this isn’t a happy post :(

hey guys, im sure you’ve all heard about the ‘creepy clown’ trend across the country. a lot of people assume that it’s all fake and a lot of things are fake. however, not all of them are. 

this was a huge thing in the 80s but there has been the occasional instance until now when its booming around America. for example, November 2015, really close to where i live, a girl was waiting at the bus stop and a clown chased her with a knife. also, clowns chased two teenage girls into their home and waited for them outside. i think there was even something about a lady’s cat’s paws getting mutilated. 

theres a video that really scared me, a guy was playing football with his friends and his dog in a field. there was woods behind it and he accidentally threw the ball in it. he went looking for the ball and there was a clown. the cops got involved but they couldn’t find the clown. not being able to find any clowns seems like a trend. the clowns pop up but disappear without a trace. the clown in South Carolina is looking to kidnap/lure kids into the woods and has been reported banging on the parent’s doors with chains. wrinkles the clown is spotted in south Florida stalking kids.

my school and a lot of schools near me where threatened with Facebook and instagram posts threatening to kill the teachers, kidnap the kids, or bomb the school. a lot of people automatically assumed it was fake and even though nothing major happened at our school that day, i know this is not over. we saw what we saw. multiple people made photoshopped pictures to scare people, but a good group of people saw suspicious activity that day. we reported them to our school and they couldn’t find proof to back us up, so everyone went on assuming it was fake.

later that day, my friend was out walking her dog in a wooded area heading towards a small path, as she gets closer she sees a guy sprint inside his house that looks into the woods. she looked there and there was a clown coming at her. she sprinted back home and the police got involved but once again they couldn’t find a trace. 

I’m making this post as a warning since i know some people aren’t aware. all behavior has a pattern and after looking at all the sightings and reports, there is a strong pattern. creepy clowns are usually lurking in the south/midwest, in rural/suburban areas in the woods especially at night. there is of course the random ones in plain sight in the middle of the day, but 9 times out of 10 they’re at night in the woods.

i dont care if it’s a joke and they’re all just loser teenage boys looking to prank us, it’s disturbing and creepy regardless. the ‘real’ creepy clowns are looking to kidnap, kill, attack, chase, and mutilate people. i dont care if this is all a joke, you never know how far they will take the joke… it could end in someone actually getting hurt, which will further spike copycats and creeps around the country.

even just the threats, scared half of my grade to stay home from school. this is terrifying. my house is backed up to the woods and im scared to let my dog out at night. whats scarier, i was outside alone in the woods with my friends two nights ago right before my school was threatened, and we kept hearing loud noises following us but there was no reflecting eyes (animals have reflecting eyes) and we couldn’t see anything. it was obviously human sounds too. i may just be paranoid, but i could’ve been seriously hurt or traumatized.

so the point is, STAY SAFE!! AND WATCH OUT!! this is no joke! i’m making this post so everyone is aware, do not go out at night, especially near wooded areas. lock your doors and be cautious. dont be too scared of the hype, but halloween is getting closer and the closer we get, especially that weekend, i fear that they will all come out of hiding. look up the sightings and reports in your area and please please just be cautious. even if 99% are fake, you never know when it will be real.

- blessed be -


So you can shoot unarmed black men and women for minding their business, but a creepy, kidnapping clown making threats(most likely white people) gets a pass?! WTF? #Hate it!

This year the skeleton army will war against their greatest foe yet…

T̳̹͔̝͍̹̥̼̖̄͗H̵̱͙̣̜̹̝̱̓͘͠E̶̛͙̝̳̜̻͓̱͇͙͌ͩ̉̈́̓ͥ̋ͫ̓ ͤ̉̾̇ͧ̏̚҉̷̲̻̥͓̙C̶̶̩̳͔̎̌ͯ̄̎̍͆̃͞L̨̩̫̙̠̰̝̯̜͖ͪ͋͟Ó̢͎͇͇̬̠͎͇̱̏̀͞W̓̆ͫ̾̎̾̀ͮ҉͖̥͚̠͍̯̹̙͎N͙̫͚̱̦͉̥̔ͥ̋ͥ̔̈͠ͅP̢̼̦̰͙ͯI͎̜͚̹̙͎͗̓̏R̢͗ͤ͂̚͡͏̝̹̥̻̲͎̪͈È͕̫̞̻̟̚͞