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A Summary of Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 108

-Urie always the over achiever gotta make sure he goes ghoul first

- If you give a ghoul a sandwich he’ll eat you instead

- Aura has a sadism kink

- When the probability of a meteor falling to earth is higher then clowns going instinct

- Furuta: Y’all alpacas better not spit on me 

- V playing Naruto

- Haise: I guess this train will make it harder for v to track you

- Clowns or fanboys whatever they want to be called

-Donato- Back in my day the food portions where larger

- Donato- I’m Willy Wonka did y’all see my candy factory

- When Daddy put a bad doughnut in jail and it’s still salty years later

-Next time on Tokyo Ghoul:re: Kaneki takes the wrong train and leaves the tragedy 

casualstarwhale  asked:

show us the yorrix please

The Yorrix are derived from Space Clowns in charge of funerary practices for clown royalty. While that is still their duty, they formed a reclusive society that specializes in jokes about death that most others would find confusing or mildly terrifying, as well as branching out to perform ceremonial procedures and first aid as well.

They are typically upbeat, or at least joyously nihilistic. Space Clowns that become Yorrix aren’t typically concerned with converting others into clowns or combating Outer Mimes. Most Yorrix are opposed to the Clown/Mime conflict. The Yorrix are also the form of employment most welcoming of Blue Clowns.

Many Yorrix train to communicate with other alien species without making fun of them, as well learning a bit about their customs and biology. Because of this they’d make exemplary diplomats. They also run the largest Skomorph shelter on the Space Clown homeworld, though this is kept secret. The Yorrix have have often had qualms with the decisions of the royal clown court, and have a tense relationship with the current Royal Jester.