clown chick

Careful McDonald’s....

Ya messing up big time. ONLY 30 PACKETS of szechuan sauce per franchise establishment?? Do you have any idea how many people WATCH this show that are customers of yours? People camped out cosplaying in order to get this and you knew how many you had; could’ve told them to not waste their time. The nicest thing is to give 30 people a packet each; if you even did that

Millennials are destroying the laundry industry, we’re also destroying big cereal brands. You are not too big of a ship to fail. If GM can go bankrupt here, then so can you.


These are the videos that just fell short of being on my top 15 list. They’re great and all classic, but just couldn’t be on the list for whatever reason.

This guy really prefers a Mac.

Still maybe the best ending to any video, ever.

We found this back when YouTube had a “Most Recently Uploaded” feature and I can’t tell you why we laughed so hard at it. This is the origin of the catchphrase “Do the skit.”

A maserpiece in 14 seconds.

This dumbass polls a unanimous room and then declares it “split.” It really shouldn’t be that funny but I quote this like almost every day.

This joke-off takes a BIZARRE turn. I would have definitely put this on my list, but I felt weird including just a straight up clip of a TV show.

Turn this up and dance so hard your heart stops. Then you’ll meet God face to face and get to show him this rad video of his coolest followers.

What can be said?

Alright, that’s about it for now- come back tomorrow for THE NUMBER ONE YOUTUBE VIDEO OF ALL TIME…

So killer clown OCs are a thing on Tumblr now, huh? Okay - I’ll bite (mostly bc I’m surprised I haven’t made one already) 

She doesn’t have a name just yet, but she’s some sort of monster taking the form of a clown (not in a Pennywise sorta way,, since she just eats flesh - as opposed to fear or smth)

She was semi inspired by The Ghost and The Return by NIVIRO - and the girl from both of those are also her voice claim , bazinga

arkhamknight89  asked:

Im just honest to god curious, no judgement or disrespect at all, but what do you find so irresistible about pennywise? If anything its to understand the inspiration for clown smut. Its such an interesting genre! Sincerely, a fan of big boss, dirty clowns, awesome chicks & exceptional art talent!

Well for me, I’ve always been into clowns. There’s something alluring about them. They scare me, creep me out, but…I like that? It’s like the uncanny valley. I enjoy dolls, mannequins, and automatons too. I’ve always been strangely attracted to the Tim Curry Pennywise (most of all because of his voice) but current Pennywise also has me feeling some sort of way. Idk. I just enjoy the overall creep factor of the clown.

Also, thank you!!! Big Boss is doing great 💕 and thanks for your message!

anonymous asked:

Karaoke nite at the barrr, teh clown chicken harley's singing bad blood. half pf the bar;s scarwd she'll channel herrr rage on is. The oht3r hlaf's cheerong her on. #onlyIngotham #imitebeoneoftehdrunkin (Translation: Karaoke night at the bar. The clown chick, Harley's singing Bad Blood. Half of the bar's scared she'll channel her rage on us. The other half's cheering her on. #onlyingotham #imitebeoneoftehdrunkin)

I can’t tell what feels worse, getting sent to the hospital while walking home from the university library due to “Giant hammer-related injuries”, or finding the post-it from the crazy clown chick telling me my thesis was “poorly written with a lack of reliable sources.

#Iworkedhardonthat #CranewouldhavegivenmeA+ #OnlyinGotham