gamzee makara deserves better

Pulos! my PUNKtundra-turned-pearlcatcher (genOne Midnight Clown/Magenta eyespots/Banana Spines)

I liked the thought of a PC with short ears and muzzle, fluffy wings and thick mane.

and I couldn’t decide on either okapi or spines, so I think I’ll make her a special accent for just the occasion.

This drawing is even here right now because I did that right hand and right foot so nicely that I felt bad for erasing it.

especially since I have such a hard time with birdfeet.



Sky Clown / Lavender Seraph / Midnight Underbelly - 50k
Splash Clown / Lavender Seraph / Midnight Underbelly - 50k
Sky Clown / Lavender Seraph / Shadow Underbelly - 50k
Violet Clown / Violet Daub / Rose Underbelly Noc - 50k
Purple Crystal / Purple Seraph / Rose Crackle Fae  - 30k 

On the AH and at PPB Hatchery!


Dragons for Sale!

The first three are up for 30 gems, you can buy them from me for 15kT. The others are up for 15kT, but you can buy them from me for 30 gems.

Male Coatl - Obsidian Speckle / Black Shimmer / Fire Underbelly. One off of XXY.

Male Pearlcatcher - Purple Iridescent / Azure Shimmer / Maize Smoke

Male Spiral - Royal Iridescent / Teal Shimmer / Maize Smoke

Female Pearlcatcher - Grey Speckle / Magenta Seraph / Soil Underbelly. My pairs like to hatch flowery female pearlcatchers.

Male Ridgeback - Midnight Clown / Coal Seraph / Stone Underbelly

Male Ridgeback - Carmine Clown / Obsidian Seraph / Fire Underbelly

Female Nocturne - Banana Tiger / Slate Eye Spots / Rust Underbelly

Female Nocturne - Banana Bar / Rust Eye Spots / Crimson Underbelly

Female Nocturne - Banana Bar / Soil Stripes / Magenta Underbelly

Send a Crossroads to Swift to send for the opposite price. If you want to be pinged for hatchlings of any of these or other pairings, visit the hatchery and ping Swift.

Nocte Morbus Hatchery


The continuing saga of lair cleaning: finished my overly exciting auctions, so now some softballs. Spring 2014 Clowns for sale!

They’re all about a year old (Nard’s only 10mo due to May birthday), all of them have some to many kids, and the purple ones were a breeding pair. If interested in any of them, please visit their page to take advantage of the handy-dandy “Purchase” button OR send Wobblegong #4298 a message [LINKIFY ME CAPTAIN] for fancier services (including but not limited to haggling/holds/trades/swapping to gems/Rubber Ducky song discount).


Buy my dragons: Blue Edition! Three sibling groups including Auspicious Coatl Daughter (so unlikely!) and a wildclaw sibling pair from parents who will no longer be breeding together!

Merely follow one of the above finely-crafted links to visit a dragon’s page for the Purchase button! Alternatively, please send Wobblegong #4298 a message [LINK] to haggle, offer a trade, request a hold (no charge) or sing me the Rubber Ducky song for a discount. I am dangerously flexible with my pricing and happy to sell my dragons for cheap to a good home, so give it a go!

Willing to do trades for these babies, because I never have luck in the auction house. 

First two are siblings from one clutch; 

Nocturne:  PurpleTiger/Charcoal Eye Spots/Shadow Basic
Imperial:  Lavender Clown/Midnight Eye Spots/Aqua Basic

The other three are siblings from another clutch;

Wildclaw: Midnight Basic/Black Freckle/Mulberry Circuit
Coatl:  Obsidian Basic/Coal Freckle/Teal Circuit
Wildclaw: Obsidian Basic/Charcoal Freckle/Teal Circuit

Eh, I need to rid of some of my babies to make room for more. vwv

Username/ID: NoThisIsErica  101011

You can message me here, or there. /)owo/)