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What really happened in the final battle scene of IT

Richie: you brought me to a freakin crackhead house

Pennywise: wha-

Richie: and now, I’m gonna have to kill this fucking clown

Pennywise: um what did this kid say about my house


Pennywise: *gets hit with a stick*

Clowns are probably one of the most mistreated creatures people keep as domestic pets. So many parents buy clowns for their children’s birthdays without doing any research on how to properly care for their clown, and therefore, so many clowns live cramped, uncomfortable, and stressed lives! This is an easy to follow guide on how to properly care for your clown, to make sure they live the best life possible.

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THE MONTH OF HALLOWEEN BEGINS ONCE AGAIN! Today we start off this year’s Monster Hit, IT 2017, Pennywise the Dancing Clown is one not to be trifled with but we can find ways to take him down!



I made a clown high school/college thingy??? AU. Why? I don’t know.

Anyway have some of the cliques which consist of:

Dweeb Gang: @vialdovi, Mine and @mal-0 Pennywise’s. They are kinda the losers and together are members of the anime club, run a D&D workshop and participate in band.

Thot Squad: @ghost-oakes, @apple-sappy and @roskakatos Pennywises. This is the plastics of the school. Very popular and gets invited to every party and will steal your bf and ur vodka.

And then we have the teachers: @coulsart , who’s teacher is in charge of clown training and then Granddad who’s in charge of scare tactics.

And then I got lazy and ran out of ideas.

AU where the League of Shadows rule the world. Bruce isn’t Batman but his Rogue gallery is still around. Except Harley. She didn’t get assigned to Joker and go crazy

It goes like this.

-Ra had managed to rule from the start (Vandal Savage and his ancientness isnt around)

-He still has his children

-Bruce parents still die

-Talia still gets married off to Bruce because WE is the richest company with LexCorp coming in close second but Talia refused to marry the bald man.

-They find out that Bruce got some good qualities so Ra keeps the thought to himself about Bruce being his successor

-Bruce makes Talia happy so she asks her dad to cut back on the killing of those that try to turn from the way of the league

-Ra is actually a wonderful father and respects Talia wishes so they pull back on it

-Bruce still takes in Dick

-Two Face ends up shooting Dick but he doesn’t succeed in killing him

-Talia sees Dick somewhat like a son so it takes everything to not kill Two Face

-Talia starts training Dick “Its for his own protection Beloved. And it helps with all of that energy he has”

-Then Talia takes in Jason

-Joker beats him and the League of Shadows make it just in time to keep him from dying

-Talia’s nerves are frayed (also Jason is the favorite so Ra and Nyssa nerves are frayed. They want the clown dead)

-He starts training “He nearly died, Beloved! I will not lose my son! You’re the one who always said that you need to find a way for him to let out all his anger”

-Talia ends up pregnant

-The Drakes and Waynes are good friends so when Jack and Janet die, Bruce takes Tim in

-Psychogical Trauma by Joker. They hire the best psychologist… Harleen Quinzel. She’s one of the best and to help kids that need help, she shows play games and Tim learns tricks. It helps him focus

-Talia starts training Tim when Harley said a way to help him was to give him something to concentrate on “And Beloved, just look at him. He needs a little muscle mass”

-Somehow Tim gets his hands on a computer and it was over from there. Training and hacking became his friends and he slowly got his mind back

-Damian is born

-Cass accidentally killed her dad in an all out sparring match in front of the Al Ghuls (Talia, Ra, Nyssa, and Baby Damian). Shiva doesnt want her so Talia and Bruce take her.

-Bruce and Talia begin helping her learn to talk, read, and write. Though Talia encourages her to keep training. “If you can one day beat me, Cassandra, then I’ll buy you and Jason that library you two are always asking for.”

-Steph mom died when she was little and she lives with her dad. She ends up going to a park where all of them at an accidentally hits Tim in the face with a rock. She apologizes furiously when she sees Talia and then tells Talia about how her dad was trying to commit crimes and Talia takes him down

-Steph gets taken in on joint decision

-Bruce doesnt want her to train but the kids decide otherwise. Talia agress afterwards. “Timothy’s face was bruised for weeks after she hit him with rock, Beloved. She needs to learn to control that strength. It’d be nice to give her a way to feel in control of her own life after her father took so much.”

-Alfred is happy to have all of these people in the family

-Damian starts training. Mainly because he didnt want to be left out and that was the only reason Bruce agreed

-Dick and Babs have an on and off relationship and they were “on” when Joker shot her

-Talia is reaching the end of her rope of patience

-Black Mask kidnaps Steph and nearly beats her to death and she manages to get saved before she died

-Talia’s left eye is twitching from anger

-And then Bruce and Alfred die. The Manor blown up after Bane attacked Bruce. Bruce was at home recovering and had asked Talia to take the kids out. And she did so reluctantly.

-No one knows who exactly bomb the manor, but with Alfred and Bruce dead? Talia and all of the kids snap.

-Joker, Two Face, Captain Boomerang, Cluemaster, Bane? All dead.

-All of the criminals that did major offenses and were sitting in cells. All “mysteriously” died overnight

-And then Ra ended up getting killed by Deathstroke.

-In this universe, Ra was grandfather figure next to Alfred. He praised them on excelling and unlike Alfred, who spoiled with food and comfort, Ra spoiled with the finest of everything. Dick wanted a pet elephant? Here you go, Richard. Jason wanted to some more books to read and wanted to learn another language? Here’s the finest books in Arabian.

-If Deathstroke thought he couldn’t die, then Talia and Nyssa showed him. And the kids stood around to block off exits and fight off whatever reinforcements Slade had

-Talia and Nyssa took over the League and to establish a firm rule. Each of the children became the heirs and all took a place across the world to establish their ruling.

-Damian stayed in the middle east with his mother since he was the Blood heir and had Al Ghul blood.

-Stephanie went to Africa while Cass went to Japan and China

-Tim went to San Francisco and built up Drake Industries.

-Jason traveled around. He sometimes stayed near the various Islands around the world or ventured towards England whenever he caught himself thinking of Alfred. If he settled for a long time, then he went to Gotham and ran WE with Dick.

-Barbara went to Star City and met up with another “computer specialist” there. They ended up being the technological voices for the League of Shadows.

-Dick went to New York and sometimes Bludhaven. It depended on the mood.

-Once when Dick visited Gotham, he was attacked by a dude in an owl mask. He had been saved by Jason who had the manor rebuilt and they were living in there where Jason took base after he stumbled across a cave under the manor.

-The two did some research and found out about the Court of Owls. They were a rebel group to the League of Shadows, but they didn’t just want to take the League done. They wanted to replace them.

-They call on Talia and Nyssa and told them about what they found and what they learned.

-All of their siblings converge in and with reinforcements from the League, wiped the Court down to the ground. Dick took control of the Court because Jason claimed that it was his birthright.

-The other heroes (Superman, Flash, etc) tried to take down the LoS but they were like roaches. The more you tried to take down and the more kept popping up and with Dick’s Owls Robins. The “Justice League” ended up being taken down.

-Research was done to find weaknesses or to find ways to get them to see the way of the League

-Themyscira was an ally. Man’s World was no longer plagued by wars and senseless killing? And Strong Women in charge? Sign them up! Sometimes they had disagreements. Different beliefs, you know. It wasn’t perfect.

-And with the lazarus pits? They ruled with an iron fist until either Dick, Jason, or Tim did a space adventure and one of them came back with something that granted immortality.

-They ruled forever and anyone that got in their way was taken down brutally.

PSA for clown owners

if the breeder youre buying your clowns from advertises them as a ‘pennywise’ breed, RUN!

that breed isnt real and it just means that theyre either selling aggressive clowns trained for fighting or theyre trying to add to the stigma associated with clowns – clowns are not meant to be scary and aggressive!

so please be on the lookout for any breeders like that, and report them for clown abuse! the way they treat their clowns isnt healthy!

  • Akechi’s Cognitive Akira: Look at me, look at me, I’m so good at stealing
  • Cognitive Phantom Thieves: Look at him, look at him!
  • Cognitive Akira: I orgasm anally
  • Cognitive Phantom Thieves: Look at him, look at him!
  • Cognitive Akira: I’m not afraid of clowns and trains
  • Akechi: Come on—
  • Cognitive Phantom Thieves: Look at him, look at him!
  • Cognitive Akira: My father didn’t leave me
jesus christ cant believe i actually have to say this but yall are animals so!

if someones afraid of your clown you dont just………bring it closer and start blabbering about UwU Theyre Not Harmful Thats Just A Common Misconception???? i dont care how well trained your clown is, or if you bring it to birthday parties, or if it honks softly when you pet it, you BE CONSIDERATE OF PEOPLE WITH FUCKING COULROPHOBIA

bowling-with-skulls  asked:

Hello! I'm thinking of seeing the new IT movie, but before I give the producers my money I want to make sure that the clown playing Pennyworth - Bill, I think? - has been treated ethically! Do you know anything about training clowns for film? Do you think you could do a little digging on the conditions this clown was kept in? I just want to make sure I'm not contributing to any inhuman clown treatment! Thank you :)

clowns, being natural performers, are great at film training. scary clowns especially seem to have a knack for the trade, seeing it as a time to show off their trademark “scariness” and impress mates. from what ive been told of the trade, they often keep a compatible scary clown of similar troupe status or lower on the set for the clown to strive to impress. 

hmm, and from what ive read, he was treated pretty well! kept well fed and happy, what a nice ending to the story!

anonymous asked:

Can you clicker train a clown or are other methods used?

Clickers are good! NEVER use aversives on clowns! They don’t understand it and it can lead to unwanted behaviors like balloon bursting, pie throwing and scent marking

This Week’s Spotlight: Acrobatic Clowns!

Acrobatic Clowns ( From the genus Volantis) encompasses a wide range of Clown Breeds, including; the Flared Tight-Rope, Southern Hoopers, and Trapezian Swinger. Sharing a common ancestor with Rodeo Clowns, much like their wild west counterparts, acrobatic clowns are full of energy and need plenty of exercise.

Every acrobatic clown is HIGHLY SPECIALISED in it’s chosen prop of choice. For example, English Cannonball Clowns need, as the name suggests, a fully functioning giant cannon. 

When purchasing an acrobatic clown, pay close attention to it’s markings and mannerisms! If it appears to scale walls, invest in a trapeze or even a diving board with a small pool! More seemingly subdued acrobatic varieties may require props which require a lot of precision, such as tightropes! If an acrobatic clown does not have the props it needs within the first month without it’s mother, it may very quickly being to over train and become sick, eventually dying.

Despite myths perpetrated about acrobatic clowns, they are not constantly social pets! Acrobatic clowns need time to train and practice their skills in privacy, as an owner witnessing an imperfect performance can cause crippling social issues in the clown troupe!  

Acrobatic clowns work best in a group of 2 to 6, but can be prone to aggression if they do not have enough space to perform and practice. A big top with very high ceilings is highly appropriate for this genus of clown, as group acrobatic tricks can take up much space!

Their clown markings are usually quite minimalistic or artistic, however a surefire way to identify an acrobatic clown is their clown shoes! Unlike many other clown breeds, these clowns have retractable clown shoes which allow for agility and balance during their stunts!

Notice how the fatty membrane slides under the heel bone for shock absorption, whilst allowing for the metatarsal to retract inward!

Acrobatic clowns can be a source of endless entertainment and love in a family, and are great with kids! However due to their expensive equipment and enclosure, they are not for first time clown owners, and may be violent towards Harlequins which have a tendency to steal their props. 

Friendliness: 3/5

Health: 4/5 

Grooming: 4/5

Costs: 2/5

And that has been our weekly spotlight! Any further questions don’t be afraid to contact the Circus Top Bottom, or any other reputable Clownblrs such as @clowncare @clown-blr @coulrology and many others!

This is a reminder that many common clown breeds (including northwestern bozos and any carnival mixes) ARE MIGRATORY. Though domestication has helped to suppress these instincts in domestic breeds, lack of movement and new scenery (particularly in the winter months) frequently makes pet clowns irritable and prone to riskier performances. Winter Aggression isn’t a natural risk of clown raising, it’s from these migratory creatures feeling pent up.

However the simplest solution to alleviate winter stress is to allow your clown to perform in front of new audiences, or move their tent to a different spot in the yard. Now, clowns are clever creatures and can recognize faces, but most of their recognition comes from smell. You can fool them into thinking you’re someone new to perform for by simply wearing a hat and using a different perfume or cologne. A road trip is the best treatment, but isn’t viable for every clown owner.

Oh, and as always, be careful if you’ve been training your clown as a guard and decide to use disguises- to prevent aggression, keep an object with your scent on it in case they start hissing and expanding their frills. It’s best to wait for your clown to come to you, wanting to perform.