club blow up

Types as Things My Upstairs Neighbors Do At 3 AM

INTJ: Waterboarding their enemies in their interrogation room
ENTJ: Botching a peace treaty with the rival gang across the the hall
INFP: Fifty Shades of Gray scenes
ENFP: Having an orgy with a barn full of animals
ISTJ: Building an indoor skatepark
ESTJ: Reenactment of the Civil War
ISFP: Bringing home all the shelter dogs
ESFP: Opening night at their in-home strip club
INTP: Blowing up their kitchen meth lab
ENTP: Impromptu bowling using metal chairs as pins and a tube tv as a ball
ESFJ: Drowning all of the neighborhood children
INFJ: Hosting an intervention
ENFJ: Taping a reality tv show
ISTP: Breakdancing in brick shoes
ESTP: Shredding the indoor skatepark

NT’S HALLOWEEN COUNTDOWN (featuring my favourite spooky fics): 10/10

painted blind by nasri

“ They cook lunch to Chopin and curl into each other with Peter and Wendy between them and when it starts to rain, a soft, steady, drip, the shadow runs its fingers over pages in the half light; my love, my love, my love. “

Gen // MM // Bilbo Baggins/Thorin Oakenshield // Modern AU, supernatural elements, haunted house