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A Standing Ovation Ch.5: Game Abandonment, Pt. 1

Refer to: Cast

The standing ovation given by the spectators is shaking the whole stadium.

It is probably because Kanshirou Munakata has hit a third consecutive home run for the second time today.

However the result itself meant nothing to Izaya Orihara.

The target of his interests is the movement of the human heart brought out from that result, in other words ‘kandou,’ which controls the body.

Consequently, imagining the emotions of each person resounding in the stadium from the immense standing ovation, Izaya decided to reflect upon the happiness thoroughly.

The same as the loneliness of smelling nothing but the splendorous meal placed in front of you, for Izaya right now just by thinking of the people’s joy or the lament of the pitcher he can truly feel alive.

“You’re making quite a delightful face, Izaya Orihara-kun.”

A voice with various emotions feigned in an astounding amount of calm resounds to Izaya immersed in conceited joy.

While taking in the heat within that complex voice, Izaya has a gentle smile on his face and moves his wheelchair to the direction of the voice.

“Of course, it’s because I have been able to meet with you. President of the baseball stadium Ryuusei Takioka.”

“That’s the most important. Call me ‘executive.’“

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“When I started coaching him, he was in his second year of elementary school. He was pure and innocent, yet mischievous. His mother worked very hard to keep him in line…

“When he was little, he’d get in arguments with his [rink]mates on a daily basis. Even if he’d end up crying, he wouldn’t regret it… 

“I think he’s grown quite a bit. But Yuzuru Hanyu’s original nature has not changed.”

– Shoichiro Tsuzuki, Yuzuru Hanyu’s previous coach (x)

Transcript of “THE DOUCHEBAG”

(Isak is on the phone with Eskild)

Isak: No, but Eskild, if he’s sleeping, then just let him sleep.

Eskild: So I shouldn’t wake him up and ask how he’s doing?

Isak: No, why should you do that?

Eskild, No, I don’t know. You told me I was supposed to look after him.

Isak: Yeah, I told you to keep an eye on him because he’s depressed, not watch over him like he’s a baby. Just let him sleep.

Eskild: Yeah, I think he just woke up. Talk to you later.

Vilde: Hi Isak!

Isak: Hi Vilde.

Vilde: Did you see the message I posted in Kosegruppa?

Isak: Uhh.. Yeah, Kosegruppa.. No, I didn’t.

Vilde: Why are you laughing?

Isak: No, I had just almost forgotten Kosegruppa existed.

Vilde: You’re still in? The revue starts now. You can’t just be in on the partying and not the work.

Isak: Of course I’m still in on Kosegruppa, Vilde! What do you think of me?

Vilde: Yeah, because all the groups are going to have a Christmas gathering on Friday and the rave pre-party at yours went so well, so I was wondering if we could have it at your place?

Isak: Yeah. 

Vilde: Yeah? Is it cool with your flat mates?

Isak: Yeah, it’s probably fine.

Vilde: Good! Then I’ll send out the invitations. 

Isak: Go ahead!

Isak: Hey.

Emma: Hi.

Isak: There’s this douchebag in second grade who’s going to have this Christmas gathering with Kosegruppa on Friday, so he’s wondering if you want to come because he thinks that would be very nice.

Emma: I have switched to th PR-group, so..

Isak: I understand.

Emma: But you should tell the douchebag I’m very glad he asked.

Isak: Yeah, I’ll tell the douchebag. He’ll appreciate that. 

Emma: Do that.

Isak: Yes.

Emma: Yeah, bye. 

Chirin no Suzu

Chirin’s Bell (Ringing Bell)
by Yanase Takashi

This post is very image-heavy.

After 100000 years, I’m finally done translating this book. 

A quote mentioned by Kaneki during Arima’s death and the quote used for that one illustration of Arima, which you can view here, is from the book version and the line wasn’t really in the movie. There are also a couple of differences between the book and movie which you’ll notice as you go along the story.

This is a children’s book btw. Trust me, it is.

I will not be putting the full images here for certain reasons but if you want to purchase the book, you can do so here

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NDRV3 Character Trailer 2

Under a read more for space purposes!

Look for @kaibutsushidousha‘s version in a little while too if you want to watch with nice subtitles and to see what split-second frames are hidden in this video!

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reddiens  asked:

OH GOd, I just watched the second trailer (the I love you one) in polish AND they translated 'what's the very worst thing you can do to your friendS' into FRIEND, they show John, and then instead of tell THEM your darkest secret is 'share your darkest secret' and then there is the i love you scene aND I can't breathe


I love how other countries just don’t give a shit anymore. THEY’RE JUST AS TIRED OF WAITING AS WE ARE.



hey! i translated a small part of one of the stories in the most recent TG novel “quest”! it’s the part with touka and nishiki in the story called “tension.”

it didn’t seem to me that this had been done already, though i didn’t do a lot of searching. additionally, i’m pretty uncertain about a lot of parts in my translation (esp. dialogue), and, i welcome any corrections or tips. for the most part, i just did this for my own japanese practice/enjoyment and also bc i adore touka, and am just sharing in case anyone is interested :)

hope you all are having a good day~

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Q。When receiving presents, what gift would you love to get?”

“I’m not really that into Christmas, but I wouldn’t turn down something like cake… I mean—it’s okay, it’s not like I really care, alright!?

Back when I was boxing, I had to keep my weight down so I wasn’t able to eat what I wanted, but now that I don’t do it anymore, I can’t help wanting to eat something sweet when I see it, that’s all! …Don’t go telling Munakata or Yukizome about this. If they found out, they’d buy me a bunch.”

If anyone ever asks you what “gap moe” means, just show them this.

Text on the TG:re stickers

The stickers have some form of text on them, so I’ve translated most of them save for a couple that I couldn’t get. Please let me know if you find any mistakes!

  1. Kuroneki: Welcome!
  2. Touka: Hah?
  3. Hide: Ossu! (Yo!)
  4. Rize: Ufu (laugh)
  5. Yoshimura: Just one cup.
  6. Yomo: …
  7. Koma: This is what cleaning is.
  8. Irimi: Ara? (Oh?)
  9. Uta: Do you have it?
  10. Itori: Drink up, what’s your name?
  11. Yoriko: Eat ♫
  12. Hinami: Yeah!
  13. Ryouko: Oh dear
  14. Nishiki: That piece of shit!!
  15. Kimi: A date?
  16. Amon: It’s a ghoul!!
  17. Mado: Kukuku…
  18. Tsukiyama: Hmmph…
  19. Souta: Hai hai (Of course, of course)
  20. Madam A: Ohoho
  21. Taro cradling Kaneki in his arms: Yoshi yoshi (Yup yup)
  22. Banjou: Let’s go!
  23. Ichimi, Jiro and Sante: What do we do?
  24. Shinohara: Yeah, yeah.
  25. Houji: *chuckle*
  26. Seidou: *whoosh*
  27. White-haired Juuzou: Desu?
  28. Yamori: I’ll take everything from you.
  29. Nico: Love (on the heart)
  30. Ayato: There’s nowhere for you to go…
  31. Tatara: Good! (好!)
  32. Eto: Hmm
  33. Noro: ?
  34. Bin Brothers: Older brother/younger brother
  35. Marude: Charge!!
  36. Mabuchi: The feeling of being alive…!
  37. Kuroiwa: Mm.
  38. Gori: Hmph.
  39. Arima: Stand by.
  40. Hirako: Understood.
  41. Shironeki: What’s 1000-7?
  42. Arata: *lights up*
  43. Ayato and Kaneki: I’ll half kill you.
  44. Yoshitoki: I’m nominating you!
  45. Tsuneyoshi: I command you!
  46. Donato: I see.
  47. Akira: I decline.
  48. Kanou: Here’s your medicine.
  49. Kurona and Nashiro: Older sister/younger sister
  50. Shachi: *menacing* (ゴゴゴ)
  51. Naki: *crying*
  52. Maris Stella: Nyan.
  53. Amon doing push-ups: I’m the one who’s inexperienced!!
  54. Takatsuki Sen: The manuscript? It’s not done yet.
  55. Shiono: How are things progressing…
  56. Ui: Jeez…
  57. Mougan: Mmm boy.
  58. Haisaki: Such a busy position…
  59. Kiyoko: Still absent?
  60. Roma: Aha
  61. Hachikawa: Ahh?
  62. Ayumu: Huh?
  63. Kuramoto: So cool!!
  64. Haise: These are your superior’s orders.
  65. Urie: Promotion, promotion.
  66. Shirazu: Ugh ugh!
  67. Mutsuki: Um…
  68. Saiko: Night!
  69. :re Touka: Welcome back.
  70. :re Ayato: There’s no point?
  71. Hinami: *worried*
  72. Torso: My lover…
  73. Nutcracker: Am I beautiful?
  74. Shimoguchi: Hah~
  75. Bujin: Ah
  76. Kanae: My pride…!
  77. Chie: Oh, really?
  78. :re Naki: First one to burst into laughter.
  79. Miza: Don’t call me an old lady
  80. Seidou (Owl): Freshly picked!!
  81. Matsuri: Sukori… (I’m not sure about this, I apologize)
  82. Black-haired Juuzou: Desu!
  83. Hanbee and Nakarai: Snack time…!!
  84. Tamaki and Mikage: Time to go home…!!
  85. Big Madam: Guhohoho!
  86. Fura: No smoking
  87. Hairu: Shoya! (Right? in Hokkaido dialect)
  88. Okahira: This Okahira will win…!
  89. Kijima: Oya?
  90. Furuta: Whatever are you up to?
  91. Mirumo and Matsumae: Shuu-kun…
  92. Shousei and Hooguro: Aniki!
  93. Shikorae: Whatcha doin’
  94. Hakatori: Stop it.
  95. Black Reaper Kaneki: *crash*
  96. Higemaru: Just like I expected!!
  97. Aura: I’m fine with either.
  98. Shao: I’ll kill you.
  99. :re Tsukiyama: Très bien!!
  100. OEK Kaneki: I’m home.

NDRV3 Famitsu Info for November 2nd, 2016!

It’s NOT that time of the week yet, but since there are scans on the internet somehow let’s do this thing.

Thanks to @taichinchin for sending me the scans, who I believe got them from @valwinz? I’m borrowing yours til I get the magazine tomorrow night and then I’ll swap ‘em out for my own. (As I said, I’m weird and have a bizarre honor code about this kind of thing.)

Update: I’ve picked up my own copy of Famitsu as of early this morning, so I’ve uploaded my own (less nice-looking) scans. Thanks for letting me temporarily borrow yours! Also gonna run through now and fix up anything I couldn’t clearly read before.

Translations under the cut, as per usual.

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NDRV3 Trailer Rough Translations 2016.12.12

My Japanese is not very good, but I attempted to translate some of today’s trailer. Please take my translations with a grain of salt and note they may be incorrect (especially those of the Monokuma Cubs).

On-screen text: A new killing game will start again

(Character on the eye: “lie”. All sorts of characters rain down and bounce, ranging from basic syllables to the kanji for “lie” and “love”.)

(Various floorplans move past. The readable labels on the rooms are “salon”, “rooftop”, and “roof” [perhaps overlapping])

Monokuma: Howdy, incoming class!
Monokuma: This is Monokuma’s on-screen introduction!
Monokuma: Eh, well then, let’s start by having a simple explanation of the class trial! (On-screen text: About the class trial)

Monokuma: The class trial is–
Monodam (green): Dad’s going on lunch break! [?]
Monosuke (yellow): A class trial is a showdown between the suspicious ‘blackened’ of the murder and the ‘whitened’ who are all the other students

Monokuma: Who is the culprit? Debate–
Monodam (green): Dad’s going on lunch break!
Monokuma: Oh my?
Monokid (blue): [says something about ‘Tokyo Time’?] In the event that the correct answer is derived…
Monofunny (pink): The ‘blackened’ culprit of the murder will be punished…
Monosuke (yellow): And the other members will be able to continue their daily lives.

Monotaro (red): However, in the event that they mistake someone else for the blackened…
Monotaro (red) / on-screen text: Only the blackened will be left, and all the other people will be punished

Monokuma: Upupu~! Not bad, my children.
Monokuma: Licklicklicklicklicklicklicklicklicklicklicklicklick!

Monokuma: That means, it’s a ‘crazy max’ student trial!



Iruma: I’ve decided the culprit is Gonta!

Himiko: There’s a possibility that if we solve this, we’ll all get to go home.

Ryoma: There wasn’t just one entrance/exit to the AV Room, was there?
Ryoma: There was also supposed to be a gate facing the hallway.

Toujou: In the middle of that, there weren’t any obstacles either…
(Truth bullet fired: Monokuma File 1)
Kaede: You’ve got that wrong!

Ouma: If the culprit is in the line-up of those who went to the basement, then isn’t the suspicious one Harukawa-chan?

Harukawa: Huh? Don’t be stupid. In any case, isn’t Momota probably the culprit?

Momota: W-What are you saying?! There’s no way I’m the culprit!

Iruma: Well then who’s the culprit?!

Kaede: Hey… everyone, calm down! We can’t have a discussion when everyone’s talking at their own convenience!

Saihara: … it’s alright, Akamatsu-san. Because it’d be good if you could properly listen to and distinguish everyone’s testimonies.
Saihara: If it’s you… you can do it, right?


Tenko: Hence, Tenko will prove her innocence!
Angie: Angie has an alibi.
Himiko: I haven’t covered up my suspicion y’kno.

Tenko: Tenko would not do something like striking someone upon the back of their head to kill them!
Angie: Because God is always watching.
Himiko: That guy who went to the basement is suspicious. 

Maki: Are you proving your own incompetence?
Gonta: If you say it wasn’t a person then… Kiibo-kun?
Momota: We didn’t have anything like enough time to kill!
Angie: It wasn’t Kiibo, but a god!

Kaede: (Although there’s lots of perplexing noise, there should only be one suspicious statement among them.)


Question: Was Saihara the culprit?
Ouma’s Side: Culprit!
Kaede’s Side: Not the culprit!

Toujou: When the receiver rang, it was the time when the two were together.

Ouma: So that was Akamatsu-chan’s lie, wasn’t it?

Kaede: Whether it was a lie or not, we need to try discussing more before we can understand!



Monokuma: Upupupu~! Extreme!


Saihara: But… that’s cruel.

Kaito: What the hell is this… I thought this was supposed to be our education!

Korekiyo: Where will we fall?

Tenko: Those guys over there are so irritatingly depreciating! [not sure on this one]

Maki: Can you be quiet or something? [?]

Ryoma: It’s a story from long ago.

Toujou: Certainly, all we need to do is calm down!

Iruma [?]: This is bad!

Tsumugi: If I chat… (muffled)

Ouma: It’s been a while since I’ve been in something like a trial!

Angie: I’m telling you, I really have an alibi!

Gonta: I can’t withstand it anymore!

Kiibo: If things become dangerous, I’ll escape properly, so…!

Himiko: No matter how, I’ll show you

Amami: Hey, this’ll be a problem from now on, huh.

Monokuma Cubs: Yahoo! Sorry to keep you waiting!

Kaede: I want to end this!
Kaede: I’ll even make use of a compromised trial!

アニメロンパ3Log by でんめか | Pixiv ID 1205556

Authorized reprint and translation 

If you liked their art, and wish to encourage the artist to do more, please do take the time to rate and bookmark it at their Pixiv account.

Do NOT use/repost without permission and/or remove credit

[TRANS/MISC] Chen’s Interpretation of his Self-Written Song “She’s Dreaming”

“I am the moon, the moon that can help to dream. Even though we always dream, the possibility of us remembering about those dreams are very low. I used that to show the love between a man and woman. I am the moon, and I have a woman I love; therefore, this moon approaches the woman through her dreams. Even though she sees the moon through her dreams, she always forgets about the moon because it was all a dream. She knows she dreamed, but she would never remember what it was about. It’s sad to say, but because the moon loves the woman, he would keep approaching the woman through her dreams, hoping that one day, she would remember him.”

source: x
translator: sunny
please take out our translations with full credit only!


NDRV3 Third Trailer Summary

Sorry team, I’ve got too much going on at the moment to try to get every single word in this four minute trailer, but I will give a needlessly detailed summary!

@kaibutsushidousha, I’m leaving the nitty gritty to you tonight.

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