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He just shoved them! He lightly shoved them against the wall and they crumpled like paper dolls!

Worst. Guards. Ever.

Clown Funeral.

(Originally published March 17, 2014 )

This is one of my very favorites. It just kept building up. I think I had recently read on Metafilter an article about a clown convention, a very serious look at all these issues they were facing in their dying profession (including the “evil clown” thing; they couldn’t even imagine the horrors of 2016).

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I think one of the reasons she posted ER photos is that shes actually enjoying all of the attention shes getting from her insta,as we know now she reads her comments blocks people so its not like she just posts something and thats it. I think she found her "thing" and loves how people care about her and adore her. So of course she knew that those pics where Shep actually looks like hes in pain well get her lot of attention...Or maybe she didnt think at all and that actually would be better.

Cortese played the role of a socially awkward, timid little housewife and I must admit, she played that role very well! But then she wanted to change her act up, she started to act like a clown at conventions, showed her goofy side and showed us that she could be just as fun as the next person. Too bad that while she’s doing this, she’s also showing she can be incredibly obnoxious. We don’t need to see your children plastered on instagram 7 days a week, there’s no need for that. She’s not even being a lifestyle blogger, she’s being an asshole.

I have no doubt the only reason she shared it was because she wanted the fandom to pay attention to her. Cortese knew she’d get more comments on the Odette picture if she shared an instagram story about of the kids being hurt. That’s her entire thought process. It all goes back to her needing her ego fed, it’s disgusting.

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Gamzee goes to a clown convention with all these other fictional clowns and they just wax poetic about you and how they can never be with you and he's so lucky and he's filled with complicated feelings about how on the one hand, he loves you and he's glad other people know how amazing you are but on the other hand all these other clowns really gotta go find themselves someone who loves THEM y'know? )o:



This is not a debate, this is a clown convention. My father, his father and his father before him could never imagine how corruptself serving and utterly disgusting politics and politicians have become. Lies, deceit, innuendo and  a total lack of respect for America or Americans.The America of my father, his father and his father before him knew and loved is now balanced on the precipice of a knife’s edge. err but a little, and that government of the people,for the people and by the people

will cease to exist

Mexican clown convention holds 'laugh for peace'

AP, Oct. 19, 2011
MEXICO CITY (AP)–About 300 professional clowns in Mexico say they hope their 15-minute non-stop laugh-a-thon will make a contribution to world peace.

The clowns from Mexico and Central America are in Mexico City for a four-day convention to trade jokes and hone skills like making balloon figures.

They gathered Wednesday at Mexico City’s Mother’s Monument under the slogan “Clowns For Peace, A World Without Violence.”

They posed for a group picture and then set about laughing, tee-heeing and guffawing for about 15 minutes, on the premise that a world with more laughter will have less time or appetite for violence.

The demonstration comes amid continuing violence in Mexico’s drug war.

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To the Comic Con anon: Dealing with panic and anxiety in public is a bit of a hurdle, but not one that can't be overcome with time and effort. A good starting point might be to visit your doctor. You can talk with them about how uneasy clowns make you and they can refer you to a counselor or therapist who can show you techniques on how to manage the panic attacks. Some of the more notable methods are ones like the "cognitive behavioral therapy" and the "exposure therapy". (part 1)

The first method dealing with your thinking patterns of the subject that causes you anxiety, the second method is more of a desensitizing sort of therapy. They can also show you how to control your breathing and some relaxation techniques to help calm your body during a panic attack. I would recommend more research into the subject of panic attacks, it may help you deal with the situation better if you know what’s going on with your body during a moment of panic.

Having a friend go with you is an excellent suggestion, especially if they know what’s going on and can coordinate with you on relaxation techniques or help you remove yourself from a panic-inducing situation. It might be good to know the lay of the land when visiting a convention, like knowing where the booths with clown characters might be and which areas are good quiet places to calm down at. Maybe get to know a veteran of the comic conventions who can help you out with the mapping.

I would also recommend bringing an object that can help you relax, perhaps a book or some music? It might also be helpful to get to know the cosplayers beforehand, come to understand the people behind the costume so you’d feel less anxiety encountering them in the convention. Although I think it’d be perfectly alright if you stayed away from the Joker & Harley cosplayers at the convention. Clowns can be very anxiety inducing, you don’t have to force yourself to encounter them if you’re not up to it yet. I hope that you find at least one of these ideas helpful and that you will enjoy your time at Comic Con one of these days. (✿◠‿◠) I apologize for writing so much, I just had a lot of thoughts on the matter. ๑•́ㅿ•̀๑) ᔆᵒʳʳᵞ