Peter on his shoulder.

“Just think about it, man. Y/N really misses you, and I know you miss her. You can fix this.”

Your POV

The rest of your day was a blur and, before you knew it, you found yourself sitting in your apartment browsing Netflix on your laptop. You had just decided that you were going to re-watch some episodes of Criminal Minds before you started your homework when you heard the comm for your apartment buzz.

I wonder who that could be,’ you wondered as you got up to answer the buzz.

“What’s up, Reggie?” you asked the doorman.

“I have a special delivery of flowers down here for you,” he reported, “Can I send them up?”

Flowers? Who the heck was sending you flowers?

“Yeah, that’s fine, send them up,” you said. When you opened the door to a bouquet of beautiful multi-colored lilies, you were both delighted and baffled.

After thanking the doorman and places the lilies in a vase on your dining room table, you opened the little card that had been attached to the lilies.

Y/N, I am so sorry. For everything. Please allow me a chance to explain myself. I’ll be waiting for you at our place. I miss you. Love, P

You were immediately overwhelmed by a variety of emotions. Peter wanted to fix things. Should you go? It had been over a week since everything had happened, but Ned had said that you should give him time. Besides, he missed you. You should go, if only to hear him out.

You and Peter’s “place” was a pizzeria called Four Sons. It was around the corner from your building and it had some of the best pizza that you had every tasted. You and Peter went there so often that the owner knew you both by name.

When you walked into Four Sons, you immediately spotted Peter sitting in the booth in the back corner of the restaurant. You had always liked the privacy that that booth had afforded you, but the sight of Peter sitting there only intensified your nerves.

Peter stood when he saw you approaching the table.

“Y/N, hi,” he said nervously, “I wasn’t sure if you’d come.”

“I wasn’t either,” you answered honestly as you slid into the seat across from him. Peter had really hurt you, and if he thought he was getting off easy, he had another thing coming.

“Okay,” he winced, “I deserved that. I was awful to you, but I’m really glad you’re giving me a chance to fix this.”

“Right, so, this is all going to sound crazy but I need you to just listen to the entire story before you start asking questions,” he started.

“Okay..” you agreed skeptically. The somber look on his face made you think that whatever Peter was about to tell you probably wasn’t good.

“Do you remember how I got really sick a few months ago, then after, like, a day I was completely fine?” Peter asked. He waited until you nodded in confirmation before continuing.

“Well, after I got better, things started getting really weird for me. I had developed a few, uh, abilities,” he said cautiously.

After pausing to gauge your reaction, Peter continued. “I found out that I was able to do things that I was never able to do before I had gotten sick. Once I figured out how to control my abilities, I started using them to help people. Before long, it became a daily thing. A few months ago, Tony Stark asked me to join him on a trip to Berlin for a mission and, even though it was only a one-time thing, I used that trip to help explain my actions. I was still doing the same thing as before, I just had a better explanation now.”

“What are you trying to tell me, Peter?” You were confused. This entire story didn’t seem to have a point to it.

“Y/N, I’m Spider-Man,” he said bluntly, “And I know that that’s hard to believe, but it’s the reason why I’ve been acting the way that I have.”

You sat and stared at Peter in shock. Spider-Man? Of all the things you’d guessed this conversation would be about, that had not even made the list. You were so preoccupied with your thoughts that you didn’t realize that you hadn’t responded to Peter’s bombshell.

“Y/N? Say something, love. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner, please believe me,” he begged.

“I believe you,” you said finally, “It does sound crazy, but it makes sense. It explains all the bruises that you kept coming to school with and why you’re never around and even the incredible shape you’ve been in for the past couple of months. I thought you joined an underground fight club.”

Peter was overwhelmed with relief at your response. “A fight club?” he chuckled, “Really?

“It isn’t unheard of,” you said defensively, “But why didn’t you just tell me the truth from the start, Pete? I wouldn’t have told anybody.”

“That was never a thought in my head, y/n/n,” he said quickly, “I knew that if I told you my secret that you wouldn’t tell anyone else, but I didn’t want you to get involved in this part of my life. It’s extremely dangerous and I would die if something happened to you. Please forgive me, I was only trying to protect you.”

You didn’t like what Peter had done, but you could understand why he had done it. “Okay. I forgive you.”

“Yes! Thank you so much. I love you and I’ll never hide something this big from you again,” he gushed.

“Yeah, you better not. I’ll kick your ass next time,” you teased.

“Oh, please,” Peter said with a smirk, “I’d like to see you try. I am Spider-Man after all.”

This Means War (part 6)

Summary: Two top CIA operatives wage an epic battle against one another after they discover they are dating the same woman (based on the movie)

Word count: 1910

A/N: hey guys! So hope this chapter isn’t too confusing, there’s gonna be a lot of switches in character during the chapter, much like the last chapter so hope I don’t lose you along the way.

This Means War (Masterlist)

“Just kiss me.”

Bucky frowned, “what? Absolutely not.”

“I’m being serious.” You groaned looking up at him.

“Why would I? No!” He tried to pull away.

“Just kiss me right now.” You begged and glanced to your left seeing they were close.

“I’m not gonna kiss you, you’re bipolar.”

“Just-” you rolled your eyes and leaned up pressing your lips to his.

He was reluctant at first but he relaxed and held your waist kissing you back.

“(Y/N)… Uh..” someone called out but you were too caught up in the kiss to remember what was going on.

“(Y/N), hey!” They called out again.

You pulled away and Bucky chased your lips.

“There you are.” Clint smiled awkwardly, Natasha at his side.

“Oh. Oh, Clint.” You pulled away smiling. “Oh my god, that is so funny running into you again.” You chuckled, “um this is my boyfriend Bucky.” You said, looking up at Bucky silently pleading for him to go along with the plan.

“Huh.” Clint nodded.

“He, uh- he’s the surgeon we were talking about.” You explained as Bucky kept quiet.

“Oh.” Clint nodded looking awkward.

“Yeah…” You trailed off.

Everyone nodded not saying anything. You looked up at Bucky again silently pleading for him to say something.

Bucky turned away from you and looked at Clint. “Neurosurgeon. I’m the department head at the Children’s Hospital. “  Bucky shook Clint hand.

“Wow that’s amazing.” Natasha nodded impressed.

“He is, he really is.” You gushed wrapping your arm around his waist.

“Oh stop it.” Bucky said modestly looking down at you happily.

“Amazing?” Clint mumbled.

“ i’ve got to be honest with you, I don’t know what makes me happier, the smile of a child’s face, or waking up next to you every morning. “ he looked deeply into your eyes. You’d melt if you didn’t hate him.

“I love you.” You both said at the same time.

“I love you.” He repeated .

“I love you too.” You giggled and kissed him softly. “That’s so funny.” You grinned.

“Jinx.” He chuckled.

Clint just stared at you both looking annoyed.

“We’re really happy.” You smiled looking at Clint.

“Yeah, we are.” Bucky agreed looking at both of them. “But I mean, who wouldn’t be happy with a girl like this? I mean she’s got everything.” He looked down at you, “she’s got the beauty, the style, the grace.”

You blush, “he’s so sweet to me.”

“Did you know she was a gymnast in high school?” He asked proudly.

“No, I didn’t know that.” Clint said.

“Didn’t think so.” Bucky smirked.

“Yeah, he likes it.” You smirk looking up at Bucky.

“Ooh.” He chuckled and looked down at you adoringly. “Frisky I love it.”

“Yeah.” You chuckled and he leaned down to kiss you again.

“Can you do that thing on the high bar?” He whispered.

“Yeah, I think we should probably get going…” Clint cleared his throat.

“Oh.” You both looked up as if forgetting they were there.

“Carl, it was such a pleasure. We gotta go.” Bucky shook his hand.

“Uh, i mean it’s Clint. “ he corrected.

“Um, that’s cool.” Bucky nodded, “great meeting you..Clint yeah whatever.”

“It was really nice meeting you.” Natasha smiled at Bucky.

“Yes really nice, such a pleasure.” Bucky kissed her hand.

“Oh look at that, kiss on the hand.” Clint mumbled to himself.

“You are so lucky.” Natasha told you.

You both chuckled, “ugh I know.”

Everyone exchanged goodbyes as they walked off.

“Goodbye Cyrus.” Bucky said.

“It’s Clint!” He yelled back.

You looked up at Bucky, “thank you so much.” You whispered.

“I’m sorry what did you say? My ears a little deaf.” He smirked leaning forward.

“I said thank you, thank you.” You sighed. “You don’t have to be annoying about it.”

Bucky chuckled, “do you wanna go grab a bite? I know a pizza place around the corner.”

You sighed.

“You owe me an explanation for whatever that was…” he said.

“Okay, you’re right, I do.” You agreed.

“Yeah?” He smiled.

“Sure.” You nod.

“Okay.” He smiled and led you to the restaurant.

A few minutes later you were both sitting by the bar in the pizza place and you were sharing your life story. “So I packed up my entire life and I followed him out here, then six months later I found him in bed with a Pilates instructor.”

Bucky nodded as he listened intently to what you were saying.

“He’s just not the guy I thought he was, I made a mistake.” You shrugged.

“I don’t believe in mistakes.” Bucky said.

“Well that’s a very convenient philosophy for someone like yourself.” You smirked.

He chuckled, “I just think that it’s the mistakes that make us who we are. They led you here right? I mean would you rather be back in Atlanta right now?”

You thought about it, “well no not really.”

“They also led you to your job, you like your job right?” He raised a brow.

“Well I love my job.” You smiled.

“So there you go.” He smiled. “Just saying.” He shrugged.

You grinned squinting your eyes at him, “you’re very smart.”

“Mmhm.” He grinned.

“Pretty smart for a club rat.” You chuckled.

“Ouch.” He laughed.

You smiled, he wasn’t so bad after all.

Back at work, Bucky walked inside with his lunch for the day.

“Good morning sir.” An agent smiled at him.

“Good morning.” He smiled.

“Wow sir, the lady from last night was so pretty.” Peter smiled at Bucky.

Bucky smirked but stopped, “wait, how do you know?”

Peter’s eyes widened and he rolled his chair back to his station.

“Steve.” Bucky mumbled and walked off towards Steve.

“You recon’d my date.” Bucky crosses his arms.

“What? What no…” Steve shook his head.

“Yeah, You did.” Bucky stared him down.

“Okay. I’m sorry, I did. I recon’d your date.” He said feeling guilty.

“We has a deal.” Bucky frowned.

“I know, I’m sorry. Look I just started thinking-“

“Oh, You started thinking?”Bucky raised a brow.

“I had to find out- I don’t know.” He said softly.

“So if there was some action, what were you gonna do? Huh? Call in special ops?” He glared.

“What? No..”

“Sniper squad? Take me out?”

“No, no. I mean-“ Steve was cut off by nick fury.

“Our Munich office got a hit back on one of Schmidt’s men from Hong Kong.” He handed bucky the folder, “his name is Grant Ward, here’s a surveillance file from the DFS in Mexico.”

Bucky flipped through the pictures as Fury kept talking. “We expect he’s trying to get Schmidt into the country through L.A harbor… chatter suggests that Grant lives here in LA. Now, flush him out.” He turned and walked out of the building.

“She’s definitely lost her sparkle.” Bucky muttered as he read over the file. “Alright you flag Interpol, I’ll call some of our contacts.” Bucky dropped the file on Steve’s desk and walked off towards his desk.

Steve sighed and looked up at Bucky across from him, “I really like this girl.”

“I really like her too.” Bucky said looking down at his iPad.

“No, I really, really like her.” Bucky emphasized.

“So do I.” Bucky glanced at him.

“You do?” Steve asked, not believing him.

“Yeah, I do.” Bucky said matter factly.

“So you’re not backing off?” Steve asked.


“Okay.” Steve looked down at the file. “Then you ought to know that when we went out on our date, (Y/N) and I, we um…” he trailed off.

“What? Get on with it.” Bucky asked.

Steve shrugged.

“What? What did you do?” Bucky asked kind of annoyed.

Steve sighed, “We shared a kiss.”

“Wow.” Bucky acted amazed.

“Mmhm.” Steve nodded.

“An incredible magic kiss with tongue.” Bucky teased. “Oh dear, wonderful.”

“You are an animal.” Steve shook his head.

“Look pal, we kissed too. It was pretty special. I don’t think it’ll be the last.” Bucky looked through his papers.

“Well, we’ll see about that, won’t we?” Steve said.

“We shall see about that.” Bucky repeated.

“Yes we will, we will see about that.” Steve said again.

Bucky looked up at Steve, “don’t do that. Don’t say what I just said.”

“We will see about that.” Steve said but louder. “About that we will see. We will see about that. About that we will see.” Steve continued to annoy Bucky.

“Right. This is a live operation, it’s a full wrap and two boys. I want parabolics, infrareds, sat cams, everything we got on the job.” Steve told his men.

Bucky stood infront of his men, “i want you to acquire intel on one (Y/N) (Y/L/N). What are her secret likes….”

“…dislikes. I want to know what makes her laugh. What makes her cry…” Steve continued.

“Best friends, family members.” Bucky said.

“Everything is important.” Steve said.

“And the last three guys she was with.” Bucky added.

“What guys she was with last week.” Steve said.

“Do you want us to take them out?” One of Bucky’s men asked.

“Ye- nah.” Bucky shook his head.

“Do we take them out?” Steve’s men asked.

“No.” Steve shook his head.

“I’m sorry but, what exactly does this have to do with Schmidt?” Bucks men asked.

“That’s level five classified.” Bucky answered.

“-with Schmidt?”

“That’s level five classification.” Steve told his men.

“For my eyes only.” Bucky looked at his men. “This operation is top secret. Don’t let your country down boys.” He nods.

“Roger that.” His men nod.

You were in your apartment dancing while you made dinner.

“This is how you do it!” You sang off tune as you danced over to turn on your tv.

Steve peeked in through the balcony and noticed you weren’t paying attention so he slid inside and quickly hid behind the couch as you walked back to the kitchen.

Once you were there, Steve stood up and walked to your bookshelf and set up a bug In a ceramic car.

You shimmied over to the bathroom and in that moment Steve snuck back out of the apartment.

You opened the bathroom door and went inside and Bucky slid down the stairs quietly and put a bug in your lamp. He saw a poster in the wall and smirked before he hid behind another wall waiting for you to move.

“This is how we do it!” You sang as you walked out of the bathroom and saw something on your open laptop, “aww.” You looked at the puppy before going back to the kitchen.

Bucky made sure the coast was clear and he looked at you screen getting another idea. He quickly hid when you turned and hid beside the shelf out of your field of vision.

He chuckled watching you dance before going out a window and leaving.

Steve was in his desk the next day at work. Trying to throw paper balls Into the trash can but missing.

Bucky smirked and threw one that landed in the can.

Steve looked over and glared. He grabbed another and made the shot.

Bucky did the same making another shot.

They both continued throwing ball after ball until nick fury walked inside.

“What the hells is going on in here?” Fury yelled.  

Both boys scrambled sprite in their chairs.

“Nothing.” They said simultaneously.

“well I’m sorry to interrupt playtime, but we have an address on Grant ward. “ he said. “ and I thought maybe you boys wanted to get out of the office.”

“Absolutely.” Bucky and Steve both stood up quicker than they ever have.

A/N: okay! so that might have been a tad confusing. so basically steve and bucky both want the reader so they trick their fellow agents to spy on the reader by saying that its part of the mission when its really not. they switch back and forth a lot and its basically them just telling their men to spy on the reader and thats it. 

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A New Beginning

Chapter Five:

Warnings: angst, light smut, fluff

(Prologue) (Chapter One) (Chapter Two) (Chapter Three) (Chapter Four) (Chapter Six)

“I’ve missed you…I’ve missed your touch…” You moaned into Bucky’s lips, enjoying the feeling of his hips grinding against your core.

“I’ve missed you too…the sounds you make whenever I touch you…” His flesh hand slid in between your legs and unbuttoned your jeans.

“I want you…” You moaned at the contrast of feeling as his freezing metal hand slide underneath your panties. “Shit, Buck, your hand is freezing…”

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Six months after graduating from Tulane University, Sadie Neal is on a one-way trip to Buffalo, New York to start her first real, big girl job with the local professional hockey team, the Buffalo Sabres. The problem? Sadie knows next to nothing about hockey. They use pucks, not balls. They wear skates, not cleats. And they play on ice, not grass. That’s it. How is she supposed to represent them on social media when she doesn’t even know what icing means outside of baking?

Louis Tomlinson (#91 / RW) is coming off a career high season (79 games, 20 goals, 30 assists, 50 total points) that he’s trying to recreate. The goal: Lord Stanley’s Cup. There’s a magic in the locker room that feels like it could be their year. He stays focused by keeping hockey and his personal life separate. Everyone knows that.

Everyone except Sadie.

Bright Eyes / chapter one

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Reminding me

Gasp, how dare I making ANGST. Lamo, as if it was a surprise. Anyways, have fun! <3

Part of 200-500 series. 

Disclaimer: Voltron doesn’t belong to me. 

The echo of the door slamming close echoes around the department but Lance doesn’t even flinch.

He lays on his bed, arm on his forehead and eyes staring at the ceiling. He feels a how his stomach turns unpleasantly when he realizes there are no more familiar cracks on it, no glowing plastic stars or the faint stains of paint.

There’s no more and Lance’s heart aches.

The sound of the city at night is louder as ever but Lance blocks it out efficiently. The car honking and laughter from passing people is muffled and it’s not enough to bring him out of his trance.

Not until his cellphone screen comes to life and lights up half of the dark room.

He doesn’t hesitate. He knows who it is.

“Hey.” He breaths out, sounding like he had just run an entire marathon, “Hey, Keith.”

Someone shifts from the other side of the line and Lance wait and only sighs in relief when Keith’s soft voice appears after a few second sin silence. “Hey, Lance.”

Lance takes a deep breath and presses a hand over his heart, trying to control its erratic beats. “How are you?”


Lance laughs humorlessly. “Welcome to the club, buddy.”

Keith chuckles quietly. “Yey.” He says sarcastically with a flat tone and Lance can’t help but smile fondly before it falls, reality hitting him hard in the stomach.

“Is he…?” Lance trails off but Keith knows him a little too well.

“Sleeping.” Keith says, resigned and tired, “He…I know it’s not his fault but…He keeps reminding me of how good it was…”

“I know.” Lance whispers, closing his eyes and allowing himself to imagine that Keith’s right beside him, the image bring his little comfort. “She keeps reminding me that you’re still gone.”

“I’m trying, Lance.” Keith whines, sighing exhausted and Lance’s heart hurts at the desperation in his voice, “I’m trying to forget you but I can’t ….not with all these memories I keep hanging to. I just can’t…I don’t want to but…”

“You have to.” Lance sighs, eyes burning and heart aching, “I…I never should’ve left.”

“But you did.” Keith replies with no anger and no judgment, only sadness. “And he will keep reminding me of that.”

BTS series; Are you bulletproof?

PART THIRTEEN<<                                                  >>PART FIFTEEN 


Word count: 5.5k

A/N: FINISHED CHAPTER 14 AT 5:38 Can you figure out who Jimin’s person is, or who is Y/N’s? (it’s pretty easy)

Where you left off:

“She doesn’t deserve to be hurt…” Yoongi whispered, standing up.

Namjoon didn’t say anything, but walked along with the older boy to their room. Yoongi never stopped cursing himself for hurting you while Jimin and Jungkook were out looking for you.

“Y/N!!!” Jimin screamed through the empty streets.

“Where could she have gone? I mean, we’re in Japan…” Jungkook questioned, looking at his hyung worried.

“I don’t know… She is probably going back to the hotel later” Jimin answered, scanning the streets once more.

“I want her home with us… I don’t like the idea of her being out here, or elsewhere without us” Jungkook spoke, while walking alongside Jimin.

“Me too, Jungkook. Me too…” Jimin finished.  

After two hours of walking and looking, the youngsters gave up looking for you. On their way, back to the hotel. Jimin noticed the receptionist signalling them, to come over to the desk.

“Yes?” Jimin asked curiously, with his rusty Japanese.

“You two are part of Bangtan boys, aren’t you?” The receptionist questioned.

“Yea, we are.” Jungkook answered, without hesitating.

“I think one of your group members is in the staff lounge, Y/N? She didn’t look well, so we assisted her to go in there.” The receptionist whispered.

Jimin and Jungkook looked at each other, not knowing what to say. The receptionist gestured them to follow her, as she walked towards the staff lounge. They silently walked behind her, curious what they will see. The fact she told them you didn’t look well, had their minds running wild.

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