The Study Buddies Project

The Basics:

How does it work? 

You simply fill out this form, I get the information and pair you with a studyblr I thin you’d get along with based on what you’ve told me. Then, you get a message from me letting you know who your buddy is. 


Sometimes it’s hard to talk to people. This way, not only is your buddy expecting you but you also know they want to talk to you and become friends. I hope to build lasting relationships where fellow studyblrs can help, advise, support and encourage each other.

How are buddies assigned? What if I don’t get along with my buddy?

I look at hobbies, interests, likes and dislikes, field of study and age as well as the “What You Want” section and find compatible matches. If you guys don’t click though, you can always apply again to get a new buddy. 

Is this only for studyblrs?

No, this is aimed at studyblrs but even if you’re not one you can apply. Please note that there is an option for studyblrs to choose to only be paired with studyblrs. This is because I know some study blogs only follow other studyblogs, etc.

Sounds good! how do I join?

Easy! Just reblog this post and complete the form here and I’ll contact you once the pairing has been done.

*PLEASE NOTE: The pairing process will begin on Monday the 19th of February and will be ongoing from then on