paul and ian are so….. :/

yes i am for animal rights, poc rights, and gay rights but i am able to appropirately focus on all three at once. all are extremely important to me.

the problem is that animal rights are only important to people who feel like they need to speak for animals but not for their own fucking human race. they feel people they don’t really care about can protect themselves. It’s not their issue. But is animal rights y'all’s issue? Or should Cecil’s mom speak up? Y'all care about animal rights but not the chick fil a or whataburger you’re eating. Y'all care about what goes on in China but animal cruelty happens to our chickens and cows too. hmp

The media sheds dim light on black issues and gay issues when we are “violent”. They don’t actually shed BRIGHT light on who black people actually are. The media portrays black people as clowns and angered people and gay people as immoral or disgusting. The media is allowing people to riot and get enraged about a beautiful lion but jailing and killing people for getting enraged about another black person getting murdered.

Empathize with animals because they don’t have a voice, yes care about and save these beautiful creatures. But CARE about our own human race, people who have lost their voice in death and for 100+ because of the color of their skin or who they love. There are many issues that does not mean we can’t do something and talk about allllll of these issues. That does not mean we need to build up one more than the other.

We need to stop crying about animals and turning away from our own brothers and sisters. Why do yall think Cecil didn’t deserve it but Sandra Bland did?

why everyone should stan c-clown
  • in reality kangjun is more like 90% natural talent and 600% idiotic af okay (don’t let his coolness in the mvs fool you)
  • rome used to be super scrawny but now he’s fucKING BUFF like dem biceps man mmm
  • tk is HELLA good at singing like he could be main vocal but naw his pits of hell deep voice apparently suits rapping better
  • tk is also an angel trust me
  • actually tk is confusing he’s like a child but also raps like a motherfucker
  • siwoo is second oldest but he looks more maknae than maru tbh
  • maru really likes kissing rome on the cheek (like how fucking precious is he just look at that face he makes)
  • also here’s this thing about maru’s puberty issue lmao this is not a joke
  • you will find 10x as many derp gifs of kangjun on tumblr than all the other members put together and if that doesn’t prove how much of an idiot he is than I don’t know what does
  • if someone doesn’t like kangjun their heart is made of stone okay
  • rome is quite possibly one of the most resilient leaders tbh he has to deal with 5 little shits 24/7 they’re all dumb af
  • actually rome is pretty much a 5 year old too idk how he handles their dumbassery (look at tk he’s so done lmao)
  • they all suck at bowling
  • they also all suck at basketball
  • they also suck at driving lmao
  • most of them suck at cooking (the exception being tk the perfect child)
  • they are gods at dancing but use their talents for shit like this instead (don’t get me wrong the girl group dancing is gold too)
  • maru bullies his hyungs don’t let his innocent looks fool you
  • rome forces them to do all kinds of weird things for his videos actually so i’m not that surprised that they’re lil shits
  • actually i’m really not that surprised bc rome always talks to them in english on ctc and they probably speak like 2 words english total lol
  • they played chubby bunny once and literally no one actually said bunny bc they all thought it was ‘chubby bubby’ what dumbasses
  • out of the entire group the person with the best aegyo is probably rome lmao
  • they span a huge age gap (rome is a 90 liner and maru is 97 liner); it doesn’t make them any less close (and doesn’t stop maru from messing with his hyungs)
  • rome is part of the short leader line and tk is part of the tall maknae line and i love them both for it
  • they’ve all killed it with the blond/light hair at least once
  • MY SEVENTEEN FOLLOWERS ray looks a lot like jeonghan ok case closed
  • for such a touchy group they’re FUCKING BAD AS HELL AT THE PAPER PASSING GAME like seriously it’s embarrassing
  • actually i take back what i said before they all suck at aegyo
  • if you don’t believe me that rome is ripped as hell check this (literally what the fuck rome)
  • they are precious cinnamon rolls if yedang fucks them over i will burn their building down i don’t care how much i love exid
  • i’m running out of thoughts but seriously you will regret never checking them out they’re all disgusting dorks but you will love them (probably)
  • our fandom name is crowns okay isn’t that the cutest thing DON’T YOU WANT TO BE PART OF OUR FANDOM

some links:

watch crown the clown you will not regret (they’re pretty short)

also here are their music videos: (solo) (fa…yl) (justice) (shaking heart) (let’s love)

some interview/tv show links: (asc 1 2 3) (soompi) (as4u) (pops in seoul) (secret box 1 2) (c-clown channel)* (crown subs)**

instagrams***: (rome) (siwoo) (ray) (kangjun) (tk)

twitters****: (rome) (siwoo) (ray) (kangjun) (tk) (maru)

please please please check out these dumb dorks they will burrow their way into your heart in seconds

*i’ve actually never watched this one OTL
**they have a few eng subbed videos from c-clown’s mtv diary
***rome is the most active, then it’s probably kangjun, then its the other three who post every once in a blue moon
****I don’t use twitter so idk what they’re like on there oops

Dear, international fans (specifically non-asian fans)

1. Being pale/white is like the beauty preference in Korea. Well, actually in most Asian countries. Being pale/white for us is like white people like to look tanned and sunkissed. So please don’t tell us to stop, what you called, ‘whitewashing’. And fyi, we are not trying to look like WHITE PEOPLE. So, for all people who think that we want to look like you, please don’t flatter yourselves. Of course not all Asians like to look pale, majority of us just prefer to look pale.

2. To all dark skinned people : although we prefer to look pale, it doesn’t mean asians are racist. Well, I never think that dark skinned people are disgusting or shit like that. We respect you all, so please stop commenting on us about ‘hating dark skinned people’ just because we prefer ourselves to look pale.


So my chorus teacher was showing us some movie about Mozart and she said in one of the operas it showed that there were harlequin people so I was thinking “SO TESTOSTERONE BOYS AND HARLEQUIN GIRLS WILL YOU DANCE TO THIS BEAT & HOLD A LOVER CLOSE” omg

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Brokebitchantics isn't really sorry. They're reblogging posts about how it wasn't even that serious, or clowning on all the people calling her out.

She full of shit. I thought that was obvious.

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age gap baeksoo with college student baekhyun trying to convince 30 something kyungsoo that it's okay for them to date

this became much longer than planned… thanks for the prompt anon!

When Kyungsoo accepted the job offer from Dongguk University to teach an economics lecture, he knew that with the job would come a lot of idiotic TAs, overly social coworkers, and especially - among the bright and intelligent young people that would take his class, inevitably there would also be - annoying students. Most notably, a certain Byun Baekhyun; junior, bio major, and a serious pain in the ass every Tuesday and Thursday.

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So I don’t share my art very often because it’s absolute trash but Felix is one of my absolute favourite oc so I thought I’d just introduce him to the tumblr world. He’s a clown…not necessarily the nice kind but his jokes are hilarious.