i actually really like the joker, i just hate what he’s become over time

like as most villains he started out mostly cheesy, funny, entertaining, brightly-colored and vibrant 

and i liked to see the stark contrast between him and batman as a reason for their constant butting heads - the joker is loud, splattered with colors, upbeat and a wildcard compared to the trained and somber detective batman and over time i feel like DC’s need to continue to have them be opposites but keep up with ‘modern’ storytelling (as in, edgy and dark) made both batman and the joker incredibly boring characters - batman falls flat in characterization and seems to be a machine who exists to do nothing more than protect and focus on the same one event from his childhood (and not the years following, not anything before or after)

while the joker has become an overly diabolical and plain evil mass murderer in a dirty clown costume who sometimes tells jokes

i think the joker should be a recurring villain and i understand where the me vs him thing came from considering their obvious opposite styles but i feel like there are so many villains that would fit that more and i think that the joker as comedic relief but with a compelling and interesting reason behind WHY he was would be the best and let a more threatening and fresh character take the stand as batman’s biggest nemesis 

You wanna know an Imagine your OTP fic that I’d love to see?

Imagine person A is a new guide at a haunted house and is a low key wuss when it comes to clowns. Person B is dressed as a clown and when it’s their turn to scare the customers person A gets so scared and punches person B in the nose. The group person A is leading around thinks it’s apart of the haunted house but A is just going along with it.

When the night is over A sees B without their makeup and fuck they’re hot why did they hurt such a nice face?! and B plays it off when A tries to apologize. Tbh B was pissed as hell because of the bloody nose but they couldn’t stay mad at A after seeing them all teary eyed and apologetic. So they just ask for a midnight drink once they’re out of costume.