I have been away for a while, busy with work and specially getting those illustrations done for the Penthouse magazine :) yeah baby!

This was done yesterday at the Drawing club in Nucleus gallery. Slowly coming back! Enjoy

Outfit for travelling by ferned featuring a diamond bracelet

Clu t shirt, 140 AUD / J Brand blue jacket / Rag & bone black skinny jeans, 410 AUD / Converse shoes, 95 AUD / Balenciaga leather handbag, 1 810 AUD / Burberry diamond bracelet, 855 AUD / ASOS silver ring, 16 AUD / Ray-Ban round sunglasses, 230 AUD / Marc by Marc Jacobs tech accessory, 51 AUD / Topshop fringed shawl, 27 AUD

firstclu asked:

"I don't like bullies; I don't care where they're from."

The voice freezes him in place, and Jet turns around very slowly, right hand positioned on his forearm disc holster. There is no way…

The face also gives him a scare. The way he’s got his chin just slightly up, the nose (that Sam managed to inherit), the eyes…he hasn’t seen that face since he was seven. The circuitry is flashy and elaborate, meaning he’s not native to this system. Maybe a hacking script or a back-alley warez dealer. The color is probably not native to the system either, though Jet can’t place it. 

“Who…are you?”