Code:Realize ~創世の姫君~ Character CD vol.5 サン・ジェルマン CV:  平川 大輔 (Hirakawa Daisuke)
運命の旅人 (Unmei no Tabibito) Translations:

Ah, just like an eternity, Beyond a long, long future. I’ve reached the place where you’re smiling now. 
The feelings when I look at you now, are strange and naturally warm. Just like a gentle wind filtering, wrapping around the both of us.
Even if the world  has many different paths. Forever and ever, I’ll never forget that tour we had.
This kind time we spent, and the countless joy it has brought us, 
Even if I saw the light for even a split second on the terrace of the future. I’m sure if everyone was a traveler of fate,
there will be a light just like you somewhere for them.

 Unexpectedly getting embraced by you, fleeting and fleeting, for just a moment.
That one moment when I touched those lips of yours, a secret only between the two of us, because, something like this is to you,

Is something no one other than me can do isn’t it?
No matter how many times, right, no matter how many times, whenever I looked up at the terrace.
We’re cuddling together now and opening our hearts to each other. The drifting clouds, that calming blue, a line of sight within that tour.
There’s not another time where it’ll be the same so, I’ll engrave it into my heart.
That warmth that your smile brought will be remembered for as long as I live. 

Even though it would be great if we could talk about it over pouring tea.

 Now, I’ll pour you tea. What should we talk about today?
Please let me hear more about the you whom I do not know. I would like to be as close to you as far as possible, something that I can hear.
So that something called a miracle can grace the both of us. This gentle time we spend together, the times we enjoyed together,
it became a beacon of light for me in a split second, I wonder when that happened. It’s the terrace of the future isn’t it? 

I’m sure if everyone was a traveler of fate,
They’ll go to a place where someone like you belong to.



To celebrate #BIGBANG10, Julie at BBVIPCHANNEL and I brought everyone the subbed SBS MADE Documentary! It’s full of their thoughts on their 10th anniversary, memories and hopes for the future, I hope you’ll all enjoy watching it! 

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Pictures from Evgenia Medvedeva’s Instagram (Check out her icon!). With Naoko Takeuchi, her original art piece gifted to her by Naoko (signed “Thank you!”), gifts from Japanese fans, and shots from her performance.  

The picture of the matryoshka doll is from the official HP, which included this blurb:

On 7/2 (Sat) Ms. Naoko Takeuchi rushed over to support Russian figure skater Evgenia Medvedeva at the “Dreams on Ice” show in Nagaoka City, Niigata prefecture. During the show Miss Medvedeva performed to “Moonlight Densetsu” and other Sailor Moon songs. The photo is of a gift Miss Medvedeva’s mother presented to Ms. Takeuchi. 

Her womb smelled like it was burnt.

(Translation of the message with Ayato, Touka, and Yomo. Please feel free to send me a message for any corrections!)

The children who were meant to be born, died. The vision of the future convulses.

Someone declared that they’ll crush only half of the broad bean.
The gene is in a severe bipolar state.
The nucleic acid sequence having no recollection of its own actions.

All of the fingers that were supposed to be connected from start to end, are scattered around; it’s annoying.

If you look closely at the knot, you can see that it can be surprisingly easy to untie.

I was always asked to keep the switch.
Go forward.
Go back.

I can hear my voice from the mouth.
That voice gave me a feeling of discomfort and it had become extremely disgusting but, no one noticed that and everyone was under the impression that it was indeed, my voice.

Sin is irresponsible. I’m getting tired of being forgiven.
My shoulders have even forgotten about my legs.

I open the door with the side of my arm.

The path that I should’ve advanced in is gone and darkness pulled onto the horizon that lay right beneath it.

“Come on, come on! Come on, come on!”

Go forward.
Go back.

I can hear my voice from the bones.

“Did you know that our voice is the mixed voices from dad and mom? No wonder it’s so disgusting.”

I pinched my nose and jumped down without a pause. Just like how a child would when jumping into a pool.

Even the never-stopping rain,
even the never-breaking night,
even the never-ending agony.

It’s surely there, it’s just that it wasn’t there until now.

Falling down, falling down.
It’s as if right has become left.

And on the brink of collision, I recall Björk’s song,

@WM_OHMYGIRL: #먹구름 지우개#슈아슈아🍒 크리크리들~ 오늘따라 더욱 더 보고싶고 생각이 많이 나네요..! 왜일까~ ㅋㅋ비도 오고 날씨도 흐리지만! 하늘의 먹구름 자국까지 시아 생각하면서 지워버리자구요!~오늘하루도 아자잣!🍒

#RainCloud eraser #ShuahShuah🍒 Ceuri-ceuris~ Today I miss you and am thinking about you even more..! Wonder why~ keke It’s raining and gloomy! but think of Shiah and erase those dark clouds in the sky!~ For today as well, have strength!🍒

Trans: roz @ fyohmygirl
Please take out with full credits to source and translator.


The piece that will adorn the finale of VIXX’s trilogy project “VIXX 2016 CONCEPTION” will be the god of power and authority ‘Kratos’, where (through this) they have notified the peak of (being) the 'concept-dol’. With their creative concepts and various stage manners, VIXX have showed (their) differentiated walk*, as how they will change for third installment of the 'VIXX 2016 CONCEPTION’ has the attention leaning (to them).

*meaning, that they have shown a difference between other idols and themselves)

sr. tenasia

Translated from Ishida’s twitter:

I came to the 10 day event for the “Tokyo Ghoul” stage play. The cast is always amusing, and every time I’m reminded of how wonderful the members are. Kamano-san singing “Munou” was fantastic as well. I was sitting in front of the composer Takahashi Kunimitsu, so this picture turned out quite well.

The names of the cast members, starting from the top right corner and going clockwise:

  • Murata Mitsu (Uta)
  • Yoshida Tomokazu (Yomo)
  • Miyazaki Shuuto (Hide)
  • Ogoe Yuuki (Kaneki)
  • Tabata Aya Touka)
  • Hamada Yuri (Rize)
  • Suzuki Shougo (Nishiki)
  • Kimisawa Yuuki (Amon)

“Kamano-san” is Kamano Ai, the singer who sang Munou, Root A’s OP.

Also, unrelated to this twitter post, there is a stage play sequel coming out in 2017 :D

Arima Kishou

Special Class Investigator (59th Batch)
Originated from Sunlit Garden

Joined at 15 years old
Birthday: December 20
Blood type: ???
Size: 164 cm / 52kg

A Ghoul Investigator who left behind countless legendary-esque achievements.
He’s held the highest record in kill count and conferred decorations within succeeding generations.
Due to this, he was feared by the Ghouls as the ‘White Reaper’.

He’s trained Hirako Take, Ui Koori, Mado Akira, the ones from the Sunlit Garden and Sasaki Haise and they’ve also brought forth numerous achievements.

A lot referred to him as the ‘strongest investigator’.

However, during his fight that took place underground of Cochlea, he engaged the ‘One Eyed King’ and was defeated. He was then killed by their hands.

  • Promise [Original Version]
  • Kim Jongdae & Zhang Yixing

[TRANS/LYRICS] Promise - Original Version

내 마음은 문을 닫고 난 생각에 빠져
무대위 내 모습을 상상하다 지쳐
“영원히 함께하자” 약속했던 우리지만
그 약속을 지키지 못하고 너를 울려
언제나 그 자리에 기다려준 너

I close my mind and fall into my thoughts
I feel exhausted* thinking about myself on stage
Although we promised “Let’s go on together forever”
I couldn’t keep that promise and made you cry
You always waited for me at that place

(*t/n: 지쳐 = exhausted, weary, extremely tired, used when you have no more will or strength)

Note: Audio released during 160607 Lay’s Exomentary Live V App, and lyrics translated by ear. Lyrics may be assumed to be written by Kim Jongdae as he has written the published lyrics of Promise, where all lines except the last one differ (with varying degree).

source: chenrrerorocher
translator: carol
please DO NOT reupload or take out our translations without full credit!



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