clu two

Just Married

Pairing: Y/N/Luke

Rating: NC-17

Request: Yes

Words: 4.000+

Summary: Wedding Smut w. you and Luke on your Honeymoon to Bora Bora

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Breaking News: Youth buys new pants. Wears them.

Despite Saiki’s best attempts to keep his monthly check-ups/hang outs/bitch-fests with Shigeo a secret, and despite the younger boy’s best attempts to acquiesce to the surly high schooler’s need for privacy, the two boys were interrupted their 4th month into the arrangement, halfway through snack-time at a local cafe in Spice City, by a surly middle schooler attempting to loom over the two. 

Cluing in to the recognition on Shigeo’s face, and, more tellingly, the harried ‘Nii-san’ that scuttled across Saiki’s mind space, Saiki determined that this was the time for introductions and not for making a swift exit via teleport. Shigeo had warned him regarding the alarming number of ESPers in Spice City who were anything but friendly, but, honestly, Saiki didn’t need Mob’s ability to see psychic auras to know that he could easily take this kid down if his assumption turned out wrong. 

More stuff for the Mob Psycho 100/Saiki Kusuo crossover I’ve been thinking about. Since I’m out a tablet atm this is mixed media, for once. It’s been a while. 

Please, please, consider this crossover. Come talk to me about it anytime. 

i. I thought that we were gonna stand and fight?
I thought we were gonna fight for us?

ii. But I forgot, I forgot you weren’t like me.
You weren’t of divine blood, nor of divine coutenance.

iii. It was easy to forget that you weren’t like me because in my eyes, you were invincible. In my eyes, you were my holy ground.

iv. Call me a sinner. Call me blasphemous, but I worship the very ground that you tread. Because there are no gods, for the only god is you.

v. I’m so sorry that I forgot.
you’re not invincible.
you’re not untouchable.
you’re not divine ( you are, but I regret )

vi. I’m sorry.
I’m sorry.
I’m sorry.
I’m sorry.
I’m sorry.

vii. If I could, I would break the stars, and resurrect the sun, if it meant bringing you home ( home is in my arms ).

viii. ( What has Hector ever done to me? )
( I hope that Hector kills you.)
( Do you think that I do not hope for the same? )

viiii. ( Achilles )
( Pa-tro-clus )

—  they were just two boys on a mountain // [ b.a.n. ]

[two weeks earlier]

piper: are you sure you have to go?
alice: [laughing] yes, piper, i’m sure, unless you want to be out on the streets
piper: i’m fine with that…as long as it’s with you
alice: [giggling] it won’t be with me! i’ll die out there!
piper: please stay…just five more minutes, maybe ten? please?
alice: [smiling] i’m sorry piper, i gotta go, i’ll be back soon
piper: you promise?
alice: i promise
[alice leaves]
piper: [quietly] i love you…


Little Mix - Get Weird (DELUXE)

1) Black Magic.2) Love Me Like You.3) Weird People.4) Secret Love Song ft. Jason Derulo.5) Hair.6) Grown.7) I Love You.8) OMG.9) Lightning.10) A.D.I.D.A.S.11) Love Me or Leave Me.12) The End.13) I Won’t.14) Secret Love Song (Part II)15) Clued Up.16) The Beginning.