The Card created by Clow, Abandon your form and reincarnate! Under the name of your new master, Sakura!

This was my entry for Jo’s CCS Release! fanzine. I drew Sakura in the prince outfit with the sword card.

I think a lot of us see Sakura as cute, small, energetic, etc., but I think it’s incredibly important to take note of her strength, determination, and maturation. While she starts off as an almost reluctant heroine, unsure of her worth as a cardcaptor and magical powers, she eventually becomes the strongest living magician on the planet with her powers rivaling that of Clow Reed’s. Sakura never gives up when it comes to protecting her loved ones, no matter what the trial is, and that tenacity is one of the many reasons why I love Sakura so much!! 

Anyways, I sold poster size prints of this at Anime Expo and I still have a few left in my online store if you’re interested! 


Thank you very much for fashionably_late115 review from Instagram!😘


I’m finally starting to get over my cold so I can review this puppy! I was fortunate enough to be chosen as one of the winners of the cospicky cosplay contest! With my winnings I purchased 2 itmes. One of the items was this Cardcaptor Sakura Clow card book! It’s better than I could ever imagine! The book is great quality, prop quality. It is almost is an exact replica from the anime itself. It is a heavy cardboard box with a magnetic clasp to keep the book closed. The inside of the book is printed just like Sakura’s! The cards themselves are fantastic! They are smooth, printed very nicely, and glossy. Inside the book is lined with foam to keep the cards safe and pristine. I fully intend to use this for cosplay and photographs! Along with my order cospicky was kind enough to send me a small gift of a phone carm! It’s the sealing wand in its key for and it’s the most adorable thing in the world! I love it! I totally recommend buying this Clow card book if you are a huge cardcaptor fan or if you are looking for great quality props to cosplay as Sakura. Thank you Cospicky for choosing me as one of your winners! I will review the star wand the next chance I get!

You can get these items here:

Cardcaptor Sakura Clow Card CP151900

Cardcaptor Sakura Magic Wand CP151883

The Firey

This card is so badass, he/she required 2 elemental cards to bring her down! I only wish that Sakura had shown signs of tiredness once the card was captured. Maybe not as bad as Syaoran (who fell down on his knees while freezing Time). But maybe just like panting after a long run. It would have added to the effects of using 2 higher power cards simultaneously. 

And yeay! I finished season 1! Only 15 cards to go!

Here’s a link for the CCS Character Cards and all the Clow Cards .

So, what card are you waiting for?