Realization ch.2

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Summary: It was already worse that Alya knew her identity, but gets even worse when Adrien does too.

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Adrien Agreste is confused.

Adrien Agreste doesn’t know what to do.

Adrien Agreste wants to bury his face into a pillow and scream.

Adrien was casually speaking with Nino until he heard the yelp from the other room.

“I’ll uh, be right back,” Adrien said quickly before dashing off, leaving a confused Nino. “Ugh, what happened now? Some crazy clown traumatizing people with spray paint?”

“Or it could be a sumo wrestler,” Plagg shrugged from inside his pocket.

That’s when it happened.

“Alya?” Adrien whispered, pressing his back against the door as she saw the girl holding a ribbon with Marinette across from her, gasping. “Did she get akumatized again?” That’s when he sees it. He sees Marinette transform. “Is Marinette akumatized?!” The next thing that happens practically made his heart stop.

There Marinette was, clad in a body suit and a mask.

None other than the bodysuit of the Miraculous Ladybug.

“No…,” Adrien whispers, but he can’t move. He sees Marinette de-transform, talking to Alya. Alya puts her hands on Marinette’s shoulder before walking out, passing Adrien. “Puh…Plagg…did you…,” Looking down, Adrien saw that his kwami was as equally shocked as him. That’s when he feels something bump into him.

It’s Marinette.

“Oh, I’m sorry…,” Marinette mumbles.

Move, Adrien! Make an excuse! Run!

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This sounds kind of stupid, but in volume 14, the clowns call themselves ピエロ . I've seen some translations that put it as "Pierrot", but the prevailing translation seems to be "Clowns". Which do you think is correct? And as Pierrot is the sad clown, the one that Columbine doesn't fall in love with in the plays (she falls in love with Harlequin), what do you think is the significance of that? The thing with the last laugh is bugging me a bit, as Pierrot doesn't really get a happy ending.

Well, strictly speaking, they are called Pierrot which would translate to Clown in English.

I’m not sure why Clown became the majority but I think it’s because Pierrot wasn’t an English word? o: I used to call them Pierrot too but since more people used Clowns, I changed to calling them that instead.

there is definitely lots and lots of moral and logical issues goin on in the ever-believed to not be true but ultimately-sort of true concept of a “social justice hivemind” on this site but its the fucking worst when the only people who can point them out are the ones that do it for the wrong reasons. these who were meant to be hurt by them, who were just actin like clowns, unlike the people from inside the sj circles who would be willing to point out that the methods the general “hivemind” uses often probably hurt a lot more than just the oppressor, probably because theyre “effective and comfortable” completely disregarding the friendly fire done in the process, often painting completely lost and just plain badly influenced people as an oppressor probably turning them into one in the process because of general rules of “not hanging out with the ones that dont like you” and “youre who everyone tells you are”. the worst things is this post is probably comfortable for said shitty people from before.

There’s little I love more than being ugly and petty just to annoy people I’m sure that’s why I love clowning people who say dumb stuff and expect to get away with it like! Bitch !

at first i felt bad that people were clowning this girl for her poetry (like even as corny as it may be just let her do it lol) but then in another reply she was basically like “okay since you simpletons dont understand I GUESS i’ll explain it to you…. etc. etc. …. NOW can you guys get it through your thick skull?” or something along those lines and it was like… okay………… shut up lol

“Говорю себе-улыбайся, улыбайся дружище…я выгорел, от меня не убудет, можно писать о любви, можно о боли, но что ты знаешь о людях которые не пиздаболят?…не надо сказок, где все дружно садятся в ряд, где радость и кружки полные рома, я видел такие дома из соломы, они очень быстро горят…”
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Apparently Donald Trump had a rally in Little Rock today and not only was he two hours late to his own party but he mixed up the Arkansas football team with Alabama’s which uh. Wow. Republicans and football tend to go hand in hand around here so that’s just about as bad as you can fuck up.