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midnight-in-town  asked:

Hey :) from my point of view you're not intruding at all but since the post isn't originally mine, I am just going to give you my two cents on your answer here: I hadn't noticed the drop on Nico's mask so good thing you mentioned it (maybe it's the unreliable narrator trope then though then I wonder why Yamori didn't say something? Unless he knew?). About Furuta, while he isn't technically a Clown from his own point of view, he fits because he's also a OEG though an artificial one (1/2)

And I don’t know for Ganbo but for Roma, I feel she could be one as well because she was very young when she was sent to Cochlea and she already was SS-ranked and a member of the Clowns back then, so honestly I feel like she could be a OEG as well if we’re to say that’s what the others are. And that would also explain why she belongs with them even though she’s clearly the youngest in my opinion :) Even if they all have different goals, they must be all link by something, including Roma :) 2/3

I agree with you, ever since Arima had all this foreshadowing with Ishida-sensei’s art I’m ready to consider everything for the Clowns’ gang. Besides, we had a lot of artificially made OEGs : by Kanou (Amon, Kaneki, Seidou, the twins), by the CCG (the Qs) but Eto was the only naturally born so far so who knows? Maybe that’s why Ishida could decide that the Clowns are in fact all OEGs :) Thanks for adding to my post in any case, personally I think you made great points :))) (I’m done ^^)

Ah, I meant that as far as the clowns knew, Furuta was a natural half-ghoul and ranked somewhere within the organization.  And I don’t know if Roma’s a half-ghoul or not tbh, cuz though her regeneration rate is very clearly above average (when she was impaled through the stomach during the Auction Raid), her SS rating could also be due to her aggression against the CCG.  But, since she was a part of Uta’s troupe during the Auction Raid, it’s pretty likely that she is a OEG, like you said.

And yes, I find it strange that Eto is the only known natural OEG.  Especially considering, while rare, that natural hybrids occasionally happen in the wild among compatible animals (like the Grolar bear).  Though, admittedly, ghoul/human hybrids are much more taxing to the mother’s health than a polar/grizzly hybrid.  I’ve seen a lot of disquiet about the number of half-ghouls withing the fandom, but I actually think an influx of OEGs is a pretty natural progression.  Ishida was very careful to stress the rarity of OEGs, which makes me suspicious lol.  He seems to like making us think he’s going one way, then pull the rug out from under us :P

Also, the Clowns being full of OEGs would be so fitting considering their love of shaking things up and inciting chaos.  They’re such an interesting group, and this just adds another layer of mystery to them as a whole.

Anyway, thank you.  Uta being a OEG is one of my favorite theories, and I’m so glad I’m not alone in thinking about it!!