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Can you believe that Richie and Beverly were good friends and went to the movies together and smoked and they liked each other even if richie could be annoying and now he’s talking shit and she only has like interactions with bill and Ben and she only had like a line or two with the others I can’t be the only one petty about this


and it’s the s w e e t e s t  bloody thing

Inertia [EruRi]

Modern AU. Sometimes they go out and pretend they don’t know each other. Gently nudges this at @zedsdead1001 Thank you for having such lovely headcanons and for being such a sweetheart. Someone help them, they’re so dorky.  Rated M I guess? For dirty dancing… Ao3

He slammed the taxi door and stood on the curb, pausing to let a thrill slither up his spine, prickling at the back of his neck.  Throbbing bass spilled out the open door alongside flickering lights that caused the shadows cast by the bouncers to dance across the sidewalk.  Two women stumbled out of the club, the shorter of the two pausing to toss her head back and laugh, unselfconscious and bright, bubbling over the noise of the club.  The other woman spun her in a circle, dipping to mouth along her neck, trailing a hand down her back, winding the other up into her hair.  The little blonde’s fluttering laugh slid low and Levi shivered, pushed his way into the rolling noise of the club that reverberated until it was palpable.  His lips pulled back from his teeth, wolfish.  He liked the chase.

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College!AU: Aomine, Midorima, Kasamatsu, Haizaki, and Sakurai are invited to their first ever wild-ass party for the weekend. Drugs everywhere, music blaring, guys passed out on the ceiling, etc. Eventually it gets out of hand and people end up in some crazy shit. What kind of shennanigans are the boys up to? Go crazy.

It’s time for big fun, big fun!

Kasamatsu: Not sure how he got in the middle of a crowd of dancing people, Kasamatsu tries to find the quickest way out. It’s all easier said than done though when there’s a person gyrating their hips against his, holding him in place.

“I need to get going,” he tries to explain, but his voice is way beyond drowned out by the blaring music.

The person against him mistakes his words for approval for their actions and they take it a bit further, pressing against him. Hard.

Aomine: Never one to back down from a challenge, Aomine watches as the guy mixing all the drinks sets the small shot glass on fire. All he had to do was down it quickly and there shouldn’t be much of a problem, right? He was sure he’d get it right on the first try.

“I get this and you owe me more,” he says, cocky as he quickly picks up the shot and downs the alcohol.

He doesn’t expect the sudden burn in his throat and definitely doesn’t expect the lick of the flames. Coughing, he drops the glass and it shatters upon impact.

Sakurai: He remembered being so pent up when he first arrived at the party, unsure if it was a good idea to be there in the first place. A few drinks later though and Sakurai was feeling so much better, muscles beyond relaxed. It probably helped that he was floating around lazily in the pool.

“It’s a little cold out tonight,” he whispered to nobody in particular, his mind focused on maybe getting another drink.

Before he could leave the water though, he really had to figure out where he’d left all his clothes.

Midorima: Sitting on the sofa was supposed to be something he could do to keep out of trouble, but the people of the party seemed to have other plans for Midorima. He soon found himself surrounded by a group, each person chatting it up rather loudly as they tried to get him to join in the conversation.

He hadn’t noticed when they began passing something around the circle, smoke spilling from their lips and filling the air immediately around them.

“You want a hit?” The question didn’t register in his mind at first, his thoughts hazy from secondhand. Why did he feel the urge to say yes?

Haizaki: Despite this being his first college party, Haizaki walks around like he’s an expert at it all. Well, more like he stumbles around, the contents of his cup sloshing around and sometimes tipping over onto the bodies he has to step over as he walks through the house.

“Hey, you want to go somewhere with me?” He has his arm around a girl, ignoring her friends and the other guy she’d been talking to.

He’d heard about Freshman Fifteen and, despite being a first year in college himself, he planned to accomplish that legendary title by the end of the night.

Sometimes I get sad, but then I remember that Eric Bittle has canonically worn a dress.

(Also, I imagine that the Haus has hosted at least one murder mystery party [well actually, probably only one, if the Settlers of Catan Incident is to be believed]. 

Anyway, it’s set in a speakeasy and some of the SMH dudes have female characters because watchagunnado. Probably Shitty, Nursey, and Bitty all play women [Lardo has a gender-neutral role: she’s the inspector], but darlin’ Bits goes all out–naturally–and poor Jacques Laurent nearly has an aneurism.

Because of the historical inaccuracies, of course. Yeah…..)


Delena + their baby pictures


BGC Girls Natalie, Sarah, and Judi remake Beyonce’s 7/11