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Jokers Daughter Imagine: Night Skyline

Request: (anon) Can u write a story where their daughter tried to kill herself


You sat on the floor with your back leaning against the bed looking across from you at the open balcony doors at the gotham city night, you always had a problem sleeping in hotels. You wanted to be back home in your own bed or crawl into your parents bed where you knew you were safe away from the world… and yourself. It had been a week since the mission had gone wrong and the clown family was still on the run. You loved your parents but sometimes you resented them so much for bringing you into this life style. You wanted desperately to go into their connecting room but at the same time the thought of being near them made you angry.

It wasn’t just them or the failed mission or the hotel room, it was the thought of the whole world crashing in at all times. The anxiety of no matter what, your family was never truly safe. You wanted to believe when you were in your fathers arms that nothing could touch you. But he was a wanted man by everyone for everything and no matter how many times he said running was the last time, you knew it would happen again. The three of you hadn’t been away from home in this long since he killed Robin and it was getting to be too much. The pressure of being ‘the clown princess’, to be expected to live up to the title, to be expected to be ashamed of it by others, the perpetual battle over who you were and knowing you didn’t really have a choice. Knowing either way or whatever life you chose you were going to let people down. 

You wanted to be a little girl again when life was simple and run into your fathers arms but the other half of you didn’t want to admit what was wrong and disappoint him. You just wanted things to be over with and the problems to be solved. The wind blew in from the outside and cooled the tears that were starting to stream down your face. The skyline was filled with the dazzling architecture of the city you came to loathe and crave. It was so peaceful through the doors and into the night for a brief moment it made your heart beat settle and the goosebumps go away. You longed for that peace all the time. Suddenly it was like you were out of control of your movements, your mind knew what was happening around you but it was as though your body was a separate entity acting at it’s own will. You walked out onto the balcony to the edge and looked over and saw straight down to the road. You took a deep breath and climbed on top of the ledge and started to walk along the edge against the backdrop of gotham. You looked back into the dark and empty room, it was like you had left reality and went into dream world.

I want this peace all the time the words sneaked out from your lips and you stopped and lifted one foot up and off the edge. You closed your eyes and your body fully let go and you felt your weight starting to fall. All of a sudden you felt a violent jolt in the opposite direction and you fell backwards and down to the floor with arms wrapped around your waist. It felt like all the breath was stripped from your body and the ability to breathe was taken as well. You started to hyperventilate when you felt the pale hand of the joker go over your chest and press down.

“Just breathe” he said softly but sternly. You gripped his forearm with both your hands and dug your nails into him realizing what was happening. That he had sabotaged your way out, your way to peace. You regulated your breathing and then tears of rage started to fall from your eyes. You ripped out of his arms and ran back into the hotel room, he followed close behind.

“Why would you do that!? Can’t you let me have anything? Make any decisions for myself?” you screamed at him hugging yourself.

“Excuse me?” he said as a devilish smile spread across his face, he didn’t know how to react. He felt a burning sensation in his stomach and his mind was drawing blanks. His little girl, his princess that he came to check on to calm his nerves was about to be taken away, by her own hand. He didn’t know how to handle it, didn’t even remember throwing his body at you to pull you back. He did the only thing he knew how to do for sure, smile. “What did you think you were doing out there princess? You belong in bed.” 

“I don’t know, and you especially don’t know, where I belong.” you felt yourself going into shock, you weren’t screaming at him but weren’t whispering. You were just existing at this point. “This wouldn’t have happened if you didn’t drag me from home to this hotel moving around every day not being able to live. All because of you.” 

He couldn’t stop staring at your feet on the ground. He wanted to grab you and hold you so your toes would never leave the floor again. The Joker snapped back into reality when he heard your words and immediately felt a wave of guilt wash over. Not a few minutes ago he was lying next to Harley unable to get you and the situation out of his head. He knew it was hard on you. Him and Harley chose this life and enjoyed it for all it was good and bad, but you didn’t have the chance to make that decision. He liked to think to himself that you loved it because you were with him, but at the same time he knew he was lying to himself. There was a part of him that couldn’t let something go, the thought of you not feeling protected. It was just starting to sink in as he kept staring at your feet, the fact that you felt you wanted them to jump.

“Is it because you want to get away from me? Or what I am?” he said in a defeated manner.

You looked at your father standing before you, he always looked so strong and mighty but now it was like his body had shriveled up and he was hanging on by a thread. He looked as how you felt before you were on that ledge. You left your mind’s dark thoughts and sympathy for him, but now wasn’t the time to lie to make it better. Not again.

“Daddy… It’s not that I want to be away from you. I just.. well maybe it is. I love you but doing this over and over again is driving me crazy. I love you and want you to be happy but keeping it all in makes me feel… well like I just want to jump.” you walked over to your father and grabbed his hand and cradled it in yours to let him know you meant those words. “I just want to go home. I want to go home so badly. I want to be rid of the pain I feel I want peace but I can’t have it. I want to jump you should have let me fall.” the tears got heavy and your father instinctively and quickly grabbed you and pulled you against his chest.

“You’re never going to fall princess.” his voice got deeper and had a sense of pride in it like he usually had. He held you tight. The Joker wanted to lift his girl off the ground and spin her around in his arms but the thought of your feet being in the air again sent chills down his spine. ‘You want to go home?”

You pulled your head off of his chest and looked up at him with wet eyes and nodded, in a broken voice you said “I do. I want to sleep in yours and mommys bed. I want us to wake up at home and be together and not have to worry about anyone chasing us.”

The Joker looked down at his daughter, speaking softly but her eyes were hungry for resolution. He felt his shoulders tense up knowing there was only one way to fix things. For him there were a thousand possibilities of what they could do and where they could run, but only one wouldn’t keep breaking his daughters heart. He couldn’t bare to continue this when it meant his daughter wanted to take her own life.

“Harley!” Joker yelled making to jump slightly. Your mother came running into your room rubbing her eyes.

“Yeah Puddin? What’s going on?” 

“Pack everything up. Take it and our baby to the place we talked about..” He said rubbing your back comforting you for what was about to happen next.

“You mean… the place? Why Puddin? Aren’t the cops still after us?” she said confused

“They’re after me. This is my doing. Take our baby. I’m going to turn myself in.” his voice changed to something unusual. Like he wasn’t the Joker anymore, he sounded like some action hero. It unnerved you and you hugged him tighter. Harley accepted his words and went to go pack and grab the bags.

“Daddy no! That’s not what I meant! I don’t want to lose you!” the same sick feeling came back and hit you, another thing that felt wrong.

“shhhh baby baby baby…. you’re not losing daddy. You just have to wait for me okay?” he said smirking at you

“But…what do you guys mean the place?” you tried to protest 

“Go.” he said. It felt like time had stopped and sped up at the same time as the two of you gazed into each others eyes. Before you knew it Harley was grabbing your hand all dressed ready to go.

Harley jumped in the window that separated the kitchen and the living room posing for you, “How do ya like the beads baby? Good addition?” she said smiling.

“They look great mom.” you said solemnly. It had been one month since your father had turned himself in and been taken to arkham and you and Harley had gone to the safe house on the outskirts of Gotham. It was off the radar from the gcpd and no one was around you. It was deserted but it was the quiet, calm change that you needed. Where nothing was going to bother you. Sometimes when you passed a window you still felt the urge, but it was subsiding as the days went on. Besides, the windows and doors and even the walls all had bars around them, looks like your father was more paranoid than you had guessed. He had thought of everything.

“You don’t seem very enthusiastic baby?” Harley said pouting but still had a look on her face like she had a secret.

“I just miss daddy, he said we weren’t going to lose him but I feel like it’s been years.” 

Harley jumped down from the counter and went over to the tv to turn it on. She skimmed through the channels looking for one in particular. 

“Well baby funny you should say that because the expert I am…. I’ve always been good at timing!” she giggled wildly extending her hand for you to take. You walked over to her and took it and watched the tv. 

A commercial was just ending when the news broke in, it was showing camera footage from a helicopter over arkham. You looked up at your mother scared but she just stroked your hair and continued to giggle.

“There are no new updates on the uprising at arkham asylum. All we know is that this morning several inmates with outside forces assisting them, overtook the guards and killed 7 doctors. They are now no where on the premises to be found and are suspected as posing in the guards uniforms to move their way out.”

The news anchors words made your heart start to pound and you squeezed your mothers hand in yours and looked up at her.

“Mommy you mean?” 

Harley nodded at her daughter and let the wide grin she couldn’t contain anymore cover her face. That’s when the knock on the door came and before you could turn fully around it was kicked open and a strange figure walked in. When you saw what he was wearing you connected the dots and smiled wider than your mother.

“Daddy!” you screamed and ran over to him. You jumped up and wrapped your arms around his neck but he bent down to hug you instead of picking you up. “Daddy… it’s okay for my feet to leave the ground now.” you whispered into his ear.

That was all the reassurance he needed and suddenly you were being twirled around in his arms. The final piece you needed to have recovery was here.

“You sure now princess?” he growled in your ear. Reaching an arm out for Harley to come join the two of you.

“I don’t have to be sure, I know you’ll catch me if I fall.” When those words left you, you felt what you had been waiting for. Peace.

I feel like this is a mess I’m so sorry

One Piece Theory:

Now that we know Big Mom was trying to marry Lola to a Giant. Things are starting to come around full circle. Her use of Caesar, the arranged marriage with the Vinsmoke family, her interest in Germa 66 and her obsession with Giants. Now combine them all together. Big Mom is trying to use Caesar’s Gigantification experimentation (way back in Punk Hazard), something that the World Government even banned due to the monstrous nature of Giants at present. She forced Caesar into a lab and got him working to complete the task asap. Why? Because I believe she wants to use the genetic makeup of the Vinsmokes, extract their superhuman-like genes onto the clone army of Germa 66, an obedient, strong force that’ll perform any action on command and proceed to gigantify them once the wedding’s over. Thus, finally having her own army of super Giants, something she could’ve only achieved through the marriage she arranged with Lola/Prince Loki, the same marriage which could’ve made her, Pirate King!

Opinions aren’t they great? everybody’s negative ones only add fuel to my creative fire. Here, have a nice new purple hatchetman!

Too Many Clowns: Jokers Daughter Imagine pt. 3

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For the first time in your life the house was dead silent. No gun fire, no laughs, no calling for ‘puddin’ or ‘princess’. It had officially been a week since Batman took your son away. For the first few days the screams and the tears didn’t stop. The Joker wreaked havoc on the city, searching everywhere he thought his heir would be with no luck. Harley stayed in bed most of the days. When you saw your mother her blue and pink makeup was running down her face. Martini glasses were scattered around the house with lipstick marks around the rim. She gave you a pathetic attempt at a smile when she saw you before closing the bedroom doors behind her. There was a void in the clown family that ripped everyone apart. Since the day he was born, Jay had never left the side of either you or your parents. Up until he was taken away you yourself had barely ever left your fathers side and now you never knew when he was even in the house. You had never felt this empty and alone since the night you became pregnant. You decided to head to your parents bedroom that, before this all happened, was always a safe and comforting place. Now walking to the doors you felt anxious, you slowly pushed the door open and peaked your head in. The room wasn’t a mess as you expected, it was actually organized chaos. Photos of you and Jay were carefully placed on the ground surrounded by rose petals picked individually, guns and various weapons were dismantled and lined the walls, and the grand white piano was torn apart and the pieces placed in a circle. At the center of all the mess was your father. He looked up at you with what looked like dried tears on his cheeks. He was only able to get out one word


He didn’t say it in a greeting way or curious way, more just making a statement. You walked towards him unable to speak for for a moment yourself. You had never seen him so beaten down before. The Joker always gave off an impression of being in total control and being strong, the man sitting before you was not the one you grew up with. 

“Daddy I didn’t want to be alone anymore.” You said sitting down next to him. He didn’t reply, just lifted one arm up signaling you to move into him. You complied and he placed a weak grasp on your shoulder. Harley laying in bed didn’t move, but you sensed she knew you were there.  

You rested your head on your fathers chest, closing your eyes focusing on his heart beat. Just 5 years ago you were worried and asking your father if there were too many clowns, now the family seemed so small and empty. 

The Jokers head was pounding from his migraine. He kept telling himself you fucked up you fucked up again. Another voice in his head kept yelling you promised them you promised them and you failed. The worst voice just kept saying theyll never forgive you never never never never never.

Jay was sleeping in a cell underneath Wayne Manor in the batcave. Bruce hated having to put him in there but the little boy wouldn’t stop trying to jump on Bruce and Alfred, trying to bite them and pull their hair. When Alfred brought him food he took the fork and tried to stab his legs. Bruce tried to have the boy sit down and he grabbed weapons out of the utility belt. After hours of fighting and crying he finally fell asleep. Bruce was able to take off his suit and relax. 

“Master Bruce?” Alfred walked over to him  with new bandages for Bruce’s shoulder“Are you sure this is a good idea?”

“I can’t let that clown do to this innocent little boy what he did to his daughter.” the word clown made Jay open his eyes to see the two men talking, he wondered where the Batman had gone . They continued not noticing him awake. “You should have seen him Alfred, so small but holding that bastards gun.. and he actually took a shot. He’s still just a toddler, he might have a few images left of them but in a few years he’ll be living a healthy and happy life away from all that evil.”

Jay saw Bruce stand up so he put his head down to avoid being detected. He kept one eye open on the man who walked up to a glass case. He stood there for a while not moving, Jay couldn’t figure out exactly what he was staring at.

“Master Bruce are you sure this isn’t… some type of redemption for you. Or dare I say an eye for an eye?” Alfred always was frank with Bruce, but this particular subject had the ability to set Bruce off.

“Alfred I can’t believe you would think that of me. I’m doing with this boy the same thing I did with Dick and Jason, I’m taking them from a bad situation, and giving them a better chance.” Jay watched Bruce spit his words at Alfred, he was frustrated with himself for  not understanding what was going on. He thought about returning to his mother and grandpa, they would be able to help him understand. Jay kept telling himself to remember what he was seeing. He looked at the object in the glass for as long as he could so he wouldn’t forget what it looked like, so he could tell his grandfather what he had scene. 

A few more days had past and every day you went to sit on the floor with your father. The silence was interrupted by a knock on the door frame, Frost stood there waiting for his boss to tell him to enter. The Joker seemed not to care so you motioned to Frost to come in. He sat on the steps before the clown family, you asked him what he wanted and he held up a photograph. You immediately shot up and darted towards Frost, he pulled back a little at your animal like movements. You snatched the photo from him, it was Jay. Jay was being carried around by a man you thought looked familiar. 

“Daddy look!” you yelled at your father, for the first time since Jay was missing a little life came into his eyes. ‘It’s really him Daddy!” you crawled back to your father and swung your arms around him. He took the photo from your hands. Harley came rushing over. When Joker looked at her they smiled at each other for the first time in what felt like a hundred years. “Who is that man? He looks familiar.” you asked looking around at everyone.

“That’s Bruce Wayne princess.” The joker said stroking his daughters hair.

“Not just Bruce Wayne!” Harley started jumping up and down. You were fascinated by how fast her mood changed like a snap of the fingers. “The one and only infamous playboy millionaire!” Your mother squealed like a little school girl causing the joker to growl and give her a threatening look.

“Oh… uh… I mean that ugly, over rated, terrible dresser with the dead parents who could never compare to my puddin.” she smiled warmly at him. He ignored her attempt at an apology and turned to Frost.

“Boss what I know for sure now is that my guys saw Wayne with Jay. He was walking around his compound when our chopper saw them. What I’m thinking is the bat gave the kid over. Since Wayne has the reputation to take in orphans.” Joker growled even louder and pointed a gun up in Frosts direction and fired. He bullet went past his head and he froze.

“NEVER. SAY. THAT. WORD.” Joker jumped up to his feet. You, Harley, and Frost stayed. Your father turned around and looked down at you. In the softest voice he could muster he said  “get ready Princess, Daddy is going to make everything right again.” 

You couldn’t contain your excitement. You planted kisses on his cheek and ran to your room. You were finally going to have your family back. Harley leaped over to her makeup and started gathering it all up. 

“Frost… bring the car around. We’re going for a drive.” The clown prince slithered to the floor and laid down. Frost slowly got up and backed out, not wanting to take his eyes off Joker’s trigger finger. 

The Clown prince roared with laughter as he was finally able to release all the tension in his body. He relaxed on the floor knowing that tonight he was about to unleash hell on the entire city, and destroy Bruce Wayne.

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Too Many Clowns: Jokers Daughter Imagine Pt. 6

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Your fathers words were still rushing through your head, they gave you excitement and confused you at the same time. The threat of them and the warning made you know something big was going to happen but the briefness made you think something bad was going to happen. You looked over at your mother who you noticed was staring and admiring her family. You wanted the matriarch to calm your nerves and say that everything was fine, but instead she gave you a look as if you should know what was happening. It was a somber stare that you weren’t used to from her, always giggling and blissfully crazy. All you could do was smile back.

None of it mattered in the grand scheme you thought. The clown family was all reunited. The goons and Frost were carrying barrels and connecting wires, Harley was polishing her bat, Joker was loading his gun, you had your son next to your side both armed like the day batman took him. Except this time it would be different. This time the clowns were going to get the upper hand. Your father took a deep breath looking at Wayne manor. 

“How did we not know? All these years fighting…” his voice changed suddenly as he got lost in thought.His voice became almost.. normal. “”How did I know him so little.” 

The Joker spoke of Wayne like a long lost lover. It hit you in that moment how much batman had really had an impact on him. When you had Jay it felt like your world and mind expanded but when you saw your father have a moment of weakness… or clarity you didn’t know which, your world seemed endless. For a brief moment, the one memory you had tried to forget popped into your mind. The night your body was stolen from you, taken advantage of. Your father had taught you to forget but not to regret because it gave you and your parents Jay. You couldn’t understand why you were having flashes now. It was like the beginning of the end was sparking in your mind.

“Master Wayne.” Alfred paused for a moment looking at the boy he had known since the day he was born in these very walls. “I can’t leave you alone to face this.”

Bruce looked up at Alfred, his wounds had healed slightly from the beating Joker had delivered. It was the only time Joker had gotten the best of him and he swore it wouldn’t happen again. He had let those monsters take that little boy, he failed, like he failed Jason. Even just thinking about it made his wounds ache even more.

“Alfred, they’ve taken so much already I won’t let them hurt you.” he said in a deep and graveled voice. “There’s nothing you can do anymore. You’ve given me everything already. Go and get on that plane. When it’s all over I’ll come and meet you. Like I always do.”

Alfred put his hand on the head of the grown man he had always seen as a son. For all these years he tried to keep the line drawn and not act as a father figure, having loved and respected Thomas with all his heart. But he couldn’t hide it anymore. Bruce was his son fully to the meaning of the word. He stroked the hair he had watched grow from a bald babies head to dark brown to grey before he left the batcave.

Bruce waited a moment and lingered on the thought of what this all meant. It didn’t take him long before he was reassured of what he was doing. Those kids deserve a better life. This has to end. He thought to himself. He got up and but on his batsuit ready to go find the Joker and his family. Before he put on his cowl he held it i his hands and stared at it for a moment. Thinking of one name.

But before he could embrace the moment the floor beneath him started to rumble before it lifted it. Bruce was left on his back in a cloud of dust as the laughter and gunfire rang out.

You had your son in your arms and followed behind your father. You saw the man you had taken your son on the ground and wanted to lunge at him and take your revenge, but Harley grabbed your shoulder and gave you a little smirk before patting her grandsons back and darting over. You all stood on what remained of the floor and Harley skipped over the rubble like it was nothing. She took her bat and started pounding his chest with her bat. You and your father watched in admiration as she took revenge on all the things he had done to her family, like a mother lion protecting her young. Jay threw his hands up in the air yelling in excitement and clapping.

The Joker looked over at his grandson and heir and smiled a smile you had never seen before. It wasn’t the jokers smile, wasn’t malicious at all. It was solemn and almost like a nostalgic one.

Joker reached his hand up to his grandsons cheek and pinched it gently making him laugh. “My heir” he whispered. He then looked over at you with a rabid look in his eye. There was so much he wanted to say but he didn’t know how to. He grabbed you violently and pulled you into him. The screams of pain that Bruce was letting out was like music to his ears and he kissed your cheek before letting you go.

He walked closer to Harley and Bruce, he had grabbed her bat and was trying to fight her off. Joker pointed his gun in the air and fired into the ceiling.

“Well well well…. It looks like this is it huh Bruce?” The Joker screamed and the already fragile floor beneath him started to shake again.

“Yeah!” Jay yelled over “get him papa!”

You held Jay closer to you forcing a smile out, but your heart began to sank. Joker walked over to Bruce beaten down so badly he could barely open his eyes. Joker shot the ground around him to intimidate him which made the ground shake more.

“Dad!” you called out trying to warn him, he turned around and gave you a definitive look. It immediately silenced you and you began to understand what was happening.

“You thought you could take my grandson? Didn’t you learn your lesson the first time you fucking rat with wings huh?” he cackled as he put a bullet in Bruce’s kneecap. He screamed in pain before grabbing the barrel of the gun and sending his fist flying into Jokers stomach.

“I thought I could save him!” Bruce screamed as he rammed his fist into your fathers rib cage. “You stole Jason I won’t let you take another innocent child.”

Joker took the punches and fell onto the floor with Bruce. Harley jumped on his back and began beating his head and throat with her fist desperately trying to save her Puddin. You put Jay down and tried to run over to help but felt hands on your arms. You turned around and it was Frost holding you and your fathers goons on Jay.

“Why are you just standing there?! DO SOMETHING” you screamed but they didn’t move. One picked up Jay and Frost held onto your waist to keep you from running.  

“I’m sorry princess” He muttered under his breath with tears forming.

Joker lunged onto Bruce and started beating away at his face just like Harley. The ground started to shake so much it spread over to you and Jay. Now it was all clear. The promise you had to make, the touches, the hugs, the looks. All at once your body started to convulse in fear and anger and you tried to fight off the goon but it was no use. The ground was beginning to crack and collapse and your parents were too far away to reach. You looked over at Jay who immediately understood the look in your eye and began to cry. You reached your hand out to your father as the goons were carrying you two away.


“GO!” your father screamed as the dust lifted up from the ground. The last thing you saw of your parents were their smiles. Harley blew you a kiss and your father kept his eyes locked on you until the last moment they disappeared. Bruce screamed as he clenched their hands and fell down.

Everything seemed to go into slow motion. The screams and the crumbling of the house dissipated into a maddening silence. Even your son’s cries for his mother were tuned out. You saw all the years of hugs and kisses and defense and laughs faded away into your memory, to be stored for when you were strong enough to face them again. Then the image of the man who had changed your life popped up for the last time until it was like he shot out of your mind never to be seen again. You forgot his name, his face, his touch all in one instant.

The years passed on and part of you became like a ghost. The other part just devoted to making sure everything was in place. It was hard to understand at the time but as the days went on and Jay got older you knew what it all meant. Your parents, as crazy as they were, always had a plan. Your father always made sure you were taken care of and things were in place.

Their faces were still clear as day in your mind. Except now it wasn’t tragic and it wasn’t sad. The faces you saw as they fell away from you were hopeful in your mind now. They had a purpose. You father always taught you that destiny and fate weren’t real, the only things that were real was what you two made of it. But now, you believed in sacrifice. Whether or not your father wanted it that way. His sacrifice was real to you and you passed that down to Jay. Harley and Joker had saved their daughter and grandson from a life of torment that they experienced from batman. Like your father always said, his heir would survive. You no longer felt remorseful about the promise you made to your father on that day, because exactly what he wanted to happen did happen, and you knew it was meant to.

The heir that you had given birth you, your father helped you claim as yours and his and Harley’s alone, was finally about to fulfill what his grandfather had always wanted.

You sat in the house you once shared with your parents and turned on the tv. You flipped through the channels waiting for Jay to come out of his room. You stopped on the news when you heard the name that so many people in Gotham had been whispering about.

“This just in the GCN, the vigilante known as the Red Hood is suspected in 13 more killings. If anyone has any information please contact the Gotham City Police Department. We will once again say that GCN does not support the work of this masked so called hero. We encourage all citizens to stay in doors during this gruesome time. This is no time for a hero.”

You heard the door open and the footsteps walk behind you. Frost walked in as well wiping green off his hands with a towel sighing.

“Hmm… no time for a hero? Well that doesn’t exclude me from having a little fun”

You turned around and the grin on your face stretched from ear to ear. 


The End


And because Bloody Angel is so damn good, here’s the song before that kiss ;)