clown cake

And what exactly does a clown running across a minefield look like?  Does it look anything like this?

(Now you could say, yeah, love the Capaldi clown running, but where’s the minefield?  To which I would reply, have you ever tried to entertain a bunch of judgmental children while wearing floppy shoes?  I’m just seeing the inner metaphor at the heart of Malcolm’s simile.)


Fun fact: The drawing of Robert and Talia for Laura’s 1st birthday was inspired by a picture on our fridge of my mom and dad with my brother on his 1st birthday in 1985. 

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have your cake and eat it too tintin...... huh.... I can see you did. *get a napkin and wipe his face then get a bit on my finger and lick it* mmm.... chocolate.

Tintin scrapes the cake from his eyes.

“A clown threw the cake in my face. Although… it is an excellent chocolate cake.”

While at the circus a clown exposed some sagger’s naked booty to the whole crowd and he didn’t even see it coming!!!!😳
Two clowns tried to find volunteers from the audience and they picked this really handsome guy pictured above. He had a big ole bubble butt That you could easily see because he was sagging his blue jeans with only his tight white briefs covering his big buttocks. Anyways the two clowns performed their various tricks but towards the end of their routine the clowns played a humorous prank on the big butted volunteer during a game of Patty Cake!!! One clown played the hand game Patty Cake with the volunteer while the other clown stared at the big butted sagger’s booty.
Patty Cake Patty Cake Bakers Man
Bake Me A Cake as Fast As You Can
Roll it up, Pat it, And mark it with a “B”
And Put it in the Oven for Baby and Me!!!

On the word “Me” the clown that was staring at his booty quickly grabbed his tighty whities and yanked them down causing the volunteer’s buns to jiggle. Suddenly the other clown picked him up and threw him over his shoulder And ran around the arena with the volunteer’s big ole booty exposed for everyone to see!!!!😳😳😳😳. The crowd went wild!!! It was a complete turn on!!!!

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*the clown smash the cake in tintin face* (the cake chocolate btw.) happy birthday 'little' boy! *honk her horn in his ear and spray water in his face* have a great day! *she blew a kiss and left*

He’d slowly lick the small amount of cake that had reached his lips. The caked boy was stunned into silence.