• Anon:Why do you romanticize abuse? Ew
  • Me:Assuming you're referring to Joker and Harley, I'm not romanticizing abuse, I'm romanticizing two insane whackjobs who are too far gone to actually have a decent relationship.
  • I like them as a duo, they love each other in their way. You must understand that they're fictional characters who dress like clowns and murder people and you're going to criticize me for liking their partnership? Okay.

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Are people not considering furuta as a clown anymore? :/

He will always be a Clown in my heart.

but after ch. 66, when he told Eto that he was just using the Clowns for information, people kind of decided that meant he wasn’t really part of the group.

And it’s been very unclear how much information Furuta was sharing with the rest of the Clowns since the very beginning.

Though considering all the games he was/is playing with Eto, and all the games both he and the Clowns are playing in general, who knows what to believe.

We still have yet to be given any explanation on his relationship with the rest of the group, and now Donato as well. I kind of assume his job in the CCG and V was useful as a go between for the Clowns and Donato, seeing as Donato was in Cochlea for quite a while and it’s not like ghouls there have phone privileges. 

But honestly, who knows.

Hopefully Ishida will give us answers. Sooner rather than later. 

we clown mixed people for interjecting about how mixed they are but when mixed people claim their blackness people have an issue? for what?

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hello can I please have a ship? I am 5'3, I have blonde hair and blue eyes. I am skinny but curvy. I like to be the clown and make people laugh but i can sometimes take it too far and accidentally hurt people's feeling. I am quite clever academically and I love to read. I also LOOOOVE animals and if I could i would have 100000 dogs. Thank you

i ship you with…

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neville longbottom! you’d bring him out of his shell and open his heart to anyone and everyone. your love for animals makes him so happy that he found someone so loving and caring, and it makes him trust you even more with his heart.

i’m doing a ships day all day today (july 23rd) so send in a short description about you if you want one!

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Central City was good. Specially the food, and excuse her for actually enjoying this little trip out of town because apparently, she needed to have FUN. Gotham City was no place for fun, unless your type of fun meant people dressed in bat costumes chasing around clown people or two-faced guys. Still, crime was anywhere.

So call her on her bluff, but she didn’t batted an eyelash when a group of men corner her to take away her phone and god knows what else. “I’m from Gotham City. You ain’t shit.” Lucy calls and, as one would expect, the criminals didn’t like being call they were idiots. The coffee she was holding was easily slapped out of her hand and as she saw the point of a knife faced her way, she thought to do what any sane person would. Scream and try to run. “Help!” 

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hi jane! i'm really excited cos i just had a kin dream!!!!! it was really vivid and exciting, and i saw my friend in canon there! i was a clown, performing for people, and they were cheering me on!! i feel real good about this :o0

I am so happy for you, my dear! Kin dreams are the best. What a lovely dream. Thank you for sharing! Just as the audience was cheering you on then, I am cheering you on now. <3

I just want to put this out to all my followers who are getting ready to think about college in the upcoming year:

I made some great friends in my first 2 years of college (not so much the second 2) and they mean the world to me but honestly, once I get out of college and the government started demanding $300 a month from me to pay back my loans, I really really wish I listened to my parents about spending 2 years at a community college.

You see, my hubris was large. I had gone to a private high school for “really smart people” that was supposed to help me get a large scholarship (not a total lie, I got $13,000 but to a school that cost $33,000). I told my parents I refused to go to a “clown college” for people who couldn’t get into regular college and BOY WAS I WRONG. I regret every day not going to two years of community college. No one cares where you fulfill your gen eds. No one cares where you went to college really. They just want you to have that degree. And now my hubris has left me unemployed and drowning in debt

Please please please dear high school seniors of tumblr, consider community college. At least for 2 years. It’s honestly the best way to save money and get a 4 year degree (unless you happen to get a full ride somewhere else)

Clown hivez wave 2

Chuckle Hound: You would not want one of these as a pet! They resemble german shepards with no hair. They have a bowtie-like growth on their chests. Their head resembles a clown head. They have long tongues which they WILL lick you with, and their saliva IS acidic!

Flame O’ Pottamus: This is a dangerous one. It sort of looks like a Fat Hippo, but with a clown nose, white skin, and yellow spots. They have the ability to spew multicolor Flames out of their mouths. The sound they make while spewing flames sounds like demonic laughter. They have extremely strong and durable bodies.

Glow Blimp: These clowns are literally fucking TERRIFYING. They resemble blimp-sized clown heads. They constantly giggle and chortle. They glow in the night, and somehow even in the morning. They can breathe laughing gas at people.

Brain Clown:These clowns are literally fucking disturbing omg. They resemble armless, pale orange humanoids. In place of legs are four, rainbow tendrils. They have empty black eyes, a large red nose, and a toothy grin. They never stop smiling. Their brain is also exposed. Their brain has a glowing eyeball in the center, which generates psychic waves. It can use these waves to stop people’s hearts.

Vulture Clown: These birds resemble large vultures, approximately the size of an RV. They have pink skin, and Orange, Yellow, and Red feathers. Their beak is Green, Blue, and violet. They make a mix between a “SKWAAA” noise, and a deep, growl-like chuckling noise. They are extremely strong.

Clownlossus: This is a very dangerous one. It is approximately godzilla sized, and only 20 exist. They resemble large reptiles, with multicolor skin, clown noses, party hats with eyeballs for spots, and thrashing whip tails. Please do not approach them, or move in their line of sight. Their vision is based ENTIRELY on movement.

Sluggy:These clowns are body horror central! They resemble huge, glowing pink slugs. They have really large arms, with wiggly tentacle fingers. Their eyes are VERY GROSS. They extend on long, multicolored slug-like stalks. They vomit partially acidic, yellow sludge, that is REALLY STICKY!

Abstractis: These clowns are some abstract guys, as their name suggests! They have round, light purple torsos. They have large heads. They have really big jaws, with sharp teeth. They have two antennae on their heads. One with ANOTHER mouth at the end, and one with a Glowing red eyeball that has a black pupil. They have three arms, with long stick fingers.

FleshLump:These clowns are ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING! They have no defined appearence, but are always deformed. They ALL have multiple heads, arms, tendrils, legs, and mouths, and are always horribly deformed! They come in literally every color ever!

Clownutaur:These are fucking disturbing and you should not approach them ever. They resemble large, muscular humanoids. They have two, bull like horns, that change color. They have clown noses, and swirling colorful eyeballs. They have boar like tusks. They usually carry around cinder blocks as weapons. They prefer to charge at people. They can speak, and make bull related puns often, They also growl a lot of the time!

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What's your biggest fear?

Damn ya’ll curious today… Not that I mind I just never get asks….lol

My biggest fear is : Clowns and people in costumes like sports mascots, Santa Clause, the Easter Bunny that sort of thing. I’ve been terrified of them since I was a kid and for some reason this irrational fear has stuck with me.