clown glass


when ur side profile looks better than ur actual face.

kkgo357  asked:

I don't think this is in your faq, if it is I am so sorry but I was wondering how you made/where you got your terezi and dirk glasses and shades, they look really hella!

kkgo357 nope it’s cool, and thankss i put so much goddamn time into the terezi glasses hahah, dirk’s were a bit quicker thank god

my tz glasses are actually made from lenses i popped out of these dollar store clown glasses, and sanded the fuck down BY HAND until they were a shape i liked better. it took days. 10/10 would not recommend. i then got my dad to drill holes in the plastic and attached them to frames i got off of dollar store   reading glasses which didn’t have frames around the plastic lenses.

of course, feel free to use whatever clearish red plastic you can get your hands on, or even like fucking cellophane or something if you have a pair of glasses with frames that are a good shape and you just want something for the inside bit.

the dirk glasses i made by taking some thin clear plastic and sticking car window film on both sides (of which you can get a huge roll that you will never finish like ever on ebay for like 10 bucks. ayy). the clear plastic i got off of a piece of packaging over christmas, and honestly i was having trouble finding clear plastic before then, so like rly just like scrounge around and see what you can find.

then you just wanna cut it into the triangles shape, do each triangle separately if you’re like me and can’t find a big enough piece of plastic to do it in one, then do the same thing as with the tz glasses and attach the frames of some reading glasses without frames around the lenses. and because the lenses are just one big lens, i stuck the nosepiece to the back.

*jazz hands*


George clowning around with glass eyes during a break while filming his scenes at Twickenham Film Studios 13 April 1964 pictured behind him is Mal Evans. Photo Credit - Keystone Photos

‘He also had a great sense of humor. Many times as we were listening to a playback in the control room  he would jump out of his chair and start dancing around like a wild man. At other times he would make up some moves and play ‘air saxophone’ as though he was a saxophone player in Little Richard’s band. But most of all he loved Monty Python and would regularly repeat their hilarious sketches verbatim  It was all part of his personality to laugh and joke around and then pick up a guitar from his incredible collection and then launch into a beautiful song that would make you cry.’ - Gary Wright, excerpt from ‘Dream Weaver - A Memoir; Music, Meditation, and My Friendship with George Harrison‘


Decided to show off my little collections because I saw Endo post his. It’s fun to share collections! Everyone should post their special collections in the #MyLittleCollections tag.
Essential glasses I am missing from my collection: springing eyes falling out glasses, Groucho glasses (MIA), comically large clown glasses, star glasses, and sippy straw glasses (MIA because they were too hard to clean but I still feel like I need them.) If you know any other glasses I should add, please tell me. I love glasses.