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I really hope the new IT has some light hearted, goofier moments because the whole "scary clown played 100% straight" thing went out of fashion some time in the early 2000's

Yeah and I mean the whole point of IT is that it can take innocent or appealing forms as a lure. Modern kids aren’t exactly that into clowns but I’m pretty sure 0% of children are going to be tricked in any way by a scowling demon zombie clown smeared with shit.  They may as well have put flashing devil horns on him and given him a gun to make sure the audience doesn’t accidentally think they’re not watching a scaresy spookshow

BTS Reacting To Their S/O Having A Panic Attack During A Haunted House

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Seokjin: *omfg this boy. so disrespectfully hot* Jin in an instant would be out of that house as soon as you fell to the ground from fear. He didn’t think you would be that frightened, but since you were he would apologize profusely and promise to never let you be that frightened again.

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Yoongi: He would highly assume that you would be a bit more used to being scared, or give a less of a reaction than even him. But when some kind of clown zombie thing pops out and you fall down, scooting away from it with loud screams and cries he would grab you and walk out the way you went in. “Jagiya, I really didn’t think it would affect you that badly… I’ll make it up, I promise.” Yoongi would feel really bad. 

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Hoseok: I am dearly sorry, but this boy, Jung Hoseok, J-Hope, Hobi, Hobichi, Sunshine baby, would not walk into a haunted house voluntarily. He would not let you walk in, he would not walk in even if the fate of the world rested on him getting through the haunted house. “The world has been around long enough. It should be okay if it ends now.” He wouldn’t be doing the coddling even if you did walk in. He would be in worse shape than you would be if you walked in. lol 

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Namjoon: This boy would feel guilty af. Like you would not be able to get him to stop apologizing. He would like rush over to you and brush your hands from your face so you could look at him. He would help you up and shelter you from anything else that might pop out as you two were trying to leave. He would so make it up to you. He’d still feel bad so like four days he’s still apologizing. lol 

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Jimin: This boy would be trying to pay attention to not having a heart attack so bad that he would forget about you for a second. He would be trying to figure out when the things were going to jum’p out. But then he would hear your cries and be like “Oh shit Jagi is here too…” Needless to say, it’d be along and silent drive home as you plotted your revenge. “I’m sorry…” “JIMIN YOU FORGOT ME AND RAN AHEAD.” “Again… I’m sorry.” 

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Taehyung: I feel like he would never let go of your hand. He seems like he would say something like “If it gets too much Jagi just tell me and I’ll get you out of here.” *Tae is so soft to me idk* so when you fell and started crying he would cover you with his sweater as he made a beeline back to the beginning. And only when you both were safe from the jump scares would he remove his sweater and look into your face, brushing away the stray hairs and asking if you were okay.

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Jungkook: You two would lose each other. Plain and simple. He would be running around trying to get out and there you are, trying not to die from a gosh damned panic attack. Only blood curdling screams would bring him back from his own mission. He would run around trying to find you and when he did he would go to every length to get you out. Even pushing past other people and things. No matter what though he would definitely be in trouble for leaving you behind. 

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Markiplier Resident Evil 7 Sentence Starters (Part IV)

  • “I can kind of hear the thumpin’ beats of a house party going on in there!”
  • “That would’ve taken care of her in two shots.”
  • “That’s awesome. That’s like legitimately awesome.”
  • “That seems like it could be cumbersome and problematic if I blow myself to shit.”
  • “Am I forgetting anything? I bet I am.”
  • “Oh no! Your head is gone!”
  • “I’ll just take this, don’t mind me!”
  • “Stop dinging your bell.”
  • “I’m an anti-bing-bong big brave boy!”
  • “How the fuck did they sneak up on me like that?”
  • “Fuck a duck, and then fuck you. In that order!”
  • “I don’t like parties.”
  • “I don’t know if that made any sense, but I stand by my words!”
  • “You think you can sneak on me?”
  • “You better be dead now.”
  • “That’s what I like to see! Splattered demon all over the courtyard!”
  • “I don’t know if goop juice can fix this.”
  • “I’m a fuckin’ asshole.”
  • “We don’t risk them, we just shoot them.”
  • “Good thing I don’t trust anything or anyone ever.”
  • “Everything in here is a fucking booby trap.”
  • “Maybe this is all just a nightmare.”
  • “That’s not even a good taunt.”
  • “How did you even get it in here?”
  • “Oh god it’s a zombie clown.”
  • “Alright then, fuck you dude.”
  • “Oh fuck, I’ve got knowledge from the future, baby!”
  • “Remember how you tried to kill me?”
  • “I don’t know what I’m doing, I’m an asshole.”
  • “Am I supposed to do something?”
  • “This guy is a sack of shit.”
  • “That is knowledge I should’ve learned a long time ago.”
  • “Well everything seems to be going to shit, which is awfully nice.”
  • “This is a happy fun friendly game with happy fun friendly fun-ness.”
  • “You think you’re so creepy. You’re not.”
  • “I thought she was cured!”
  • “This seems like the march to my death.”
  • “Goddammit how many drugs do you want me to take?”
  • “This is one of those Bad Decisions.”
  • “I think I’m smarter than I know!”
  • “The stairway is the birth of the big brave boy.”
  • “Now I am the monster. Now I have become death.”
  • “Oh my god, he’s so handsome.”
  • “Hey asshole, wake up!”
  • “It doesn’t feel good right now.”
  • “This has been quite a trip.”