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Do you think Joker and Harley would ever have another child, either planned or by accident? Or is the original clown baby going to be the one and only heir to Gotham City?

One baby is MORE than enough for Harley and J to keep up with, so I’d say that another child would definitely not be planned lol 

(also clown baby being a boy in my headcanons makes things more special in a way for J’s first born son to become the heir to their criminal legacy) :) 

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Warning: Jared!Joker, no hate on Margot Robbie

A/N: please request stuff guys I don’t bite and plus going back to school tomorrow I’ll need inspiration  

737 words


‘Oi McFly!’ you call out as soon as you see the green haired man. Immediately recognising the nickname a smile comes to Jared’s face but it’s gone as quickly as it was there replaced with a scowl

‘Oh what a joy, you’re here’ he growls out you, not taking it to heart as you are aware of how he gets when filming.

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Okay but what if touka is actually a clown?

LMAO Anon please! xD But you know, I can’t really blame you for asking this, seeing as myself I wondered about it briefly yesterday after that unpredictable cliffhanger. xDD

Seriously though, at this point considering that Touka might be a Clown would be the most cracky theory I ever had on this blog, so I’m not going to even call it a crack theory but it’s true that:

  • Roma is younger than Touka but Roma is one of the Clowns so Touka being younger than most Clowns wouldn’t be a problem. 
  • Uta once had interesting words about Touka in ch11
  • Touka was well acquainted with Uta and Itori

Honestly, the only reason I could see for Touka to be a Clown (the unpredictable question aside xD) would be that, when Ayato left and joined Aogiri, Touka had her own rebel period (something that was still visible in TG) and could have maybe been influenced by Uta and Itori (since she knew them).

That being said, since Yomo and Yoshimura were watching over her and she was working with Koma and Irimi, I really doubt she was influenced by anyone but them and her own life experience (Yoriko, school, meeting Kaneki and Hide…).

So, I’m sorry Anon but I really think that this scene…

…is either about Touka making a joke so that Kaneki will smile/laugh before they actually talk (since he wasn’t looking so good lately + Akira left so Touka might be thinking that he needs to cheer up), or she’s genuinely curious because she wonders if he didn’t leave a girlfriend at the CCG, someone he wouldn’t want Goat to kill (or something like that). :)

 Thanks for the funny ask though, Anon :D And have a nice weekend! 

I just found out why there’s so many clown stuff in my house. You know like, like paintings and figures.

Turns out my grandma’s a fucking weirdo with phases of things. In my mom’s own words “First it was clowns, then it was owls”

I have no idea why I NEVER questioned the clowns

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Cassia and Speedy somehow end up in Nightopia. What happens? Do they harass the clowns?

ahh yes the only important question all otps should answer if u dont answer its a bad otp B-))))))

Here’s a list of what would go down in Nightopia, fasten your seatbelts

  • When they first see each other,They jokingly shout things like “AWW FUYCK YOU??? WHY ARE YOU HERE??” “YOU ARE THE LAST PERSON I WANT TO SEE” Everyone thinks they legit hate each other and are too scared to approach them as they’re yelling. Alot. 
  • Speedy goes “If there are two things I hate in this world, it’s flying freaks and clowns.” [sees NiGHTS] “WHAT THE FUCK–” 
  • They see owl and he introduces himself as owl. “Y’see Speedy? This guy gets it. He doesn’t have some shitty name noone can pronounce like your scientist guy, Dr. Fookoowhatever. This guy is just called “Owl.” You can’t go wrong with that. Owl, Speedy. ‘OWL’.
  • NiGHTS has their back to Cassia and Speedy. “Dude, look at their ass. Go over and touch it I dare you.
  • Neither of them listen to instructions. They just talk about random shit and sit in each other nightopias. They also complain about each others paradises. “Dude, why do you have bombs in your dream?” “SO??? You have lazerbeams in yours, thats tacky, Cassia EW.
  • Reala appears and has their back to Cassia and Speedy. “……Dude, look at their ass. Go over and touch it I dare you.” “I TOUCHED THE FIRST CLOWN YOU DO THIS ONE”
  • Both NiGHTS and Reala try to avoid these god damn visitors for the rest of the night. Cassia and Speedy don’t do anything they just hang out toegther fuckin around and being the complete nasty 13 year olds they are they are awful, rude and swear too much and not worth the trouble oh my god these are the worst visitors ever 
Horror RP-Starters

“Tell me that is not a zombie.”

“That guy has no reflection. Should we tell him?”

“But… you were in the other room just now…”

“There’s something in my closet.”

“I heard breathing under my bed.”

“What do you mean you didn’t scream? Then who did?”

“Why won’t it just die already?!”

“Quiet. Quiet is good… Is it gone now?”

“If it’s behind me I swear-”

“If the electricity is off, then why are the lights flickering?”

“Shh! There it is again. Can’t you hear it?”

“I knew I hated clowns!”

“Just a theoretical question. If, if, there was a man outside, in a mask, with a sword, should we run?”

“They could hunt in packs. Just because we killed one doesn’t mean we should feel safe.”

“Why do I get the feeling I don’t want to know why there are bloody handprints all over the place.”

“Going toward the sound usually doesn’t end well.”

“It’s a good thing he laughs. At least we know where he is.”

“I don’t think the police would believe if we called about a monster in the house.”

“There was something standing next to my bed.”

“Let’s just leave before they find us.”

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Akira looked so beautiful with long hair! Now, more serious questions, the 'clowns' that was killed by oggai, were all of them the humans that were dressed as clowns? And those oggai, assuming that Kanou is working with V now, are they like the Kanou's experiments back in Rushima? In sense that they have no control of their own action?

The CCG’s Holy Mother *prayer hands*

Hmm I’m not too sure about the Clowns. The irony of inspiring the CCG by killing humans would be such a good angle but on the other hand, I would think it too risky on Furuta’s behalf to use humans in front of such a large crowd. It would be as simple as a mask falling off and the whole ruse would be blown. The Real Clowns during the last fight had no issues with dying- they carried exploding balloons and laughed as they were cut to pieces. So I think those Clowns really were just playing their role in Furuta’s grand theatre.

There’s no concrete evidence to say Kanou is working with V now but with Furuta taking over charge, and his obvious history cooperating with Furuta for the Rize kakuhou transplants, I’m highly suspicious of the Rize tanks though and how they would be making Quinx with her kagune. Kanou’s goals were always breaking the cage on the world which was why he was against the CCG’s ideals (for whatever reason from his past with the CCG- I can’t wait to find out). Now with Furuta tearing down the old structure and clearly moving towards a CCG made of half-ghouls, I wouldn’t be surprised if Kanou had gone back to work with the CCG to continue his work breaking the barriers between the 2 species.

Whereas Kanou’s Quinx were adults kidnapped and forced to do his will, the Oggai are children who likely have been brought up for that purpose. So it might not be so much a matter of controlling them against their own will but moreso indoctrinating them from a young age. Not dissimilar to the Garden Children- the Hairu’s both show the same bloodlust.


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Thot Update

Thot 1: Has had her baby. It’s a boy. I am quite frankly surprised and impressed that she didn’t choose the most “"ghetto”“ name out there for him. I’m also surprised she didn’t name him one of the “Hayden, Jayden, Brayden, etc” names that are extremely popular among young mothers. They didn’t expect him to live past childbirth. He has. However, he will, literally, be retarded.

I do feel bad for the boy, but those are the consequences of mommy having several previous abortions, smoking weed, drinking too much alcohol, being a thot, and sleeping around with 50 different people who do the same.

Thot 2: It’s a boy. She is not quitting school. When asked last week whether or not she would be (like Thot 3), she said “No, I’m not stupid.” The /ourguy/ class clown who asked the question responded with “Well, I don’t know. I mean you did get pregnant by a drug dealer in prison.”

Woah. Roasted. True. Very true. Real.

However this thot is actually pretty based. Best Thot.

Thot 3: The ugliest one. Not sure how she’s gotten in the mess she’s in. She’s pregnant by someone who isn’t her boyfriend. Looks like Nanny McPhee. She has quit school. Gender unknown.

See You Again Part 2

Title: See You Again Part 2

part one part three  part four

Pairing/Characters: Sam x Reader, Dean, Bobby (eventually), Ellen, Jo

Summary: After Sam unexpectedly stormed out of college to find his father, he had forgotten to keep your promise. As the two of you met again in an extremely unpredictable circumstance nearly a year later, secrets unleashed.

Warnings: arguing Winchesters, super angsty conversations, super awkward tension with Sammy, a sad Sam.

Author’s Note: 20 notes for part three! If there are any errors, let ya girl know please!

Flashbacks are in italics

Word Count: 2800

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Part 1 excerpt… 

“I-I’m afraid of clowns. It’s lame, really. I have hated them ever since I was a child. Really, my brother used to say that I would scream every time we passed a McDonald’s. But who can blame me? I mean, hell, Ronald McDonald is freaky looking.” Sam rambled after a minute or two of comfortable silence. 

“So, what is the case about?” Sam questioned.

“Killer clowns.” I replied.

Sam gulped, awkwardly re-situated himself in his seat, and called Dean over to inform him.


Your name: submit What is this?

Present Day

I inwardly groaned as I sat with my knees to my chest in the back seat of the eldest Winchester’s minivan. As Dean drove, he repeatedly told me his beautiful car was not in a functioning state and that he swore the van wasn’t his. 

The minivan wasn’t what was bothering me, though. It was the fact that my mother wouldn’t let me take the case alone. She forced the two brothers to go with me and I swear she only did it to spite me. But then again, she doesn’t know that I am trying my hardest not to cave into the man that had left me with no warning. 

As the two men went over the case and argued, I angrily sat in the back, listening.

“You were awfully quick to jump on this job.” Dean said to his brother.

“So?” Sam responded as he averted his eyes to the map displayed in his lap.

“It’s just… not like you, that’s all. I thought you were hell-bent for leather on the demon hunt.” Dean replied with a frown that I could see clearly from the mirror.

“I don’t know. I just think- this job, it’s what dad would’ve wanted us to do.” Sam nonchalantly mumbled.

“What dad would have wanted?” Dean laughed.

“Stop.” I whispered at the two men, not able to take much more of the arguing and the whole “you never cared for dad.” It reminded of the conversations I’ve had with Jo too much. I couldn’t handle it. 

Dean looked at me through the mirror, a frown on his face. He apologized and tried to spark up a new conversation.

“Well (Y/N), were you and Sammy a thing, or what?” He asked with a smirk.

I rolled my eyes and slumped in my seat. Sam cleared his throat and looked out of the window. With a forced and bitter laugh, I urged Sam to tell his brother what we were.

Sam explained. He told his brother how we met, how we fell in love, even how we lived together. He shared the fact that we were together for nearly two years before he left to be with Dean and how he didn’t even say goodbye to me when he did so.

“You’re forgetting something.” I whispered as he finished our story.

He turned to face me with a sigh before adding, “I didn’t forget that I made a promise to never leave you. I broke the promise and for that, I’m sorry. I can make it up to you, (Y/N).”

I felt my walls caving in as his eyes stayed locked with mine. With glossed over eyes, I looked away. Sam stayed with his body facing me for a few seconds before shamefully shaking his head and turning around.

“Well, don’t we just love the chick flicks.” Dean grumbled as sped through a red light.

I tried falling asleep to get rid of my nauseous stomach and after thirty minutes of trying to find a comfortable position, I had found myself dozing off. 


April 3rd, 2005

“Sammy!” I yelled and jumped into his arms. 

He nearly lost his balance before wrapping his arms around my waist. With a light chuckle, he pulled away.

“Let me take a good look at you.” He smiled.

I shrugged my shoulders as my cheeks reddened. Him looking at my entire body had taken it’s toll on me, that’s for sure. 

“You look great, as usual.” Sam confirmed with a smile. 

I laughed as my cheeks warmed even more, the rising heat making my head spin. I grabbed his suitcase from him and walked it into our room. He followed behind me and I could tell he was checking me out, I just smirked and ignored it.

“How was it?” I asked.

Sam sighed. “It was hard on me. But it was nice to bring flowers to her grave and just see my home town.” 

I frowned as I watched him play with his fingers, frowning. I put a hand on his shoulder and pulled him into a hug. 

“Did you see your dad? Your brother?” I asked. He nodded in reply.

I knew about his brother and his dad. Well, I knew how he’d left his broken home, how he practically ran from the family business. Sam always had a loss of words whenever I would ask him what the business was. But I understood because I didn’t want him to know about my past, either. So I didn’t push him.

Instead, I held his face in my hands and smiled up at him. He gave me a small, saddened smile as he placed his hands over mine. 

“Well, you’re not in Kansas anymore, Sammy. You’re with me, in California. Let’s enjoy it.” I grinned and leaned in to him. 

Sam pressed his lips onto mine and I instantly melted at the touch. He snaked one hand around to hold the back of my head as the other slid down to caress my back. 

“And I wouldn’t have it any other way, baby.” He whispered as he pulled away.


Present Day

As I awoke, I rolled my eyes at my stupidity. I don’t understand how I could’ve been so dumb. I mean, all of the signs were there. 

The easiest friggin’ sign; family business. Everyone trained into hunting knew it as the family business

How did I not get that? I don’t know. Also, the fact that he is a Winchester. While in a relationship with Sam in college, John didn’t even pop up into my thoughts. They seemed so different, I didn’t realize that he could’ve been his father until my mom had brought it up. That’s when it dawned on me. 

I guess we were just so in love, we didn’t care about anything else. I wish I could say that was still true to this day.


Later That Day…

Pulling up outside of the carnival, Sam instantly tensed. It was hard to keep myself from comforting him, but I worked up the strength to hold it in.

We walked over to a man in sunglasses, throwing knives at a target. Dean cleared his throat.

“Excuse me, we’re looking for a Mr. Cooper, have you see him around?” He asked the man.

The man growled, “what is that? Some kind of joke?” He pulled off his sunglasses to reveal that he was blind.

I stared at Sam and stifled a laugh. Sam bit his lip and held in a laugh as well, his happiness reaching his eyes for the first time all day.

Dean’s cheeks heated up as he apologized quickly, shaking his head at his mistake. Suddenly, everyone was picking on Dean. Sam and I watched as people at the carnival accused Dean of every possible mistake he made.

Eventually, we found our way to Mr. Cooper and got ourselves some jobs. We all landed janitorial jobs, picking up trash around the carnival. After finding our way into the Funhouse, we finally found a lead. A little girl was trying to show her parents a clown, but no clown was in sight. So we followed the family and now here we are, outside of their house, waiting for something to happen.

My eyes slowly started to droop as we quietly sat, the boys too concentrated on the case to speak. I glanced over at Sam to see him intently staring at the house.

“Let’s go.” He mumbled as the little girl led the clown inside.

I nodded and followed Sam and Dean. When we entered, the little girl was speaking to the clown.

“Wanna see my mommy and daddy? They’re upstairs.” She told it.

Sam jumped to grab the little girl, who screamed and cried for him to let go as he did. Dean shot the clown directly in it’s chest, causing it to fall over. As Dean cocked the gun, the clown leaped out of the window and turned invisible as it ran.

We rushed out of the door as quick as we could and sped away. After a little bit of driving, Dean pulled over and removed everything of his, knowing they’d gotten the license plates.

“I hated this friggin’ thing anyway.” Dean grumbled as he started walking away from the van.

As the three of us walked down the road, we tried thinking of what the clown could be if it wasn’t a spirit. As I looked through books that Sam had brought with, the two men followed behind me and whispered to each other.

“Dean, I don’t care how you deal with this. But you have to deal with it, man. Listen, I’m your brother, alright? I just want to make sure you’re okay.” Sam said to his brother.

Dean groaned. “Dude, I’m okay. I’m okay, okay?” He exasperatedly shook his head and exhaled a deep breath. “I swear, the next person who asks me if I’m okay, I’m gonna start throwin’ punches. These are your issues, quit dumpin’ them on me!” He growled.

Sam frowned at his brother, “what are you talking about?”

Dean stopped again. “I just think it’s really interesting, this sudden obedience you have to dad. It’s like, oh, what would dad want me to do?” He groaned. “Sam, you spent your entire life slugging it out with that man! I mean, hell, you-you picked a fight with him the last time you ever saw him! And now that he’s dead, now you want to make it right? Well, I’m sorry Sam, but you can’t, it’s too little, too late.”

Sam, taken aback, questioned his brother. “Why are you saying this to me?”

“Because I want you to be honest with yourself about this! I’m dealing with dad’s death, are you?” Dean growled and began to walk away, leaving Sam and I to stand with gaping mouths.

“I-I’m going to call Ellen.” He sighed and started to dial my mother. My heart pounded in my chest as I watched Dean storm away with Sam chasing after him. I stormed after Sam and grabbed his jacket sleeve, tugging him back. He turned to me with pain in his eyes. “Okay, Ellen. Yeah, (Y/N) is alright. Thank you. Good bye.” Sam said and ended the phone call.

I frowned at the man as I looked up at him. The bags under his eyes were darker than I had ever seen them before, his skin sickly. He was completely worn out and I hated it.

“Sammy,” I whispered and caressed his cheek. He wouldn’t look into my eyes, which made my stomach churn in pain. I wrapped my arms around his waist and squeezed him.

“I am okay, (Y/N).” Sam chuckled and rubbed circles into my back. I shook my head at him, not believing him.

“When we get back to the roadhouse, we’re going to talk. You’re going to spill what has been going on, and I am going to kick ass to make sure you’re okay. You mean too much to me.” I whispered. 

Sam nodded and took my hand in his, entwining our fingers. His cheeks reddened at his actions and a smile formed onto my lips. The two of us walked to Dean, who was impatiently waiting.

“So, you talked on the phone, right?” He asked Sam.

“Oh, uh, yeah. Rakshasa.” Sam said and cleared his throat.

“Ra-sha-sha-na-na-what?” Dean grumbled.

I laugh and nod, “Rakshasa. They are Hindu creatures. Appear as a human, feed on human flesh, can appear and disappear, and they can’t get into a home without being invited.”

“Wow, we’ve got another nerd.” Dean replied and rolled his eyes.

I shrugged, agreeing. I mean, I went to college.

“So, this one dresses up as a clown and the kids invite ‘em in?” Dean asked, trying to get down what was going on.

Sam nodded and sighed, “and apparently they sleep on a bed of dead insects.”

“Nice.” Dean smirked.

“Yeah, and they have to feed a few times every twenty or thirty years. Slow metabolism, I guess.” Sam guessed with shrugged shoulders.

As they continued to speak about the rakshasa, Dean realized something.

“You guys,” Dean laughed at his thoughts. “Who do we know that worked both shows?” He asked and raised his eyebrows.

Sam looked at me with wide eyes. “Cooper.” We said in unison.

“Cooper.” Dean nodded.

“You know how to kill him?” I asked Sam, seeing if he knew.

Sam turned to face me, quizzing me. “Do you know?” He smirked.

“Dagger made of brass.” I replied with pride.

“Correct. But, we should see if it’s actually Cooper before we go killing anyone.” Sam said with a smile.


Later That Night

As Dean went for the brass, Sam and I went to check for the bedbugs.

“Shh,” Sam whispered as he opened Cooper’s trailer.

I laughed and covered my mouth to keep myself quiet. He laughed, put his finger over his lips, and hushed me again with a wide grin. Working together wasn’t a forte of ours. 

Sam turned and jabbed his pin into the lock until it clicked, the door squeaking as it opened. Sam nodded his head, letting me enter first. I smiled as I pulled out a pocket knife and walked to the bed. As I started to cut the bed open, a gun cocked back.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Cooper asked.

I put my hands up, eyes wide. “Uh, they asked me to um, replace your bed?” I asked with gritted teeth. Sam, not able to take my horrible acting, swiftly grabbed the gun from Cooper’s hands and knocked him over the head with it.

“Let’s go.” Sam laughed and grabbed my hand. He pulled me out of the trailer and raced away from it as chuckles erupted from his belly. I stared at our entwined hands with a full heart but when Sam noticed, he pulled his hand away with reddened cheeks.

We found Dean a while later, him looking agitated and angered. “It was the blind guy. He is here, somewhere.”

Racing around to find the man, we found ourselves in the Funhouse. As we went through, a door slammed, earning a scream from me.

“Dean, find the maze!” Sam instructed.

As Dean left, Sam tried pulling at a pipe. “Ah, dammit!” Sam yelled and flinched from the heat of the pipe. He kept going at it, though, not caring about the heat.

“Hey.” Dean said as he walked over to the two of us.

“Hey, where is it?” Sam asked.

“I don’t know, shouldn’t we see it walking around?” Dean replied.

Immediately after that was said, a knife flew at Dean, pinning him against the wall. Then, another came at him and pinned his wrist. I winced and closed my eyes, not used to seeing others getting hurt while on a hunt.

“Sam?” Dean yelled, grunting in pain.

Sam pulled the pipe off fully and slowly stepped forward. As a knife flew directly at his head, I extended my leg to trip him. He fell over my leg and let go of the pipe. But hey, at least he didn’t get stabbed. As they tried to figure out where the bitch went, I grabbed the pipe from the ground.

“Behind you!” Dean yelled to Sam.

I eagerly jammed the pipe into the invisible creature and although it was still invisible, I could see the blood oozing out of it. I glanced up at the two men, a smile forming. They both let out a deep breath as they stared at what I had done.


The Next Day

“You guys did good. Protecting my daughter and with the job. Your dad’d be proud.” Ellen smiled at the three of us as she walked over to the table we sat at, beers in hand.

“Thank you, Ellen.” The brothers said in unison. 

“Uh-huh, thanks, ma.” I replied and grabbed a bottle from her. I gave her a small smile and hugged her side as she watched the two brothers.

Jo narrowed her eyes at me, mouthing a quick “move,” and turned her gaze to Dean. I laughed and rolled my eyes before grabbing Sam’s forearm.

“C’mon, Sammy.” I said as I winked at Dean, who laughed and glanced at Jo.

Sam awkwardly nodded and followed me until we got to the other side of the roadhouse.

“I have a question.” Sam said as we sat down at the bar.

“Okay, shoot.” I replied with a smile.

“You graduated from college, right?” He asked, hope in his eyes. I slowly nodded, not understanding why he would ask. 

He let out a saddened sigh and ran his hands through his hair. “Then why are you hunting? You’re a really smart girl, (Y/N). I would’ve never expected you partaking in something so dumb. Hunting isn’t safe.” He said. 

I breathed in heavily and let out a frustrated laugh. “Because my dad died in this life, just as yours did.” 

He nodded, understanding. “Well, uh, I get that. My mom did, too. It’s my fault.” Sam frowned as he stared at the beer bottle in his hand. 

“You want to talk about it yet?” I asked.

Just as Sam’s lip began to tremble, Ash stormed out with a grin. “The Winchesters, you’re back!”

“Oh, guess it’s gonna have to wait.” Sam rushed to get out of his seat and walked away from me.

“Aw, c’mon.” I grumbled angrily as I got up onto my feet and followed the younger Winchester.

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Jesus Christ…Belichick’s reply to the Garoppolo Game 5 question will never not be funny.

See You Again Part 3

Title: See You Again Part 3

part one ➳ part two part four

Pairing/Characters: Sam x Reader, Dean, Ellen, Jo, Ash

Summary: After Sam stormed out of college, he had totally forgotten what he had really left behind. One of the things he had forgotten? Keeping your promise. As the two of you met again in an extremely unpredictable circumstance, secrets unleashed.

Warnings: Intoxication, cursing, sarcastic siblings

Word Count: 2562

(found gif on google search)


Part 2 Excerpt… 

“You graduated from college, right?” He asked, hope in his eyes. I slowly nodded, not understanding why he would ask.

He let out a saddened sigh and ran his hands through his hair. “Then why are you hunting? You’re a really smart girl, (Y/N). I would’ve never expected you partaking in something so dumb. Hunting isn’t safe.” He said.

I breathed in heavily and let out a frustrated laugh. “Because my dad died in this life, just as yours did.”

He nodded, understanding. “Well, uh, I get that. My mom did, too. It’s my fault.” Sam frowned as he stared at the beer bottle in his hand.

“You want to talk about it yet?” I asked.

Just as Sam’s lip began to tremble, Ash stormed out with a grin. “The Winchesters, you’re back!”

“Oh, guess it’s gonna have to wait.” Sam rushed to get out of his seat and walked away from me.

“Aw, c’mon.” I grumbled angrily as I got up onto my feet and followed the younger Winchester.


Your name: submit What is this?

Present Day 

Ash slammed his self-made computer down onto the bar, drawing everyone’s attention. Sam grunted as he sat beside him, scrunching his nose. I don’t think Sam realized that Ash hasn’t showered in a while until then. He reeks of booze and body odor.

“Where you guys been? I been waitin’ for you.” Ash said as Sam tried to touch the computer. Ash slapped his hand away.

“Uh, we’ve been hunting. Clowns?” Sam questioned Ash on his thoughts about clowns.

“What the hell? Those bitches are terrifying. Even scarier when drunk.” Ash concluded with a nod. Sam raised his eyebrows at me as if to say ‘see? I’m not the only one.’ I held in a laugh and urged Ash to continue.

“Have you found anything?” Dean asked. Ash vigorously tapped away, screen flashing in his face as he did so.

“Well, not really. The demon is nowhere to be seen. But if this fugly bastard raises his head, I’ll know. I mean, I’m on it like Divine on dog dookie.” Ash responded.

“What do you mean?” Sam retorted.

“I mean, any of those signs or omens appear, anywhere in the world, my rig’ll go off. Like a fire alarm.” Ash said as he stared at his computer.

“Alright.” Dean said as Ellen handed him a fresh glass of what I believed was Captain by the smell of it. She smiled at the stressed man and told him he’d like it with a Coke. 

“Hit me,” he told her with a weary sigh. 

Ellen nudged Jo, who nodded and obliged. As she strutted away to get him a can of Coke, he contently watched her. The actions between the two of them brought a smile to my face as a memory flooded into my thoughts. 


December 25th, 2003

As I finished telling a Christmas memory in front of a group of friends, Sam snickered. His arms wrapped around my waist as we stood in the college party, downing too many shots and standing way too close to one and another.

“I can’t believe that happened to you, poor (Y/N).” Josh, a friend in one of Sam’s classes, said as he lifted his beer in the air. 

“Well, believe it. I’ve had worse situations.” I replied with a shake of the head. Sam sipped from his beer bottle as I massaged his arm. 

“Why don’t you tell us a Christmas story from your childhood, Sam?” Ashley drunkenly giggled as she clung onto Josh. 

“Uh, well. I don’t have a lot of Christmas memories.” Sam laughed.

“You’ve gotta have at least one, come on, bro.” Josh nudged Sam’s arm.

Sam nodded and cleared his throat. “Well, uh. When I was maybe… eight, my dad was working and he couldn’t get home… So uh, my brother Dean, he, uh-” Sam shook his head at the memory. 

“He gave me two gifts and urged me to open them, he was so excited to see my reaction. I wasn’t surprised when they ended up being a damn barbie doll and a sparkly baton.” 

Everyone laughed at his memory. With a shy chuckle, Sam nestled his head into my neck. I threw a hand into his hair and tangled my fingers into it. In response, he grabbed my hand with a smile, pulled it up to his lips, and left a kind kiss on the back of my hand.

“I’m gonna go to the bathroom. I’ll be back. You stay right there or I swear.” Sam warned with a wink as he started to walk away, outstretching his arm as he walked until he couldn’t move any further. He squeezed my fingers before smiling and untangling them. A pout grew on his lips as he waved and sped away.

Josh rolled his eyes as he chugged his beer. “You’ve got that kid wrapped around your finger, (Y/N).” He proclaimed as Ashley kissed his cheek drunkenly. 

I scoffed and swallowed the lump in my throat. “What? Pft,what are you talking about? You’re crazy!”

“Girl, you’re blind! This kid, he’s head over heels for you. The few months I had known him before he met you, he was a disaster. But once he bumped into you, this kid changed. Literally. Have you guys put a title to your relationship yet?” Josh smugly replied. 

Heat rose to my cheeks as I bit my lip. Did I affect him that much? We hadn’t put a name on our relationship, did he want to? I shook my head, not able to believe him. 

“No, we haven’t. Do you think we should? Does he even want to yet? It’s only been four months and we’ve been busy.” I frowned as I over-thought the situation.

“Honey, do you see the way that kid looks at you? He looks at you like you’re his entire world, if you haven’t noticed.” Ashley said as she tried to hold in her laughs.

Sam walked back over as I looked at the couple with complete confusion. 

“Why are you looking at them like you’re trying to solve them?” Sam asked with a laugh. 

I shook my head and wrapped my arms around him. 

“Hey, can you we walk back? I’m getting really tired.” I said as I glanced at the couple with wide eyes, trying to hold in my lie. 

“Mhm, alright. We can get going. Let me grab our jackets.” Sam said and pecked my temples. 

Before he sped away again, he smiled down at me. His eyes stayed on mine for a few seconds before he bit his lip and parted ways.

“Dammit, you were right.” I mumbled as they both laughed. “I hate you guys.”

Sam walked back over with our jackets in hand. “Here you go, baby.” Sam said. “Let me get it for you.” 

He set down his jacket and quickly helped me with mine. As he put on his own, I bid my goodbyes to Ashley and Josh with a middle finger in the air. They winked at me and shooed me away as Sam patiently waited. 

“What was that about?” Sam asked me with nervousness in his voice as we walked out of the bar. 

“What are you talking about?” I asked nervously. 

“(Y/N), what’d they tell you? Damn, they love ruining things for me. Don’t they know not to mess with a drunk man?” Sam questioned with a fake laugh.

“Sam, they didn’t say anything bad. There isn’t anything bad about you that they could’ve even said.” I stopped walking and grabbed his arm. He didn’t reply. Instead, he just waited for me to continue. 

“They told me that you uh-” I laughed and stared at my feet. “They told me that you ‘look at me like I’m your world’, is that true? Do you feel that way? Or am I just damn crazy? Y-you can’t loo-” 

Sam slammed his lips against mine as I rambled. My hand instantly went through his hair as his warmth enveloped over me. I placed my hand on his chest and hummed as I felt his heart rapidly beating to my touch. As he drew back, a smile grew onto his lips. 

“They were right. I fell for you right when I met you and I don’t understand why I’ve been so scared to ask you to be mine.” Sam laughed at his words and grabbed my hands. 

“So, uh, will you be my girlfriend?” He stammered. 

I laughed as I nodded, my stomach tied in knots. Sam smiled and let out a relieved sigh. 

“Thank god.” He grinned and leaned in for another kiss.

And I would be lying if I said that wasn’t the best Christmas I ever had. 


Present Day

“Hey, (Y/N), hello? What’s up with girls and their random daydreaming?” Dean grumbled as he poked my cheek with a straw.

“Gah-what?” I replied as I flinched at his touch, slapping the straw away. 

“We were going to leave, just wanted to say bye.” He said with a saddened smile. I glanced up at Sam with furrowed brows. 

“I’m going to go uh, jack a car, carjack, you know.” Dean grumbled and cautiously walked away, patting his brother on the back as he passed. 

I rolled my eyes as Sam awkwardly cleared his throat.

“You’re gonna leave?” I asked after seconds of silence, my voice wavering as I kept my eyes away from his. “Again?” 

Sam sighed and walked over to me, placing a hand on my shoulder.

“I don’t want to leave, I have to.” He mumbled as he absentmindedly combed his fingers through his hair with the other hand.

“Fine.” I growled and got out of my seat to grab a drink, bitterly pushing his hand off before I did so. 

Walking to the bar, I sighed, grabbed myself a bottle of vodka from under the counter, and poured a straight shot of it. As my throat tingled, I glanced at Sam. He stared at me from the other side of the bar table with piercing eyes. 

“What, Sam?” I groaned and slammed my glass down to pour another. 

Sam grabbed the alcohol from me and pushed it away. 

“Don’t do this to yourself, please.” He quietly remarked. 

“Don’t do what? Push myself into the inevitable stage of denial after the only man I ever loved leaves me for the second time?” My stomach twisted as I realized just how hurt I was.

“I mean dammit, Sam! You left me with no warning a year ago and right when I thought I was getting somewhere with you again- you know what? Forget it. Please, leave.” I pointed at the door as I turned my head away. 

“(Y/N)…” Sam groaned, eyes widened. 

“Sam.” I replied and finally looked up at him. He walked around the bar, never letting his eyes break apart from mine. 

“Come with me.” He said. 

I choked on my breath, eyes wide. “Wait, what? Say that again?”

“I said come with me, (Y/N).  It would be good for us! You worked well with us on that hunt and actually, you saved our lives. Please, tell me you’ll come with me. Then at least I know you’re safe. I said I’d make it up to you and I think this is the right way!” Sam urged as he grabbed my hands, a hopeful smile on his lips. 

“Sam, c’mon. I-I can’t.” I bit my lip and stared at our entwined fingers. My heart pattered in my chest as the familiarity of it all made my walls tumble down. 

“Please.” Sam begged.

Ellen walked through the back door in the worst moment. The moment I was going to say yes. 

“What’s going on here?” She asked as she folded her arms. Jo walked out behind her, as if she’d been standing there the whole time. 

“Aw come on mom, it’s obvious. They went to Stanford together, both leaving the hunting life… The way they looked at each other when they noticed each other. They were together.”  Jo smirked.

“No, Jo. (Y/N) did not leave the life. She was never in it. I don’t want her in it.” Ellen growled, staring at Sam.

“Mom, I’ve already started.” I replied.

“(Y/N),  this family has lost enough. And I won’t lose you too. I just won’t.” She stated as she sadly glanced at me. 

“You won’t lose me, mom. I’ll be with Sam, I’m going with him and Dean.” I said and patted Sam’s back, shocking him. He squeezed my fingers and let out a relieved sigh as I continued persuading Ellen. 

“I already have my bags packed, I’ll call every day, I’ll call Jo and tell her how annoying she is every day.” I laughed and looked at Jo, who rolled her eyes at me. 

Ellen let out an agitated groan. “I swear to god, Sam Winchester. If my daughter gets hurt while in your hands, you’ll be dead. Got it? Six feet under. Your brother, too.” 

Sam nodded vigorously. “I won’t let it happen. I swear to you, Ellen. Hurting (Y/N) is the last thing I want. I will do everything I can to keep her safe.” 

“At night, keep one eye open. I’ll be watching your every move, Sam Winchester.” Ellen said as she angrily walked away, Jo following her.

I smiled up at Sam nervously. “Are we really going to do this?” I asked, a shiver running down my spine as his smile widened. 

I had found myself staring at his lips as his smile faltered, eagerly biting my lower lip. I batted my eyelashes and coughed, trying to distract myself and look away. But I couldn’t find the strength.

My stomach tingled as Sam’s hand found it’s way from my hip to my cheek. He caressed my soft skin as his face neared mine. My eyes fluttered closed as I felt his hot breath against my lips. 

“Are you okay with this?” He asked as he pulled a loose strand of hair behind my ear. 

With a vehement nod, I crashed my lips against his. The kiss lasted for only a matter of seconds before I pulled away, nervously waiting for a reaction to bubble out of him. Sam sucked in a dazed breath as heat rose to his cheeks, not knowing what to do.

“I-I, uh — wow.” Sam sighed. 

As I regained my breath, my arms snaked around his neck. I played with the tips of his hair as thoughts racked my brain. Really, all I could think was god damn, I missed this man.

I had thought that with a year apart, I would’ve found someone or something that would make me feel better than how he did. But truth be told, I hadn’t. The sensation of his lips against mine was still the best feeling in the world to me. 

“I missed you. So much.” Sam cooed as he shoved his hands into his pockets, leaving my body feeling cold and fragile. 

“I missed you, too.” I said as I turned away and raced for my bag, trying to keep myself from crumbling back into his arms. I inwardly sighed and sped passed him, out of the door, and into the car Dean had decided to carjack.

Author’s Note: I don’t really know why I do this, but I always make kissing scenes with Sam extremely awkward in some sort of way. I just feel like his kisses would be super delicate and tender when it’s with someone he is in love with *wink wink* oh and HOW’D Y’ALL LIKE THE YEAR-LATER KISS?! Let me know if you notice any errors! Twenty notes for part four!

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