clown troll

I know things are back to normal in my life when I can sit down and paint a Gamzee. 

ANYWAY, I just wanted to give you all a BIG THANK YOU FOR 200 FOLLOWERS! <3 You are all amazing. I would have given up long ago if not for your love and support.

So exciting news! I got a new job, my etsy busniess is thriving, I have a fab beta in the lovely for When The Lights Go On Again, got a new car, my best friend and wifey is home from TX for the entire week, and I received my first real anon hate for shipping Reylo. I think this is the best week I’ve ever had in a while!

okay, au where bloodcolor ageing differences dont happen

imagine super old Equius and Nepeta sitting on a park bench feeding fat pigeons and talking about how nice the weather is. Equius has lost a good chunk of his strength in his old age but can still probably punch a sizable hole in a wall. Nepeta is still surprisingly nimble

Nepeta eventually pounces on one of the fat pigeons they’re feeding and Equius goes off on a crotchety old man rant about how she should leave the birds alone and how she’s going to throw her back out if she keeps pouncing like that.

Equius probably uses a walker because he did too much STRONG JUMPING in his youth and his knees are bad